Some significant points on Muslim Reservations by Dr Togadia

· Date:June 13, 2012

1. Religion based reservations are unconstitutional as many HCs have given judgments to this regard. 4.5% reservation to Muslims is religion based reservation.

2.   Appointment of the Sachhar Committee is itself unconstitutional as its terms of reference are religion based. It is against all Supreme Court judgments on secularism (refer to the 2008 case in Del HC – petition against Sachhar Committee by Rashtriya Mukti Morcha, appeared for them : Advocate P N Lekhi, Justice Thakur & Justice Siddharth Mridul termed the Sachhar Committee ‘Unconstitutional move by the Govt.’)

3.   Sachhar Committee report has no reference or study about the actual comparison between Muslim OBC’s educational & economic status and the same of Hindu OBC. The details of their survey limit themselves to Hindu Sc / Hindu OBC / Hindu others / but Muslim ALL. No Muslim OBCs.

4.     If there is no study that proves that Muslim OBCs are far behind Hindu OBCs, then how & on what basis the Govt has been giving quota or preference to Muslim OBCs over Hindu OBCs? This itself it invalid & preposterous.

5.     Per Sachhar Committee report itself Muslims in 9 states are educationally much more ahead than Hindus.  Why should Muslims get benefit of any quota?

6.    The methodology & sample sizes of the Sachhar Committee studies are not up to the international standards for any social or demographic survey. In this situation, any conclusion or recommendation thereof cannot be taken as valid.

7.  Sachhar Committee’s conclusion that Muslims in Bharat are economically & educationally backward is invalid. National Sample Survey in 24 states & Union Territories prove that the average Muslim household at national level spends more ( Rs. 40,327) than the Hindu household (40,009) re annual household expenditure.

8.  Incidents of infant & child mortality, degree of urbanization & average life expectancy at birth are the three internationally accepted parameters for economical status. In all these three Muslims are not backward. In urbanization Muslims are ahead with 36% than Hindus with 26%. In Life expectancy (crude death rate per 1000: 9.6 for Hindus & 8.9 for Muslims)

9.     Sachhar Committee has taken population as the basis of the study & analysis as well as for recommendations. There is a norm for majority that is of 2 children whereas Muslims have exempted from this norm quoting their religion. In such situation, no facilities can be legally & socially given based on the population percentage because the growth rate of Hindus & Muslims re population is not at par due to governmental norms Vs Muslims’ religious vehemence. From 1961 to 2001 total population of India has grown by 134% while Muslim population has grown by 194% and consequently the share of the Muslim population was 10.7% in 1961 which has become 13.4% in 2001. In such a forced disparity on Hindus re population growth norms, Muslims should not be given any facility or quota based on their population. It is against any laws of democracy. The population growth difference between Muslims & non-Muslims was 15% in the decade of 1951 -1961 whereas it has become 50% in 1991-2001 decade. Their unlimited children cannot be burdened on Hindus who follow development norms generally of 2-3 kids.

10.If the Sachhar Committee is the study & comparison of Muslim & Hindu economic & social status then the said committee should have taken Hindu opinion & experience into consideration. DGP Ohri approached the said Sachhar committee three times, but the said committee purposely ignored the requests for a hearing & his written submission was not even considered in the final report. This means the said Sachhar Committee’s report is intentionally biased & one-sided.

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  1. GSK Menon Reply

    June 14, 2012 at 12:07 am

    Some significant points
    Muslims must be told point blank to adopt family planning or forego all benefits and exemptions.

  2. S Kumar Reply

    June 14, 2012 at 6:01 am

    Some significant points on Muslim Reservations
    As per the 2011 census,among the children who are aged 6 years or below muslims constitute 36% in Kerala and 35% in UP. Remember ,Muslims were only 19% in 1971 in Kerala. Surely Kerala will become another Kashmir in 20 years. In spite of reaching such a point of no return, Hindus of Kerala are so much divided and fighting each other.

  3. Params Reply

    June 14, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    Hinduism under Threat !
    Sachhar Report has been an attempt to portray a wrong image of Muslims. While they are surging ahead in Population, Govt. has been keeping quite and offering them with quotas and monetary aids in the form of Subsidies and Concessions. Its the duty of every Hindu to take up on each of us as our prime responsibility to understand, educate each Hindus about the Hidden agendas of Islam. This is not only Harmful to Hindus but a conspiracy to establish Islamic Rule in India. Our Government is striving hard enough in favour of Islam.
    Only Hindus can help in Hindus Survival.

  4. sumit Reply

    June 15, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    dangers of muslim majoriy
    It appears that it is some kind of sin to be a Hindu in this country. All of the so called policies of social justice and equality are in fact, policies of discrimination in disguise. Please do something. Otherwise, soon we will lose a civilization which is thousands of year in age and will be living in Arabic culture which is so very much intolerent. As soon as the muslims reach majority, which they are set to, they will impose Shariat. Some of the features of this Islamic rule are:
    All non muslims will have to pay jajia for being non muslims.
    All hindu festivals like diwali, holi, etc will be banned forever.
    Hindu girls will be forcefully married to Muslims boys.
    There will be forceful conversions of all non-muslims.
    Imagine any thing which anti hindu, it will become a reality.

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