Zakir Naik & MM Akbar – The Terrible Twins

· Date:January 19, 2010

Internet, especially Youtube, is full of audio & video materials floated by Dr. Zakir Naik and MM Akbar slandering Hinduism and glorifying Islam. These two seems to have reached a firm conviction that insulting and demeaning Hinduism is a necessary requirement for justifying the glory of Islam. The underlying logic is strange but their objective is very clear. They are flooded with money from abroad for taking this insulting business to higher levels, raise the morale of their bird-brained followers and also get as many converts as possible. The saddest part is that their efforts are going unchallenged. The feeble attempts to defend are always played out to their benefit by some of our weakling leaders and that too on their platforms.
The terrible twins speak in same wavelength and follow the same gimmicks. Both have mugged up some Sanskrit verses from somewhere (may be trained by LeT) and it is interesting to note that they follow the same line of assault. Some of their interesting highlights are:-

1.      There is no reference to rebirths and caste system in the Vedas. These two were introduced by Brahmins later.
2.      Prophet Mohammed is named as such in Bhavashya Purana(?)
3.      Nasthree Swatantryamarhati (Women don’t deserve freedom) is how Hindus treat women
4.      Advent of Islam in India is a revolution to liberate all the oppressed to become equals
5.      Quran, the word of God, though in Arabic is meant for all humans
6.      American imperialism and caste oppression are the main problems in India today
7.      Islam is a religion of peace devoid of any superstition and the only true religion
8.      Hinduism is weak, illogical and regressive
9.      Jihad is revolution and there is nothing wrong in being revolutionary
10.  Prophet Mohammed is the final and there cannot be anymore true prophets
Now, for any freedom loving rational human, these are cheap lies that smacks of only hatred for Hinduism and attempts to cover up the true and ugly face of Islam. Deception, dishonesty and diabolism are all very much acceptable in Islam and each of the above points are either simple lies or distortions of truth to suit their arguments. Suppression of the three lines that comes before ‘Nasthree Swatantryamarhati’ is enough to highlight their cunningness. As for equality and peace in Islam, ask anyone who has been to Arab lands or see the bloody horrific scenes of bomb blasts the world over. The real problem in India today is Islamic Terrorism (not caste oppression) and Arabian imperialism (not American). And it would be interesting to hear some solutions to these two from the terrible twins.

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  1. Babasaheb Reply

    January 19, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Dr. Ambedkar debunked the Islamist lies about Caste
    by exposing the deep caste system in Islam (not to mention slavery, slave-trading, brutalization of “less pure” sects of Islam, on and on).

    Said Dr. Ambedkar in his book “Pakistan_Or_The_Partition_Of_India”:
    Take the caste system. Islam speaks of brotherhood. Everybody infers that Islam must be free from slavery and caste. Regarding slavery nothing needs to be said. It stands abolished now by law. But while it existed, much of its support was derived from Islam and Islamic countries.
    “Within these groups there are castes with social precedence of exactly the same nature as one finds among the Hindus.

    I. Ashraf or better class Mahomedans.

    (1) Saiads.
    (2) Sheikhs.
    (3) Pathans.
    (4) Moghul.
    (5) Mallik.
    (6) Mirza.

    II. Ajlaf or lower class Mahomedans.

    (1) Cultivating Sheikhs, and others who were originally Hindus but who do not belong to any functional group, and have not gained admittance to the Ashraf Community, e.g. Pirali and Thakrai.
    (2) Darzi, Jolaha, Fakir, and Rangrez.
    (3) Barhi, Bhalhiara, Chik, Churihar, Dai, Dhawa, Dhunia, Gaddi, Kalal, Kasai, Kula Kunjara, Laheri, Mahifarosh, Mallah, Naliya, Nikari.
    (4) Abdal, Bako, Bediya, Bhal, Chamba, Dafali, Dhobi, Hajjam, Mucho, Nagarchi, Nal,Panwaria, Madaria, Tunlia.

    III. Arzal or degraded class.

    Bhanar, Halalkhor, Hijra, Kasbi, Lalbegi, Maugta, Mehtar.

    Full text of
    Book mode here:

    Killing tens of millions of people and wreaking extreme violence of all kinds (continued by what Pakistan has done, including killing 3 million Bengalis because Beganlis, including Muslims because they weren’t “pure” enough) for 1400 years sure is “liberation”, alright! Please see:
    Price paid by India to the spread of Islam 5

  2. Abhilash Nambiar Reply

    January 19, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    Zakir Naik & MM Akbar – The Terrible Twins???
    Zakir Naik & MM Akbar – The Terrible Twins??? Or Twin Clowns?? What Islam fears most is laughter. Laugh first and then strike, before they get the first chance: 5

  3. Sandeep.G.Varier Reply

    January 19, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    MM Akbar defeted by Swami Chidanandapuri
    MM Akbar, the brain behind nich of truth once had a Sneha Samvadam with Swami Chidanandapuri at Manjeri. The audio is available at Kulathur Ashram. The CD of the Sneha Samvadam not available in Nich of Truth. Why? Becz MM Akbar was defeated by Swamiji. But the Audio CD is available at Kulathur Ashram. 5

  4. Sakthi Reply

    January 20, 2010 at 9:35 am

    another idiot is prof.M.M.Ninan
    We can add one more and make them as triplet prof m.m.ninan

    see this idiot manipulated our Upanishad connecting it to jesus the imaginary god of business people. 5

  5. Sakthi Reply

    January 20, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    HK shoud buy the tape from Ashram and upload in Youtube
    HK should buy the audio tape of Debate between Swami Chindanandapuri and ths element mm akbar and post it in Youtube showing both Swamiji’s and this musalmaan mm akbar’s picture we should popoularise we should get the audio cd from Kulathur Ashram this kind of truth always. 5

  6. sudhakaran Reply

    January 22, 2010 at 5:06 am

    Zakir NAiK
    I request HK to keep this mater ‘LIVE’ for some time so that we can BANG Zakir Naik and others.For example he says ‘Hinduism is weak,illogical and regressive’.He is right when he says ‘illogical’.The Indian mind is really a mysterious mind.There are basically only two minds in this world.Greek mind and Indian mind.Greek mind is a logical one.Indian mind is illogical.Yes it is moving illogically and it should be like that for the simple reason that,logic has boundary.Illogic has no boundary. A logical person can move to the ‘KNOWN’ only. logic is connected to the left side of the brain.An logical person is unable to use his right side of the brain.It is a terrible limitation.When you move illogically the right side of the brain starts working!One can move illogically to the dark depth,wild depth of the ‘UNKNOWN’.There are no boundaries,only unfathomable depth.Zakir Naik should realise that life itself is illogical.It is the nature of life.Osho says..’Hindus are really one of the most daring races’…Then he said..You can read the Gita many many times,because each time you read it a new significance is relvealed’ Why?? Let Zakir Naik think over it at least once with his logic ‘off’or let him read Osho books about Tantra.Yes Zakir you can read Koran only once because of its limitations,no new significance will be revealed next time.It is written by using the left side of the brain..A history like thing..Hindu Dharma transcends speculative thinking and objective thinking.It is for experiencing,not for thinking!In our dharma reality is seen neither through science nor through philosophy,but through religion.Relion is the third dimension for us.India has been emphasizing feeling rather than thinking,feeling heart ,the synthesised mind or no mind has been the base.REmember,reason,logic is not the path of religion,because logic is only partial.It is the superficial part of human personality.If you say your religion is logical,I pity you Zakir Naik!!Understand,reason create 5

  7. sudhakran Reply

    January 22, 2010 at 7:38 am

    Zakir Naik-2
    With logic you can create some theory,not religion.As far as religion is concerned theoritical approach is utter nonsense.there is only one way and that is existential approach,the illogical approach.By using logic Islam has created divission-Allah and you.That is a great divission.But listen to our approach,’Aham brahmasmi’ Iam god,thre is no other,hence no divission. 5

  8. Sudhakaran Reply

    January 22, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    Zakir Naik-3
    Zakir naik says,’Jihad is revolution and there is nothing wrong in being revolutionary’.A person who is connected with revolution is absolutely a political being.He has nothing to do with religion !
    What is revolution?Revolution stands for changing social structure.Revolutionary comes from a mundane sphere,he cant stand alone like a religious man.He always depends upon crowd.Revolutionary wants to change the ‘old’.Revolution depends up on history.He is against religion because according to him religion is an obstacle to change the social structure.It is absolutely a material subject.
    What is religion? Religion is the realisation of the whole,it is a deep inner harmony without any divission.He is not a crowd,he is an aloneness.Religion has no connection with history,and there is nothing called religious revolution.There is spiritual evolution but,but no spiritual revolution.If Zakir naik is interested in revolution,he is not at all religious.And if his religion needs revolution,it is not a religion at all.If Jihad is revolution,it is nothing more than a political subject,because revolution is absolutely political.Yes,Zakir Naik is talking about religion and revolution with the same tongue,with out knowing the basic difference of it.So that we can discard his useless uttering in the dustbin. 5

