Social Networks sites rife with malicious campaign against Amrithanandamayi Madom

· Date:July 16, 2012

Growth of Amrithanandamayi  Madom  under Matha Amrithanandamayi in Kerala and the influence ‘Amma’ have across the world is something hard for Anti Hindus in Kerala to digest.Well concerted Campaigns against ‘Amma’ and her institutions by vested interests were always there, since ‘Amma’ started her silent revolution through  ‘Love’.

In the state of Kerala, were Hindus are marginalised in all fields, Presence of Amma and her institutions from School to Multi Speciality Hospitals is indeed a stumble block for the organised minority. Keralites need no introduction to hundreds of ‘Seva’ programs initiated by Amrithanandamayi Madom. Even still the Anti Hindus still try to tarnish the great institution and ‘Amma’ whenever they get a chance.

The image attached is one such propaganda material spread in social network sites. Many a times it is Jihadis, Christian fanatics and Communists who clubs up together to spearhead any such campaign against Amma.

The reference made here is regarding the recent Liver Transplant held in AIMS.AIMS and Lakeshore Hospital in Kochi are the two Hospitals in Kerala where there is facility for Liver transplantation. It is nearly 80 Lakhs to 1 crore the cost for Liver transplantation in Western countries and 20-50 lakhs in other Metropolitan cities in India for Liver transplantation. Apart from all these, AIMS itself have waived 4 lakh rupees considering the financial background of Swathi Krishna. Rest of the amount were raised by her school and friends.

Many Hindus also get carried away with such propagandas, without realizing the truth and the ulterior agenda behind such. The following report came on same day – while Anti Hindus were spreading their malicious campaign . Presenting the following for the attention of those Hindus who got carried away with such negative propagandas.

A warm, protective wing from Amritha Kuteeram for two families, who spent a miserable life under Kuttomburam Bridge! Read on-

Ettumanur: Saju and Anil were people who did small time labour for a living, like climbing trees and plucking coconuts. The wives of Saju and Anil are two sisters, Ambili and Ambika. However, following a family strife, Anil and Saju left their homes. Their family members who depended on them, were left to fend for themselves and began living in a thatched hut under a bridge in the Kottayam Kallara route. The families of both men consists of tiny children.

Seeing their hapless condition, Amrithanandamayi Madam swung into action and constructed a safe home for them. The construction was completed on Saturday. As they accepted the keys of the new world that assures them security and comfort, the two women and the children had their hearts and minds filled with prayer. The keys were handed over in the presence of President of Ettumanoor Grama Panchayat James Thomas Plakkithotti, representatives of Amrithanandamayi Madham Brahmacharini Nishttamritha Chaitanya and others.

A safe haven now, where they can sleep in peace!

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  1. v.s.nair Reply

    July 16, 2012 at 9:16 am

    Amrutha hospital
    I know a lot of philanthropic activities are done by The Madh. but it is time to take stock of the administration of the hospital.All is not well there, the treatment is too expensive, the quality is not as good as it should be. The personal experience of many people were bad.

  2. Anoop K S Reply

    July 16, 2012 at 9:39 am

    I too have a complaint. The facilities may be good, but the hospitality is poor. I have an uncle who finally has to go to a pvt hospital in Kochi city for by pass surgery leaving Amrutha due to their ill teratment.

  3. Sujeev Reply

    July 16, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Amrita Medical Entrance.
    There seems to be a problem with the entrance exam to Amrita medical too. Even long time Amma devotees feel it is a sham. What is the point in conducting an entrance exam, if there are no merit seats in the institution? Only for the fee required to write the exam? Rs. 1,500 collected from the many thousands of students who sign up for the exam = a lot of money! The managers of Amma’s institutions have to be proactive in dealing with potential problems. Cannot afford to have even a whiff of a scandal at Amma’s institutions.

  4. Venugopal Kaikulath Reply

    July 17, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    Beware of anti-Hindu campaigns.
    Dear V.S.Nair, Amma herself should order regular audits to ensure that all her institutions maintain high standards. But we should be alert to campaigns that are unleashed only to tarnish the image of Amma.

  5. Vijayalakshmi Reply

    July 18, 2012 at 4:15 am

    anti-Hindu propaganda against MAM.
    The anti-Hindu Inc. of Crostians,jihadis,Marxists and ‘Secularists’ have been maliciously targetting our revered spiritual Gurus, who have a large following all over the world.They are jealous of the popularity of these spiritual leaders.Hence they find some small excuse to malign them and their institutions and Seva activities,whereas they dare not find fault with any of the so-called minority institutions,whether they are educational instiutions or hospitals,which bleed the society after obtaining various benefits from the Govt.Hindus should not be foolish enough to believe the maicious propaganda of the vested interests.It is another way of targetting Hindus.Beware!

  6. Sumesh Reply

    July 19, 2012 at 4:34 am

    Money is necessary for all social causes

    Running a superficiality, ultra modern Hospital like this can not be possible without money. Amma is running this Charitable Organization in purpose of helping less privileged people. But except “Amma” none can work on charity. The doctors, medical and para medical staff, utility facilities all need money.

    Instead of appreciating “Amma”, these Hindu haters are always fingering at all the charity organization of Hindus, while freely allowing other religious institution to loot the people and Govt. Its a calculated propaganda against a most reputed institution. These manipulators started this kind of negative propaganda, the day it started functioning. We, Hindus know it better. The people who got money, has to pay the expenses. Helps should have provided only to those who are helpless.

  7. Aravind Reply

    September 24, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Truth About Amritanandamayi and Satnam Singh Mann
    Here is a very good website about what truly happened to Satnam Singh Mann. After reading this blog it is very clear that Amma and the Ashram had nothing to do with this boy’s death.

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