The Bizarre Assaults and Mysterious Deaths of Trikkaripur: All Executed in Taliban Style

· Date:May 1, 2012

For over a month, Trikkaripur stands witness to bizarre instances of attack and violent assaults, which have led the people of the place to believe that the style of effecting is indeed ‘Taliban’istic. Any small incident that occurs in this place now escalates and mounts up to flaring incidents which have now instilled terror in the hearts of the people living there. The mode of attack speaks of a very organized pattern while executing the deed. The executors of these anti-social deeds are mostly below the age of 25.

Just recently, in a span of 2 weeks, 3 instances of heinous violence have taken place. A mob attacked the shop of Rajeev, Koyankara and ransacked it violently. A case was registered, where 6 culprits have been remanded. Another incident is where Sanoj, son of Gopalakrishnan, hailing from Pallom was brutally assaulted while playing the game of carom. A group of people have been remanded in this case, with charges of bid to murder slapped on them.

The third is the case of Rejilesh, who hailed from a poverty stricken family in Mettammal. Rejilesh was the sole breadwinner and pillar of support of his family. However, he was the victim of a brutal group assault, which led to his mysterious death. The entire drama was well planned an d executed by none other than his business partner Nisar and his anti-social group. Prior to his death, Rejilesh was constantly subjected to emotional and physical torments.

Both Rejilesh and Nisar began a business on partnership basis, which took off well. With business prospects blooming and looking high, Nisar began looking for ways to dump Rejilesh from the partnership. This led to the brewing of a series of troubles for Rejilesh. He was asked to keep away from the partnership, which Rejilesh simply refused to obey. What followed from Nisar’s side was utter spite and vengeance, where he falsely implicated Rejilesh in a case of being involved with a woman. He was called out from his home by a group hired by Nisar. That was the last of Rejilesh seen by his family members. What they saw next was his badly battered and shredded dead body on the railway tracks.  

However, the response from the police has not been very congenial or responsive. They have made only a few arrests that involve Nisar and a few accomplices. The actual report speaks of the involvement and conspiracy by active Jihadi organisations in the area.However, reports of freeing many of those involved are now coming in.

Rejilesh’s death has resulted in the reeling of his family in acute poverty. Following his murder, a house visit was made by KPCC President Ramesh Chennitala, where a promise of financial aid was also promised. However, the words remain hollow till today, with no movement ever taking place in the financial direction. The State Home Minister had issued stern directions to the investigating officers, asking them to spare no efforts in bringing the culprits to book. However the passage of time saw flimsy action being taken against only a few of them. Just a few of the culprits were taken into custody, following which no further action was ever seen. It has even been alleged that some of those wielding power has even tried to shield the culprits. And so the further progress of the case looks bleak and disheartening.

Trikkaripur is now being moulded into a land that is fertile for the propagation of religious terrorism. There have been clear informative reports of the furthering of anti-national activities in the area, coupled with training being rendered in the militant sphere. There have also been clear indications of terror links with other states and countries.

With a lukewarm attitude displayed by the police department and the shielding of those involved in crimes by those who are in political power are indeed deplorable. The instance of Rejilesh is not an isolated one, it reflects the plight of an entire society that now stands mute and helpless to the unleashing of terror. If the matter is not given a serious approach by the elected leaders of our land, without any kind of investigation or probe being initiated, matters are bound to take horrifying and ugly turns in days to come.

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  1. rajakumar,kerala Reply

    May 2, 2012 at 1:30 am

    Kerala is becoming the land of terror like the one in talibanised area of Pakistan. The Pakistan police did not act upon the terrorists” act. Likewise the Kerala police did not act from the directions from the higher-ups,controlled by the Muslim League. This is the beginning of establishing a Malabar State by the Muslim parties. The Marxists and the seudo-seculars will support the move on the basis of backwardness of Malabar.Once it is established, the Hindus would become slaves of Muslim terroristsor to take refuge to the divided Kerala,for strengthening “secular” values of the country.

