Sex predators of Christian Clergy and The Church Cover-up

· Date:March 2, 2009

During the past several years, the mass media in Kerala
has been awash with reports of Catholic priestly pedophilia, sex abuse
of nuns by the clergy, nun suicide, and Church cover-up. The
politically powerful Christian Church
has been reluctant to admit that sexual abuse by the clergy is a
widespread occurrence. Repeated media stories report accounts of both
long-term and situational incidents of nuns being sexually abused by
the clergy, murder of nuns, physical abuse
of children in Christian management schools, sexual abuse of children
in Bible Schools, ragging in colleges and violence against nuns. The
consequences of sexual abuse are traumatic and long lasting. What is
hard to accept is why the Church refuses to accept sex abuse by the
clergy. Sex abuse by the clergy is a harsh reality, and the Church must
understand what it is, know the factors-both physical and
behavioral-that may indicate its existence, and be familiar with
repeated occurrence.

general public is becoming more aware of the extent and nature of sex
abuse by the priests. Nationally reported sensational trials of
priestly sex abuse and murder have brought priestly deviance and Church
cover-up into focused attention. The CBI investigation of the nun
Abhaya murder trial, arrest of Catholic priests
and supervisory nuns forced the public to confront sex abuse, murder,
and the Church blame shift and cover-up. Nun Abhaya was murdered
because she had witnessed priestly sex with her supervisory nuns and
she spoke out against sex in the convent. Another nun Anupama had
committed suicide allegedly unable to face sexual harassment by senior
nuns. Another senior nun Jesme has written in detail in her
autobiography about brutal, inhuman sex abuse by priests and nuns. She
has reported experiences with sex abuse, attempted or actual rape,
assault or violence. In spite of repeated cases of sex abuse, murder,
suicide and assault, the Church has attempted “knee-jerk” reaction,
cover-up or quick fixes for this emotionally charged serious problem.
The Church with deep pockets and political muscle has been sabotaging
high-profile cases. The widespread use of Church money and power has
provided increased opportunities to provoke the impression of Christian
prosecution. The political-money power of the Church prevents
government from arresting, prosecuting and punishing dangerous
Christian priests who are sex offenders. As a result, the police, the
Judiciary and the government have been reluctant to investigate arrest
or prosecute sex predators and deviant priests. The Churches are
engaged in media manipulation, blame game and victim abuse. But the
general public claim priestly sex abuse clearly exists and is more
widespread than believed. Sex abuse by the Christian clergy creates
anxiety and apprehension and present serious social problem. Several
nuns have committed suicide and many others have become mentally sick.

disturbing were the obvious predatory offenders who would, in open
defiance, refuse to admit their sex crimes have been transferred to
Europe and America. Several Christian priests from Kerala were arrested
in the US for lewd, lascivious, or indecent assault and are serving long-term prison sentences.

As a further influence towards sexual abuse in the Christian community,
Biblical socio-cultural values that emphasize male dominance,
interpersonal violence, negative values of women, and sexual
exploitation of children influence sex abuse. Christian women have
found that throughout the history of Christianity, the Bible has been used as a Christian scripture for sexual exploitation of women
and children. The Christian scriptures contain story after story of
violence against women (Genesis 34, 2 Samuel 13, Judges 19, and Daniel 13). Sexual discrimination against women is also derived from passages in the New Testament.
“Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a
woman to teach, not to usurp authority over the man but to be in
silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not
deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
Notwithstanding she shall be saved in child bearing if they continue in
faith with sobriety.” (Timothy 2:11-15). “Righteous man tells horny
neighbors to rape his virgin daughters instead of taking liberties with
his male guests.” (Genesis 19:1-18). “Though shall not suffer a witch
to live.” (Exodus: 18-22).”God Okays captured maidens to be used as
wives on a trial basis.” (Deuteronom 21-10-14). “I will take your wives
before your eyes and give them to your neighbor, and he shall lie with
your wives in the light of this sun.” (Bible God-2 Samuel 11-12).
Thomas Paine in his “The Age of Reason” captures the essence of the
Bible when he states; “whenever we read the obscene stories, the
voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and tortuous executions, the
unrelenting vindictiveness with which more than half the Bible is
filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a
demon, than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has
served to corrupt and brutalize mankind and for my part; I sincerely
detest it, as I detest anything that is cruel.”

the blame must be nightly placed on the individual priests who
committed the heinous sexual acts, society must not forget that it is
the Christian religion that is also generally responsible. Besides the
biggest crime of the silence concerning priestly sex predators,
Christianity is also responsible for many other wrong around the world.

