Sonia’s Waterloo

· Date:July 14, 2010

The Afghan Taliban destroyed the Bamyan Buddhas quite openly and in full view of the entire world. The state sponsored destruction of Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh is being conducted stealthily and under a variety of pretexts through the agency of state organizations such as the ASI (Archeological Survey of India),the State Departments of Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments (HR&CE).

The chilling account of this process is documented and presented by Shri V.Sundaram in his article ‘ Paramount outcry against state-sponsored temple destruction’ (Haindava Keralam,12/07/2010). There are many colourful pictures of the beautiful temples that
are being defaced and destroyed. The details of the process are impressively catalogued by the author. And the pictures tell their story. The rubble that lies around the deliberately hammered stone walls is only one example.

The process is taking place in Tamil Nadu (run by the anti Hindu clown) and Andhra Pradesh, where till recently the Chief Minister was a Christian convert. That fact speaks to his administration’s indifference (and possibly collusion with the Centre) to the fate of the temples some of which are considered by UNESCO to be World Heritage Sites and all of them extraordinary exemplars of temple architecture.

Says Shri Sundaram:

“In the name of conservation many valuable inscriptions,pillars, mandapams, shrines and specimens of invaluable art have been destroyed beyond repair and rendered beyond recovery leading to irreparable loss to the great Hindu heritage.”

The ancient temple Rajeswaram in Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu) “ is a treasure house of art, architecture, sculpture, painting, music and dance and several other aspects of the mosaic and tapestry of culture of ancient Tamil Nadu” UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Monument.

“During the last few years systematic vandalism has been let loose by the ASI within the sacred premises of this great shrine, in the name of conservation. Millenium old inscriptions on the temple wall, irreplaceable sources of authentic information relating to the Chola Period, are getting shattered into smithereens. . . . .”

Ancient and beautiful mural paintings on the temple walls of Tamil Nadu have been
effaced or defaced by the ASI and the other two State Departments (referred to above). The evidence points in that direction. Shri Sundaram is of the opinion that this all did not taken place by happenstance. It is a planned and deliberate destruction of Bharat’s Hindu cultural heritage and total obliteration of the racial memories of the Hindus dating back to the days of the Vedas and the Upanishads. He lays the blame squarely on the fact that an Italian Catholic is in power at the Centre.

Ofcourse, this should concern not only Hindus but all citizens of the world who have either actually visited these historic monuments or even seen pictures of them in art books or some other source. It is also reminiscent of the devastation visited by the monotheistic faiths of Islam and Christianity all over the ancient world.

In  a previous article the present writer has opined that Sonya Gandhi has two over riding ambitions : the consolidation of the political power of her son Rahul, eventually as prime minister of Bharat and the conversion of the Hindus of Bharat to Christianity, as envisaged by her spiritual leader the Pope. The phenomenon is referred to as the harvesting of souls for Christ(The New Missionaries of Bharat,Haindava Keralam, 11/07/2010).

Both these goals work at cross purposes. If she overplays her hand in the evangelical task then this will surely indent the political goal.  So far Sonya has been able to call upon the immense powers granted to her as de facto head of the country, and as the nominated head of the Congress party.

But what goes up must come down. And  the moribund, corrupt Congress can only prop her up thus far.

Once the masses of Bharat come to understand Sonya’s agenda vis a vis Hinduism her hold over the country will weaken. And then, despite Rahul’s tilak, he will be looked at with suspicion.  Bharat has been described as a deeply religious country and it is certainly a very Hindu country, despite all the accoutrements of modern education. And what is Rahul’s interest in Bharat? Is there any extra territorial loyalty to Rome ? These are questions that are sure to be asked sooner or later.

Bharat remains a Hindu country because in ancient Hinduism both religion and the world of science, technology, learning,arts etc. were expressions of a whole way of life. The Veda has never preached other worldliness. Hence, the great advances in all of the sciences and arts that ancient Bharat is famous for. And today, the contemporary Hindu can combine his Hindu heritage and modern life with great ease. That Hindu heritage is a valuable asset, not only an emotional tie.

The young techies and scientists are experts in their fields because the intellectual life was part and parcel of Bharat’s ethos, has always been so and will remain so. This is well expressed in the famous line from the Devi Mahatmyam(The Greatness of Devi):

“ O you who  abides in the heart of every individual in the form of intelligence. . “

On the other hand, there is also the immense joy derived from the Vedic tradition in the experience of being in the world. The Rig Veda invokes the celestial, atmospheric and terrestrial powers of Nature in rapturous terms. And today in Bharat at the popular level that joy is expressed in all the festivals and pilgrimages. One has  only to see the ongoing Lord Jagannath festival. In Gujarat, the 10 miles plus long Ratha Yatra is accompanied by small groups of women who sing and dance as they move along with the Lord’s chariots drawn by devotees. In Puri and other parts of India the celebrations are equally joyful.

