The Choices For Hindus

· Date:August 16, 2009

Recently I had a conversation with one of my friends on coercive religious conversion, Jihad terrorism, bogus secularism, and political corruption, “What is the point of it all?”, the Friend asked. “Why should we struggle with all these issues, our life. In the end, isn’t life just a sick joke.” But our Santhan Dharma is eternal. It is spiritual and ever lasting. Nobody can destroy it. It will survive. I knew how he felt. He reminded me the death of our common friend. I remember watching the friend dying. For decades he was a great physician, at the heart of the family, the next he was a gray emasculated shape in bed suffering from amnesia, Alzheimer’s disease, hardly able to smile, speak or remember. . After that nothing____a pile of ashes in an urn. Could this be all there was to it?

For some there is no point. We are all accidents in the evolutionary chain. We can lie back and enjoy it, or we can occupy ourselves as creative men do, in trying to understand more about what is going on. There is nothing we can do to alter it, even when we understand it. We can only play with it. Man is the smallest piece of dust in the universe.

It is God in our human soul. God is the architect of the universe, who makes sense who we are. How do we know that? Because of the moral force within us. Even if scientists explore man and the world, there will be some life questions will remain unanswered. The problem of life remain untouched. Our life has meaning, even if we were not able to describe it or define it. Even if it is a conceit, we feel that we know that we have a soul, that we matter, and that we are in some small way unique. Even if our life is short and unpredictable, we must keep on living. If we don’t believe in our purpose, there is no reason to do anything, believe anything, change anything. The world would be at the mercy of those who threaten us with their bad deeds. It is a risk we cannot take.

To find our purpose for doing and our being, it helps to build on our sense of continuity, a sense of connection and a sense of direction. Without our Hindu identity, connection and continuity, we may feel disoriented and rudderless.If we are not active, assertive with self-esteem, the world around us is going to be a dangerous place for Hindus.We need to understand and recognize our Dharma and our role in preserving, practicing, protecting and promoting it. We must not only preserve the gains of our Sanathan Dharma, and maintain intact those just institutions that may have been established by our great Rishies for the benefit of all those who are living and those who are to be born.
We have an obligation and responsibility as part of those who think, care about, or are in any way influenced by Hindutva, to promote it. We were not meant to stand alone. We need to belong to the larger world Hindu community. Only where there is a mutual commitment will we find people prepared to work themselves for the preservation for the good of fellow Hindus.

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  1. Omkar Reply

    August 16, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    The importance of Nama Sadhana
    If a person is ill, he goes to a doctor for medical treatment.Self medication is dangerous. A christain goes to a Father and Muslim vist a Moulavi for spiritual guidance. But most Hindus do not seek spiritual guidance from Sadguru’s. On the contrary everyone tries to decipher Hinduism and spirituality according to his limited knowledge or ignorance. It is like a blind man’s description about elephant.One should practice Adhythma shastra to know it. Nama sadhana is very important. We should invoke the blessings of Sadguru by consistent Nama sadhana. Defnitely it will work. 6 months Nama Sadhana at least half an hour per day can activate it. Just practice it and find out the difference. Hinduism is the ultimate truth. We should know Hinduism by practicing Nama Sadhana. 5

  2. Gopal Reply

    August 20, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Thamah guna is all pervading in Kaliyuga. Because of that all the bad qualities like false ego, anger, lust, greed, hatred are the natural qualities of a typical kaliyuga soul. As long as these qualities are fed, we accept those things. But, sanatana dharma teaches differently, it puts so many regulations , which we don’t like. So, we accepted these rascal scientists who are leading us towards hell. Accepting christianity is easy because they do all the nonsense including eating cow’s meat even though Jesus told “though shall not kill”. The tendency for meat eating is there in every kaliyuga soul. You take Islam. Whatever nonsense you do against other people Allah accepts that. Misinterpretation of scriptures of every religion. They can rape girls of other religions, kill people, eat meat, enjoy unlimited sex. Their so called religion feeds all the wonderful qualities of Kaliyuga. They can live with that hatred towards other people throughout their lives. Why not a person with a demoniac character attracted towards these religions. So called hindus are going away from God. Hindus are becoming more religious not because of love towards God, but hatred towards those demons. Chanting holy names of God is prescribed for this age. How many so called meat eating hindus know about their scriptures. Only Guruvayurappa can save us. 5

  3. concerned hindu Reply

    August 25, 2009 at 7:29 am

    UTTARAKHAND is next
    From Sarve samachar.

    Sonia’s ploy to Christianise Uttarakhand?

    Is there a conspiracy of Christianisation of Uttarakhand behind the appointment of “Christian activist Smt Margaret Alva” as Governor of Uttarakhand? At least a section of Congress Hindu leaders sees a sinister conspiracy behind this appointment. In a memorandum presented to Congress Disciplinary Committee chairman Shri AK Antony under the banner of Congress Secular Hindu Forum (CSHF), they demanded immediate replacement of Smt. Alva from Uttarakhand Governorship. Smt Alva was appointed Governor of Uttarakhand on July 18.

    The Congress Hindu Forum general secretary K Ravi Kumar in his memorandum threatened to launch a strong agitation against the party leadership if their demand was not met. “If Congress leadership denies our demand, we will be left with no other alternative but to turn to a strong agitation against Congress leadership with the support of all like-minded Hindu Congress people. We can co-ordinate with other organisations also for the success of our movement. No doubt that the entire Hindu population will get together to protest against the Congress leadership,” the memorandum warns. They wondered how Smt. Alva, who had been removed from all responsibilities of Congress High Command, by Smt. Sonia Gandhi herself during the Karnataka Assembly elections, was appointed Governor of Uttarakhand.

    The Forum appealed to Shri Antony to bring this issue to the notice of Smt. Sonia Gandhi and advise her to settle the issue amicably, which is acceptable to all sections of Congress workers. “We hope the Congress Disciplinary Committee will understand the gravity of the situation and will take suitable measures to avoid such unpleasant agitations, which may embarrass the party leadership, for which we should not be held liable,” Ravi Kumar added.

    “The Himalayas is the holy land of Hindu believers in the world and the divine centres and it should not be ruled by christain governor 5

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