The sex predators in the Church feel more protected since the Christian Churches
have no policy to identify and restrict known sexual offenders among
the clergy. The Churches in India have no policy or guidelines to
identify priests having strong sexual propensities. There are several
instances where Catholic Sunday school teachers, priests and school
officials engaged in pedophile pattern of sexual misconduct in such an
egregious nature that there is a substantial likelihood of serious
physical or mental harm being inflicted on the victims. The Church
holds that predatory sexual behavior does not constitute the kind of
injury, pain, or other evil. The Church’s failure in addressing the
sexual misconduct of the clergy amounts to ignoring substantial
likelihood of serious physical or emotional harm to the victims. There
are no mandatory reporting
guidelines, sex abuse registration, community notification guidelines,
uniform sex abuse reporting requirement, national incident-based
reporting system, or any mechanism for national sex crime victimization
survey in the Church in order to help Christian community feel safer.
Given the criminal and public health significance
of sex offenders among the Christian clergy, it is surprising how
little has been done by the Church to acknowledge or to prevent such
deviant acts. The powerful Churches have no means for measuring sex
violence, assault, rape, attempted murder or murder by the clergy, as
well as collecting data both prevalence rates (number of victims) or
incidence rates (number of incidents). The government is under the
political pressure from the Christian Churches and is unwilling to
enact laws in an effort to restore a sense of safety and security to
the community.

the Churches have joined together and have formed several “divine
treatment” centers for indoctrinating and accusing the victims of sex
abuse. The Potta Divine Center near Angamali and the mistreatment of
sex abuse victims has sparked considerable debate among Psychiatrists,
legal experts, human rights activists. Questions have been raised
regarding the legality of such Christian institutions
and illegal and unethical treatment of sex abuse victims by the
predator priests. The Church has detained many nuns who have been
sexually assaulted or raped and labeled them as mentally sick. The
labeling process of the victims is used for intimidation, coercive
treatment, false imprisonment
and to silence the sex abuse victims. These illegal detention centers
operated by the Churches have been used for keeping things quiet in an
attempt to do ‘damage control’. Hundreds of inmates at these centers
have died under mysterious circumstances. Bad publicity has dictated an
atmosphere of hushed voices and outrage against those who dare to speak
out against illegal detention, forced treatment and sudden death of sex
abuse victims.

enforcement’s acknowledgement and response to clergy sex abuse has been
slow in coming in Kerala. Even today, police officers would rather not
get involved in crime, violence, sex abuse in the Church for fear of
retaliation from the powerful Christian lobby.

media, professionals and the society in Kerala must accept the fact
that victims of clergy sex abuse and victims of sexual harassment
especially nuns have rights and need. The government must enact
legislation to ensure financial rewards for sex abuse victims and
financial independence from the perpetuators. Freedom of the Church to
run religious schools and illegal treatment centers without government
regulations must be subject to scrutiny.  The
consequences of sex abuse by the priests are traumatic and the
ramifications are serious. Although there is disagreement among the
Church hierarchy, all agree that sex abuse by the clergy is a serious
problem that must be handled by the police and the judiciary
effectively. The media must expose and educate the public against
clergy sex abuse and use of women as sexual trophies or playthings
instead of equals by the Church. Only through ongoing awareness
campaign against the special Church privileges, priestly sex deviance
and exploitation of nuns and such heinous sex crimes can be put to an

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  1. Robin Reply

    March 2, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Be matured
    Please be matured in handling medias as it generalise some atrocities done by few. The sexual starvation of community might have affected priesthood also and it is not the problem of any particular community and I think you are also well aware of that. I can also give you some this kind of news from other community, but that kind of retaliation won’t be good, it seems. Do you think that by exaggerating the malicious activities of few priests, you can tarnish the image of Global Catholic Church? Then you are in an alien world!!! 5

  2. SeaLion Reply

    March 2, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    Sex Predators
    Dear HK,
    Just check the devastating expose done by Sandhya Jain (Daily Pioneer 03rd March 2009) on the same. It should also be prominently displayed on HK.
    Also Taalibaan Islamist terrorists has attacked Sri Lankan team in Lahore 6 players are seriously injured 5

  3. Sattanathan Paramakudi Reply

    March 2, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    Stay away from these rogues
    Any layman dealing with the church and it’s cheating padris can feel the distinct ‘stink’ in their very personality. There is an unseen but all evident dark side like an aura surrounding these whitefrocked criminals. Keep your children and women far away from these hyenas. They must be punished at every available opportunity. 5