  9. Sudhakaran Reply

    January 24, 2010 at 2:30 am

    Zakir Naik-4
    ‘Prophet Mohammed is the final and there cannot be any more true prophet’
    Zakir Naik,How can you be certain that he is the Final and true prophet?What are the criteria to judge? Are you higher than the prophet? Say capital YES or No.If you say ‘NO,Iam lower than him’,I have to shatter your ego because it is impossible for the lower to judge the higher.Being lower,how can you judge the higher? Impossible.If you say,’Yes Iam higher than him’,then also your ego is going to get shattered,because then there is no need of last prophet for you…You have gone above your prophet.In both ways you have judged and decided.So dont be certain,because life itself is uncertain. 5

  10. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 24, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    It is like she who wanted both
    Naiks are Hindus and Naik is a Hindu last name of Hindu men of that community. From the time he became Zakir he had no right to use that name. Yet he uses it as a decoration. It sounds like a man who changed his gender and became a woman. The man became a woman alright, but she insisted that she wanted to keep his genitals for whatever advantage she had in her mind. The reason for which she wanted to have the “yoni” is her problem. The reason why she insisted on keeping the “lingam” is also her problem. One has a right to be what one wants to be. However, I find that there are no words to describe a person who keeps both “yoni” and the “lingam” at the same time. His knowledge also underwent serious change. He has become more selfish, greedy, jealous and competitive against his original identity. That means the “she” symbiotic in that “physical cage” is now revolting against “him.” It is a multiple personality in which the “Mr. Hide” hated “Dr Jackill,” but still lived I his house and emptied his bank account. It is strange, but it has nothing to do with the Hindu last name. 5

  11. Indian Reply

    January 26, 2010 at 3:57 am

    OHhhhhhhh MY GOD
    Oh my GOD what is this, My freinds y all of your are thinking like this, YOU Just study about your religion and practise that, Make every HINDU study SANSKRIT , Can any one have the GUTS for doing that. First you stop blamming others and study updanishads and vedas, I am not saying you to study Quran or Bible.
    ANd study about history of the world, how people are treated, dont go tooo beyond, We know when every one is allowed to enter temple and whats chinnar Lahala.

    How many HINDUS knows about UPANISHADS and VEDAS, HOW many of them knows sanskrit.

    I aprreciate the team of this website who allow people to post their comments, if it even critisicm also you are posting, thats a great thing.

    Take steps to make HINDU study VEDAS, UPANISHADS, GEETHA and all. and make people to know more about Hinduism instead of blaming others.

    Mr.NAmbiar most of the people in the world had been IDOL worshipers , from that only lot of community and caste came, from the river sindhu and its sindhu civilization comes its actually a arab word from that people leaving in the area are known in a group as Hindus, still the people are categorized by their work and caste not as HINDU. So ZAkir keeping Naik as he pre decessor name thats his wish , we cant comment on that.

    I request all HINDU oraganization and HINDU management schools to teach there student about VEDAS, UPANishads and all grandas, IF so they will practise that and will not blame any one.

    All religion teaches PEACE only.


  12. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 26, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    Tell me something I don’t know

    I am against the methods the adherents of Islam followed for the last 1400 years resulting in massacre, rape, enslavement of millions of people and armed robbery which resulted in making a few Muslims very rich while making millions of people poor. At the same time, I do hold Moses, Jesus Christ, and Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) in high esteem in the same light as other social reformers. Of course, I am born in a Hindu family and have had the opportunity to read all those texts mentioned here. Although I worship following the methods and procedures prescribed in the Hindu scriptures, I never question how Jews, Christians or Muslims worship. I have always maintained that all religious texts are of medieval philosophy and must undergo serious review. In the current technological age the need for peaceful coexistence and mutual cooperation is all the more important than bickering on the basis of religion, caste and other such group rivalries. Religion should guide people to live peacefully and coexist amicably. Religious leaders have no right to challenge other people’s methods and procedures or question the teachings they follow. On the contrary, religious leaders have always been on the side of the rich and against the poor. It has been a social tool for suppression. Although religious scriptures advocate gloatingly lot of philosophies, religious leaders have only helped rich and powerful people to establish social control, territorial expansion and economic exploitation. This is especially the case with Christianity and Islam. Hindus are not free of blame either. A good friend of mine told me that “Sword always followed religious emblems.” How true? When Christopher Columbus went to New Continent, he took a Cross and a Bell with him. Swords, guns and cannons soon followed. When Muslims went to the Indian sub continent, what they did was massacre men, rape women, enslave and convert children. Teaching Quran was not their priority.

  13. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 26, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    What is new in Quran, which was not known before 7th Century AD?
    Are you saying that the word “Sindhu” is Arabic or the word “Nambiar” is Arabic? The earliest known script which evolved into Arabic language in the 5th Century AD was noted in the 1st Century AD. Arabic developed as a major language only when Islam expanded through invasion and cultural contacts. Instead the word Sindhu is mentioned in Rig Veda which is more than six thousand years old. 3500 years before the nomadic tribes of upper Mesopotamia and the Arabian Peninsula had obtained the Arab identity, the Hurrians, Hittites and Mitanis of Mesopotamia were familiar with the contents of Rig Veda. Descendants of those people, even though they have been Muslims for centuries, languish as the Kurdish people in that region. Is there anything new you want to tell me? I will have no complaint against Zakir if he spoke on Islam and its text. Instead, he is criticizing about Hindu texts before a fanatic anti Hindu audience to denigrate Hindu way of life. He is using juvenile methods to prove his point. If he wants to spread Islam, let him honestly speak the positive points of that religion before an impartial audience. I have been writing a lot of stuff about Islam and Muslims, but I never criticize the people, religion or it’s Prophet. In fact I have serious doubts if all those killings and violence against women by Muslims were done under his supervision or at his behest. I have studied his life. I have noticed that he came from humble beginnings, lived under extreme poverty, taught himself and lived a peaceful and law abiding life until age 52. So many people were after his blood. Yet he never resorted to violence. At one stage, I have read that, he admonished his followers against unnecessary violence and killings. Under those circumstances, how could such a man change so much as to become a tyrant in the last ten years of his life? How could such a man advocate so much violence to his followers? I doubt it very much. 5

  14. Indian Reply

    January 27, 2010 at 1:48 am

    Dear Nambiar
    Dear Nambiar, I appreciate your way of taking. You take like a Gentleman and not like extremist.I m only 30 year old I didnt leaved in 7th century, Where ever You search about the word HINDU I seen I “The usage of the word Hindu was further popularized by the Arabic term al-Hind referring to the land of the people who live across river Indus” , the word SINDHU come from SANSKRIT. MY freind You Know how CHERMAN PERUMAL converted to ISLAM, he didnt empraise ISLAM becuase of war or anything(plz study that). War was every where in the WORLD, and the most sad part is WOMANS are torchured more in the time of WAR. EVEN in EUROPE it is CHIRISTIAN countries they had fighted each other for years for LAND. ANd also In our INDIA we know how it was as small small territories and at that time also this all things HAPPEN not now its Happening. NAMBIAR recently what Happen in GUJARAT u had killed a pregnant LADY and taken WOMB from her STOMACH it was not done my MUSLIMS or CHristians, SO dont say the Problem for all things are MUSLIMS and CHristian, THe war are Happening from LOng LOng Time and sadly womens are getting affected with that, from all communities it happen, DONT forget u r a HUMan Being, IF we GIVe Important to that no one will do stuff like this, CAn u imagine INDIA without Christians and MUSLIM how it will be, Again things will go back to years and THE COMMUNITY fight each other in the name of Caste, eg Recent clash between NSS and SNDP. Now to show HINDUS are UNIte and to get HINDU votes ur(Politicians) making problems my naming communities. Mr,Nambiar if all the people in INDIA think extremly about their religion their will not be any peace or Harmony only war. I dont knw history about Zakir, I heard some of his speeches with Sri SRI revishankar thats all. So I REQUEST WE HAV LOT OF GOOD THINGS TO DO,TO MAKE OUR NATION DEVELOP,DONT GO BEHIND THE EXTREMIST POLITICIAN AND LEADERS,U KNW WHT UR AND WHT UR OTHER COMMUNITY FRND IS,EARN FOR UR FAMILY EARN FOR INDIA 5

  15. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 27, 2010 at 8:43 am

    God, Abraham, Jesus Christ or the Prophet (PUBH) has nothing to do with the greed of Indian Christians and Muslims.
    The objectives and the tactics of Muslims are not merely of the war, but essentially a characteristic of its own. Hadith and Kitab al Fitan claims that the Muslims were fulfilling the aspirations of Prophet Muhammad (PUBH), but it is very doubtful. The Prophet died 200 years before the Hadith was written. Most of the Companions of the Prophet had died in various local wars before his death. I still believe that the Prophet, who had lived a peaceful and pious life until he reached age 52, could not have advocated his people to go massacre, rape and enslave. How could a man who remained a devoted husband for 27 years from age 25 to age 52 disregard all the value systems he had cherished and followed as soon as his wife died? I cannot accept that. It is said that Caliph Ummar Ibn Kattah became a follower of the Prophet after he chanced to see the Quran in the hands of his sister and read it. That was in the year 615 AD. There is no mention of it in later versions. Similarly I do not find a text of the last sermon of the Prophet. Apparently, someone had tampered with the original teachings of the Prophet (PUBH).

