Muslims & Christians in Kerala – what is their real aim now?

· Date:October 29, 2008
Muslims and Christians of Kerala make up more than half of Kerala’s population. They are always in agitation. If we look at all the on-going agitations or debates (‘vivadams’, as they call it in Malayalam) in Kerala at any time, almost 75% of them relate to grievances of these people. Some are complaining about the plight of Palestinians and Kashmiri Muslims, some about what Bush is doing in Iraq, some about Christians in Orissa, some about Christian encroachers in Malabar, some about interference by government in aided schools run by Christian & Muslim managements with public money, some others about government interference in self-financing professional colleges run by Christian & Muslim managements etc. The list is endless.
Open any newspaper or any TV channel, the majority of news items are about grievances of these two communities. Any Malayali, not much in touch with Kerala, coming home for a holiday will be instantly horrified at the news (in Manorama and TV channels) about the atrocities being committed on these two minorities in Kerala. What is happening in the 100% literate state which is also God’s Own Country? The truly secular Kerala Hindus would be extra eager to know more about these atrocities. He will find his friends among Kerala Hindus in deep slumber unaware of their own problems. But a little more patience in studying all the newspapers and watching all the television continuously for a few days will definitely open up his understanding. What is the real problem for these Christians and Muslims in Kerala?  What do they really want?
The recent discoveries by Kerala Police about terror recruits from Kerala will provide the starting clue. Progress and prosperity of Muslims in Kerala have come to such a stage that they are willing to contribute to liberation of Kashmir from India !  Despite the murder of one white conversion expert a few years back, Christians from Kerala are pouring into Orissa for meeting the target set by Vatican . Both these point to only one conclusion – that these two communities have already had their victory in Kerala. They have nothing at all to worry about in Kerala and they have already started looking abroad for conquest. In all aspects of social life – politics, business, education, administration – Christians and Muslims are leading in Kerala. Foreign money (black, white and counterfeit) is pouring into Kerala for consolidation of their respective achievements. They have not only secured their grounds but have managed to keep us divided and confused. Social slumber can prove very costly for Kerala Hindus.  

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  1. Sajeev Reply

    October 29, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Skewed Secularism.
    yesterday comrade Pinarayi was seen standing in front of Patriarchos Bava like a ‘Thommi standing in front of Pattelar’.Leaders of CPM have no problem to attend functions organised by Kanthapuram,Madani,Bishops of various christian denominations etc.But I have never seen any CPM leader attending a function organised by the majority community.Why this descrimination?Why the members of majority community are treated like untouchables?It is very sad. 5

  2. Sakthi Reply

    October 29, 2008 at 1:27 pm

    Sajeev Why Kerala people elect this animals?
    Sajeev, your point well taken, but why the 100 % literacy Kerala elect this bloody animals as their ministers, why we give authority to this fools like pinangarayi, kodiyeri, chotta thalayan sudhakaran achummaan etc etc.. that is why all these problems. 5

  3. Muthu Reply

    October 29, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    Temple decontrol
    Decontrol all the temples in Kerala and India from Govts. That is the only solution. Swamy did it for Rama Sethu. This case will be easily won at the Supreme court becuase it has very solid legal and secular validity. Unless and until this is done, problems will exist. 5

  4. Camerond Reply

    October 29, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    Challenging the Bigots
    Kerala has beccome a den for Jihadi terrorists, Marxist criminals, Missionary miscreants, gundas and mafia gangs. Pakistan trained Jihadi terrorists and subversive agents are busy creating a group of anti national subversive agents for the final assault on Hindus. Western Christian Missionary gangs and Bishops are busy establishing nun and missionary training factories all over Kerala. The main export of Kerala is nuns and Christian preachers as well as Jihadi terrorists. The Marxist government, police, judiciary and bureaucracy have made an unholy alliance with anti national Islamo Fascists, Missionaries, criminals and counterfeit currency distributors. Peace loving, nationalist and innocent Hindus in Kerala will face the same fate as Hindus in Kashmir and Nagaland. Hindu actvists are hunted and eliminated at will. It is time for Hindus to be active and assertive. They need to fight for survival. 5

  5. A DYFI Comrade Reply

    October 29, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    Hey Hindus U wake up!!!
    Muslim=Christian, Christian = Muslim and the Secular = Anti Hindu.

