The Italian Catholic and the Hindu Sannyasin

· Date:August 16, 2011

In a previous article ‘ Sonia’s Ghastly Mistake and the wannabe PM’ the present writer had observed how hubris, ambition and greed combined to motivate Sonia Maino Gandhi to order the fateful attack (according to reports) on Swami Ramdev and his devotees on the night of June 4,2011 on the Ramlila grounds. Even longtime Congress loyalist Mani Shankar Iyer had said publicly that the attack was unnecessary since the crowd was peaceful, non violent and showed no signs of being violent, they were asleep and that the Ramlila grounds were designed to accommodate large crowds. They had assembled there to practise yoga, meditation and sing bhajans and peacefully protest the megacorruption of the government, and they were asleep when the attack started. What they encountered on the night of June 4 was the horrific experience of tear gas and a brutal lathi charge by the police, which left several seriously injured and one elderly woman Rajbala paralysed for life. The scenes of old men, old women and children being dragged out of the grounds and left to fend themselves on  the streets of Delhi (many had come from afar) were watched by the entire nation and recorded in the videos which the press managed to obtain and which the police tried to confiscate, to hide their crimes. However, the Supreme Court is due to see them shortly. Mani Shankar Iyer said on public television that had he been present he would not have allowed that decision.

Since then Mani Shankar has referred to the event as a ‘transient event’ and the liberal media have been silent on the matter, although CNNIBN did report that a yagna had taken place a few days ago in Delhi by family and friends on behalf of Rajbala the middle aged woman whose spine had been critically injured and who was paralysed (unable to move all four limbs)by that infamous attack(Tehelka magazine was the first English publication to report on this scene in the hospital) It is difficult to believe that Sonia Maino can sleep well at nights with that on her conscience ! Swami Ramdev himself being a yoga master was quick and adroit and escaped the brutal lathi charge, and will no doubt return to his mammoth yoga classes and as well carry the banner against the megacorruption of the government.We wish him all the best in that noble venture. He will also no doubt resume his famous padayatras, where he walked from village to village teaching villagers the basics of organic farming, yoga and ayurveda, all three in the best traditions of Hindu India.

Many believe that in the melee that ensued, the lathi charge could have paralysed Swami Ramdev (thus preventing him from teaching yoga which is the basis of his popularity world wide).Perhaps that was the intention. How could this poorly educated Italian Catholic understand the significance of Yoga ?It is reported that she did not even graduate from high school !  Swami Ramdev  himself believes that they were planning to kill him. Sonia Maino would be indifferent to either outcome as long as she asserted her supremacy over a Hindu Sannyasin and by extension  over the Hindus of India. One senior journalist has reported that presumably Sonia Maino had asked the Prime Minister why he had sent two Congress ministers to meet the Swami at the airport on the previous day, as if he were someone important !

There was much speculation in the press as to why the Congress was adopting a carrot and stick approach : first send ministers to meet the Swami and then at night send the police to attack him and his devotees. In reality there is no contradiction here. Sonia Maino had most probably planned the attack, and needed only the rubber stamp of the Defence Minister A.K. Antony (a co religionist) and the Home Minister Chidambaram, who it is alleged is involved in the scam operations. The meeting was held in the Prime
Minister’s residence, but he himself was not present at the meeting. It is reported that he had turned in for the night.

However, it does shed light on the way the decisions are taken in the Congress party. The PM is simply a rubber stamp for the president of the party. The mover and shaker is Sonia Maino the president of the party.

This woman was seemingly motivated by hubris, greed and ambition. Were there  additional motives ? Two possibilities can be advanced . One is the obvious motive of wishing to defeat Hinduism, a long time goal cherished by the Christian West . A few years ago the Pope had publicly said on his visit to India that in the first millennium Christianity spread to Europe, in the second millennium it came to the Americas and in the third millennium it would spread to Asia, and the special target would be India.

The fact that this is wishful thinking is another matter altogether. If Sonia Maino is partially carrying out this diabolical plan, then her actions against a Hindu sannyasin can be seen in that light. There may be a secondary motive intertwined with this. The liberals of the country and the hangers on of the Congress party view with alarm the resurgence of a Hindu India which is no longer held hostage to Macaulay’s children. Hence they would hang on to the coat tails of the Congress party using the logic of the enemy of my enemy.

Sonia Maino is tapping into this  for personal reasons, for ecumenical reasons and to secure the succession of her son Rahul. The present writer believes that her best laid plans will not succeed. Hinduism which has lasted several millennia, will last for several more millennia. However, her diabolical plans will visit endless suffering on the masses and it is this that a resurgent Hindu India must RECOGNISE and resist. The goal should be minimising the pain and suffering that she might inflict, in addition to foisting her son on the country.

For Bharat’s sake let us hope that this particular night will end.

(The writer is a Political Philosopher who taught at a Canadian university).

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  1. M.N.S.Nampothiripad Reply

    August 17, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    Timely warning
    A timely warning.
    Also listen to this spirited speach made by a good man. Had this ben in India, he would have ben dumped by the pseudoseelars as an RSS man. 5

  2. M.N.S.Nampothiripad Reply

    August 17, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Timely warning
    A timely warning.
    Also listen to this spirited speach made by a good man. Had this ben in India, he would have ben dumped by the pseudoseelars as an RSS man.


  3. pvas Reply

    August 20, 2011 at 5:02 am

    Vatican’s hands in Indian politics
    A former Indian intelligence officer has written the article below in 2009, about how Sonia gandhi might ended up where she is in the Indian political scene – through a chain of events designed and set in motion by the Vatican to place her there.

    Strangely, this person’s accounts, although were to be continued with a follow-up post, stop with this one article. One wonders whether this person is still alive. Because, any one that exposes the truth about the Vatican’s involvement in worldwide politics cannot expect to remain alive thereafter. 5

  4. George Reply

    September 6, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    Why this?
    Apart from the personal ambitions of individuals ther’s something wrong with the system of christian belief ,I doubt.I have been asking myself this question why a religion started by a great man called Jesus degenerated into a synonym of corruption.
    My answer to it can be found in an
    e-book (Malayalam) I have authored,the title of which may indicate it: Yudas Mar Iskariyathos Thirumeni.
    It is available@ /e-books 5

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