    Indian convert are not compassionate, merciful or Muslim by character or imagination. Their ancestors had lived in India since the beginning of civilized life. Yet, Indian Muslims exhibit the same jealousy, greed, competition, rivalry and hatred that was traditionally reserved the nomadic tribes of Sahara and Arabia. The nomads of Sahara and Arabia could become civilized and coexist peacefully with other communities in the world, but I assure you the Muslim converts of the Indian subcontinent will never return to their old fold of “Dharma” “Ahimsa,” peaceful coexistence, non interference with the lives of others and mutual cooperation because they are too greedy for the cut of the loot, even though the lion’s share go to the descendents of the invaders. It is their greed. The Prophet (PUBH) or the religion has nothing to do with it.

  16. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 27, 2010 at 8:48 am

    God, Abraham, Jesus Christ or the Prophet (PUBH) has nothing to do with the greed of Indian Christians and Muslims.

    Islamic campaign inside the Arabian Peninsula into Northern Asia, Asia Minor, North Africa and even into India was not to release the inhabitants of those regions from impending “Hell Fire” which the Muslims claimed. The only objective was armed robbery, rape and enslavement of the population of those regions. It is nothing but the reflection of the nomadic psychic built upon jealousy, greed, competition, rivalry and hatred. The motivation was nothing, but greed, which has transcended on the Indian converts into Islam like the one in respect of who originated this discussion. People who call themselves are never peaceful anywhere they are either in smaller numbers or larger. It is not the common idiosyncrasy, of the masses, but that of the leaders of the community who still maintain their tribal and nomadic laws and attitudes despite the fact that most of them have become westernized and blessed with immense wealth. They did not go into those conquered territories by accidents looking for better pastures, but to loot. They did not go there to spread the word of God. They did not convert people into Islam to serve God, but to enslave and to exploit them. The massive transfer of wealth from these conquered territories, especially from India was unprecedented and similar aspirations continue. You quoted the Gujrat riot. I wrote before on that. It is nothing as compared to what the Muslims did throughout the world in 1400 years. The example you quoted, “killing a pregnant woman, opening her womb, displaying and desecrating the fetus she had carried” never happened in India. Son, it is an invention of the stupid journalist who made that allegation. Such an incident did take place a few years ago in Azerbajan, in which an pregnant Armenian woman was violated by Muslim mob and treated that way. It was reported in the press all over the world. Swetlewad would have also had the opportunity to read it. Supreme Court had found her a “Liar!”

  17. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 27, 2010 at 8:49 am

    God, Abraham, Jesus Christ or the Prophet (PUBH) has nothing to do with the greed of Indian Christians and Muslims.

    Islamic campaigns of conquest and conversion had only one objective which is “armed robbery.” Earliest identification of a group of people who later formed into what is called Islam came in the 2nd Century BC, when the Nabaetians, a nomadic tribe in the present day Jordan established a dynasty, which last until 1st Century AD. They along with the nomadic tribes of Southern Syria and the nomadic Boduines or the Arabian Peninsula constituted the core of the demographic content of what later became Islam. These groups largely localized in the desert regions of Central Arabia, violently coexisting with population of numerous smaller communities in the Oasis. Selfishness, greed, jealousy, competition and rivalry were built in them and the original settlers of many communities and territories were decimated due to tribal rivalry and warfare. When a tribe attacked another tribe, they resorted to various covert methods to win over the victim. The winners massacred able bodied men among the victims, raped their women, carried away their children and old and sold them to other communities as slaves. After Islam found popularity as a religion among the Arabs, they had not changed their objectives or methods. By ruthlessness, they subdued all smaller communities in the Peninsula and campaigned outside Arabia using the same techniques and ruthlessness.

    The people who were identified as Arab traders were the Southern Arabs who came from Yemen Omen and to a less extent from the South Eastern part of the Peninsula. They had an advanced culture, script and language, which declined and died when the Northern and Central Arabs began migrating into the South. Southern Arabia was under the influence of Etheopia in the East and the Persians in the North and had accepted Judaism and Christianity before the advent of Islam.

  18. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 27, 2010 at 8:50 am

    God, Abraham, Jesus Christ or the Prophet (PUBH) has nothing to do with the greed of Indian Christians and Muslims.
    You are not an Indian in imagination or philosophy. On the one hand you are being apologetic because you are only 30 years old, and on the other hand, you advise me as if you are of ancient origin. You correct me by quoting historic material, without realizing the fact that history existed long before Islam and Arabic. You quote with conviction reports which were proved false by the investigative conclusion of the Supreme Court of India. Besides, you don’t seem to have done much research on the subject you are responding nor do you seem to have done much original reading, upon which your fundamental knowledge should be based.

    The word Hindu did not originate in Arabic, the language, the proto-script surfaced only in 2nd Century AD. The language itself became popular only after the Islamic expansion after the 7th Century AD. The word Hindu first appeared in Old Persian in the 6th Century BC, but that reference had nothing to do with religion, geography or demographics of the Indian subcontinent. Although the Hurrians and Hittites had knowledge of the sub continent and Vedas, there is no reference of the word “Hindu” in their literature. Probably, nothing survived through time due to centuries of repeated external aggression. The word Hindu as the word Dravida is derogatory. It emphasizes the skin complexion of the native people as compared to the people who migrated to India from the caucus regions of Central Asia. The word Dravida was coined later. Both these words are used in negative context in various languages of people who usurped the people of the subcontinent. You must also know that almost everything the Arabs and the Persians claim as theirs originated in India. Despite centuries of violence and suppression, the people of the Indian sub continent, who do not follow the teachings of the Abrahamic religions live a life of peace, tranquility, non interference, mutual cooperation and contentment as they did for thousands of years before.

  19. Indian Reply

    January 27, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Dear Nambiar
    My Dear Nambiar you are TOtally Mistaken. I agree you are great reader and you have good knowledge.Islam as you said not started after Prophet(PUBH) or After Abraham.From the first man the GOD told him to worship him after long time when evil started in the world every time GOD sends PRophets to that soceity to destroy the evil at that time GOd used to give some set of rules and regulation to be followed to the people at that time, Like that more than 1 lakh prophets came to the world, The name you mentioned is only some famous Prophets among them. LAter after the Period of that Prophet the people made there IDOLS and start worshiping that forgetting the creator. SOme scholars Believe Lord Rama and Krishna are Prophet send to India.

    The Robary was not done only my Muslims it was also done by HINDU, Christian and all Kings ruled in the world. THat incident which I mention happen in Gujarat, How many muslim girls Sangh people had raped on that time and still how many innocent people are leaving without Home.
    Islam dont teaches War,It teaches one who is coming to attack you, you should defend that, And if any one coming to war with you, dont harm any Female or Kids at the time of War. If any body doing that with a Muslim Name , he is not a MUSLIM as he doesnot follow what ISLAM teaches HIM.
    In our INDIA how many people are stealing IDOLS from temple thats not only Muslims, it includes Christian and Hindus also.
    THe western media and some countries for their political and fincacial Intrest they are attacking Muslims and Muslim Countries. Islam only teached Peace and Harmony. If anybody with Muslim name making Bombs killing innocent people are not muslim from the eye of GOD. Islam means who beleive truth. One who KIlling and robbing is not Muslim. Wars are there before long time it not started after last prophet(PUBH).So my dear Nambiar U may have atleast one Muslim freind or neighbour,u Just check does he harm you in any sense or he is a terrorist. 5

  20. vedamgopal Reply

    January 28, 2010 at 3:02 am

  21. vedamgopal Reply

    January 28, 2010 at 3:10 am

    Zakir & Akbar
    1. If a father in-law rapes the daughter in-law from next day on wards his son should treat her as mother and not as wife – is it OK as per Koran?