    Hindus does not have any news… these varatha pattikal creating all the news about Hindus. 5

  6. A DYFI Comrade Reply

    October 30, 2008 at 12:00 am

    Hey Hindus U wake up!!!
    The answer to Sakthis question: our Educational system… our educational system is perverted by the Christians and Muslims. Think who were the Ministers of education in the Kerala History. All of them were Xians and Muslims. We never felt the slow poisonous injection to our brain by these perverts and their perverted syllabus. We never felt the dishonor they have had done to our culture. We our self start thinking that Hinduism is the worst and it is filled with all the superstitions. We are hypnotized by these perverts Hidden Agendas.

    We are infected with the SECULAR CANCER in our brain. We forgot to know that Secular=Anti Hindu.

    That is why we still vote for them !!! 5

  7. narendran Reply

    October 30, 2008 at 3:45 am

    Minority Grievance Industry
    The minority grievance industry, especially minority Christian grievance industry is not new but as old as independent India. Nehru was its patron. The first Christian grievance recorded in Indian history was by Nehru’s education minister Raj kumari Amrit Kaur. You will be astonished to know the grievance- Christians in India are living in fear on account of the atrocities committed by the Hindu communalists against them! Mind you that was sometime around 1950(It is in that connection the Christian religious mafia in India who never get tired of quoting Nehru about the arrival of ‘fraud thoma’ was made by Nehru) and same tune is played up relentlessly and shamelessly ever since. The only difference is that the Congress Party had not yet converted to Christianity then as it has today and so the pope never dared to meddle with the internal matters of this nation as he does with impunity now. Even the American administration of those days though anti Indian never cared about this silly utterance of the Christian religious mafia in India but now act as the ‘rich uncle’ of the Christians in India. And so long as the U.S remains the sole military and economic super power and its administration in the hands of rabid Christian fundamentalists pretending to be secular, you can’t help the professionals in Christian grievance industry hogging the headlines in our sold out media. 5

  8. Hindu Reply

    October 30, 2008 at 8:18 am

    Sit up and think over the points raised here
    Synonymous has raised a very very important point.Really this one is an eye opener. This message should reach all Hindus in Kerala.Let them decide about their future. 5

  9. ganesh Reply

    October 30, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    Only one thing seems to be behind conversion: MONEY.
    The more you convert people to Christianity the more you have to accommodate them by building more and more churches; the more you build churches , the more you get money for alms; thus those bishops know that they are actually investing in a business and that investment will give returns some time latter…
    If at all this “methodology” or “modus operandi” faces stiff opposition, they will never quit the place in a hurry but on the contrary they have enough confidence of our innocence to stay because they have now mastered the art of mass manipulation and media-manipulation; They know that a group has a chief, a community has a leader, a party has a mentor, a village has a panchayat leader and a country has a (puppet) PM or a (ex-accused of fraud) President.
    Their calculation is simple: buy them and you can buy the country. By buying the chief of a whole nation, you can indirectly govern a country via that bogus man. By sending a Christian wore to attract a son of a politician, his whole community can tilt to this desert religion
    You learn that Archbishop of DELHI in his DELHI DECLARATION seems to have brought Mr ADVANI himself in their orbit (courtesy article in vigilonline)…You white people, You praise democracy and while praising it , you twist it’s neck and kill it! The ruling party or opposition party, all the same for you, Italian Idiots…But, Hindus have more brain than you, and they know your tricks.
    I seem to guess that they knowing the importance of military establishment, I am sure they have already infiltrated the Military school (Recently a military school has clearly came out with n anti-Hindu declaration)…I don’t need to speak about contamination of INDIAN ITELLEGENTIA AND ACADEMIA …Every body knows that From Jawharlal University in Delhi or an American faculty in Pennsylvania to Kalashetra in Chennai and other Hindu cultural centres are being infiltrated by Christian with Hindu names.
    They ap 5

  10. Sakthi Reply

    October 30, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    only cpi cpm goon Hindus have problem
    answer to dyfi comrade:

    then why are you comrade still??? we do not have problem we real Nationalist Hindus know really what is happening, cpi cpm creates animals your own comarades come out and have the courage to say your Hindu name out. give respect to your Mother your parents Your Mother land! dont waste your words invain! WE HAVE TO DEMOLISH AND BRUN DYFI AND MARX PARTIES 5

