Why Christian MLA Selvaraj resigned? – Behind the curtain story

· Date:May 3, 2012

Thiruvananthapuram: It is now confirmed- the scheming designs behind the untimely resignation of the MLA from Neyyantinkara, R Selvaraj are nothing but those of the Catholic body. The confidential and clandestine meeting that was held between Chief Minister Oomen Chandy and the 5 senior Bishops of Neyyatinkara has been the sole cause of Selvaraj’s resignation. It has also been gathered that the Chief Minister has extended the promise that all who convert to the Latin Catholic community will be granted special privileges. Following this, the Catholic body gave their assurance regarding something: that Selvaraj will be made to submit his resignation, following which the resignation was indeed tendered.

A word in detail about Selvaraj: he happens to be a member of the Latin Catholic of diocese of Neyyatinkara. Various Christian communities have numerous members of the Nadar community that has witnessed large scale conversion. However, a majority of the Nadars who have converted to Latin Catholic community are not eligible for any kind of special privileges. This is because the decree passed by the government states clearly that only those who converted into Latin Catholics before 1947 are eligible for concessions. Recent times saw a spate of conversions take place from other Christian communities and Hindu Nadar communities into the Latin Catholic community. Amongst these, many were converted with forged documents with government compliance. When members of the Nadar community do not quote their original caste while applying for ‘caste certificate’, they obtain the Latin Catholic certificate from village offices. The document that is being furnished as proof when asked for by village officers is the letter provided by Bishop of Neyyatinkara. This is taking place, when the government has issued stringent orders never to resort to any written document from any community leadership or religious body for obtaining a caste certificate. In fact many organizations including Hindu Aikya Vedi have protested against the issuing of these fake certificates.

However, in spite of obtaining the fake certificates and converting members from other divisions of Christianity into the Latin Catholic segment, they were not eligible for  reservation benefits owing to the standing government orders. This led to a mini uprising of those who converted, against the Catholic body. In between, VSDP that was constituted with the aim of organizing all the divisions of Nadars gathered strength. Scores of Nadars, who had converted to Christianity joined VSDP and proclaimed their avowed support. This led to the waning of strength earlier displayed by the Latin Catholic community, which used to project the votes obtained from Nadar community for any kind of bargain.

Bargaining capacity of Latin Catholics by showcasing Nadar votes has reduced in recent years. It was in this juncture that the clandestine meeting between the Catholic body comprising of 5 Bishops and Oomen Chandy took place. The resignation of Selvaraj following the meeting and the subsequent promise extracted by them from Oomen Chandy in declaring concessions for all who have converted to Latin Catholics post 1947 stands well known all over. It has been in lieu of the promise made by Oomen Chandy that Selvaraj was made to resign, following the instructions given by the Bishops.

Following the resignation of Selvaraj, Union Minister KV Thomas had paid a visit to the Bishop house and soon followed the repeal of the law that forbade concessions for all Latin Catholic converts post 1947. The other demands put forth by the Catholic segment were the stronghold of Latin Catholic Church, with the declaration of South Kurishumala as a pilgrim centre, a medical college and casting Selvaraj as a UDF candidate. Oomen Chandy is supposed to have nodded his consent for both matters. With the aid of government machinery, the resignation of Selvaraj has added more strength to the mass conversion that is taking place from the Nadar community to the Catholic segment.

It is the village officers who are to grant caste certificate. However, the furnishing of a letter from a Latin Catholic Bishop as document for obtaining caste certificate now stands valid, thanks to our government machinery.

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  1. JPS Nair Reply

    May 3, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    Selvaraj defected to ensure OBC reservation for all Nadar LCs
    It can be seen that the Church is trying to establish supremacy over the government establishments. The true fact is that it is getting done with the help of the Catholic leaders in Congress and UDF. The true reason for Selvaraj’s resignation is very obvious. He wanted to make sure that the Nadar LC converts after 1947 also appears in the OBC reservation list. Catholic congress has given assurance to Selvaraj to implement this. If Selvaraj continuous in LDF, he cannot get this done in near future. If any Hindu is voting for Selvaraj, that Hindu is the most foolish Hindu who ever lived in India.

  2. Omindian Reply

    May 4, 2012 at 2:29 am

    South Kerala is also going
    North Kerala is already under the control of Jihadis. Mid Kerala is with the Vaticanees. South Kerala is the only region where Hindus have any role. And that is also going out of our hands.

    Still we meticulously follow the foolish Family Planning (have only one or two children) and fight among ourselves to become Kerala Pandits very soon.

  3. proudestkafir Reply

    May 4, 2012 at 5:23 am

    foolish hindus? Damn right they are asinine and foolish
    . If any Hindu is voting for Selvaraj, that Hindu is the most foolish Hindu who ever lived in India.Hindus have always been foolish and stupid too.Or else who will ask for reservation at the drop of a hat? Also remember 85% of the population is under the reservation category! Foolish enough?

  4. Raj Puducode Reply

    May 4, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Oh my Kerala where are you?
    Kerala politics is stranger than the rest of the country. Here real political power lies with Muslims & Christians & the splintered Hindus under various caste groups fight among themselves & suffer the most with absolutely no power to wield. Their temples are under Govt control & are looted continuously by the Govt. But Mosques & Churches are exempt from this control. Black money, gold, black currencies from Pakistan etc are easily brought in by Jihadis because of long coastline & they have built huge Mosques on both sides of national highway. The state is full of Paki spies & immigrant Muslims from Kashmir. They run all types of “Export-Import businesses” but they are all real dens of anti-Indian underhand dealings. They have Muslim-League as their party. They indulge in love-Jihad to convert innocent girls to their religion. The secular politicians are under their total control & are paid large sums of money & votes for protection. Christians also bring in tons of black money from the west for conversion & building mega-churches. They work closely with Muslims against Hindus mostly in a cunning, non-violent fashion & do get into trouble once in a while with violent terrorist Muslims of Kundotti who last year chopped the hands of a Christian professor for anti-Muslim remarks. Politics is run with black money & both the religionists buy the loyalty of Congress & other secular parties to wield real power. Christians do their business without making too much noise while selling India & her soul to western powers. This minister criminal KunhaliKutty is a Muslim who will escape any punishment since even they have control over judiciary& Govt. Kerala is practically is a foreign country & totally lost to India . Gods Own country, the land of Sankaracharya, is silently weeping the way it is being raped by hoodlums while Hindus are sleeping & keep fighting among themselves. .

  5. k subramonian Reply

    May 4, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    who was responsible for this. IT is the great royal famnily of erstwhile TRAVANCORE. maharaj swathy thirunal who made the scottish missionary to convert HINDU NADAR community to christian. now these hindu organisations are behind this royal family. For them religion business where they can earn for their PERSONAL GAIN for thst VHS/RSS should not be a scapegoat. HINDU NADARS are available in only NAGERKIL – KANYAKUMARI BELT in that area . THE POLARIZATION o0f these christian nadars in HINDU NADSAR family is not there in this area but other parts of T.NADU thse things are happening . only god has to save that. HINDU ORGANIZATION shuold not be a spin doctors for UTHARANIMITTHAM KAZAHAMPARAMS, even this site the information on NIthyananda has given. we shoul ignore all these swamijis. THE VHP in KERALA were in KASI MADAYATHYPATHY during nilakkal ISSUE. at that my senior people who discussed spirituality with him told me HE IS NOT SANYASAI OR NOT EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HINDUISM. FINALLY IT BECAME TRUE. WE SHOULD BE CAUTIOUS dealing these people.

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