  4. Omkar Reply

    March 3, 2009 at 1:28 am

    Reply to Robin
    We are not concerned Global Catholic Church. We are concerned with their nefarious activities in India and conversion stratgies employed by them.The Church in Kerala and India preach something and practice just opposite. Their sole target is to finish Hinduism, the only religion which is an ideological challenge to them in the world. It is not few men in the Church. The entire Church clergy subscribe to hypocrisy. They preach the art of NAKKI KOLLAL to their Kunjadukal. This type of clergy is indeed a threat to our national integrity. 5

  5. pvas Reply

    March 3, 2009 at 2:07 am

    The Global Catholic church has always been trouble!
    Response to ROBIN-ji:

    Please note that the incidences involving Indian catholic church is not just a ‘stray’ problem. I don’t know how much you are acquainted with all the terrible deeds of the catholic church throughout the western world. The abuse of children, young women & men by the Catholic Clery is world-wide phenomenon. Everything came out in the open in the west a decade ago.

    It has come out in the open in India ONLY NOW, because of this one courageous lady who, despite personal attacks aimed against her and character assination by the church and other catholics, decided to reveal the truth.

    Her situation is exactly why many children and young adults refused to open up and speak the truth. The ones who complained were ridiculed, insulted, and humiliated and accused by the church and other catholics (like yourself) of disloyalty. They were threatened, their families threatened, and their lives made miserable by the church and other loyal catholics. Its no wonder that many silently put up with sexual and physical abuses by the clergy their whole lives, afraid to speak up.

    The catholic church has been on the decline in the west for long time now, primarily because of their hypocrisy & cruelty towards other human beings while claiming to be God’s direct messenger. That is precisely why the Vatican wanted to christianize/Catholize India, so as to compensate for their decline in membership in the west after their reputation and image took a beating. The Indian catholics are perceived as being extremely loyal and subservient to the Vatican, and could be trusted to keep silent on anything, even if they were sexually and physically abused. The vatican also thought that because of poverty in India, the silence of the abused and their families could be easily bought.
    But mercifully, all that will change, with Ms. Jesme’s revelations. Why should Indian & African children/adults be subject to such abuse, when those in the west are protected well? 5

  6. Roger Bannister Reply

    March 3, 2009 at 5:44 am

    Catholic Sex Predators
    In a vain and futile attempt to justify Catholic sex predators, Robin is issuing wild threats against those who criticise Catholic Church. Sex deviants, sex predators and criminals exist in every nation. These sex criminals do commit serious crimes for personal reasons. They are arrested, prosecuted and sentenced for long-term prison sentences. But organized Christian Churches rally behind priestly sex predators and subvert judicial intervention. Since Christian scriptures approves and promotes sexual exploitation and oppression of women, they are compelled to cover-up their atrocities. 5

  7. Robin Reply

    March 3, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    Catholic for Truth
    Mr. Roger,
    Yes, I agree you have mentioned few facts regarding some incidents happened in western world and I am aware of the child molestation/abuses done by priests as currently I am settled in Europe and basically from kerala. Again the same stories happened in US and Australia also, for your information. As the body Christ, church should not have faced with these kinds of sins, but that has happened.

    “Christian scriptures approves and promotes sexual exploitation” – who told you this? Word of God strictly warns how to be careful even at looking women and how to keep heart holy in new testament .Christian belief doesn’t support sexual aggressiveness and catholic church is the only one community stand for ‘life’ and if you want I will give you proof also that too in practical with a lot of pro-life movements. But many have been fallen into the traps of evil mainly in immorality. But, whatever be the consequences church will continue with its mission to preach the Good news of Christ, who is the saviour of world without using any tactics and fearlessly taking care of other community, of course they are also in the search of truth and light. 5

  8. Robin Reply

    March 3, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    Catholic for Truth
    Mr. Roger,
    Yes, I agree you have mentioned few facts regarding some incidents happened in western world and I am aware of the child molestation/abuses done by priests as currently I am settled in Europe and basically from kerala. Again the same stories happened in US and Australia also, for your information. As the body Christ, church should not have faced with these kinds of sins, but that has happened.

