Share the anquish and come forward to support your brethern : Kummanam to Hindu Soceity

· Date:April 24, 2012

Thiruvananthapuram: Hindu soceity as a whole should come forward to share the anguish faced by their brethren in the state, belonging to the scheduled castes and tribes,” said State General Secretary of Hindu Aikya Vedi, Kummanom Rajashekharan. He exhorted members of the Hindu community to awaken into the path of empathy, to share and experience their grief and sorrow, just as they would with the members of their own family. So also should be the case when a member of the Hindu community converts into another religion. Kummanom Rajashekharan was addressing a gathering in connection with the meeting on ‘Hindu Resurgence and Backward Scheduled Communities’, organized by KPMC (Kerala Pulaya Mahasabha) State Committee at Gandhi Park.

Reiterating that all Hindus share the same ancestry, lineage and culture, he insisted that the history of Kerala must now open to a new chapter of complete change. “The unified Hindu community need not cause any kind of panic to those following other religions.  Hindus are not uniting to conspire any kind of siege on members of the Christian and Muslim community. It is for the integration of the members of scheduled castes and tribes into the mainstream Hindu community and the ardent desire to see them lead a dignified life.
Members of the minority religious community have the financial backing of foreign aid and support of those in power. Last year alone, Kerala witnessed a flow of Rs 8000 crore into the state. However, the way it has been spent remains mysteriously unaccounted. This results in the development of a parallel financial system .When medical and engineering colleges are started with this money, the first issue they discuss with government is to remove existing SC-ST reservation from these colleges.If the current scenario continues , in a span of ten years, the entire batch of doctors and engineers who graduate, will belong wholly to the Christian or Muslim community, “ he pointed out.

Well organised minority votebank helps them to cast their say in each and every matter and to marginalize Hindus.Therefore it is important to recognize who our enemies are. Education, trade, real estate are some of the core areas that are now being confiscated by members of the minority communities. No social reformer or crusader is prepared to voice out against the hidden agenda of the members of the minority communities,” he voiced out strongly.
Kummanom Rajashekharan pointed out a heinous episode that took place in a school in Thiruvananthapuram, where the word ‘jihad’ was carved on the hand of a Hindu student, following which school authorities remained strangely indifferent. He also reminded the gathering about yet another case of ‘Love Jihad’, where a girl from Balaramapuram was harassed to no end by members of the minority community, following her rejection of a proposal. “No MLA was even prepared to look into the case. Five years ago in Karunagappilli, following a collision with a ship, when 5 of our Hindu brothers suffered serious injuries, the government was not prepared to shell out even a paise in form of aid. Regarding the recent episode of throwing a country bomb at the Ganapathy temple in Palakkad, the government has not even moved an inch to probe into the incident or make any effort to arrest the culprits. The kind of government we have in our state is one who discriminates openly even regarding issues like hunger, deaths, bomb attacks etc,”said Rajettan.

“The meaning of Hindu resurgence stands synonymous with humanity, which has to be roped back into Kerala society. Those who have undergone religious conversion from the scheduled castes and tribes and even after that crying for reservation is unacceptable and unjustifiable.The demands put forth by KPMS should be taken into consideration and implemented at the earliest,” said Rajettan, referring to the KPMS as a huge Baniyan tree, which has branched out immensely, at the same time retaining its Hindu roots. He reiterated his strong faith that this organization, which has always upheld the principle of Dharma will be preserved by the Hindu community.

The function was presided by KPMS State President TV Babu. Secretary of the organization Thuravoor Suresh spoke eloquently on the topic. CP Sugathan, Mohan Triveni etc were some of the prominent speakers who addressed the gathering. General Secretary of the organization NK Neelaknathan Master delivered the welcome speech, while the vote of thanks was rendered by MK Sasidharan. The preview of the movie ‘Suryadev’, depicting the life and times of Mahatma Ayyankali was also done on the occasion.

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  1. sahya Reply

    April 25, 2012 at 5:50 am

    Hardly Bothers
    This hardly bothers Hindu casteists, for them its the growing clout of semitic faiths is the issue.

    No doubt these forgotten , broken and marginalised people found assylum in churches and mosques , for the caste hindus this just due to a phenomen of ‘fate’. The succeding generations of the architects of the ‘Branthalaya’ still hold the sway.
    may God save Hinduism from them
    Vande Matharam

  2. Suresh Reply

    April 27, 2012 at 2:45 am

    Choldren of God
    These less fortuned, innocent people are our brothers and sisters. Instead of differentiating our people, we should start loving them more than ever before.
    See their faces, they are innocent,they are too honest, they are hard working, they are committed, still they are struggling. Because of the ignorance of the successful Governments in Kerala, they did nothing creative to these people. Today or tomorrow, every Communist and Congress man will realize it, by that it would be too late.
    Most of them are working as farm hands in their own land encroached by land mafias. These land mafias killed their fathers, brothers and husbands to occupy the land or they encroached their forest land where they lived by generations. The Govts in power empowered their weakness, for making them vote banks. They encouraged conversions to make them vote banks.
    Brothers and sisters, we can not be the innocent by standers any more. They too are the honest Hindus and son of this soil. BJP can only unite Hindus, the way they united the entire Hindus in Gujarath. Now Sri. Narendra Modi’s Govt created more jobs, raised income of the people, reduced poverty, brought economic opportunity to more people and places.
    There is no farmers’ suicide, no malnutritioned death, no infant mortality. They have very strong health care projects where nutrition aid for poor children and women.
    See suicide Nos in our community and see the history of home mortgage foreclosures exploding, our families are the victims in maximum cases. Because there is no social assistance, no educational support for our deserving children.

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