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-M.V. Raghavan

   Melathu Veettil Raghavan, popularly known as MVR is a name synonymous with the growth of CPM in Kerala, particularly in Kannur. As a teenage boy of 15 from Parassinikkadavu got attracted to the Communist movement kicked off by A K Goplan in his home district. Having attracted to the magnetic personality of AKG, Raghavn became a disciple and dedicated his life to the party. He served the party in many capacities and became MLA of the party several times. In 1986 when he propounded an alternative theory supporting Marxist party’s alliance with the Muslim League, he was expelled from the party and he formed the Communist Marxist Party (CMP) and allied with the congress led United Democratic Front (UDF), challenging the CPM leadership headed by EMS Namboodripad. Ironically, the same CPM, which opposed Raghavan, allied with the rabidly communal Muslim fundamentalist organisations to come to power. Since the formation of the new party, CPM unleashed a chain of terror to finish MVR who was ‘everything’ for the party at Kannur. CPM used all its might to prevent him from reaching the Assembly. But despite the party’s dubious methods, he became MLA and minister many times. Once during the Assembly session he was manhandled by CPM legislatures. An attempt on his life was made at Koothuparambu where he was attacked by a mob of around 2000 DYFI and SFI workers in blatant violation of Rule of law. The Police had to open fire to save his life. As a result of this incident around 100 co-operative societies in Kannur were set on fire, several offices of other political parties were attacked and last but not the least the snake park at Pappinissery was destroyed killing the entire animals and reptiles. In an exclusive interview to Haindava Keralam correspondent Pradeep Krishnan M V R said that it is high time we understood the nefarious designs of CPM and its leaders and should unitedly fight this menace.

Q  How do you rate the performance of the Achutanandan ministry?
This is the worst ever government we ever had. In 10 months the CPM has proved that the government is leaderless. While the Chief minister is having one policy his cabinet colleagues are having a different view, which the CM seldom knows! The CPM, which opposed the policies of UDF while in opposition, are now implementing the same and seeking credit. When UDF was ruling, in the guise of opposing ADB loan, every day the SFI and DYFI cadres were instigated to burn buses, destroy public property. But now the same party, which opposed ADB loans, is seeking loans without any hesitation. In 10 months of coming to power in the state, 110 farmers have committed suicide in Kerala. The CPM did nothing to redress the grievances of farmers and agriculturists who were once the party’s backbone. See the sad plight of the party. In Nandigram and in Singurur the party mercilessly killed many farmers for the sake of capitalists.Now the party not only supports Indian capitalists, they even have nexus with multi national capitalists too. The CPM cheated the very same people who gave their everything to the party. Everywhere this has been their trend. Strangely, for the CPM Suharto (Indonesia) who killed hundreds of Communists and Saddah Hussien (Iraq) who unleashed a war against communists in their own country are heroes. The leaders of CPM in India cherish the Stalinist model according to which those who criticise the CPM leaders and party must be finished.

Q. Why the CPM considers you as its enemy number one?
I was expelled from the party for my proposition that the party must have ties with Muslim League and Kerala Congress. At that time Nayanar was with us but later on he changed sides thinking that would be beneficial to him. But the same party is now having links with extremists of the Muslim group such as Jamate Islami, NDF, PDP, etc to come to power. I am fearlessly exposing their opportunistic alliances. When I was expelled I courageously fought with them and formed a new party to the utmost dislike of CPM leaders. The party’s policy of killing those who leave the party failed in my case, despite many attempts on my life. They did everything to finish me, and the CPM cruelty even spread to the snakes and other animals kept in my snake park at Parassinikadavu. The entire snake park along with the snakes and other animals were set on fire by CPM goondas. All this shows that the party is still in its Stalinist mould. Since the formation of CMP the attacks and attempts to finish us are indescribable.

