“My Dear Daughter, Severe Not Your Family Ties”

· Date:April 29, 2012

Kochi: “I will not live without my daughter. I will never believe that she converted into another religion, even if the whole world says so. No one knows her better than I do. I know for sure that there are people who have conspired, to convert her into another religion. But how do we ever prove this? We do not have the money or means of doing it.” These were the heartrending words of Radhamani, whose daughter Nimmy pretended not to see her family members.

 Nimmy, on whom her own father, mother and brother had lavished all their love, now stands estranged from the family- she is now under the influence of Islam after having made a conversion into a Muslim. Nimmy, who is a Post Gradutate, with a B.Ed has taken to Islam a month earlier and is now studying in a seminary in Kozhikode, Tharbiyathul Islam. Her mother continues to live with the hope that Nimmy will return to the family after her 2-month study at the Islamic seminary.

The incident came into light when Nimmy, daughter of Karthikeyan, who hails from Kayamkulam Kanjirappilly, remained missing from the family. Her father filed a Habeas Corpus, following which Nimmy presented herself in the High Court on Friday. However, what surprised and anguished her parents were the utterances of Nimmy, when she said that she had made the conversion to Islam on her own, without any compulsions from outside.
The distraught parents feel that the very behavior and attitude of their daughter is far from natural. “Two days after our daughter was missing, we got the information that she was in an Islamic seminary in Kozhikode. We immediately went to see her there. Her demeanor, appearance, way of talking, everything seemed so far from natural,” said a heartbroken Karthikeyan.
“Let me, atleast now, realize God. I am prepared to even sacrifice my life for God,” said Karthikeyan, repeating the very same words his daughter uttered before him, when he went to meet her. Karthikeyan said that his daughter’s statements were mostly based on issues like the punishment that awaited one in the next world, following death. “A sinner would be roasted in fire in Hell,” is what Nimmy told her father.
“The authorities there were trying to send us away using force. They did not let us spend some time with our daughter. I fear that she is under the influence of some dreadful narcotic,” said Karthikeyan, who had also requested the court that his daughter be produced before a psychiatric counselor, which was unfortunately declined by the court.
Even as a child, when it came to studies, Nimmy has been a brilliant student. “She has been a voracious reader. However, we never checked the reading material she was going through. But following the news of her conversion, after we made a thorough check of her room, we discovered many journals and write ups from her room. They were highly inflammatory and extremeist by nature and were mostly ‘anti-Christian, anti-Hindu’ write ups,”  said Karthikeyan, her father.
“We suspect her friends at the Arabic classes at MSM College, Kayamkulam to have furnished her with these materials,” he said. Nimmy’s parents are clueless about the direction in which they must move henceforth, to get their daughter back. Her mother even remembers the instance where, in spite of there being a vacancy in St. Mary’s School, Kayamkulam, Nimmy was least interested in joining as a teacher, inspite of her B Ed Degree.
Nimmy’s parents believe that there are people who are involved in the hijack of their daughter from the High Court premises. “We are extremely sure that Nimmy is under the surveillance and custody of someone who is hiding behind the scene. This is what made Radhamani and me file for a Habeas Corpus, to take her with us. When we were about to take our daughter with us and as we were about to enter the car, the advocate representing the  defendant barged onto the scene, punched me on my face. I fell down. They thus took away our daughter. I don’t know why this was done. We are clueless about all these happenings. Things seem far from normal. There are so many unanswered questions too.Our suspicions regarding many things are now being confirmed too,” said Kathikeyan.  
“Recently, our home now receives threatening phone calls, saying that the entire family will be killed. We don’t care. If death will bring back our daughter, we are prepared for that as well. Even we die, our daughter has to be rescued, said Karthikeyan, who feel that death is hounding them, every minute they step out of home. The driver, who drove the vehicle in which Nimmy was forcibly taken away by the Islamic seminary, is now under arrest.