    2. Due to some pity miss-understanding a couple met a Mullah and asked for Talak (divorce) the same was given to them by saying Talak three times – after a couple of week they felt so bad for their separation for pity issue and wanted to re-marry. Again they met the Mullah to approve their re-marriage. But Mullah said as per Koran the Talak given lady should marry another gentleman and spend at-least one night with him & for this a proper eye witness person is required then only their re-marriage will be approved – is it OK as per Koran ? (Halal)

    3. In case of Christianity their morals are materialistic and against any constructive family system (my children and your children are playing with our children)

    4. Hinduism too has got some flaws in their religion which does not suit the current day atmosphere and they are ready to change accordingly & not adamant like other Religion

    5. More over both Christianity & Islam is not matured enough to be called as a Religion. Both are Cults with full of Dogmas and below average rank. Whatever good things available are copied from ancient Religious books

    6. Whether it is Islam or Christianity both Abrahamic desert religions has no meaningful moral or moisture for peaceful existence of human race.

    7. Both the cult destroyed so many cultures by genocide and occupied the space and Christianity is worst as per voluminous historic record (big brother attitude)


  22. vedamgopal Reply

    January 28, 2010 at 3:12 am

    Zakir & Akbar
    8. Christianity is the dangerous threat to India to-day than Islam (due to Christianization of Bharat)

    9. Hindus believe that probing ones faith is very bad but when peace full existence itself is troubled by occupying space naturally forced to criticize other cults

    10. Raise voice against the bogus pro Christian one sided UN human right commission, silent spectator of Iraq, Afghanistan & Sri Lanka genocide. When in India a religious leader who was restricting the conversion activities, he and his disables were murdered by Christian Maoist and in retaliation when Hindus attacks Christian the later was raised as a big issue in the media & UN commission ignoring the former. According to UN commission only Christains are human rest are beast.

    11. Another monstrous creature is Vatican & Pope determined to plant the cross through out the world. A wolf in the sheep cloth


  23. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 28, 2010 at 9:18 am

    Regional patriotism is against Islamic teachings
    The rule is “Me against my cousins,” “me and my cousins against my neighbors,” “me, my cousins against the rest of the tribe,” “my tribe against the other tribes,” “a group of my tribes against smaller tribes, one after the other.” It is not different from hunting in packs or fighting for territories. Crescents and flags are predators’ mark of territories. By assuming an electronic id “Indian,” one does not become an Indian. A Muslim can never be patriotic to a territory within political boundaries. Islam is one body, which begins from Mecca and extends to wherever Muslims live and follow the Quran. It is a pyramid like franchise in which the lower levels remain enslaved to the top clan of leadership. Loyalty of every Muslim is to that clan, the one which manages and controls the “Kaabaa.” If one denies that concept, one ceases to be a Muslim. Statements like “Alla hu Akbar,” “Ar Rahman,” “Ar Rahim,” “As Salam,” may be true, but that has no relation with what is stated above nor Ar Rahman,” “Ar Rahim,” “As Salam,” comes to help when Muslims gang up massacre, rape, enslave people and rob communities. That is done when the groups become large and with the approval and patronage of the “clan!” It did not help in Persia, Central Asia, in Asia Minor, in North Africa or in the Indian sub continent.

    I am nobody to inculcate patriotism into anyone or to change one’s faith in “Alla hu Akbar,” “Ar Rahman,” “Ar Rahim,” “As Salam.” I know it would not work because “that is the way it is!” There is nothing new in the selfish, greedy, competitive and hateful manner in which some groups organize and form rivalries against other smaller groups, over power them, kill them and take over what belong to them, including their women and children and exploit them. I have no disagreement with Muslims “Alla hu Akbar,” “Ar Rahman,” “Ar Rahim,” “As Salam,” but Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) was not the first one who said it and would not be the last. Peace be with you, son!

  24. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 28, 2010 at 9:20 am

    Hunting in pack, hunting territories and territorial marks
    The Manual – The belief that “Alla hu Akbar,” “Ar Rahman,” “Ar Rahim,” “As Salam,” does not give anyone the right to practice what the Muslims practice in their dealings with other communities across the world. One only needs to read newspapers in regions where Muslims are majority or where they coexist with people of other faiths, to be convinced that the idea of peace and Islam are incompatible with each other. A killer has a different psyche than that of the victim. One who always attacks eventually wins. One who refuses to attack, but would only defend oneself, is doomed. If one gives up the use of water to quench thirst one eventually dies of thirst. Alcohol does not replace water. If one keeps drinking alcohol one begins to hate water. One eventually dies of physical destruction caused by chemical contamination. If one does not raise one’s mind from the juvenile fairy tales, one suffers intellectual poverty life long. If one refuses to get out of the hole and explore valley and mountains, one’s knowledge of the environment remains severely limited. Predatory animals remain calm, peaceful and calculating the distance between itself and the prey. The prey which refuses to be mindful of the environment and its dangers is doomed. The calm, peaceful and calculating predator creates confusion to scatter the unsuspecting prey. If it fails in the hunt, it retreats to regain stamina and continue the hunt. The predator eventually kills the prey. This is the primitive hunting principle, which the Muslims relied upon for 1300 years, but other societies have evolved from. History books and daily news reports attest to that truth. There is nothing new in this practice, in its motivation or in its prep call “Allahu Akbar!” There is nothing else sacred or new in that “manual,” nothing “divine” in the concept or the teacher. The essential human element in it is that the Muslims kill any one who exposes this truth. 5

  25. sudhakaran Reply

    January 29, 2010 at 4:35 am

    ‘Indian’ is not an INDIAN
    What ‘Indian’ is writting is a pile of straw.Nambiarji is right when he says ‘You are not an Indian in imagination and philosophy’.
    ‘Indian’ is not at all an Indian.He says..’Islam means who believe in truth’.Believe in truth? Indian ,TRUTH is in you,you need not believe in it.It is a happening,not a ‘doing’.Truth is very much larger than ISLAM because existence itself is condensed in to it.Truth has no word,no is soundless and wordless.You believe that ‘Islam means who bellieve in truth’But beliefs and non-beliefs are closely related friends!Find out how Indian seers have experienced truth with out believing in it.Truth is not a a cult,not a religion.It is unknown and there is no path to it.
    ‘Islam only taught peace and harmony’ is a painful dream.It is not so dear friend.Preaching is one thing and practicing it is another thing. 5

  26. INDIan Reply

    January 30, 2010 at 5:17 am

    Thanks for THe Comments
    With all respect to the commentors, Our Prophet teaches us,Dieing for ones motherland is great than anything.All Indian Muslims love their motherland, maybe a 1% in all communtity are doing Anti-Indian war By the name of muslim dont say thats Islam.Even we all know what our Great Indian Bal THakrey asking for Maharashtra, We all Indians dont say its policy of Maharastra Hindus.Lot of Muslims are Died for their Homeland Please dont forget That.
    Mr.Venugopal, If we say talak for three times it will not get divorced as per ISlam, Islam says first u tell her or him what they dont like with their partner,if they again disagree, stay away from bed for a month, again u cant adjust then tell parents and relatives abt the problem and try to solve,if again u cant stay with each other u get get divorce, This is what ISLAM teaches. If Somebody doing against it there are not muslims.ISLAM is not responsible for that due to muslim Name. FOr shabrimala u have to fast 40 Days if somebody not following that what Lord Ayapan can do, only he can hate them.
    UN stands for US,and US stands for their country and Christanity they attack all region where the rulers are not strong,for Oil power or establishing their colony to make neighbour countries fear.None of Islamic countries have large amount of weapons or military,except fucking Pakistan(US experimental Land).If they dont stay for peace Y cant they have it.
    Mr.Nambiar can u show me any book that we can study by heart from first to last chapter without missing any word Other than Holly Quran.
    AS I mentioned earlier when ever one prophet comes God given them some handbook a set of rules and regulation for that time,What language the books are written are dead except Arabic.No one one is using that languages only a few people still keeping those languages.Thats too not as a media for conversation or as native language, jst in some old books.The earth or some part of the earth had been destroyed for many times when people dont belive


  27. INDIan Reply

    January 30, 2010 at 5:42 am

    RE:Indian’ is not an INDIAN
    Mr.Sudhakaran u dont have the right to say one Indian citizen not as a Indian citizen. Please dont misunderstand Islam by hearing little things or by misunderstanding. If you dont like to know what Quran says forget it, plz dont bother about that or study about that.But dont Insult those who belive in it. Forget what happened in the past, Think about the future. We all have only little time in the earth at that time we can do some good thing that our pre-decessors will remmember of us. If u dont like to learn Quran forget it, You have lot of things to learn.Learb about Upanishads, Geetha, Ramayana, Mahabartha, Vedas, Mathras and teach your sons and family what they says. No religion say to harm any one. All religion only stands for peace and Harmony. So lets our coming generation learn that and make India more and more brighter than any other country in the world.
    Mr.Nambiar ur good in English plz specify the point what u like to convey, Plz dont ellobrate to much, It hard to understand what u r coming to say.
    Mr.Vedamgopal if Islam is not a matured religion how it conqured most part of the world. Plz dont say by war, Our kerala “PERAMAL CHEKAVAR” didnt convert to Islam after Mughal.
    PLEASE DONT MISUNDERSTAND, I M JUST SAYING THE FACT,Only India and Nepal having Hindus, rest of the world no, even our neighbouring Burma , Thailand, China all are Buddhist. In Nepal too most Hindus are only worshipping Lord Shiva(Because I know I have lot of nepali freinds as I m working aboard). IF I am wrong please make me correct.