  11. nrsankar Reply

    October 31, 2008 at 6:33 am

    kerala non-hindus
    The only solution at a national level can be THE UNIFORM CIVIL CODE IRRESPECTIVE OF THE RELIGION. But the politicians will not tolerate that mainly because they have already divided the hindus constitutional into many divides in the name of sc/st/obcs. Hell with the so called (un)securilistic congress party which made such amendments in the constitution. 5

  12. suresh kurup Reply

    October 31, 2008 at 7:26 am

    Enemy of Hindus
    The main enemy of Hindus are not Christian and Muslims. The main enemy are the Secular hindus like Communists and casteist Hindus who prevent Hindu unity. But as mentioned in the article Kerala is already conquered. Democracy holds no choices to reverse the present trend. 5

  13. Hindu Reply

    November 1, 2008 at 1:55 am

    Better late than never
    It is not too late. We need at least 10 percent committed Hindus. We can salvage the situation .The sangh pariwar activities in Kerala lacks spiritual foundation as in the case of relatively young SANATHAN SANSTHA. There should be a new outfit on the lines of Sanathan Sanstha. An organisation like Sanathan Sanstha can change the mind set up of Kerala Hindus. There should be a long term plan and Parivar should plan programmes and policies to meet their objective.Nama Sadhana, Bhajan Mandal, Saravajanik Ganesh Utsavam, Navarathri Utsavam, Fastings etc. should be made more popular. Hindus should issue directives for marriage functions and funerals and the ” Shastram” behind every ritual should become popular among masses. Mahakavi should or some other lyricist should be appointed for making a “Mangala Ashtakam” in Malayalam or Sanskrit to be recited at the time of solemnising marriages. A well qualified vedic scholar is must for any Hindu marriage . As a first step we should give more and more attention to Hindu rituals and the meaning and purpose of each ritual must be explained to public. 5

  14. Hindu Reply

    November 1, 2008 at 2:16 am

    Better late than never
    Secular Hindus ( Anti Hindus) can be converted only by Spirituality.Sangh Pariwar should learn from the success of Bala Gokulam. Bala Gokulam has become more nad more acceptable among the masses because it has got a spiritual foundation. Lokmanya Tilak started Sarvajanik Ganesha Utsavam and this movement has played a very important role in the cultural and religious awareness in Maharshtra.Maharashtra CM performs pooja on Ekadashi Day at Pandharipuram Vishnu temple and it is accepted by all secular parties.Can the Kerala CM perform pooja at Guruwayoor?Kerala Hindus lacks spiritual awareness and Hindu culture is not deep rooted among Bahujan Samaj. Take Hinduism to the masses.The feeling participation can make a big difference. See Kottiyoor temple. Every caste is accomadated in the festival. Forget the caste. At the local village temple festival every Hindu household should be assigned a specific job.Attack communism. Never attack a communist. When spiritual awareness among masses become a reality, communism will find it’s natural death. 5

  15. Leela Reply

    November 1, 2008 at 3:30 am

    muslims & christians
    Not only is the kerala government mothering muslims and christians in kerala, now they are also babysitting the ‘poor victimised’ christians of orissa, welcoming them with open arms and providing them with everything. as long as these crooks are in power there will be no justice for Hindus and one hopes the ‘sickulars’ will pay for their ‘liberalness’ one day. 5

  16. Ashish Reply

    November 1, 2008 at 9:21 am

    Will the government of Kerala come forward to accept and accomodate at least a few Kashmiri Pandits who are languishing in the slums of Delhi?The forefathers of many Kashmiri Pandits were loyal workers of communist parties in the past. 5

  17. Peace Lover Reply

    November 2, 2008 at 1:38 am

    Religion and Politics
    Violence is not the right way to solve any issues.I am a christian and I respect all the religions.And let me tell you that the politics based on religion will destroy our country.And India is not only Punjab or Gujrat or Orissa or Kashmir, it includes our neighbourhood too.It includes trivandrum,cochin and Kannur too.And now ou see after all this violence its us who are suffering too.Some of us lose our family children father or any of their loved ones.Just think about anyone goes for violence that we have a family tooback in home.And violence is something really hard to stop once it is started.If we attack someone and he comes back for revenge and then your family is under terror.Is this a life which any of us wanted?Does anyone can be happy or relaxed when such a situation occurs?

    What I know about kerala is its a peaceful community.And the best thing you can see is people accept the religions.

