BJP’s Performance in Kerala

published on May 18, 2014

Rajagopal Got Good Share of Votes Despite Defeat

By N V Ravindranathan Nair – ENS

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Despite a valiant fight, BJP’s old war horse O Rajagopal could not make it this time too. But he took the fight literally to a photo finish till 75 per cent of votes were counted.

Though Rajagopal had to accept defeat to Shashi Tharoor by a margin of 15,470 votes, the BJP could hold its head high in esteem.

Rajagopal could garner 2,82,336 votes, an all-time high for a BJP candidate in the Lok Saba election in the state.

In 2004, Rajagopal garnered over 2,28,000 votes to come to a close third. This time it has got 32.37 per cent votes. Rajagopal could establish a lead in Nemom, Vattiyoorkkavu, Thiruvananthapuram and Kazhakoottam constituencies.

Speaking to Express, BJP state president V Muralidharan said that the party’s vote share increased from 6.03 per cent to 10.83 per cent.

It could gain over 15 per cent votes in Palakkad, Pathanamthitta (16 per cent), and Kasaragod (16.75 per cent).

“We expected to win from here. But we couldn’t. But compared to last time, we could increase the vote share considerably,” Muralidharan said.

Moreover the BJP could poll over one lakh votes in Kozhikode and Thrissur.

BJP state general secretary K Surendran could garner over 1,72,826 votes.

In Pathanamthitta constituency, M T Ramesh garnered 1,38,954 votes. Sobha surendran, national executive member, could get 1,36,557 votes from Palakkad.

Senior leader and national executive member C K Padmanabhan got 1,15,760 votes in Kozhikode constituency. In Thrissur constituency, K P Sreeshan got 1,026,81 votes.

In Ernakulam, A N Radhakrishnan could not cross the one-lakh mark. He got 99,003 votes. In Chalakkudy constituency, B Gopalakrishnan got 92,848 votes.

In Attingal, S Girijakumari got 90,528 votes. In Alathur, V Shijumon got 87,803 votes. P R Ramsilnath got 80,752 votes in Wayanad constituency.

In Mavelikkara constituency, P Sudheer  got 79,743 votes.

In Kannur constituency, P C Mohanan Master got 51,636 votes.

However, BJP supported candidate in Kottayam Noble Mathew could mange to get only 44,357 votes.

In Alappuzha constituency, A V Thamarakashan could get only 43,051 votes.

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  1. JPS Nair Reply

    May 18, 2014 at 4:34 am

    BJP needs to leverage from 10.5% Vote share
    We all know that Kerala is the land of coalition politics. To succeed further, we need to make use a strategy based on coalition politics. The 10.5% of votes got by BJP is not at all low in the situation prevailing in Kerala.
    If all other parties, contest in elections as independent parties, their vote share will also be the same. It is very difficult to estimate their vote share, since these parties always contest in the form of UDF and LDF for quite a long time. A rough estimate of independent vote share can be can be like this. CPM=25%, CPI=5%, Congress=20%, Muslim league=5%, Kerala Congress=5%, BJP=10%, Others=30%. BJP can never come to power in Kerala, if they contest independently. It is high time to look for alliance partners in Kerala. This can be successfully done when BJP is in power in Delhi. There are lot of parties
    existing in skeleton forms with only 10 or more leaders. We need to identify these parties/leaders and rejuvenate their parties and make public declarations that the BJP alliance is having 7 or 10 parties now. Some of the parties that can considered are, Sivsena, SRP, NDP, Solialists, Factions of RSP etc. If we approach the old leaders of SRP, NDP etc, they will be happy to rejuvenate their parties. It does not matter, if they do not get blessings from SNDP and NSS. Another option is to get support from some faction of Kerala congress. Many small groups of Kerala congress were existing in the past. For example, Kerala Congress original ( Late JA Chacko). We need to do lot of political engineering to form a new front in Kerala. It is possible to change the opinion about BJP by attracting erstwhile leaders of old parties in
    Kerala and create an new front with a new image. In 2015, we have the local body elections, followed by the assembly elections in 2016. This is the right time to do the ground work and the start the political engineering to get more seats in these elections.