Q How do you view the fight between Achutanandan and Pinarayi factions?
The fight is not based on any policy matters. It is only to share the huge wealth acquired by the party. The group war not based on any ideology, but only on sharing benefits, is heading for a close finish. The party has now become a big corporate establishment having assets worth crores of rupees. The leaders are working as agents of big capitalists. The coming to power of CPM has intensified the internal quarrels in the party. The ministers are competing with one another not to do help the people but to spend more in furnishing their bungalows. This is the dialectical materialism of the CPM! The party is now indulged in a fund raising campaign and there are no proper accounts for the collected money. The leaders are living and spending like feudal lords. Those who refuse to give donation to the party are not allowed to live peacefully. Achutanandan is shamelessly succumbing to the dictates of Pinarayi and his cohorts.

Q In the Pariyaram Medical College issue the CPM is very adamant to get the administration back in their hands. It is said that the party is having a ‘hidden agenda’ to capture the co-operative societies in the state?
Their aim is to amass the wealth of the AKG memorial hospital and medical college. In fact they once captured power by dubious means by making false identity cards and by deploying goondas when the election process was going on. During the Nayanar ministry the Medical College was taken over by an ordinance and as a result the institution became indebted by Rs.142 crores. But when we took over the administration by lawful means, the party challenged it in the High Court and the Court, both the single and the division bench ruled in our favour. As a result of our administration not only we could set off all the liabilities but made the institution one of the best medical education centers in the State. By hook or crook the party wants to capture power in this prestigious institution with an eye on its assets and to ‘teach me a lesson’. The party is devising plans to capture all the co-operative societies with a view to enlarge their base and to get control of the huge assets.

Q The CPM is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the assumption of charge by the EMS ministry in 1967. The party projects EMS as a theoretician and statesman. How do you view EMS?
EMS always took opportunistic views. During the 1964 split, he could not form a clear opinion and was dilly-dallying. Even thought he favoured the views of CPI, when he found that it would be ‘beneficial’ to remain with AKG and CPM he had no hesitation to do so. He was a crass opportunist who was conscious in projecting himself as a big leader. In his ‘History of the communist movement’ and autobiography he had projected himself to such an extent that he was everything for the party. For all the movements initiated after 1950, unashamedly EMS took the credit. He had projected himself to such an extent that the ‘history of the communist movement in Kerala’ ultimately became the history of EMS! This is absolute cheating of history. The movement initiated by P. Krishnapillai and AKG got derailed in the hands of Namboodripad. There are many incidents and events to show that since 1958, EMS was concerned only with making majority in the legislature and for this, he had no qualms in aligning with any one. He is a crass opportunist Kerala ever had.

Q The CPM has declared open war against the Judiciary. Not only the SFI and DYFI the CPM leaders are openly criticizing the courts. Paloli Muhammed kutty, the minister against whom the High Court has initiated contempt proceedings adamantly say that he would not resign. How do you view this trend?
The CPM has no belief in democracy. Any criticism is taken with an intolerant attitude. In a democracy, the three pillars viz., Judiciary, Executive and the Legislature has certain specified roles to perform. Any verdict against the party is viewed with narrow-mindedness and this is nothing but fascism. While initially Paloli aplogised to the High Court, when his request was turned down, he is taking a belligerent stand against the Judiciary. The CPM and its leaders use all the democratic forums for their benefit and if it is inconvenient to them, they attack it with the help of hooligans.

Q. You hail from Kannur, the hot bed of Communism in Kerala. How do you view the RSS/CPM clashes? What is the reason behind intermittent clashes?
The main reason for such clashes is the Marxist party’s intolerance towards its opponents. When I left the party challenging its leadership, they conspired to kill me. Recently an advocate belonging to the BJP was killed by CPM goondas. In Kannur the Stalinist model is experimented in letter and spirit. The killing of RSS/BJP workers initiated with the brutal murder of Pannyanoor Chandran, still continues ubabated. Can we ever forget the dastardly murder of Jayakrishnan master, a schoolteacher in front of his children? The only remedy to end the fight is to change the mindset of CPM leaders. They should discard the Stalinist ways of behavior, which I don’t think will ever happen.


