Government Making a Mockery of the Majority Community: NSS

· Date:June 26, 2012

Government Making a Mockery of the Majority Community: NSS
Kottayam: The Nair Service Society has flayed the Central and State machinery for making a mockery out of the members of the majority community. They have blatantly stated that the government is conveniently putting aside the implementing of financial schemes meant for those of the majority community.  This was voiced in a written statement by the NSS as they presented the budget for the organization, for the year 2012-2013. 

The NSS stated that it has been, for quite a prolonged period, stating that those who fall into the financially unstable category in the ‘forward class’ also be granted various concessions and reservations, along with those enjoyed by those belonging to the ‘backward class’. “The statements are being made for more than 50 years. However, the government has been maintaining the most callous attitude in implementing anything related to this. They have even started resorting to lame excuses like the constitution not having any such provision.”

 The report presented by the NSS has also stated categorically that it will not support the formulation of the Teachers’ Bank in any way. “There are people who have received their appointment in the most fraudulent ways, who will be part of the Teachers’ Bank. This has to be put to an end,” said NSS General Secretary Sukumaran Nair. The report adds that the NSS management, till date, has never resorted to any illegal ways for its activities.

 “The state government has surrendered itself shamelessly to the minority community. The fifth minister was granted to the Muslim League without ever taking into consideration of the wider soceity. The drama of swapping of portfolios was just an eye wash intended to fool people,” said Sukumaran Nair.

The committee meeting began with condolences offered at the demise of PK Narayana Panicker, who functioned as NSS Treasurer, General Secretary, President. This, in fact is the first budget being presented after Sukumaran Nair has taken over as General Secretary. The income has been estimated at Rs 95.50 crores. The expenses have also been set at the same amount. The budget amount is aimed at social, developmental and welfare activities and projects. The budget expects an income of Rs 6.14 crores for capital items and 89.35 crores for revenue items.
A law college at Kottiyam and Civil Service Academy at Thiruvananthapuram are the projects in the pipeline, which will take shape. The budget has been planned in a way to accommodate all requirements of a changing society, which will cater to self financing educational institutions. It has been decided to start 5000 Karayogams and Human Resource Cells. The Karayogams will have special orientation sessions to create awareness regarding the curse of alcoholism, which is consuming society. The will also create awareness regarding unwanted extravagance during marriage functions.
The financial transactions involving  self financing projects will come up to a rough estimate of Rs 700 crore. Following the presentation of budget a press conference was arranged, where Sukumaran Nair voiced out his criticism against the government. “The UDF Government is heading its way into utter failure. The 5th ministerial berth for IUML is disastrous. The victory earned at Neyyatinkara is no signal of any acknowledgement for the present government. The sole cause of victory at Neyyatinkara is the clever trick of social segregation played willfully by the government,” said Sukumaran Nair adding that the Nair votes of UDF went to BJP, during the Neyyatinkara by-election.

“The education department of UDF is the worst section in the current government. Their sole aim is to destroy the educational institutions of NSS. The reason why Minister Thiruvanchiyoor Radhakrishnan is not granted permission to be a part of NSS is clearly known to him and Ramesh Chennithala. However, the reasons are not being stated openly. If revealed, the issue of Minority reservation will take an even worse turn,” he added.


  1. Ganesh Reply

    June 27, 2012 at 1:34 am

    This coward Sukumaran Nair is capable of only polluting the atmosphere with his sound bytes.This imbecile had an opportunity to teach the govt a lesson in the Neyyatinkara bye elections.Yet he gave a call to his community to go for a consious vote.The born to be ruled hindus again faltered to take a decision.The nadars had the guts to tell their ilk to vote communally.

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