This ethos is entirely different from the life negating world view of the monotheistic faiths and their rigid theologies. Till recently, until the last 12 years of the rise to power of an Italian Catholic, the small Christian community has lived peacefully with their Hindu neighbours, have enjoyed the benefits of living in a pluralistic democracy.

Today, many are becoming aggressive in the assertion of their faith, a move that is wholly unnecessary given the tolerant nature of Hinduism. One sees reports of groups in Kerala singing hymns to the Pope as their leader. There was even the ridiculous spectacle of their
interpretation of Bharat’s tricolour national flag. The saffron supposedly stands for
the bloodthirsty Hindus (!), the green stands for the greedy Muslims and white stands
for the peaceful Christians.

Bishops and other dignatories of the Church are scurrying around trying to hold conferences etc. to meet the threat of the Hinduisation of Bharat (!). It is certainly true that many Christian converts, especially in the Dalit communities are returning to their ancestral faith. The tribals are doing the same. It will not be long before the North Eastern frontier states will also return to the ancestral faith.

At any rate,in the opinion of this writer, Sonya’s mission will backfire and explode in her face, because the people of Bharat will see through her scheme. Hence, if she is to make a choice between her two projects, she will have to make it soon. The evangelical agenda will fail and Bharat will remain a Hindu nation. Bharat has been through many invasions and the long night of the two Occupations, the Islamic and the colonial and is still around. Handling an Italian Catholic cannot be an insurmountable problem.

But can she salvage her other project ? She will have a fighting chance, if she abandons her assault on Bharat. Otherwise, the present writer predicts that too will fail. It is upto her to decide.

Ya Devi sarve bhuteshu


(The writer is a Political Philosopher and taught at a Canadian university)

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  1. vedamgopal Reply

    July 14, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    The brave Sikh’s are one of the major forces, protector of Bharat boundaries and true patriot. Dr.Manmohan Singh hailed from this community. I am wondering how he got trapped in the venomous plans of alien bargirl Christian Sonia and acting as a puppet Prime Minister for the past several years . I only doubt he has got some selfish agenda to be fulfilled and did not bother about any self respect. I humbly request the Sikh community to raise their patriotic voice louder so that Mr.MS either resign from the post or else oppose the bar girl and disclose her plan of Christianization of Bharat. 5

  2. M Balachandran Reply

    July 15, 2010 at 12:49 am

    Throw away Sonia Maino
    Till the Hindus throw away the Anti National Sonia Maino from Hindusthan, the Hindus will loose everything including their life 5

  3. Dr Vijaya Rajiva Reply

    July 15, 2010 at 3:44 am

    To Shri Vedamgopal

    Shri Sundaram’s article on the planned destruction of the Hindu heritage is quite shocking ! How is it possible that Hindus in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have been so terrorised by the Italian mafia that this process was allowed ?

    Sometime ago HK published the Resolutions of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha. This constitutes the beginning of a fightback.

    Hope some formal body can be established by Shri Sundaram and colleagues to prevent further inroads into the temples. 5

  4. pasyan Reply

    July 15, 2010 at 8:36 am

    Your down fall is because of you
    Why we blame sonia? Prior to her arrival there were thousands of foreiners who looted Bharat, and you were simply watching. No. You were not even watching. You were sleeping.
    You have a better culture and an everliving religion(way of life).But you are not united.You are selfish. Divided. go to your temple. How greedy are your priests. Go to politics. How opportunitic are your so called leaders.You are not lacking any guidance.You had Rama, Krishna, Sankara, Buddha, Bala Gangadhara Tilaka, and even Vivikanda. But you have learnt nothing. Poor fellow. Nothing!You, in Kerala could not face a Tipu!Boasting, and boasting alone, you surrendered to the Mughals, English, and many others.So where you are lacking?
    I have noticed that in Kerala almost every town/market place have been captured either by christians or by muslims.All selling plots are being purcahased by these communities. Where are you? You say they mint money from gulf countries/America/canada/Ireland. Why you have no space to collect money? You are a majority ruled by minority!
    Pathetic. Now. Instead of blaming Sonia or SMS(sardar manmohan singh) you try to unite Hindus. Go and beg at the door of Narayana Panicker and Vellapilly Natesan. Tell them quoating “Bible”, sons you do not know want you are doing!
    Vivekanda had already warned you. Arise..Arise! 5

  5. vedamgopal Reply

    July 16, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Tolerating the intolerant is the basic weakness of every Indian/Hindu. That is why Mr.Pasyan is question why you oppose Sonia’s loots when you are not questioning earlier looting by foreign invaders. Mr.Pasyan wants all Indian/Hindu to stick on to the basic (tolerating the intolerant principle) Sorry Sir we have to attack in all direction to unit Hindu.