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  1. vinod Reply

    April 25, 2007 at 12:12 am

    koudos to haindava keralam and MVR for the excellent piece. 5

  2. Praveen Komath Reply

    April 27, 2007 at 5:16 am

    Shri. M.V.Raghavan and his followers should abandon the UDF and join BJP to fight the anti-hindu marxist brigade and also ensure that the BJP makes it’s entry in the Kerala assembly in the next elections. Now is the time to strenghten the pro-hindu party and defeat the hypocrite marxist-congress rule in Kerala. 5

  3. Raj Nair Reply

    April 28, 2007 at 11:20 pm

    EMS is the first bastard politician in kerala history. He is selfish and go for any nasty alignment for retain power. He is the one responsible for the present “malappuram theevravadam” in the state of kerala. He is a true bastard who is responsible for the backwardness of the state for his negative attitude towards prosperity. He declared he is against hinduism but this bastard never relinquish his tail of the cast name “namboothiri” as he is pride in carrying his caste name. He is a true fraud and cunning politician. A day will come people realize his true nature and spit at his photo. 5

  4. Rajeev Reply

    May 4, 2007 at 4:42 am

    It is pertinent to remember that MVR was one of the CPM leaders who had initiated violent attacks against RSS/VHP cadres in Kannur district about two decades ago, when RSS began to take firm roots there. Violence not only still unabated in Kannur, but it has spread to other areas as well. Would he now own up responsibility of inculcating this sort of politics into the CPM cadre ? He still refuses to see the growth of Nationalist forces in Kerala. So, take his comments with a pinch of salt! After all he is still a communist, albeit in the Company of congressmen. 5

  5. narendran Reply

    May 11, 2007 at 2:54 am

    It is not always true that an enemy of our enemy is a friend.We know that the marxists are the worst enemies of hindus in kerala and also in India.But the congress camp to which Mr.Raghavan belongs is not our saviour either. 5

  6. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 30, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    I am proud of being a Keralite
    I am proud to be a Keralite. I am proud to be called a Malayalee. I take pride in recognizing the fact that Kerala has produced people; extremely talented people, in every field of human activity. Malayalee scientists, dctors, and engineers, educated in colleges in Kerala, do very good work not only in India, but also abroad, earning respect and reputation among talented people all over the world. Malayalee military officers have earned, though grudgingly, the respect and admiration of their colleagues even in countries, which are far more technologically superior. The talents of Malayalee artists in various fields of arts have created amazing admiration across India and abroad. Judging from the talent and professionalism of Malayalees in various occupations, as a Malayalee, I take extreme pride in the educational system and the teachers in Kerala. Looking at the strength of Malayalee families who live in Kerala and outside, one can only admire how strong members of the family are bound together, creating lasting relationship, love and respect among themselves as well as others. I am proud of the devotion Malayalees have towards their spouses, the respect they have for their elders and the love they have for their children. Some of these characteristics are unfamilar outside Kerala. Of course in other parts of India also it exists, but I emphasize it here because, I acknowledge how parents of all of us brought us up, sacrificed for raising us and educating us to earn a respectful livelyhood………not in Kerala, but elsewhere. And, I am proud of our beautiful, highly cultured, well behaved and loving Malayalee ladies who are wonderful mothers, sisters and wives. The fact that rarely do Malayalee men marry a lady other than a Malayalee is a recognition of the manner in which we think of and respect them. I am proud of the brilliant young men who disappear from college hostels and embrace violent death for their belief that it is time for the poor and oppressed people also to have a chance in life. I am proud of the young men and women who work in Panchayat offices, other government offices and various occupations all over India including chilly places like Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Joshimath, Laddakh, Jammu and Kashmir who dont have politics in their blood, yet could easily take the position of the Chairperson of the Kerala Tourism Board.

