Oh dearest ! Walked shorter , but fair enough, To a father

published on September 17, 2013

Anu PS was the pride of Parumala DB College. A graduation student, he was an all rounder, who excelled in studies, sports and art. Like all parents, a million dreams revolving around their son bloomed in his parents hearts too. But everything came to a standstill, when fate cruelly plucked him away on 17 September, 1996.

On 17 September 1996, three ABVP activists: Anu, Sujith and Kim, were cornered in Devaswom Board college in Parumala by a violent mob of SFI, CITU and DYFI. The mob threatened to kill them, for their active participation in the ABVP College unit. Fearing that death was just inches away, the students ran for life and jumped into River Pampa, hoping that they could swim across to safety. But the heartless SFI goons began pelting stones mercilessly and severely that the 3 boys were drowned.

Even the women who were washing clothes, who were witness to the incident, tried to rescue them by throwing their sarees into the water, hoping that the boys could catch hold of them. But the women were brutally chased away by the SFI goons, who hurled abuses at them. They pelted stones too, at the women. The helpless women had no option but flee the place.

And much to the glee of the sadistic goons, the boys were drowned.

Kerala was ruled by the Marxists then, who did away with every shred of evidence. They even went to the extent of manipulating the postmortem report. They made a fresh report, stating that the boys were drunk, which led to their being drowned. With the aid of these forged evidences, the Marxist leadership successfully won the case. The verdict that came from the court declared the SFI and DYFI caders as innocent. But the cosmic law has its own course…destiny will prove who gets the real justice. Time will again prove that the tears of the parents have were not ever wasted.

What is ironical, but cruelly true is that, while the entire nation stands united in the case and cause of Priyadarshini Matoo and Jessica Lall in their march for justice, here, tucked away from the harsh and glaring lights of spotlights and camera are 3 families, who have been denied all forms of justice.

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  1. M.Gopalan Reply

    September 17, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    Nayanar & Parumala victims.
    It is not proper to say some thing against people,who are no more among us, but to put the records straight it becomes necessary to recall how certain people reacted or made comments in relation to certain incidents,took place when they were alive.
    Mr.EK.Nayanar’s (then the chief minister of Kerala) response to the brutal murder of these three ABVP students was highly deplorable.His reaction to the press reporters was that ” why you people are unduly concerned about this incident and trying to make this a big issue, because the boys killed were BJP boys only”.He was among those people consider that Hindus are 2nd class citizens and they don’t have all those fundamental rights guaranteed by our constitution.He was condemned by all civilized,right thinking people for making this stupid, thoughtless remark (he was notoriously habitual of uttering stupid remarks).
    The sad thing is that he is not the only man thinks Hindus are 2nd class citizens and violations the fundamental rights of Hindus and security to their life and property,not to be taken seriously. Unfortunately many many people including large number of Educated Hindus share the views of Mr.Nayanar and justifies the failure of police and other Govt agencies to take timely actions to protect Hindus when they are are attacked or killed.
    What was the reaction of majority of Indian people when 48 people were burned to death in Godhra without allowing them to escape.Did people protest when lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus were driven pout of their birth place and made refugees in their own country.The unfortunate thing is that we Hindus prefer to remain 2nd class citizens and subservient to the members of other communities in our own country and we are very happy and proud aboutit.

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