BJP to conduct study classes for workers

· Date:June 18, 2012

The CPM’s famed study classes for cadre is getting copied in the unlikeliest of places – the camp of rivals BJP.

The saffron party’s Kerala unit is rolling out a similar mechanism to strengthen the party’s basic framework and educate its workers on the nuances of contemporary Kerala politics.

The first ‘political orientation class’ for nearly 22,000 booth-level party workers will be held across 45 centres from June 25 to June 30. The short-term target is to equip the party grassroots for the next big election, but the long-term idea is to make the classes a regular feature, BJP state president V Muraleedharan said. “Our booth-level secretaries and presidents of 7000 booths and a number of workers including the senior party functionary in charge of each booth will attend the classes. It is meant to give participants a thorough grounding on the party’s take on the political situation and to clear doubts about the BJP’s declared policies,’’ he said.

A perfect example of themes that will be handled at such classes is the BJP’s approach towards the CPM and the Congress, he said.

 ‘’Both are our opponents on an equal basis. The CPM is our ideological opponent, while the Congress is the political one, he said.

The classes will be taken by top state leaders including Muraleedharan, O Rajagopal, P K Krishnadas and A N Radhakrishnan. The party decided to focus on booth-level functionaries since it is they who plug into local undercurrents and the changes in thought processes of the voters. Besides, the party was organisationally strong in only about 4500 of the 21000-plus polling booths in the state.

The proposed orientation classes dominated discussions during the party’s state office-bearers meeting on June 12 where  guidelines was prepared for the ‘instructors.’ The party’s assessment of the political situation was crystallised into a ‘political note’ which is to be publicised through the orientation classes. In Phase II, the classes will be extended to workers of 10,000 booths.

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  1. Gita Reply

    June 18, 2012 at 11:57 am

    BJP Classes
    Bold step in the right direction.

    Jai Bhavani !
    Jai Hinduism !

  2. renji Reply

    June 18, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    Good to hear this from BJP. People must be made clear of what the parties mission and vision is.Nothing works without a vision.
    BJP must also educate people on economy ,legal and political stand that every party member must know and must develop policies with consultation with thinktanks
    Also party must adopt and advice no tolerence towards Alchohol abuse, sex and violence.(best examples communist(alchohol) and Congress(sex abuse)).
    Refined society is always better society,with so much venom injected into people we need to refine and educate people for a better tommorow

  3. Praveen Reply

    June 18, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    Its a great move
    I would like to see His Hines Marthadavarma Maharaja becoming CM of Kerala.

  4. Suresh Reply

    June 19, 2012 at 12:50 am

    Great awareness

    We have to politically motivate our people, together with religious education. These things are better known to RSS than anyone.

    Just as understanding can replace hatred, education can replace fear. If at all, we get an extra opportunity to teach something more, then we should teach our youngsters about money, business, finance and wealth, which are going to effect their future life, so its best to know as much as they can about it.

    How the Govt in power wiped out the middle class and rich Hindus and how those Hindus become poor, though they were intelligent, honest and efficient.

  5. Ganesh Reply

    June 19, 2012 at 1:21 am

    hooking cadres
    A party with such outdated ideology like CPM have so many levels of office bearers.Starting with local commitee,there is area committee,jilla commitee,jilla secretariat,state commitee,state secretariat,central commitee,central secretariat,polit bureau etc.It appears as if they are ruling the whole world.I think the idea of having so many levels of administration is to keep every party member hooked to the office at some level so that they do not quit for ever.The level of character of a politbureau member or a local committee member remains the same. They are atleast 50yrs behind the rest of the citizens.The ‘Thee pori'(fire spark) speech is all that makes them leaders. The speeches are generally hollow and utopian and intended to draw applause only. The applause is very loud if the speech is aimed at character assasination of opponents.

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