    However, I am not proud of some of the Malayalee leaders. I am not proud of that king who sailed all the way, several miles, into the Arabian see to meet a Portughese sailer named Vasco de Gama so that his compatriot a hundred miles south would not have an advantage over him. I am not proud of those kings who made their young people fight for hundreds of years so that they could remain superior to one another. I am not proud of that King who decreed that first born male members of every Nair family must embrace Islam. I am not proud of some of our leaders who always made people fight and kill one another so that their objectives could be achieved. I am not proud of our relegious leaders who kept poor people under economic deprivation and social indignity. I am not proud of the leaders who look at society in segregation and insult people. I am not proud of those religeous leaders who monopolize religious institutions and refuse to allow pious people from entering holy places. I am not proud of many political leaders who use the gift of the gab and reach positions of power, only to cheat poor people and enrich themvelves and their families.

    Yet, I am proud of the fact that Kerala has produced numerous religious and political luminaries. How great was Sree Narayana Guru who rightly proclaimed “Oru Jaathi, Oru Matham, Oru Daivam?” What has Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi said more important than this? How many freedom fighters and men of erudition have Kerala produced who were equal or better than Jawaharlal Nehru? How many Keralite women one could have found who could have been as good or better than Indira Gandhi? Past and present legislature and cabinets consist of numerous members who have not gone beyond a degree. Some even less. However, are they not making as good decisions, or being better administrators? I bet they are. So, how many Sonia Gandhis, Ambika Sonis, Jayanthi Natarajans, could be picked from Keralite women? How many men could you find who are better qualified than Rahul Gandhi? How many cabinet ministers are more honest than A.K. Antoni? Have your lunch before you begin counting. It will take a long time before you finish counting.

    Having said that, I would like to caution those guys who write some inappropriate and strong words to describe a great Keralite leader, viz. Shri E.M. Shankaran Namboothiripad with so much disrespect. EMS was one of the greatest leaders in Indian politics. He was not unpatriotic! He was not a traitor! He was not an opportunist as a lot of people claim. M.V. Raghavan should know better than that to make such a disrespectful statement. I am not a fan of the communists, yet I respect most of the communist leaders of past and present. They were not and are not dishonest people, but committed to the cause of their constituencies. V.K. Krishna Menon, EMS Namboothiripad and many other Malayalee leaders of those times, could have been a better Prime Minister than Jawaharlal Nehru. It was not necessary for them to have been educated in Oxford or Harward. Kerala University, and various other Universities in Kerala produce as many competent people as any other Universities in the world.

    I dont respect the position the Communist leaders took during the Chinese agression. I dont like the anti western attitude the Communists have which drove away investment capital from Kerala. I dont like the Communists for making Kerala’s labor force so militant, that they dont care for productivity and profitability in business ventures. I hate communist idea which says “power flows through the barrel of the gun. I hate the violence advocated by the Communists. I hate the fact because of the wrong principles and practices of the Communists, most of us could not find a job in our Districts or State, to take of care of our “oru chan vayaru? (Is it correct?), but had to go to other states to be insulted or in other countries to work as slave labor. That does not mean I consider those great men who gave up every comfort in life, having been jailed, tortured and sacrificed every thing nice in life for what they believed in. Therefore, I am pained to read those insulting words thrown at an esteemed leader of the past. I believe that Haindava Keralam should use extreme discretion in publishing such abusive comments.

  7. A Kannurian Reply

    February 27, 2008 at 11:01 am

    MVR and development
    I do not endorse the political ideology followed by MVR. But one thing is sure. He is the first politician from Malabar area who initiated a development culture in Kannur.He is the man behind Visha chikitsa kendram,AKG hospital,Snake park,Pariayaram medical college campus,Parassini Ayurveda college etc. Others built only party offices! 5

  8. Hary Nambiar Reply

    March 26, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    Kannur – politics and economic development
    Of course M.V. Raghavan had initiated some developmental efforts. When he was the the Pappinisseri Panchayat President (when I was in elementary school?), a cooperative bank was opened. However, I dont think it was all owing to his efforts alone. I know some people named PP Kunhi Raman, Nittoor Kunhi Kannan, K. Mammu etc involved in it. The Visha Chikilsa Kendram came into being as a result of the hard work of one Kumaran Vaidyar, who had an ayurvedic treatment place near the Panchayat office. People who are associated with Santi Prabha Natana Kala Samithi also deserve credit for this venture. They were all very concerned when KP Master died of snake bite. This group also worked for the Snake Park. By this time, he had become an MLA and I dont know what happened thereafter. When you become MLA and when you have a lot of people supporting you, you can accomplish a lot of things. Nothing he did gives him the right to call EMS Nampoothirippad an opportunist. He went too far.

