To CPM mouth piece their former leader was part of Liquor Mafia and a Drunkard!

· Date:May 9, 2012

The U turn of political parties against those who ditch them is nothing new and they open all can of worms to tarnish the images of those who safe gaurded them untill then. YSR’s son Jagan suddenly became a Christian to Congress leaders in AP.All his  ill gotten wealth by YSR with the blessings of his madam in Delhi comes now under scrutiny. For these U turners and turncoats the intelligence of public is something which never bothers – Who will turn against Sonia and ask what was Congress leader ship doing to prevent YSR and his family from amassing this wealth nor why never congress bought the religion of YSR for open discussion. If not for very few Pro Hindu websites who exposed the real colour of Crypto Christian no one even dared to even address YSR as ‘Samuel’ reddy or to expose his evangelist son in law.

Similarly, Now here in Kerala Deshabhimani – The CPM mouth piece have opened the can of worms labelled by the name R Selvaraj (Another Crypto Christian). Following are the allegations raised by Deshabhimani – according to them their former leader was a Agent of Liquor Mafia, Drunkard, Thug and what not. But no one should ask the comrades that after knowing all these why their party offered him seat again and again?

According to Deshabhimani Report   

Selvaraj and his Mahi Associations Being Probed by Police

The link between the Neyyatinkara UDF candidate Selvaraj and the beverages lobby and alcohol mafia of Mahe is under police scanner, for a possible connection with the murder of TP Chandrashekhar. A sensational report by Matrubhumi about the quotation gang that operates in and around the bars of Mahe likely to be behind the murder of Chandrashekhar is what has set the police into an investigative action.

Selvaraj is a frequent visitor to Mahe, to get in touch with the quotation gangs. The gang behind the murder of Chandrashekharan is reported to have left the state in a van carrying poultry. This has also been taken into due consideration by the investigating officers. The links lead to a poultry owner in Tirunelveli, who again is a close associate of Selvaraj. Investigation reports state that Selvaraj, who recently visited Tamil Nadu, had met this poultry owner.

Police reports have also stated that Selvaraj is one of the prime accused in a drunken brawl in Mahe. The incident dates back to 2002, on November 18, in Tagore Park, Mahe. Selvaraj is reported to have forcibly stopped Puthenpurayil Meethal Sasi, hailing from Peringaadi, New Mahe and battered him. A case was registered against him (crime no: 115/ 2002). Investigations in connection with the drunken brawl case revealed that Selvaraj had made the Mahe visit to renew his ties with the spirit lobby operating there. He was accompanied by a group of closely associated people as well.

Following the meeting with liquor businessmen, Selvaraj and friends entered a bar in Mahe town, were they treated themselves to high dosages of alcohol. Their next stop was Tagore park, where they botched up the resident of New Mahe. The brawl invited swarms of local community on to the spot. Among them was social worker Pullyan Pramod, whose intervention was instrumental for the arrest of Selvaraj. In spite of all efforts made by the beverages lobby to intervene and hush up the matter, the case had already made its way to the court. Upon being arrested, the first statement made by Selvaraj to police was that he was an MLA from Parasala. However, the police personnel who had their own doubts probed further into the matter, which led to Selvaraj’s confession that he had only contested in the elections. R. Selvaraj, Divya Bhavan, Nediyancode, Dhanuvechupuram PO, Trivandrum: this was the address entered by police into records, as they arrested Selvaraj.


  1. Vijayakumar A. P., Coimbatore Reply

    May 9, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    Why did the CPI(M) punish the public all these years?
    So, according to their official mouthpiece, they have admitted that their man, the person whom they chose to be the representative of the people of Neyyattinkara, was a criminal by all standards. Why did the CPI(M) do this to the people of Kerala, and of Neyyattinkara constituency especially? Did the party decide that such a criminal is fit enough to be the people’s representative? Since they have given the ‘bio-data’ of Selvaraj, who was their party’s representative for decades, both as an M.L.A. & otherwise till a few days back, will they provide the ‘bio-datas’ of other comrades belonging to their party as well, to enlighten the voters & general public?

  2. paravind Reply

    May 9, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    This is obnoxious! The police say there is a long-hatched conspiracy behind the murder of Sri: Chndrasekhar.This reporter seems to be aware of everything about this murder. Why cannot the police book him,especially in the background of the speech by murderer P Jayarajan that the role of a media person in the murder of TP must be investigated alongh with that of sri: P C George.Wah!!CPM murdeorus leaders the temerity of your skin is wonderful!!Are you all born in the womb of human females or devils!!!!???

  3. Suresh Reply

    May 11, 2012 at 5:12 am

    Both candidates of Left & UDF are not equals to Sri. Rajettan
    In last election each and every leader of UDF called Mr. Selvaraj as criminal, murderer, liquer mafia and drunkard.
    Now the same languages are using by his previous bosses of left parties against Mr. Lawrence in this coming election.

    Both UDF and Left parties agreed in one thing about Mr. Selvraj, he has no credentials.

    Make it sure, the same thing is going to happen with Mr. Lwarence too. Even if he elected, he could be sold out. Because both of their histories indicate how important were the materiel success to their earlier generation. So, make it sure that Mr. Lawrence too is for sale.

    People of Neyyattinkara, shouldn’t waste their votes again for Mr. Selvaraj or for Mr. Lawrence.

    Nobody have better political ideas, education or experiences than Sri. Rajettan. His voices will change the assembly, but not the voice of Mr. Selvaraj or Mr. Lawrence.

    Neyyattinkara can come to the focus by electing Sri. Rajettan, but not by electing Mr. Selvaraj or Mr. Lawrence. Both of them are not at all equal to Sri. Rajettan.

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