  2. N.Gangadharan Reply

    May 18, 2014 at 7:25 am

    BJP and Kerala
    It is high time BJP has to make introspection as far as Kerala is concerned.It can never expect the the minority votes in Kerala.Muslim Christian Combine makes about 70% of the electorate and Kerala is most communal in its political perception. This time there was considerable consolidation of Hinsu votes Yet Rajettan could not make it.The Christian and Muslim votes en block was polled either to Congress or to the communist.There was a calculated move to vote for Sasi Tharoor by the Nadar community. That is why he called a meeting of the Pastors and pleaded for help and the church whole heatedly supported it.If as expected the CPI candidate got a few more votes in the Nadar dominated area which was counted last Rajettan woukd have easily won.
    Kerala is the most communal state and Congress is anti Hindu. In the name of secularism Congress always down play the Hindus and appease the Muslims and Christians.
    If BJP has to make a space this has to be broken. The Goa model has to be This is the right time since it is now the MODI era.The Christians are very shewed and and they have already started shifting loyalties. Let us make hard barging with them and make an alliance.
    Similarly there is shift of the Hindu vote bank from the communists and this also should be capitalized.If BJP has to grow the communist should be decimated.

  3. Rationalist Reply

    May 18, 2014 at 8:27 am

    something wrong with Kerala Hindus
    Dear Malayali Hindus,

    I am afraid there is something wrong with majority Kerala Hindus. I believe left-centric ideologies have destroyed their cultural ethos and nationalistic ideologies. Please see your neighboring state- Karnataka. Even though the ruling party is Congress the visit of Modi there for canvassing garnered 17 MP seats. I bet congress will be finished there in the next assembly election. Why has it not been possible in Kerala? Are Keralites less Hindu? No I don’t think so. The collective psyche of Malayalis is not working in a positive direction. How long will you remain subservient to pseudo secular ideologies (congress+ Left)?

    I am very sad to tell you that may of the Malayali Hindus that I met in the last 5 years when I was living abroad did not show any support for Modi of BJP. Instead they blamed him for 2001 riots. I suggest Keralites to use personal meetings or internet to share truth. Otherwise days are not far for Malayalis to wear “Dosa cap” or “cross”!!

  4. indian Reply

    May 18, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    Secular sabotage ?
    In kerala there is already a system of said secular (religious) party network to help and protect all activites of their supporters plus their own full fledged medias and supportive systems. when illegal activites,money flows from different countries without check for this, what nationalism for them ? and the present Bjp in kerala not efficent as like a party system on daily basis to tackle this effectively.
    Let the kerala Bjp start with a move, by requesting to central govt to initiate investigation on marad case, international links and its sabotage by whom, Jayakrishanan master killing and its political conspiracy, check on illegal foreign money flows, illegal bangladesh flow etc etc

  5. RAJAGOPAL Reply

    May 19, 2014 at 3:23 am

    More than Muslims, Hindus talk of Gujarat riots of 2001 and blame Modijee, cooly ignoring Congress riots an Sikh killings in Delhi of 1981. Same with the Hindu intellectuals and Hindu dominated Communist parties. That is how Hindus are divided on Party Bias, individual pseudo-secular bias, caste bias, congress bias etc.etc. while Muslims and Christians of Kerala have only Muslim and Christian bias. That is why Kerala is never able to elect even a single nationalist like RAJAGOPALJI or any BJP. I am sorry to say that KERALA HINDUS are lacking Nationalistic spirit and Hindutva spirit that will one day repeat the days of TIPPU SULTAN’s atrocities in Kerala and vast coercion and conversion , fruits of which are now felt in Kerala in rampage. Unwanted and unhealthy broadmindedness is different from NATIONALISM. HOWEVER, atleast because of the efforts of HAINDAVA KERALAM, a spirit of Hinduism and Hindutva is raising and raising and such propaganda even at individual levels is necessary in Kerala to match with the Hindu mainstream of Karnataka,Gujarat,U.P. Bihar etc. in terms of solidarity when Hindu spirit is at stake. Now it is definite that Hindu solidarity and Hindutva spirit is shown in abundance in giving high MANDATE to MODIJEE and BJP overcoming caste,creed and party biases, and shown to the world of Hindu baiters that HINDUS can act UNITED
    whenever and wherever a situation warrants and that they are not sold out. The pride of HINDUS thus is brought back by electing MODIJEE and his team of BJP. JAI HIND. kERALA HINDU ATLEAST to elect some BJP nationalists of Kerala in next assembly elections of 2016 and show the world that consolidation of Hindus in Kerala is possible and they are with the Mainstream Hindus of other States.