    1000 years of barbaric, abrahamic, moisture less, desert, and devil religion rule in India Indians were made mentally sick and ran for survival. Due to contamination of devils quality into Hinduism/Hindu, it had lost its luster/character.

    British looted the Indian wealth to develop their nation and made India into a waste land.
    British sowed the seed of enmity between cast, communities, language, region, religion, race theory, distortion historical facts to claim that Christianity is very old and every thing in the world is the product of west so that Hindu to loose their self respect and identity.

    Now the cycle is reviving. Hindu temples are being built everywhere throughout the world Churches are kept closed in USA/UK. Some of the churches turned in to Hindu Yoga practice Hall, in some church wine shops are operated, in some church boxing competitions are conducted. Some churches buildings are sold to compensate the sex abuse activity. Church trading business is severely affected. In recent years they have chosen India for their trade and Sonia is the sole authority for this task

  6. Dr Vijaya Rajiva Reply

    July 16, 2010 at 3:07 am

    To Shri Paysan
    I am somewhat surprised at your outburst!

    True, there has been much betrayal in Bharat’s past and even today.

    And certaily Hindus must unite.

    But right now we are dealing with a concrete problem, the inordinate power of one individual who has no sympathy for Hinduism and who is influenced by her own religious dogma.

    As my article indicates, she has an agenda.

    It is incumbent on all Bharatiyas to fight this agenda.There are many ways to do this.

    The first is ofcourse to throw the Congress out at election time. 5

  7. anantha Reply

    July 16, 2010 at 6:35 am


  8. pasyan Reply

    July 16, 2010 at 8:58 am

    What is bound to happen will happen
    @ Dear Dr.Vijaya Rajiv Ji.
    My indignation, if it is so as you said that I am outbursting, is to the attitude that one person , basically a foreign Christian, is controlling and devasing India’s culture. Single person guided by Pope! What the crores of Hindus doing then?
    Evenif she does that, so what?
    Hindu scripturs say that whatever happened is good, whatever happening is good and whatever will happen in future is also good. So why to worry? According Hindu belief this is Kali Yuga and all unwanted things will happen. It is bound to happen. Then comes Pralaya. Every thing will change and you will have another Sathya Yuga and so on. Whenever a Dharma chuti happens the God himself will take avathar and reinstate the Dharma. That is Bharat Varsh. So why do you worry?Yours is Sanathana Dharma, nobody can destroy that. Even if you fight, fight is limited to going to a shaka, attend some Baideks, writing about danger to our nation and culture, vote for a party. You live upto the age of 93 and die.Over? Still you believe that you will take birth in this Pavanabhoomi.
    Paradoxically enough I never heard that Sai Baba and Amrithanda Mayi is luring/attracting christians/muslims and bringing crores of ruppees from foreign counties which may be a danger to their religion. They dont cry. They work, labourious work. Purchase lands. Do marketing. Go to their church/mosque. No lamenting.
    Got me? My indignation?


  9. The Truth Reply

    July 16, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    how good are you?
    Sonia has a son. He devotedly works to accomplish her mother’s dreams.

    You all have sons too. Do they devotedly work to realise your dream (a Hindu India)?

    If not, then why blame Sonia? She’s done a better job than you and has better chikdren than you. 5

  10. To Shri Pasyan Reply

    July 16, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    You still have not understood my point

    Hindus in India may be a majority but they do not have a level playing field.They are therefore at a disadvantage.

    Regarding Sonya’s first agenda: it will not succeed, as I have said.

    Her second agenda may also fail: this is a prediction.

    Defending Bharat has to do with my philosophical position.
    Bharat is the last of the great civilisational defences against excessive modernisation and destruction of the planet. 5

  11. Dr Vijaya Rajiva Reply

    July 16, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    To Shri Truth
    I gather you are a Congress person.

    As I say in my article,
    Bharat will remain a Hindu country despite Sonia’s efforts.