    And when muslim rulers ruled HINDUSTAN most of army cheif, Ministers, Advisors where Hindus only. So it will not be 100% correct by saying Islam expanded in India by war.
    Waiting for ur comment to learn more. 5

  28. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 30, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    You have to study more to understand me

    The Sakas, the Huns, the Persians etc who had come to conquer assimilated with the Indian civilization by embracing Buddhism and Hinduism. That is the reason why some Indian idols surface while they dig for some purpose in Southeastern and Southern Arabia. Therefore, it is indisputable that some form of recognition existed in pre Islamic Southern Arabia for Indian faith and culture. For various reasons, I don’t believe that the Prophet was influenced by excessive greed or cruelty as has been wrongly attributed to him. I have read that certain portion of bounties of war was shared to him, but I am unable to read it as due to his greed or his motivation was acquisition of wealth. In fact, after his death his family was not allowed to share his wealth. Of course, part of it was later restored. There was monotheism in Persia and in the Arabian Peninsula before the advent of Islam. Judaism and Zoroastrianism are Monotheistic religions which pre existed Christianity. Manicheism which originated in Persia and spread to Central and southern Asia, Eastern China, Asia Minor, North Africa and Southern Europe before the expansion of Islam from Arabia was also monotheistic religion. It is not true that Hinduism is a polytheistic religion as Muslims and Christians claim. Hinduism is a confluence of several faiths that originated in India and follows similar methods in prayers that is all.

    The Prophet had opportunity to interact with Jews and Christians and one cannot say that he was unaware of the monotheistic characteristics of Judaism or Christianity. Therefore, I believe that he wanted his followers also follow that singular entity, which was omnipresent and all powerful. He had at one stage told his followers that he was tired of violence and killing. Naturally, he wanted to stop the tribal fighting in Arabia. It was an attempt to unify various tribes in Arabia. He could not have done it without destroying the idols in Mecca.

  29. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 30, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    How could I make it more simple for you?
    You have been logging in with numerous ids and writing in defense of your faith. I have nothing against your faith. I have nothing against your religion or your Prophet. You wrote some good words about me that I am a “great reader,” “not a fanatic,” “a gentleman,” “I write good English,” etc. You have acknowledged that my objective is to change your faith or mudsling on your philosophy or your teachers. You are of course an Indian born and raised in Kerala and of course you speak Malayalam. I believe you when you say that you have Hindu friends and you believe that “God sends prophets to Earth to correct evil,” “some scholars believe that Lord Rama and Krishna are also prophets,” that “there are good in every religion” and that “violence, war, massacre, mass rape, enslavement, conversion etc took place in every society,” that “we must forget the past and look to the future” etc.

    I have answered your questions under several headings. I have never written the virtue of one religion over another. I never wrote that Hinduism is the greatest religion in the world. I never wrote that Lord Ram or Lord Krishna were better teachers than your Prophet. However, I agree that I wrote that there is nothing new in the “religious manual” you call holy and that what is contained in that book has been discussed long before 610 CE, the year in which Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) is said to have received the first revelation. Actually your own statement that “God sends prophets to Earth to correct evil” and that “there have been more than a Lakh” prophets in the history of mankind has been said elsewhere in different words and phrases 3600 years before Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) received his first revelation from Gabriel. Actually the idea of Gabriel revealing God’s teaching is based on ancient Mythology of India.

  30. Anas Reply

    January 31, 2010 at 1:23 am

    Re: “Indian” & HN
    Who is this “Indian”? Why are you trying to find new definition of Islam? His comment about “Talak” doesn’t make any sense; Talak happens if it is even Muthatlak. Mr. HN are correct in Islam there is no patriotism in basis of regional or nationalism as Islam stands for global brotherhood not for any extreme regionalism. As Per “Indian” dying for ones motherland-what is this? This needs more explanation to define it.
    If so called Muslims failed to reestablish the reality of Islam, God will choose another community to do this job, like God choose Arabs when Israel failed. If Arabs fails another community will be chosen to take over the responsibility to destroy the falsehood and establish ‘Dharmma or deen’ on earth. There would be no any other incarnation; no ‘Kalki’ yet to incarnate.

  31. Anas Reply

    January 31, 2010 at 1:26 am

    Re: “Indian” & HN
    Someone is trying to present Islam according to their concerns. Muslims are still believes in war and revolution. We do not want the interference of traitors like communist and secularist. Let Muslims deal the face to face policy with Hindus (monotheism Vs polytheism). We really appreciate the ‘Sangh’ activities to establish the real Hinduism, if you can make it faster. It would definitely enable Muslims to wake and gather for their practices. I am expecting more valuable articles or comments from Mr. HN.

  32. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 31, 2010 at 5:36 am

    How gh?z?s of Isl?m put to death 100,000 infidels, impious idolater Hindus

    What he says about “talak” is also correct. Muslim families follow the same custom as Hindu families follow. Parents of girls and boys come into contact through family connections or community connections and arrange marriages. They also have some kind of financial arrangements as most in Hindu societies have. In such circumstances, boys or girls are not allowed to divorce at will because it will involve family’s reputation. In such cases, they look for alternatives. Sometimes girls and boys are separated to live with their parents for some time to give them opportunity to sort things out. It may not work, but in good families they have decent procedures. The examples we come across are not from good families. Muslim boys from good families don’t marry four women as one would think. Talaq is painful for them too. Love Jihad, violence etc are not practiced by Muslim boys from good families. However, Muslims don’t interfere with what other Muslims do or what the Mullas dictate. I don’t blame them because they need to live in the society. It is very difficult to live in communities in which your community ostracizes you and their children don’t play with your children and there would be no one to carry one’s remains to the cemetery, that the community would not allow one’s remains in the community cemetery. All these are social problems common to all communities.

    If one reads more information on how Muslims treat “infidels and impious idolaters and enemies of Islam” one could find examples like “When this order became known to the gh?z?s of Isl?m, they drew their swords and put their prisoners to death 100,000 infidels, impious idolaters, were on that day slain. Maul?n? N?siru-d d?n ‘Umar, a counsellor and man of learning, who, in all his life, had never killed a sparrow, now, in execution of my order, slew with his sword fifteen idolatrous Hindus, who were his captives.” As recorded in Tuzk-e-Taimuri, the diary of Timerlane.

  33. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 31, 2010 at 5:40 am

    How ghasis of Islam put to death 100,000 infidels, impious idolaters Hindus

    It does not mean that they would not follow the route which the Muslims followed in the past in respect of massacre, rape, enslavement, conversion and robbery of property when they become majority or get political power. Then they start doing what they do in Kashmir. Someone from somewhere will speak on the radio or television, “chale jao hamara zamin ze,” threatening posters will begin appearing on your doors while you sleep, Muslims will begin taking out processions carrying swords and sticks and harassing women and children. If Hindu men enter their “gallies,” they don’t return home. That is what has happened in all parts of the world where Muslims gained political power or became majority. It is happening even today. All one needs to find proof is to read newspapers. Indian media do not report them.