    I endorse his ideology. The Communist movement in Kerala began with a view to help the people of Kerala, who made a living by hard work in paddy fields, cutting stones slabs, doing toddy trapping, land clearing and cultivating topiocca, working on handlooms, making beedies etc. None of these activity give enough money to feed a family. So people remained poor. I believe, things have not changed much ever since. Not only in Kerala, but also in other states there is lot of poverty among rural masses who are being taken advantage of by people of higher economic class for hundreds of years. There are thousands of people languishing as Dalits, cleaning up sewage with the utmost indignity for a few paisa. In the iron ore and coal belts of Central India, where minerals are being mined and carted away, people live in extreme poverty. Same case in the Deccan area on the border line of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. These people are being dubbed as Naxalites and Maoists. They have legitimate grievances, but the government’s approach is to annihilliate them. If anyone came forward to represent them, they met with tragic death in Police custody.

    I saw from the Kannur district web site that more than 50,000 people worked on power looms and 11,000 people worked making beedies. There are two factories called Keltron and Western India Plywoods. From the statistics and investigative reports by some economic scientists of the Economic Development Authority in Trivandrum I noted that there is 30% unemployment all over Kerala. From the Government of India census report, I found the employment statistics in Kerala extremely disappointing. There was no specific statistics of Kannur on this, but looking at the statistics of Kerala State, I found that 78 villages have drinking water, but a large percentage of homes have no indoor water. One, usually woman, has to walk a distance and cart drinking water. The number of villages with domestic electricity is just two out of 78. One out of two people do not have income producing jobs. 90% of the wage earners do not make a decent wage to support a family.

    This is 2003 information. No district wise economic statistics is available. So I looked at the state economic statistics to get an average picture. I have statewide statistics in respect of Agricultural, Mining & Querrying, Manufacturing & Repair, Electricity generation and transmission, Construction, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Hotel, Restaurant etc., Tranportation, Communication, Financial, Real Estate, and Government service. What I found was that 90 percent of the people who have jobs in Kerala are people who are in the category of illiterate, illeterate below 10th, and Matriculates. This means 90% of the workers do not make a decent wage to support a reasonable living. Most of the people ready, willing and awaiting for employment are people in the age group of 20 amd 29, mostly people above matriculation. A large number of students finish high school and look for jobs and find no job. The fact is that if one continue to live in Kannur, one loses hope.

    Nothing is happening in Kannur, except that some people have gone out of state and send money home and some people have gone to gulf countries and made little better than those who went to other states. The money these non resident Kannurans send home and bring home are the only source of economic activity in Kannur. First Five Year Plan began in 1952 and we have elected Communist and Congress party leaders to Parliament and State assemblies, but there is nothing to be proud of in terms of development. There are, of course many schools, primary health centers, privately owned and cooperative hospitals and even some medical colleges.

    What improves the standard of living of the people is manufacturing activity in which things of value are produced or value added to products which can be sold at a higher price in domestic and foreign markets. It is rarely the government’s role to be enterpreuners. Economic activity has to be privately owned, directed and controlled. Whatever enterpreuneral activity there is in Kannur are financed by the surplus money from gulf workers. Such enterpreunership has made Kannur a society with burning class and religious conflicts. Marxism in Kannur has created a militant labor force which is hostile to productivity and profit oriented enterpreunership. Without out of state and foreign capital and enterprenuership there is no hope of new manufacturing facilities and power generation facilities coming up in the Kannur. Whatever investment can be expected will be on real estate, which do not produce jobs. Those investments will come from countries in the Persian gulf and those who depend upon those countries. Such investments have serious social consequences and cultural disadvantages.