    I just want to tell you an example.I am coming from a village named Payyavoor in Kannur.It is almost equally populated by Hindus Muslims and Christians. They have a Shiva temple and a Church in the town.Whenever there is a pradakshinam for the pallipperunnal the rally goes through in front of the Shiva temple and when it reaches the temple they stop all the music and band.It is not because of fear.But its because of RESPECT to each other. And the same happens with the Kshethram Ulsavams.People are not afraid of each other.

    If anyone here feels that christians are spreading there religion then you are also free to do so.This is a country of religious freedom.Yet we all have to understand that religion is for the betterment of humanity.Its for peace and happiness.Religion should not be a tool for political leaders.Both politics and religion are for people.But religon cares the spiritual part while politics dont.And you all know that how corrupted are our politicians(most of them) are.Dont let anyone misuse your beliefs.Take care brothers and sisters. 5

  18. Omkar Reply

    November 2, 2008 at 9:21 am

    Vayathoor Kaliyar
    Payyavoor is a holy place for Hindus in Kannur.Neyyamruthu is the main Vazhipadu at this temple. 50 years ago every village used to send Neyyamruthu Sanghams to Payyavoor temple. Now this practice is almost extinct.Neayyamruthu Sangham of our village was disbanded years back. It is easy to go Mecca or Vatican and help is avialble from all quarters. But difficult to reach Payyavoor from our village. We should re start Neyyamruthu Sangham.
    I think there were no Christains or church in Payyavoor fifty years back. Now the village Panchayath is headed by Christain follower and they are more powerful than locals and changing loyalty from LDF to UDF and vice versa according to convenience .Therefore they do not fear Payyavoor Shivan, the all powerful Vayathoor Kaliyar. 5

  19. Raj Puducode Reply

    November 4, 2008 at 11:46 am

    Terrorists are talking to each other! Wonder about what??
    VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Senior Vatican and Islamic scholars launched their first Catholic-Muslim Forum on Tuesday to improve relations between the world’s two largest faiths by discussing what unites and divides them.

    The three-day meeting comes two years after Pope Benedict angered the Muslim world with a speech implying Islam was violent and irrational. In response, 138 Muslim scholars invited Christian churches to a new dialogue to foster mutual respect through a better understanding of each other’s beliefs.

    In their manifesto, “A Common Word,” the Muslims argued that both faiths shared the core principles of love of God and neighbor. The talks focus on what this means for the religions and how it can foster harmony between them.

    The meeting, including an audience with Pope Benedict, is the group’s third conference with Christians after talks with United States Protestants in July and Anglicans last month.

    Delegation leaders Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran and Bosnian Grand Mufti Mustafa Ceric opened the session with a moment of silence so delegations, each comprising 28 members and advisers, could say their own prayers for its success.


  20. jaishree Reply

    May 14, 2010 at 9:54 am

    I personally feel that there would be an explosion of hatred among the religions in the near future.When realising the true picture of Hindu defeat,there may be an uprise of fanatics which is not acceptable to the most civilised Hindu Community.We have to strike a balance. 5

  21. suresh Reply

    June 8, 2010 at 5:26 am

    Dont Agree
    I agree with Jaishree to the extent that there will be a conflict between religions in Kerala -but between Muslims and Christians. Already you are seeing the tell tale signs. Like I voiced in another thread, in this unique scenario in India, we Hindus must choose our stand wisely. Standing back from the fight and to let the wolves fight each other will be the safest/instinctive reaction; but deeper ponder tells me that we must help/ aid the cause of the Christians. For in our scenario Islam is a threat far greater than Xians. A victory in kerala will give them the foothold they require to wage their Jihad in India.. They will turn kerala into another nagaland. 5

  22. suresh Reply

    June 8, 2010 at 6:59 am

    We must forge an allaince
    I agree with Jaishree to the extent that there will be a conflict between religions in Kerala -but between Muslims and Christians. Already you are seeing the tell tale signs. Like I voiced in another thread, in this unique scenario in India, we Hindus must choose our stand wisely. Standing back from the fight and to let the wolves fight each other will be the safest/instinctive reaction; but deeper ponder tells me that we must help/ aid the cause of the Christians. For in our scenario Islam is a threat far greater than Xians. A victory in kerala will give them the foothold they require to wage their Jihad in India.. They will turn kerala into another nagaland. 5

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