  34. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 31, 2010 at 5:43 am

    How ghasis of Islam put to death 100,000 infidels, impious idolater Hindus
    He is Indian. He is proud of being an Indian too. He is concerned about the security of the Indian society. I don’t doubt his integrity. He has been polite and he has not been mudslinging on our faith or of Hindu way of life. He has been respectful in his interaction with me. I enjoyed interacting with him too. There are many Muslims like that in India. He is born and raised in a good family like the one I will discuss below. He may not initiate Jihad or participate in one when it begins. He may have to look the other way. He may not take arms and fight his own community to protect you. As he says, a large percentage of Muslims are nice people. However, when the Mullas speak in India or abroad, they are not allowed to disregard it. If an individual or a family disregards such sermons, the community ostracizes them. Then they are not able to interact with their fellow Muslims, cannot go to mosque, children are not allowed to interact with, their girls are not allowed to marry in the community and the dead are disallowed to be buried in the community cemetery. It is terrifying to think that the doors of Heaven will be closed for ever. All people are afraid of that. This situation applies among Christians and other communities too. In the western countries, it is very strictly applied. Indian society is the by far the most free society in the world. That is because of the tolerance of the Hindu community. That is why we have been taken advantage of by people from all corners of the world. Indian Muslims are not foreigners. Except for a small percentage of the Muslim community they have been Hindus until about ten or fifteen generations. Their religious teachings have gradually erased the goodwill, sympathies and tolerances that we take for granted. However, when they interact with us on a regular basis, they learn their root. 5

  35. Anas Reply

    January 31, 2010 at 6:46 am

    Answering to Mr. HN

    Monotheism had practiced everywhere in the world and lately it switched to polytheism due to extreme heroic and hero worship as you knows this already. We can find monotheistic recipes each and every community. Monotheistic idea existed not only in Persian and in the Arabia. Even ancient India it was practiced, we can find the residue of it even in Rig Veda. As mentioned before, monotheism is the route case of all religion as its leaders came to preach this only. Monotheism was existed before the arrival of last prophet, but it was only little. There was no Hinduism to accept in India when Sakas and Huns came to attack. They might have accepted Buddhism not Hinduism. Hinduism never practiced in southern Arabian region as they already practicing pagan life. India had good trade relation between Arabs and Persian, due to this they came to know India and its culture and they have named you “Hindus”.
    Yes, you are not polytheist in some meanings; I or you can bring many references in Vedas to prove the singularity of God. Christians and Jews are monotheist either. They cannot claim so by believing three in one. They have already turned from its purity.
    We have learned many things about Hinduism and its different types of ideology. Ancient Indian culture and modern Hinduism are different. In India, as I said there were lot of theologies and philosophical ideas were subsisted which was completely contradicting to another. If we trying to merge this ideologies, that would be another calamity.
    We do respect Lord Krishana, Lord Rama, Budha, and Abraham, Mosses, Jesus and all other unknown religious leaders. We never abuse them, as we believe prophets have been sent to each and every community before Muhammad (PBUH). We understand them the right way it supposed to be. If we were in their contemporaries I would have been with them only. How about you? Even you do not have enough courage to say your faith is correct. Why are you standing for?


  36. Hary Nambiar Reply

    January 31, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Focus on the serios quostion
    Focus – I don’t like to be identified in two alphabets HN. I have difficulty in correctly understanding your language. You probably have a different “mother tongue.” Tell me what language you speak at home? When you say “we” do you mean Muslims or Christians? I guess you are a Muslim. I have written it a number of times. I have nothing against your religion or your Prophet. My problem is with the practice Muslims followed for 1300 years and still follow of violently attacking peaceful communities, killing male members of the society, raping women, enslaving and converting women, children and old people and violently taking over their properties which they have earned through many generations. Why do Muslims in every country where there are majority suppress other religions? Why do Muslims have a problem of peacefully coexisting with other communities? I don’t give a dime for any kind of polytheism, monotheism, communism or romanticism. I am concerned about peace in the society and peace in families so that they can raise their children in peace and tranquility. Why DO Muslims makes it so hard for everyone other than for themselves? That is my fundamental question. Let me have an answer to that question. I don’t want to discuss any kind of stupid “ism” for the fun of letting people know that I write beautiful English. Let us focus on serious points. 5

  37. Anas Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 12:03 am

    RE: Focus on the serious question
    I brought to you some explanations as answer to your previous comments and expected some comments from you regarding your misperceptions about some historical facts and ideology of mono-polytheism. If you focus some issues only, please do not drag us to other issues. So far your concerns about aggressiveness of Islam, I do not talk about the issue of “Talak”, that doesn’t mean my incapability. I keep reading your ‘main points’ and I know the importance of such discussion.
    Could you please give some reference of Islamic invasion in peaceful communities which aimed to establish Islamic ‘Shariath’? I do not want read about some kind of dynasty those known as somebody’s family name. Let us not discuss the history and war of Indian or foreign kings. I am not going to count how many battles have been took place in history and how many millions were the victims. Killing innocent male members of the society, raping women, children and old people and violently taking over their properties-even it is peacefully taking over etc are completely against Islamic teachings. Muslims are hearing this allegation since many centuries. No Islamic countries became rich by invading other’s land snatching their rights and properties.
    No one claimed so far, they have been facing much suppression from majority Muslims; even it is from Pakistan and Bangladesh. But Muslims are facing much suppression in India by 80% majority and being asked to go Pakistan or Kabaristan. There are many Arab countries Muslims are majority, they never suppressed their coexisting as you worrying. If there is anyone, let them bring this point we will discuss, not by you.
    If you are really concerned about peace in family and society, offer some peace to refugee camps in Gujarat and Orissa. Your fundamental question is pathetic.

  38. Hary Nambiar Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 2:07 am

    Why do you kill, rape, rob people’s properties and enslave children
    That was what was heard when Muhammad Gazni and his bandit soldiers demolished Somnath temple, destroyed the temple treasure and destroyed the idol of Lord Shiv (you both respect all religious Prophets right?)

    That is what that Haji and his men said when they went house to house, looted and killed people sleeping in the night during what was called “Moppills Lahalla.”

    That is what all those Muslims said while they destroyed hundreds of temples in India and beheaded thousands of peaceful unarmed priests and men.

    That is what the Taliban said while they dynamited the two thousand year old Buddhist art work in the Gandhara.

    I agree with you that “Allahu Akbar,” “Laa illah illallah.” I respect your Prophet (PUBH) and I respect what you all believe as the “revelation of God through his Prophet.”

    I have no objection to Muslims owning the entire world. I know many Muslims and they all appear to be normal people.

    What I don’t agree with you is why Muslims practice massacre of healthy men, rape of other people’s wives and children, loot, enslave and convert young children and older people? What has God got to do with private property which people have collected, earned, saved and owned for generations? Where does God tell people to go and violently and without consent have sex with women? You may say that was how it was in the history, but this is happening even now in the 21st Century. All you have to do is to read news papers to know it. My dear Mallu Janaabs, let me hear your views on that.


  39. Hary Nambiar Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 2:10 am

    Why do you kill, rape, rob property and enslave people is the question
    To the “Mallu Muslim” who calls himself “Indian,” do you understand what “Anas,” who is also a Muslim wrote here? There is no patriotism in Islam. There is no secularism in Islam. Indian Muslims are not different from Pakistani. There is no difference between Arabian Muslim, Turkish Muslim, Egyptian Muslim, Indian Muslim, Indonesian Muslim and Russian Muslim. Every Muslim is a “holy warrior” of Allah. Every Muslim is a “Ghasi.” There is only one Islam. For every Muslim, the truth is “Laa illah illallah Muhammad ur Rasool Allah” That is what I read in “Quran.” Do you disagree? I agree that every human being is a holy warrior of God.

    Allahu Akbar! I agree, absolutely. The very sound of that call strikes terror in the hearts and minds of non believers. Am I wrong?

    That is what was written in the check list of one of the men who participated in the 26/11 terrorist attacks on New York’s Twin Towers.

    That is what Maryam Mohammad Yousif Farhat of Hamas said when she heard that her 17 years old son was killed in a suicide mission to kill five teenagers in Israel.

    That is what the Indonesian Imam Samudra shouted when he heard his death sentence for his role in the Bali bombing which killed 202 people in Bali Indonesia, which is predominantly inhabited by Hindu people.

    That was what one man shouted in the video shot while Nick Berg (American) was being beheaded in Iraq.

    That was what was shouted by a group of gunmen when they were being tried for the terrorist attack in Fort Dix, New Jersey, USA.

    That was what the American Muslim military officer Major Nidal Malik Hasan, shouted when he was shooting his own armed colleagues in Fort Hood, Texas, USA.

    That was what was heard when Guru Teg Bahabur was beheaded by Aurangazeb’s men in Delhi

  40. Hary Nambiar Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 2:10 am

    Why do you kill, rape, rob property and enslave people is the question
    To the “Mallu Muslim” who calls himself “Indian,” do you understand what “Anas,” who is also a Muslim wrote here? There is no patriotism in Islam. There is no secularism in Islam. Indian Muslims are not different from Pakistani. There is no difference between Arabian Muslim, Turkish Muslim, Egyptian Muslim, Indian Muslim, Indonesian Muslim and Russian Muslim. Every Muslim is a “holy warrior” of Allah. Every Muslim is a “Ghasi.” There is only one Islam. For every Muslim, the truth is “Laa illah illallah Muhammad ur Rasool Allah” That is what I read in “Quran.” Do you disagree? I agree that every human being is a holy warrior of God.

    Allahu Akbar! I agree, absolutely. The very sound of that call strikes terror in the hearts and minds of non believers. Am I wrong?

    That is what was written in the check list of one of the men who participated in the 26/11 terrorist attacks on New York’s Twin Towers.

