‘The Hindu”s ‘U’ turn! – Finally ‘The Hindu’ dare to expose Missionary Agenda in Tirumala!

· Date:July 27, 2012

Time will tell whether this U turn by ‘The Hindu’ is just a hogwash to win back the subscription of Hindus(Many Hindus who read The Hindu stopped it’s subscription owing to their Anti Hindu stands)or a delayed enlightenment that no daily can survive in a country by being part of Anti National forces.

Whatever be the reason, HK who criticized and exposed this daily’s Anti Hindu antics umpteen number of times would like to thank the daily for exposing the Missionary agenda in sacred Thirumala Devasthanam.

The Report Titled Proselytisation resurfaces at Tirumala clearly sends out a strong message to readers about this mischief mongers. Now go through this

After lying low for some time, the problem of proselytisation has reared up its ugly head once again at Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateswara. The issue which rocked the TTD about six years ago, has erupted again as evidenced by the fact that in a raid conducted by the TTD’s Vigilance and Security personnel on three houses in the TTD staff quarters at Tirumala late on Monday night following a tip-off, bundles of religious publications, wall-posters and such other propaganda material belonging to Christian missionaries were reportedly recovered.

Yes, the above paragraph is indeed from The Hindu. The line –
“the problem of proselytisation has reared up its ugly head once again at Tirumala ” – indeed say a lot about their shift in the way of reporting.Hope it was not that one report which escaped the censoring scissors of the  Editor!

Read Full report @

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  1. skg Reply

    July 28, 2012 at 8:01 am

    Put these thugs in JAIL.
    Who is indulged in christian missionary preaching in Tirumala must be put in JAIL ?. There is no question of Tirumala getting poisoned by these poisnous missionary preaching.Hindus must kickout preaching activity in Tirumala.

  2. a.rajeswari Reply

    July 28, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    Height of limits
    This christian intrusion in sanctum santorium was blatently started by christian CM late YSR by inducting his christian brother-in-law as chairman of Tirupati temple who clandestinely/connivantly got this pamplwt distribution programme in temple buses and premises.This was not objected by the spineless Head priest or other priesthood of Tirumalai or the Hindu Acharyas of A.P vehemently. Whereas even Indiragandhi and rajiv Gandhi were not allowed in Hindu temples of Puri jagannadh and Guruvayarappa temple of Kerala which shows the ethical strength of these tradition binding priests. Now it is doubtful that even the christian staff R also on temples strength evidential from the christian material found out from their houses. Hope the christian R transfered to some other depts. ofcourse after stern punishment for their audacity to propagate Christianity in Hindu holy place it is also equally surprising that so called tirumalai priesthood,head priest, jeeyangars who R paid huge amounts by govt. as salaries and honorarium for dharma rakshna R also questionable as to how have they been allowing such christian trend in temple premises? Under whose pressure? Or their carelessness ? They need to explain including the socalled IAS bureaucracy of Tirupati devastanam and the present religious minded Hindu chairman R also equally responsible to explain to the Hindu devotees as to how such trend is being allowed by them under their administration while meant for safeguarding the Hindu traditions of the temple? Media also should monitor from time to time. ONE QUESTION TO CONSCIOUS SOULS OF THESE PASSIVE PRIESTS,CHAIRMAN,CONCERNED BUREAUCRATS OF ENDOWMENT DEPT.OF A.P is THAT CAN THE WAQF BOARD OR CHRISTIAN CHURCHES BE INTRUDED WITH HINDU STAFF AND TO PROPOGATE HINDUISM? DOES A.P GOVT. WILL EVER DO SO. PITY IS THAT THE REAL ENEMIES OF HINDU RELIGION IS OUR OWN HINDUS IN DIAGUISE OF SPINELESS PRIESTS,BUREAUCRATS,AND SELFISH POLITICAL PARTIES AS WELL AS THE SLEEPING HINDU PUBLIC.

  3. S C Mitra Reply

    July 30, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    Hindus First
    First thing First.Ask all Hindus in AP not to vote christians, no matter what party and name they hold.

  4. Doraiswamy ganesh Reply

    August 7, 2012 at 12:02 am

    Sir,Thanks to janamejayan’s weblog I have the real pleasure of reading articles on Hinduism and the atrocities committed on Hindus by the Italian oriented rulers of this land.I am still in the play school of learning as far as computers are concerned and my typing is with two fingers.Please keep up the good work and save our motherland from being raped by rogues and swindlers.Ganesh

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