The PM must come out of the prison of his own making

· Date:November 16, 2010

One cannot and should not absolve the Prime Minister and Mrs Sona Gandhi from the scams and the corruption. In fact had they been a bit more concerned of the nation these scams would not have erupted. Today the Congress has the pride of place for corruption. Mrs Sonia Raj is scam Raj and who abetted this- Manmohan Singh-our honest PM who collected a good conduct certificate from Mr Bush and whose back Obama patted many a time. All this when he turned a blind eye to what was happening and the economist in him knew very well what the was the total loss to the exchequer due to Raja’s maladministration.

There was already objection to portfolios distribution. Objections were raised and in the initial stage even the PM was not in favor of giving the Communications and IT to the DMK. What happened to that initial reluctance? Who pulled strings? Can this be called coalition ‘dharma’? Let us not make a mockery of dharma. The DMK may be an ally but what kind of an ally. It wanted its pound of flesh and Mrs Sonia Gandhi was prepared to give it because she wanted power-So the whole nexus of power and pelf revolved round Mrs Sonia Gandhi.Now one can understand why the renunciation drama. Only the bouquets for her and the brickbats for the others.

As the Time of India editorial (16th Nov) stated’ Communication and IT are vital tools of empowerment and growth, and deserve to be in the hands of a capable minister” I would emphasis that it must be in the hands of one who is and cannot be corrupted. And even now the headlines of the media emphasis that Sibal gets Raja’s ministry for now. What does that mean? The DMK is corrupt and that’s exactly why it wanted Communications and IT. Knowing this well Mrs Sonia Gandhi yielded. She is the de facto PM .It is a public secret that the PM was unable to pick his own council of ministers. One wonders why Mr Manmohan Singh accepted to continue under such conditions. What was the compulsion for him to mortgage his integrity and self respect and in the process bypass constitutional norms? The PM is answerable to the country. He cannot pretend that everything is fine with his functioning. If he has a conscience he will know that nothing was right from day one when he was handpicked by Mrs Sonia Gandhi

And now we have Rahul Gandhi who transverses across the non-congress governed States to hold forth on who won Independence and recruit youth. He never uttered a word on corruption. Today when the Congress was compelled and forced by the Opposition to drop A.Raja the great youth leader and the PM in waiting holds forth that ‘the UPA government taking strong action against corruption’. What does he mean? It had to be forced-Parliament had to be stalled and yet the UPA’s strong action is contained only with A.Raja resigning? What about the next step? Why fight shy of a JPC? After all Raja is innocent as he and this party the DMK claims then the JCP will only confirm his innocence. Or have we come to a stage when wrong is right and when corruption is simply a way of governance? Is this not the UPA which kept Sibu Soren as a cabinet minister who went underground when the CBI was hunting for him and the PM had the temerity to state in Parliament that he does not know where his cabinet colleague was!

The problem with the PM is that he is most of the time out of the loop and when he is in the loop it is disastrous too. Rahul Gandhi does not realize what he mouths. Most of the time he is fed information and other inputs by his backroom boys and the other times he just cannot vibe with India. He has no sense of Indian history. This is the candidate the PM presented as most suitable to be the next PM. Till such a time Manmohan Singh will keep the PM’s chair warm. How very sensitive Manmohan Singh is to democracy? Is this a musical chair game Mr Prime Minister?

What a shame on you-on one side you are acclaimed as a great economist on the other side you abet and promoted corruption by presiding over scam esters and corrupt personnel. Every thread in the fabric of the polity under Manmohan Singh the de-jure PM and Mrs Sonia Gandhi the de-facto PM and the -extra constitutional power has been stained and shredded by corruption. Congress-stands for corruption- and Sonia Raj for scam raj.

It is not too late for the Prime Minister to come out courageously from the prison of his own making. He is under oath to perform without fear or favor-he owes this to the nation and redeem the nation from the mire of corruption. If the PM is still unable to take strong action then the least he could do is to step down.


  1. S.Raguraman Reply

    November 16, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    MM Singh’s actions & inaction
    I do not know whether I am talking through my hat. But, at times, I feel that the PM is forced to continue in his office, against his will. Most of the time he looks gloomy, giving the appearnce of one who would prefer to be in a different place. 5

  2. Ram Reply

    November 16, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    PM did not loose sleep
    The corrupt CVC is chosen by the PM ; the CBI is proved in the SC that it is not acting on the Spectrum case; The EC was damaged by the appointment of Congress chamcha Naveen Chawla ; – All the major institutions of the country including that of the PMs office is degraded by the current PM. His so called “Honesty” is of no use to the country as he has no control over the looters operating under his nose. I was shocked when I watched solid allegations against the juiciary that most of the CJIs of the country were corrupt. But the PM never got worried about the rotting of the Indian system and he did not loose sleep when corruption entered the roof of Indian constitution. LK Advani’s stand that the PM is a puppet and he devalued the PMs office is vindicated. 5

  3. Ajith Kumar Reply

    November 17, 2010 at 8:47 am

    Sikhandi in 21st Century
    Manmohan is slowly becoming the Sikhandi in the modern Mahabharata in Delhi. What a shame for a PM (though unelected) who is suposed to be the most ‘qualified’ in the whole democratic world? What will happen to him finally can now be anticipated. He will be dumped unceremoniously for the crown prince to take over as saviour of the nation. A well played out drama. 5

  4. proudestkafir Reply

    November 18, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    Asinine hindus
    This shikandi crap PM will not lose sleep , even if hindus are raped and killed in millions.He will certainly not sleep , even if a single jihadi is caught red handed( green? handed).That is the level of commitment this impotent, invertebrate, brain dead sardi has towards hindus and the asinine hindus deserve him for electing the congress and the widow of gandhi to power. I am not a BJP man, but I detest that sardi for his spineless stance 5

  5. Shadananan Reply

    December 11, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Puppet Singh
    The Puppet Singh is not in a prison made by himself.He is in a prison made by Western countries through their Political PIMP in India.So, he can not escape from it himself.He really needs Viagra. 5

  6. S Balasundar Reply

    December 17, 2010 at 6:56 am

    Slave or Martyr ! It’s a real tragicomedy!!
    Manmohan Singh is going to be the last Congress mafia nominee for the Head of the Central Cabinet. He is undisputably becoming a slave due to the silence of twenty days in New Delhi and having opened his mouth aboard the flight for foreign tour in respect of the future of democracy.! If not later,he may be a martyr,by courtesy ,the UPA ,let us wait.! 5

  7. V.M.Mohan Reply

    December 30, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    PM to come out of prison
    Do not publish such absurd materials to reform the adminstrative heads. We are a democratic country and the moment we find an elected representative wanting, we should swiftly react and vote him out of power. There is no need to be apologetic and sound warning bells and directions to transform their attitudes. Enough opportunities have already been granted and if they do not perform well vote them out! After all, they dont expect your good advice and suggestions to rule this country. They are what they are and they will do what they wish; they will also please whoever they wish to please for their own benefits and personal attainments. 5

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