    That is what Maryam Mohammad Yousif Farhat of Hamas said when she heard that her 17 years old son was killed in a suicide mission to kill five teenagers in Israel.

    That is what the Indonesian Imam Samudra shouted when he heard his death sentence for his role in the Bali bombing which killed 202 people in Bali Indonesia, which is predominantly inhabited by Hindu people.

    That was what one man shouted in the video shot while Nick Berg (American) was being beheaded in Iraq.

    That was what was shouted by a group of gunmen when they were being tried for the terrorist attack in Fort Dix, New Jersey, USA.

    That was what the American Muslim military officer Major Nidal Malik Hasan, shouted when he was shooting his own armed colleagues in Fort Hood, Texas, USA.

    That was what was heard when Guru Teg Bahabur was beheaded by Aurangazeb’s men in Delhi

  41. mgd Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 2:51 am

    Zakir Naik and MM Akbar
    When you say MM Akbar, do you actually mean to say MJ Akbar, journalist and MP? If not, who is this MM Akbar? 5

  42. INDIan Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 3:23 am

    Allahu Akbar
    Dear Nambiar, Please First Understand the meaning of ALLAHU AKBAR, its not have the meaning like JAI JAWAN JAI KISAN. Allahu Akbar means GOD IS GREAT. GOD dont says to kill any innocent people. QURAN clearly Says ” One who Kill any INNocent people , have the sin of killing whole people in the universe”. So those who dont obey gods words and doing in the name of GOD, Are they respecting the GOD. Are they muslims, ISlam teaches if any one come to attack you defend your self.
    In Mahabartha, Ramayana, Ashoka, Shivaji and lot of kings also done war, Even our great narendra Modi also done in Gujarat and called “Bharath Matha Ki Jai” And “Jai Shri Ram”. Did any of them teaches you to kill people, No one belive thats is HINDU Way.
    Because BJP is ONLY IN INDIA, so they are only calling in INDIA after beating NDF and SFI (Kerala)activist as BHARATH Matha KI Jai and Jai Shri Ram.And in North India after beating and killing DAlits and muslims you are calling like that. If BJP and Sangh is strong in any other country also they will do the same to minorities there.
    So by that Mr. Nambiar please dont Judge ISLAM OR Think Islam teaches that. You are also saying GOD is Great in many occastions, “Allahu Akbar” is Just we all are saying GOD is Great only.
    After Receiving Oscar Award our great muscian AR Rahman also said “ELLA PUKALIUM IRAIVANIKE”.
    GOD dont need warriors , If he need warrior then he is not the super power. He Just say to Human Being , I have given you everything Just be thankful to me, and thankful to ur Body. And he says for showing our thanks towards him, Be clean and remember me atleast five times a day for all the benefit I had done to you. He dont say make a sword and kill your neighbour and attack others. It is not easy to get weapons,None muslim countries making Guns,ONLY US and Israel are supplying to them and giving money. Then only they call sell their weapons. 5

  43. Anas Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 6:05 am

    Re: Why do you kill, rape, rob property and enslave people is the question
    I do agree with you, so called patriotism and extreme nationalism is out of Islamic principles. There is no difference between human races in Islam whether you are black or white. Brahmin and Kshudra are equal in Islam. I disagree that every human being is a holy warrior of God. There two types of them good and evil. To restore peace on earth you have defeat evils that is why Kamsa killed by Lord Krishna, that why Ravana killed by Lord Rama, that why Mosses defeated Pharaoh that is why Abraham beaten Nimrodh, that is why Roman-Persian Empires vandalized and liberated by Arabs and there are many in history. Muslims have destroyed many empires and restored peace on those conquered land. That is what Muslims supposed to do, liberate the peoples from human slavery to enslavement of GOD. This is what Islam standing for. Arabs attacked India to destroy the Idol worships not Idolaters not snatching and put their Museum. I am not wondering why you don’t talk about European invaders and what they have done in India.
    Have you got stroked “Allah Akbar” in your heart? There are many drama went on behind the curtain about 26/11. We will never know the truth and the real local supporters of terrorist, because our authority already controlling by Hindutwa agendas. And one of the real Hindu officers revealed some extreme truth which shocked several patriotic politicians. Most Americans no more give this credit to any ‘Jihadi group’. Do you know what Palestinians were reciting when they kicked off from their mother land? For the sake of retaining their motherland they will struggle very much and Islam will be theirs hopes. What did say when Israel tanks and shells killed hundreds of kids in Ghaza? Muslims supports theirs struggle for freedom till they get it or all die. This would understand another freedom fighter only. That why Maryam Yousef Farhat of Hamas said so.
    Imam samudra did the big mistake that is why got death sentence, his shouting was his confession. 5

  44. Anas Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 6:06 am

    Re: Why do you kill, rape, rob property and enslave people is the question
    God knows better than us. Not only Bali most part of Far-east countries predominated b y Hindus. Islam could liberate them without war.

    How much you know what America have done in Iraq? What did they shout when they dumping millions of bomb on Iraqis head? What did you say? Do you have any idea how many millions people were assaulted by Americans? I am not wondering why you are so anxious about an American.
    Lot of temple built by poor class Indian and they were not permitted to enter near somewhere the temple, you already this story. Ghazni liberated from their hundreds of years religious slavery. Where did all the treasures come from? We respect other religion, that why hundreds of other temples and it’s idols still existing. There might have reason to destroy temples, it done by its followers after they accept Islam. If you analyze the statistics you will find half of Hindustanis accepted Islam. My ancestor might be ‘Hindu’. Thus, I am not claim to get my ancestor worship center.
    You and your ideology were against freedom fighting. Muslims could killed many traitors, who worked for British army. British rulers haven’t faced any strong demonstration from ‘kerala thampurans’, keral thampurans were so called patriots, they came out after we got freedom.
    Where was Muslims killed thousands of unarmed peaceful priests? Please provide me some references.
    Talibanis are Muslims; they don’t want such idols anymore in their land. They never let someone in trouble by worshiping it. Even though if there was some Buddhists, muslims would not have destroyed. FYI, Lord Buddha never asked his people to make his statue and do worship for their salvation.
    There is no ‘Mallu Hindu’ and ‘Mallu Muslims’, I like to have healthy discussion.

    Thanks HK editor

  45. Ganesh Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 7:43 am

    Every being has a reason to exist
    God(i am a non muslim,so it is illegal to use the word Allah)is credited with creating all life forms on this planet.He also created diseases to control the population of all beings.One such disease was created in the form of a relegion.Those infected with it were asked to spread it if he wanted to cure himself of it and directly get on to the highway to heaven.Same like how several people with venereal disease(VD),believe that they will be cured of the disease if they have sex with a healthy women and pass it to her. 5

  46. Suresh Iyer Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 7:57 am

    MM akbar
    Dear mgd,if you are interested in some comic relief,look for MM Akbar on Youtube 5

  47. Hary Nambiar Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 10:32 am

    You suffled my own words and returned it to me

    You have not answered my questions, but you have reshuffled the words I wrote and returned them to me. I am not discussing or challenging Islam, its merits or scholarship. You don’t seem to keep up with the day to day international events, or know much about the history of the world or even about Islam.

    Only totally ignorant people with dishonest intentions and vested interests would say that Hindus did not or do not face suppression in Pakistan and Bangladesh. That is a malicious nonsense. Differentiating Islam from the thousand years of carnage by Muslims in India or in other parts of the world is an outrageously perverted analysis. It is not my intention to discuss Islamic practices in respect of male female relations, raising families, social relations or jurisprudence. However, there is reason for us to be concerned when your way of life and practices become encroachment to the lives of our families and our young ones whom we raise with love and care for a decent future. Neither is it my objective to ridicule your faith, your religious leaders or the practice you follow in the worship of God as you and your friends do every day. The World Wide Web is filled with the malicious, fraudulent and dishonest propaganda which people like you put out against Hindus. The audacity which you showed to say that 80% Hindus suppress Muslims in India is nothing but loud acknowledgement of the fact that you are an outright liar. Indian Muslims have benefited more than anyone else from Hindu tolerance and Indian democracy than any other community. It would be completely ignoble to engage in a decent discussion with such a prejudiced and irreverent individual who would refuse to acknowledge what is as clear as a reflection in a mirror. The Hindu tolerance has pampered selfish and greedy people like you to create jealousy, rivalry, competition and antagonism among resource poor people in India only to enslave and exploit them. You do that in the name of God!