    Political leadership in Kannur is ignorant, incompetent, irresponsible and arrogant. I read each of them making statements, “we will retaliate in the same manner.” This is an irresponsible attitude. Young people should not be incited to kill and retaliate towards each other. Congress leaders are no different. They are not only fraudulant, but are playing the the divisive game promoting separatism. I have not heard a single leader calling for a truce to step back and think it over. There is a competent police force, but they are handcuffed. The best word to describe this situation is ‘ANARCHY.”


  9. Hary Nambiar Reply

    May 2, 2008 at 8:33 am

    Leadership qualities of Communist leaders in Kannur
    Leadership qualities of CPI(M) leaders
    Honorable Minister and his colleagues have gone too far and he is still travelling on the path of self destruction. They are not helping people.

    Communists have done nothing for the people in Kannur. They have had control of Kerala from the time the state was carved out. Establishing cooperative hospitals, a medical college and other establishment under the cooperative brand dont not mean a thing. Doctors and other medical professionals dont work free in hospitals. Hospital facilities, medical equipment, and medicines dont come freely. Patients dont get medical services and medicines free. Children dont go to college to get a degree for the fun of it. Why have the Communists not considered starting cooperative fishing societies, cooperative handloom fabrics manufacturing societies, cooperative marketing societies to market local products within the state? Why have not the Communist government thought about harnessing solar energy?

    What is needed is not Medical Colleges, Malls, degree colleges, kalaa samithis and party offices, but adult training centers, three or four of them in each Panchayat, to help high school drop outs to get a high school diploma and to train them in various occupations, so that they can at least go somewhere and earn a livelihood.

    There is abundant supply of intelligent young people who can be trained to do good work in whatever tasks, which helps increase the Gross National Product. There is fertile soil, abundant rainfall and an excellent climate, but no known mineral deposits to mine. There could be some, but no one has ever investiaged it. There could be oil off the Malabar coast too. People in Kannur are helpless. There is no planning, direction or control. Whoever is successful in taking advantage of the other is making a living. Others struggle day in and day out.

    Driving an auto rikshaw, working as transport worker, weaving handloom fabrics, making beedies, cultivating topioca, tapping toddy or rubber, building someone’s home, working in paddy fields, collecting coconuts, aracnuts, cashew nuts, making coir, beating cocunut shells, collecting sand from rivers, breaking gravels, working on road projects, etc. are not jobs which provide a living wage. There is not a single leader in any party who has ideas to transform this tragic state of affairs. Instead, brilliant young minds are wasted. What motivates them is the Communist propoganda against capitalism, the so called western imperialism and anyone who has done better than them. These young people are well aware of their fundamentals rights, but they are encouraged to loudly run their mouth in coffee shops, barber shops and bus stops and to disrupt civil peace.

    The Communists have their own information collection system, propoganda machinery, judicial system and law enforcement wing. On the stage of the recently held CPI(M) national conference in Coimbathoor, there was a fence of red shirted young men behind Pinarayi Vijayan. What was it for? Did he expect to be beheaded from behind by his own colleagues in attendance there? How could this human fence have saved him if someone wanted to take him out? With all that violence that has been unleashed by his party, is he not irresponsible to bring these young boys to stand on stage in harms way? What was he trying to proove? I intently listened to the proceedings to hear some ideas, some concrete proposals to change things around. All that I could hear was “blah. blah, blah.” Excuse me, I heard a new phrase, “mathethara burshua party.” Forgive my bad spelling of that stupid word.