    The question for her is will her second agenda also succeed ? 5

  12. vedamgopal Reply

    July 16, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    military rule
    In spite of British divide and rule theories implanted Hindus were united , fought and got the freedom after shedding blood and flesh of cores & cores innocent civilian. One of the greatest blunders done by Mr.Gandhi is appeasement of Muslims. Almost gone to the extent of licking their legs, which is not warranted. Second blunder done by the congress is separation of linguistic state. The third blunder done by the congress is following the foot steps of British divide and rule policy and appeasement of minorities. Linguistic regional politics facilitated the above to thrive for selfish goal of politician. Now the situation is worst than the British rule and every individual is a voice less slaves to the selfish dictator politician. The ground reality is that even if anybody utters Hindu in public he will be charged and put in jail. Hence uniting the Hindu at this juncture is practically not possible. Only military rule for a few years may solve the problem ? 5

  13. vedamgopal Reply

    July 16, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Hindu scriptures say that whatever happened is good, whatever happening is good and whatever will happen in future is also good. So why to worry? Then why Krishna advised Arjuna to wage war. When Adarmic forces strengthen it is the duty of the Dharmic to wage war against it

    Sonia has a son. He devotedly works to accomplish her mother’s dreams. Yes true the dream of Christianization of Bharat and make every Indian permanent slave of the west. It is going to be a day dream !!!!!!!!!

  14. Dr Vijaya Rajiva Reply

    July 17, 2010 at 5:25 am

    To Shri Vedamgopal

    Agreed about the need to fight adharmic forces.

    The situation is slowly but surely changing and we have to ensure that the enslavement of Bharat is fought off.

    My own impression is that the new Bharatiya is also returning to the ancestral faith, even while meeting the challenges of modernity.

    I will be writing about this topic shortly.

    Meanwhile,Sonya’s evangelical project will fail.

    At election time Hindus must ensure that her second project does not succeed. 5

  15. The Truth Reply

    July 17, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Sonia outperformed Hindu PMs
    To Vedamgopal en Dr Vijaya Rajiva:

    If you fail to teach your children to fight for a Hindu India, then the only place in India which may remain Hindu is perhaps Bharatpur and not Bharat.

    Sonia taught her children to fight for what she believes in: a Christian India.

    Do all Hindus teach their children to fight for a Hindu India?

    Don’t think that without a fight, India will remain Hindu. Already Kashmir, Kerala, W. Bengal, parts of UP, the whole of North-East are getting out of or are totally out of control of the Hindus.

    In a few decades the present eldest generation (which fought for independence and expected to see a Hindu India) will die. Then who will fight for Hindu India? It should be their children!!
    Have they taught them to?

    The children of the Musalman and Isaai are totally indoctrinated (by their parents and religious leaders) that they should dominate in India. Hindu children are talking about secularism and bhaai-chara.

    That’s what I meant when I said Sonia did a better job (with her children) and a better job as a ruler: Vajpayee, Rama Rao, VP Singh etc being Hindus refused to make India a Hindu nation.

    Sonia is a Christian and makes all efforts to Christianise India. Then hasn’t she been doing a better job in protecting her faith in comparison to our Hindu leaders?

    And what about all those Hindus who support Sonia in Christianising India? Do you really think she will fail when so many Hindus blindly support her? When foreign nations support her? When the Hindu saints are mum on the subject? When Hindus have created a perfect infrastructure (for their conversion) called the caste system? When Indians have become copy cats of the Wetsern lifestyle? When Indians are loyal to foreign nations and not to India? When Indians put their money in foreign banks instead of investing in India?

    Brothers, you sure have a lot of work to do to convince your fellow Hindus. A very hard work. I wish you lots of succes. 5

  16. vedamgopal Reply

    July 18, 2010 at 5:41 am

    Day dream
    Sonia out performed Hindu PM’s: Best joke by Mr.Truth (liar/sinner) . Sonia out performed in swindling India’s wealth and depositing wickedly in foreign banks. The two terms of UPA Governance only swindling of public wealth done in a scientific manner and Sonia is the number one in the long list. The poor is becoming still poorer and the rich is becoming richer. Prices of essential commodities gone to rocket height.

    Bharatpur and not Bharat : You are totally a brain washed Christian that is why you are exposing your venomous mindset. There are plenty of traitors like you in India all are grown up under white lady gown and ready to sell their own mother ignoring their forefathers root. That is why Vivekananda said converting to Christianity is not just a change of Religion but creating one enemy to Hindu/India.

    Survival of the fittest is the law which governs the animal nature prevalent in western culture. India has seen so many onslaught for more than 1000 years and able to recover intact and we are confident that truth will triumph. Instead of advising us to teach our children you please come out of the dirty religion and faithful to your ancestors.