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  1. Vijayakumar A. P., Coimbatore Reply

    April 29, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    Are we living in Pakistan?
    These kinds of incidents are regular in Pakistan. But, such things happening in Kerala, is shocking!
    Where are we living, in Pakistan, or ‘secular’ India?
    What kind of religious compulsion has prevented the girl from meeting or talking even to her parents or brother? Do we need more such incidents to open the eyes of the society, to the ‘freedom’ prevalent in the ‘religion of peace’?

  2. Gita Reply

    April 29, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    Love Jihad
    I feel sad, ashamed and provoked at the fate of Sri Karthikeyan family. But as reported

    “She has been a voracious reader. However, we never checked the reading material she was going through. But following the news of her conversion, after we made a thorough check of her room, we discovered many journals and write ups from her room. They were highly inflammatory and extremeist by nature and were mostly ‘anti-Christian, anti-Hindu’ write ups,” said Karthikeyan, her father.

    THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM . We should know this is the real problem.

    There is no substitute than a Hindu religious education . Our Children should know the Hindu History and Hindu Scriptires and they must also know the real cruel and inhuman face of Islam anf Christianity.

    Jai Bhavani !
    Jai Hinduism !

  3. KKR Reply

    April 30, 2012 at 12:41 am

    Much needs to be done
    As smt Gita correctly pointed out, this happens because Hindus do not care to impart religious education to kids. Love Jihad and other orchestrated efforts could be present in the society. But in this particular case it is not love jihad which snatched that girl from Hindu society but the fear about the hell and all other crap the desert religions sell in this land. The only solution is to educate our kids. Similar cases need to be studied well by VHP’s help line and proper counter strategies developed. Atleast if Mr Karthikeyan had taken the help of one of the Hindu organizations while appearing in the court, at least his daughter would not have been taken away by force from the court premises. VHP helplines should contact the families of victims and bring them to forefront to enlighten other Hindus about this danger.

    All lady leaders of this site, pls popularize this site among your lady friends. This will ensure that more Hindu ladies are aware of these social dangers. Pls take it as personal responsibility.

  4. Shine Reply

    April 30, 2012 at 3:14 am

    if u don’t need us……
    This girl is no child.She is an adult post graduate.If she doen’t need her parents let her go.No one can stop her. Later, I am sure she will regret.I don’t think we should lower our selves to those muslims who are more than happy to kill their own daughters if they marry a non muslim.Honour killing they call it.Feel sorry for the parents.As parents we should all start to warn our children of this kind of dangers.We should educate our kids more about our faith as Gita said.And I wonder why they are so keen on converting girls not boys.

  5. Richie Reply

    April 30, 2012 at 5:45 am

    That girl is destined to go to hell. It’s quite unfortunate what her family members have to go through because of her.

  6. Raj Puducode+ Reply

    April 30, 2012 at 9:10 am

    Nimmy should read all the material available under all the sub-headings on this web site to get a true picture of the religion of terror. She is destroying her life & heritage for these animals.

    WWW. faithfreedom. org

  7. mgd Reply

    April 30, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    There should be website to record such cases
    After a while, most people, except those closely associated with her, will forget about this incident. I think there should be an independent website in order to have a permanent record of such cases, including a detailed case study of each case for future guidance.

  8. Satyavrattan Reply

    April 30, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    The THREAT !!
    As Shine states “This girl is no child.She is an adult post graduate.If she doen’t need her parents let her go.No one can stop her. Later, I am sure she will regret.”.. May it be clearly understood, This is NOT a case where she has taken this drastic step on her own free will. As the findings mentioned there were attempts since long to brainwash her with reading materials that were pro Islamic and the misbelefs of Islam that sinners would be baked in Hell.. These crap has been induced into her minds by dedicated teams who have been working hard in their goal. There sure is a considerable amount of Fault on the Parents side, in ignoring their children. This is mainly due to less interaction among family members.
    Such attempts should be thwarted at all levels. Also all efforts should be taken by all to get the child back from the Clutches of Islam.
    Secondly theres No reason to Wonder. The preference of choice in converting girls is more because, this will reduce the birth rate of Hindus by every female that is dragged away.
    Its time Hindus wake up to the grave reality that our very existence is under threat.
    Learn, know, Understand, educate, UNITE and then we can FIGHT together. Only then can we WIN !!
    No Victory.. NO SURVIVAL