    Someone has uploaded Pinarayi Vijayan speech on YouTube. He is seen trying to calm down an unruly crowd which, he ultimately dissolved. The Honorable Chief Minister was the guest speaker. The behavior of the crowd, the contents of his speech, and the behavior of the red shirted volunteers carrying lathis speak volumes about the character of rank and file Communist Party (Marxist) and Mr. Vijayan’s leadership qualities. I have seen and read about many Keralites with awesome talent, which I can proudly say, are superior to what one could find in any part of the world. I am sad to see that these talented people, in retirement, are sitting on easy chairs reading worthless newspapers and tolerating the quality of dismal, disappointing and damaging political leadership in Kerala.



    June 26, 2008 at 5:28 am

    E.M.S.:A Great Opportunist by M.V.Raghavan
    The Marxist assassination campaign against RSS workers, began in the 1979-’80 period. More than any other top Marxist leader, it was EMS who gave highly provocative and aggressive public speeches in the wake of cold-blooded murders by his partymen. This itself is suficient to evaluate the real colour of EMS. On one occassion he audaciously declared that his party did not need RSS votes! The only such statement by a senior political leader in the history of Indian democracy. Eknath Ranade ji has noted that EMS was the only Chief Minister in the country who did not extend any help to the construction of Vivekananda Rock Memerial in Kanyakumari. Yet when this purely political creature died, the all too humble BJP leaders proceeded to attend his funeral. And they soon got good repayment from the Marxist leadership too. The Marxists rejected invitation to participate in a jubilee celebration of Dr Shyamaprasad Mookherjee, declaring that Mookherjee was against their political ideology. Anyone who is proud of human values, especially any Hindu worth the name, should always do everything in power to expose EMS and his ilk.

    One word about Sri Raghavettan, too. As any other humanist, I too am happy that Sri Raghavettan is now speaking the truth about EMS and expressing his opposition to Stalinism. I wish that Sri Raghavettan will be in the forefront of righteous struggle against Marxist assasination agenda in Kannur District, which has, by now, earned a bad name for the whole district.

    One thing more: What about the thousands of ordinary men and women who vote candidates representing a murderous party, to power? Nobody watches and Nobody knows whom you are voting at an election. Why can’t you at least avoid the candidate of a notoriously murderous party? Those who murder your neighbour today, may butcher you too tomorrow. a bit of humanism shown today might save your life tomorrow. 5

  11. Hary Nambiar Reply

    June 28, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    I stand corrected
    Well! Thanks Murali for your very informative response. I am not very well informed about the Communist movement in Kerala. I heard that AKG, EMS, E.K. Naynar, etc. were great leaders. I was not paying much attention to politics, especially Kerala politics until recently. Response to Raghavettan’s interview was one of my earliest political expressions. Needless to say, that I stand corrected and my apologies to Raghavettan, which I will personally express to him at the earliest opportunity. I have also noted the immense work he did in the cooperative front. I accept that he is the only Communist leader who has made some efforts to bring some progress in our area.

    He should know how much damage the Communists have done to our civilization, our culture, our religion and the future of our children. I wish he will join us in our efforts to undo the damage.

  12. rajan Reply

    July 7, 2009 at 11:50 am

    MVR the real Leader
    Sree M V Raghavan..is only one who did anything for our kannur.He is the only one real hero..my salute to him.. 5

  13. prem Reply

    May 13, 2011 at 8:09 am

    MVR created, Marxists distroyed or looted
    If any political leader, congres or communist, bring any dovelepment in Kannur, that is MV Raghavan only. The series are Visha chikithsa Kendra, Panchanyath High School, AKG Hospital, Snake Park, Pariyaram Medical colleges and last incomplete Azhikal Fery. All are established by his able wilful leadership. What the Marxist party did for Kannur? They only did all the harms for above establishment fearing credit goes to MVR or to grab fund from it. They block the Medical college for 5 years when they come in power.Had the UDF and MVR in power last time, the Azhikal ferry would complete now.Did Nayanar of Kannur bring any such thing for Kannaur even though he was the CM for 10 years? Of course CPM are being established many money minting business in Kannur like Fantacy park, Kantal park, IT institutions. co-operative hospitals, Nayanar academy etc through which millions of rupees go into the pocket of leaders and comrades. 5

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