  2. S.Mohanakumar Reply

    May 2, 2012 at 4:24 am

    Brutality against Hindus.
    All type of assaults and cornering of Hindus are going on in a country where Hindus are majority. But main medias are ignoring these news due to the fear of financial implications and popularity concern. Hindu leaders should come out and a continueous mass awakening programs and mass movement.

  3. Raj Puducode Reply

    May 2, 2012 at 11:09 am

    My dear Hindustan is lost to foreigners
    Kerala politics is stranger than the rest of the country. Here real political power lies with Muslims & Christians & the splintered Hindus under various caste groups fight among themselves & suffer the most with absolutely no power to wield. Their temples are under Govt control & are looted continuously by the Govt. But Mosques & Churches are exempt from this control. Black money, gold, black currencies from Pakistan etc are easily brought in by Jihadis because of long coastline & they have built huge Mosques on both sides of national highway. The state is full of Paki spies & immigrant Muslims from Kashmir. They run all types of “Export-Import businesses” but they are all real dens of anti-Indian underhand dealings. They have Muslim-League as their party. They indulge in love-Jihad to convert innocent girls to their religion. The secular politicians are under their total control & are paid large sums of money & votes for protection. Christians also bring in tons of black money from the west for conversion & building mega-churches. They work closely with Muslims against Hindus mostly in a cunning, non-violent fashion & do get into trouble once in a while with violent terrorist Muslims of Kundotti who last year chopped the hands of a Christian professor for anti-Muslim remarks. Politics is run with black money & both the religionists buy the loyalty of Congress & other secular parties to wield real power. This minister criminal KunhaliKutty is a Muslim who will escape any punishment since even they have control over judiciary& Govt. Kerala is practically is a foreign country & totally lost to India . Gods Own country, the land of Sankaracharya, is silently weeping the way it is being raped by hoodlums while Hindus are sleeping & keep fighting among themselves. .

  4. vinod kumar Reply

    May 3, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    It is good for Malabaris to get Malabar state,

  5. M.Gopalan Reply

    May 4, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    Discriminayion against Hindus.
    Sooner or later Hindus are going to suffer the same fate suffered by the Jews of Germany or other European countries during or before 2nd world war.
    If this happens only Hindus are to be blamed.They don’t have any faith or love towards their community and country.They are traitors
    If given a correct prize they would sell them selves.And we have sold ourselves to Sonia Gandhi a foreigner,who is ruling this country.Now she is going to decide who is going to be the next president of India. we the Indians and Hindus do not have a say.
    She booted out such a great person like Mr.Abdul Kalam from the Rashtrapathi Bhavan and brought in Pradhibha Patil.Now we all know who this Pradhipa Patil really she is. Compare the dignity Mr Abdul Kalam brought to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan and the disrepute Mrs Pradhiba Patil brought to the office of Indian President.Sonia wants to show the world how power full the westerners like she are and how meek and stupid are the Indians, Hindus in particular.
    Now we all are eagerly waiting for Sonia’s words to know who is going to be our next president.
    All the local and left parties like CPM and CPI declared that they are going to support the congress candidate,Mrs Sonia Gandhi chooses.
    All the important decisions are being made by Sonia Gandhi and her advisors.And the track record shows that most of the decision taken are in the best interest of foreigners not in the interest of Indians.
    Do we deserve Independence.Can we remain independent.Our own experience of last 63 Yrs says no.
    So let us live like slaves, suffering indignities and injustices.Don’t complaint suffer silently.

  6. praveen Reply

    May 6, 2012 at 7:23 am

    devasam boards to muslim leage
    wait and see the spineless hindus ,after some time the devasom board ministry wil also be ruled by a minority.luckily this time they had not asked no time they will demand it and the thangal will declare the minister too.the so called secular parties will find no wrong in that too.

  7. GSK Menon Reply

    May 7, 2012 at 4:05 am

    The bizarre assaults
    Hindu boys and girls should take to martial arts to protect themselves. The logic of Kaliyuga justice is “Better to be an assaulter than a sufferer”. The desert religions know only the language of an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. Hindus must become aggressive and violent, otherwise India will disintegrate due to internal subversion by practitioners of foreign religions.

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