  9. GSK Menon Reply

    May 1, 2012 at 12:35 am

    My dear daughter
    “A sinner would be roasted in fire in hell”, what are we human beings or cashew nuts to be roasted ? Such asinine theories are believed in only because we Hindus fail to teach the rudiments of our great religion to our children. As a result when they hear or read dreadful nonsense they are frightened and agitated. They think by converting into some crude desert religion their soul or whatever it is will be saved. Has anybody seen this hell or heaven ? NSS and SNDP should start religious education to prevent such fraudulent conversions. I think there might be a love jihad angle behind this.

  10. sahya Reply

    May 1, 2012 at 5:46 am

    some interospection required
    One more addition here is that the Hindu society should Keep with time. Ideosyncrasies of the past such as ‘Jataka dosham’, endogamy is causing distress in educated upwardly mobile young women. Unlike their parent, today’s girls have horizon of oppertunities open before them. Irespective of any theological education if a belief is not rational it will hardly find any takers in todays world.

    There are ample families were girls are failing to get alliance due to astrological issues , in such a case there are chances that family find solace outside.Astrological practices being suggested cause loss of valuable resources such as time and money. We have to get rid of these sort of Ideosyncarsies or else our legacy and faith will end up as a page in history especialy in a socialy advanced state such as kerala
    Vande Mataram

  11. Gita Reply

    May 1, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Religious Education
    @ Sahya

    Good observations !

    But I have doubts : Why muslim girls and christian girls in Kerala are not “finding solace outside ” ? Why there is no “distress in educated upwardly mobile young women” from islam and christianity ? What about rationality in Kuran and Bible ? What about practices in Kuran and Bible ? Are they scientific or rational ?

    How other wives and their children feel when their father brings a new wife into the house ? (as approved by Kuran ). There is no distress ?

    What the wives feel when they are beaten by husbands as approved by Kuran ? There is no solace outside?

    How a christian girl ( educated upwardly mobile young women ) celebrate Easter ? Can any dead man come back ? How this belief is rational ? How a christian girl can believe that Jesus was born from God ? ( Not from Joseph) ? God has no other work ?

    Sahya is not basically interested in religious education for Hindus. Because that will result in many changes in Kerala which will be unimaginable.

    Let me repeat:

    There is no substitute for a Hindu religious education . Religious education is a must for Hindu children. Our Children should know the Hindu History and Hindu Scriptures and they must also know the real cruel and inhuman face of Islam and Christianity.

    Jai Bhavani !
    Jai Hinduism !

  12. Proud Hindu Reply

    May 1, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    Educate Hindus on Dharma!
    The only solution to this problem, is to teach Hindus (present generation) the greatness of Hindu Dharma so that they would never ever fall into the trap of other religions! Also they should be told about the atrocities Hindus faced due to the cruel attacks on them by Muslims and Christians! If the true face of these religions are exposed to our children, no Hindu would dare to convert to those reliigons!

  13. GSK Menon Reply

    May 16, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    My dear daughter
    Religious leaders of the desert religions try to prevent Hindu religious educatio, as it is easier to convert religiously illiterate Hindus. They can also be fooled to claim after conversion that they are descendants of Namboodiris. Imitations can also be done without understanding the religious significance. Thus spurious Vedapustakam, vaidikan etc can be fabricated which are deceptively similar to Hinduism. Hindus have been slaves for centuries and ruled by foreigners. Even after so called independence, we continue to be ruled by foreigners and half foreigners. Foreign religions and foreign godmen continue to dupe gullible Hindus

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