  6. Tamil Selvan Reply

    May 19, 2014 at 5:02 am

    Sure to win the next election
    Only a 15000 votes difference is bringing the hope alive. I am sure OVR Annan would get a very good chance to win the next election like Mr.Pon Radhakrishnan’s win in this election.

  7. JPS Nair Reply

    May 19, 2014 at 6:28 am

    Steps for protect Kerala Hindus
    Kerala Hindus of the young generation is showing more dedication to Hinduism. So the situation will improve gradually.
    We need to make the Hindus aware of what they are missing under the minority dominated governments in Kerala. Following actions can help in this.
    1. CBI enquiry in Maradu case.
    2. Taken actions in recovering temple properties occupied by non-hindus
    3. Publish census results on people belonging to each religion.
    4. Start a Hindu forum and ask for right to govern the temples belonging to them.
    5. Publish the details of foreign money received by religious institutions.
    6. Remove all CPM members from temple committees. CPM leaders oppose temples.

  8. sway Reply

    May 20, 2014 at 3:53 am

    time to grow
    Really I too blame hindus for their dis-unity .The plight of hindus today in our own mother land is pathetic as we have no unity. Mulsims and converted christians are dangerous to the core. They are waiting for the appropriate time to wipe off the hinduism in india. Muslims fight from front side and christians from back side .Both are unbelievable and not secular. What Mulsims are doing to hindus in pakistan and bangla desh , the world knows , still indian mulsims recite the mantra of secular and ask all hindus to be secular. Hindu religion always treat all human beings equal . As modiji , a hindu nationalist become PM , hindus must take the country forward and make this country with Hindu identity to become world super hindu country. Constitution now must be changed as sovereign Hindu republic of Hindustan. .

  9. PP Vijaykumar Nair, Vasai Reply

    May 21, 2014 at 4:52 am

    Odd Man Out
    Like in the post-emergency general election in 1977, Kerala in the just concluded general election too showed its ‘odd man out’ character. It is very unfortunate to note that majority of Kerala voters were not in sync with the national mood which rewrote political rule book and decimated Congress party in India. While BJP recorded a historic win all over India – literally from Arunachal Pradesh in the east to Kutch in the west and from Ladakh in the north to Kanyakumari in the south, Kerala with a vengeance did not send a single representative to Lok Sabha who could support the ruling dispensation in Delhi. What are we going to gain from this act of self-isolation from the mainstream politics apart from boasting of upholding the so-called secular credentials?

  10. Jayakrishnan Reply

    May 23, 2014 at 1:43 am

    BJP Performance in Kerala
    Hindus in Kerala like to show off as if they are the biggest secular characters in this world.If you want to assert themselves, vote like Muslims do in Malappuram and Ponnani.Vote only for Hindu candidates.I wonder how E.Ahmed could get huge majority unless these fools from Hindu community have voted for him.Wherever Muslims are in majority, Hindus should vote for NOTA only.We do not want Muslim MPs to decide our future.

  11. TamilSelvan Reply

    May 23, 2014 at 10:06 pm


    There is nothing to worry. BJP in kerala is growing slow but steady.

    Great to know ti is in striking distance in many constituencies. Just have to wait for one more election for lotus to bloom. If BJP can maintain this vote share, it is sure to win few seats to open its account in Kerala state assembly.

  12. amruth Reply

    June 2, 2014 at 10:03 am

    Shame on us , you people will never unite in kerala . Its too much this time

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