    The legacy of Western civilization to the world – Dark Ages, Crusades, The Inquisition, Witch Hunt, Slavery, Colonization of Africa, Asia, America and Australia, Imperialism, World Wars, Holocaust, Bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Conversion and destruction of Native cultures to Christianity, Drugs, School shootings in American schools, Gun violence, Racism, Clergy sex Abuse, Viagra spamming American Capitalism, quest for individualism, Iraq war …. ).

    Under each heading voluminous historic authenticated information are available to show the dirty face of Christianity

    What ever I said is truth nothing but truth only but you born sinners as per the teaching of Christ keep telling lies and fooling the ignorant.

  17. The Truth Reply

    July 18, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    are you committed?

    You still didn’t look into the question: have you taught your children, nieces, nephews and all of them to fight for a Hindu India?

    If you didn’t, then you and your family and community are going to lose, for Sonia and her likes have programmed all their children, all their descendants to Christianize/Islamitise Bharat.

    Though Sonia is no PM, she did what no Hindu PM ever dared: she uses all her political influence to Christianise India. The Pope told her to and she obeys.

    Why did not any Shankaracharya or Mandaleshvar or mahant tell any of the Hindu PMs to Hinduise Bharat? And if they have told, did any of the PMs obey?

    I tell you, the resolve in the Muslim and Christian communities to dominate India is much bigger than that of the Hindus. Unless you and your community – all generations living today – dont vow to make Bharat a Hindu country in all spheres, you’re only going to rule over Bharatpur, and maybe not even that.

    Wish you the best, dear friend. 5

  18. vedamgopal Reply

    July 19, 2010 at 4:23 am

    day dream
    Mr. Truth please stop advising Hindus. We are all committed and we know how and when to organize in one line all the Hindu brethren to suppress the anti element forces like you. We Hindu never aimed to Hindu vise India and at the same time we do not want India to be Christianized or Islamized. Patriotic Hindus are against Conversion ( produces traitors like you against Indian unity), Jihad ( I need not have to explain – recently one Muslim mob chopped a Christian professor hand in a day light and all the Christian cowards are not raising any voice against this). Christians always afraid to convert a Muslim and you are only making Hindus to be ferocious like Muslim which is not good for unity. Now the strength of Muslim has increased to 20% and looking for Golden opportunity to Islamize India and you dirty Christians are giving room for this to happen. Don’t think that Muslim will haunt only Hindu you too can not escape. Don’t give room for this and stop all the conversion activities. Also shed down you foolish imagination of Christianization of Bharat. I am sure that Mr. Pope is going to be arrested one day for hiding the sex scandals of church padre’s under the carpet. 5

  19. The Truth Reply

    July 19, 2010 at 7:27 am

    who’s day dreaming?
    Mr Vedamgopal,

    You say: we Hindu never aimed to Hindu vise India and at the same time we do not want India to be Christianized or Islamized.

    So, you allow room to Christians/Muslims for conversion (because that’s their character) and at the same time you are against Hinduisation of India (you never aimed to Hindu vise India).

    It seems to me you’re a bit confused. You sound like a pseudo-secular person. You say you’re committed to Hinduism. How, if you don’t want India to become a Hindu nation?

    You think Hinduism will spread on its own, without any effort?

    You think the anti-Hindu forces will cooperate in the growth of Hinduism?

    Just find out what it is you want, please!

    And as of my advice, what advice have you for protection of Hinus, Hinduism and Hindu culture?

    If Hindus do not become ferocious, who will respect them?

    You want unity. Unity comes only from strength of Hinduism, not from weak Hindus.

    Yo’re forgetting that you’re dealing with people (Muslims/Christians) who only respet tit-for-tat.

    But please, keep on dreaming about peaceful Muslims/Christians who will respect and protect Hinduism.

    I now hav a pretty good idea what it is you have been teaching your children/grandchildren (if you have them). 5

  20. vedamgopal Reply

    July 20, 2010 at 1:12 am

    for unity
    Conversion is perversion – invasion through conversion to be stopped immediately for Indian unity. Spreading of Islam/Christianity both not good for peaceful human existence. Islam is FIRE and Christianity is FUEL. 5

  21. pallavi yusuf Reply

    August 6, 2010 at 7:56 am

    Are these fears real?

    Kaikeyi, had two desirs. One of these is to crown her son, the other is to send the embodiment of sanatana dharma to go on exile. If it so Kaikeyi is at Hastinapuram and Mandara is at Rome.
    The author, a philosophical teacher at Canada University may know better.
    But when you predict both of these will not succed, then why this aricle? For Hindu unity?
    Manushyan nannavilla. “swayam Kritanartham” , “sambhavami yuge yuge..” 5

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