  48. Raj Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    I came to know this website rescently thru my frien and it was interesting to read these comments. I totally disagree with the comment that 80% muslim live under suppression from hindu. Only a real “Pottan” can beleive this. You go and see what is happening in Gulf. In malasia can a non hindu say the word “Aslam Alaikum”. My friend you go and check. Dont write nonsense and dont think that all are stupids and will beleive this. In sharjah i have seen it with my eyes. Please dont waste your time to write these humans can’t beleive this. The comments look like coming from Zakir Naik. To me he should go to gunnes book of world record for stating “Chapter and ve” of books. Really no jobs for these people and making money. 5

  49. Hary Nambiar Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    Let me hear some direct and specific answers to my specific questions.
    I am asking specific questions and giving out specific examples and incidents in support of my questions, but you are being vague and answering indirect questions. You are asking me for references? Go o a library, read newspapers, reae the Quaran, Hedith and Ak Suhra. That is where I am getting my information.

    You need more specific questions? Here they are? Are there freedoms of expression and freedom of religion, in Muslim majority countries? Are the laws for Muslims and non Muslims the same in those countries? Is there equality in resource sharing? Is there democracy as is understood in India? Why the courts in Muslim countries would not listen to a non Muslim’s submissions? Why Muslims in India must have a special law of their own while in no country ruled by majority Muslims there is special law for minorities? Why Islam suppresses regional languages, traditions customs and regional culture as is the practice in Muslim ruled nations? Why do you engage in mudslinging and criticizing other religions and other peoples’ faith and practices while you deny other communities and people of the same right? Why do you practice religious conversion while you call for the death of people who leave your religion? You have no qualm about Muslims in digging roads through 2500 year old Jewish cemeteries, using Jewish tombstones to construct walk ways to toiletries, demolishing churches and temples and converting them into cemeteries or into mosques, but you object when people take bath in a lake, the temple in the center of which has been converted into a mausoleum. So you have the rights to destroy everything of the others, be it Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Zoroastrians, Christian, Manicheans and other religious people as sacred, but you are not willing to grant the same right to them. 5

  50. INDIan Reply

    February 1, 2010 at 11:58 pm

    Muslims in India are better than any where else
    Dear Anas, I like the way you are chatting with Mr.Nambiar, But I like to correct u one thing, Muslims in India live better life, only in Gujarat and some BJP ruling state they face some problem thats all. Remaining all part they are living with peace with other communities. If 80% of the HINDUS think secularly then their will be no minorities in INDIA and peace in our nation. Because of 78% of HIndus are not secular and freindly with all community people INDIA is developing like anything. ONly 2% of Hindus think secularly for their personal and political interest.
    And Mr.Nambiar you didnt answer for Anas queostions , you are just saying the same thing again and again. Lot of our old treasures are in European Museums did any INDIAN government of religiuos party or political party demanded for that. When the British conquered us lot of Hindu kings supported them for only MONEY and Power, and lot of HINDUS have been employed under BRITISH dont forget Mr.Nambiar that tooo.
    Lot of muslim kings when they ruled India had built temples and given land for Hindus to build temples and they payed the priest for leading prayer there.

    THink for the development of the country and make to know our INDIA is superb country in the world with big democracy.If we fight by the name of religion and all, the western countries will take advantage of it,again they will make colony here.
    See what AR Rahman and ABDul Kalam stand for, for the development of there country and taking its name to number one in the world.

    Instead of digging the past and creating racism and religionism will only take our country backwards, it will not take it to higher levels.
    Mr.NAmbiar by seeing a Glass with half filled with water, You like to say ITs half Empty, INstead of saying, the half of the glass is filled with water.
    I appreciate the domain controler of the site who like critiscm also,I like to say that instead of making such articles u can include lot of good things from upanishad and all to teach all 5

  51. Anas Reply

    February 2, 2010 at 12:08 am

    RE:You suffled my own words and returned it to me
    I answered you properly and gently, not shuffled your words.If you want answers you will get, but if I answer uou thousand time you will never convinced. What else you were expecting for. I never intend to drag you in other topic. Whenever you read my comments you are skipping to another topic and exposing who you are, you don’t need to show yourself. What do you know about Indian history before we speak international current affairs? I gave you some points to discuss as answer to your earlier comments. You nowhere near the points, even those you raised. I do agree, you speak more as you leaned more. Fake Islamic websites or books of famous Islamic critics brought you more ignorance and boosted your prejudice about Islam. You have enough knowledge to become a Judge in Kerala High Court.

    Honestly, We Muslims do not care about their suppression in India. We never blame to anybody for that, there are many reasons which you never understand. You keep posting the main points to be focused in other discussion rooms, you have nothing other than this.
    I am not gonna defend Pak-Bagla Muslims;we don’t believe in bountaries. I’ve more stuffs to do. Try hard to spread the hatred and make proud of your great past amongst your community and prepare them for another Kurukshethra.

  52. Ganesh Reply

    February 2, 2010 at 2:00 am

    @Anas,I have gone through your rejoinders a few times and have not found anything of substance.You are just beating about the bush.I dont blame you,for nobody in the world can find answers to many questions raised about your faith.Many arguements border around stupidity.For example your stand that Islam does not recognise national boundaries and then packaging it as universal brotherhood takes the cake.How can any country employ members of your ilk in security forces like Police,army or airport security?.Where can the country provide you with job reservation.Grow up man.Islam must allow the brain also to grow along with the mandatory beard. 5

  53. Hary Nambiar Reply

    February 2, 2010 at 5:12 am

    Would you allow Hindus to live in India in peace and tranquility
    Why do you call it Russian suppression in Chechnya while you see it differently when the Berbers in the Algeria seek self determination? Why do you call it American occupation while Iraq remained under Sunny occupation for 1300 years? If Muslims can have a singular Islamic Ummah, why can not the Anglo Saxons, the Hans, the Germans, the Jews? Why did all the countries seek independence instead of accepting Anglo Saxon king of England could not have become the emperor of the world or the Kazaks, Uzbeks, Azerbajanis, Kirghis, Tajikis and Turkmanistanians opted to cede from Soviet Union? Why does Kosovo want to cede from Albania? Why did the Muslims in Bosnia seek separation from Yugoslavia? If Afghanistan, Algeria, Behrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, Comoros, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Sarawi, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Tunisia, UAE, and Yeman can have Islamic states, why can not India have a Hindu state?

    The enemies of India are not Pakistanis, Chinese or any foreigners, but people who live in the streets of Kasargode, Kannur, Kozhikode and other places in India, eating the resources of India, spreading rivalry, hate and antagonism and creating violence, destruction and communal disharmony. Their devotion is not to the Indian nation, but to an Islamic Umma. They want to live peacefully in Gujrat and other parts of India, but they would not allow Hindus to live in Jammu and Kashmir. Would you let Hindus live peacefully in India” That is my question. Not the merits or demerits of Islam, Islamic Prophet or Islamic way of serving God about which I am least interested. What I am reiterating is the need for peace and tranquility in communities so that people can mind their business, find work, earn living wages, save some money and create some properties, have families, raise their children and make a half way decent living. Would you allow us to live in peace?

  54. Aravind Reply

    February 2, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    To anas
    I could see that the typical way of evading questions and blaming the counterpart for the same is going on in anas’s posts. again the same old story he will put in, viz Palestine, Iraq, persecution , the same old story … if your religion is powerful and islam is the ‘ideal way of life and living’ , why the majority of the muslins are living in below standard levels.
    why are you blaming others for their misery . do u expect this situation to change in near future or say in 1000 yrs. apart from the oil (that too only with few arabs countries), whats the collective bargainign power you have in the international stage. where ever you go you always want spearate code of conduct, spearate laws etc on the presumption that you are the right and pristine creatures in the whole world. always taking advantages of other societies liberal nature . but moment of reckoning is coming . See what france has done now . they have banned burqa in public places, you can wear burqa only at your home . If you are so pristine creatures, then why the muslims in france are not migrating to the muzlim countires .
    every body will measure a religion or a soceity by its deeds , values and virutes, and not by its doctrine. 5

  55. Truth-speaker Reply

    July 16, 2010 at 8:41 am

    Zakir Naik –Never a Hindu
    See, people like Shri Shri Ravishankar went on to have debate without his facts right and ready. And, we saw the result. Hindus, infact are not well-informed about Islam or other religions. So, why should one go to debate and make a fool of himself.

    Someone down is talking about why Zakir Naik put the surname after his conversion. The truth is that Zakir Naik was never a Hindu. He is a not an ex-Hindu and he is a born Muslim. Another case of one not having facts right. Naik surname is common in Mahrashtra Muslims and Hindu as in the case of “Butts”, Pattel, Chaudhuri etc.. 5

  56. Abdul Rasheed Reply

    August 15, 2011 at 4:42 am

    Relegious Harmony

    Dear all brothers, making allegations and couter allegations is not the way we have to opt. Every relegion has their reight to exist with their worship. All bood flwon through the vains are same to every human. If all relegions are concetrationg what their relegion propose, then only the actual peace will persist. Unfortunately that is missing 5

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