    “Christian scriptures approves and promotes sexual exploitation” – who told you this? Word of God strictly warns how to be careful even at looking women and how to keep heart holy in new testament .Christian belief doesn’t support sexual aggressiveness and catholic church is the only one community stand for ‘life’ and if you want I will give you proof also that too in practical with a lot of pro-life movements. But many have been fallen into the traps of evil mainly in immorality. But, whatever be the consequences church will continue with its mission to preach the Good news of Christ, who is the saviour of world without using any tactics and fearlessly taking care of other community, of course they are also in the search of truth and light. 5

  9. HM Reply

    March 3, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    Sexaul abuse in the Church
    Catholic Church has been exposed across the globe – not just in India – for its sexually depraved priests. The forced celebacy of priests and nuns leads to this sort of behaviour.

    For centuries it was hushed up and kept under the papal skirts to hide the embaressment to the church. Now that its all out in the open, the Indian church goers also need to be aware of this so they can protect their minors and women from clerical abuse. 5

  10. narendran Reply

    March 4, 2009 at 2:08 am

    May the devil preserve us from the Christian gospel

    I think the reason probably why Robin wants the Church to spread the gospel among us infidels in India may be that he considers Hinduism as nothing but superstition and people need to be cured of it .Who can deny it when the missionary say so and Robin has accepted that as true. But let him spare some time to see which one is more superstitious-Hinduism or Christianity especially Catholicism from the following facts:
    ‘What was the Church actually doing at this time to enlighten the people? At Laon the chief treasures shown to the public were some milk and hair of the Virgin Mary. There was a crystal lid to the golden case and you could — for a consideration — see the precious whitish fluid and the hair with your own eyes. This was Laon’s set-off to the rival attraction at Soissons, a neighboring town, which had secured one of the milk- teeth shed by the infant Jesus.
    There seems to have been enough milk of the Virgin — some of it was still exhibited in Spanish churches in the nineteenth century — preserved in Europe to feed a few calves. There was hair enough to make a mattress. There were sufficient pieces of “the true cross” to make a boat. There were teeth of Christ enough to outfit a dentist (one monastery, at Charroux, had the complete set.) There were so many sets of baby-linen of the infant Jesus, in Italy, France and Spain, that one could have opened a shop with them. One of the greatest churches in Rome had Christ’s manger- cradle. Seven churches had his authentic umbilical cord, and a number of churches had his foreskin (removed at circumcision and kept as a souvenir by Mary). One church had the miraculous imprint of his little bottom on a stone on which he had sat. Mary herself had left enough wedding rings, shoes, stockings, shirts, girdles, etc., to fill a museum. You can, if you are good, see one of her shifts still in Chartres cathedral; though in this coarser age of ours it is called a “veil.’

    It is endless! 5

  11. narendran Reply

    March 4, 2009 at 2:23 am

    Not by priests alone but popes also
    The popes lead the way for the priests to follow. A number of holy popes were libertines of the first water. An example from plenty of such cases:

    “Theodora, wife of one of the highest nobles of Rome, was of such loose morals that the chief writers of her time call her “a whore,” and two Popes, Sergius III and John X, were amongst her lovers. Her equally beautiful and equally unscrupulous daughter Marozia also is called “a whore,” and Pope Sergius III was so notoriously the lover of the daughter as well as of the mother that the “Pontifical Book” itself, the official Papal chronicle, describes Pope John XI as “son of Sergius III” (by Marozia). These whores” governed the Papacy and Rome for thirty years. Our chief source of information about them is the contemporary Bishop Liutprand, whose outspoken statements are sufficiently supported by two monkish chroniclers and the official Papal calendar.” (Story of Religious Controversy-by Joseph McCabe-[he was a Catholic priest for more than 23 years] ‘

    Save us, Robin, for mercy’s sake from the Gospel

  12. pvas Reply

    March 4, 2009 at 4:48 am

    Catholicism’s so-called ‘Pro-Life’

    Your view of catholic pro-life is completely false & misleading. You say you live in Europe.Then which part of European history involving the atrocities of the catholic church haven’t you understood, or know? Where shall I begin with respect to Catholic “pro-life” activities?

    Shall I start from the time of inquisitions in middle ages, when catholics plundered and wiped out entire non-christian populations and civilizations, and later openly burnt heretics (protestants and other non-catholics) as sanctioned by the Pope, and work my way up to 20th century, when the church colluded with the Nazis in Germany (and the Communists in Eastern Europe) in feeding the jews (and non-communists)into gas chambers (and firing squads)? The catholic concept of ‘pro-life’ is such a strange one, I must say!

    NO doubt, in recent times, the catholics are ‘pro-life’ when it comes to the issue of procreation, primarily as a way to increase the catholic population. In fact the current pope, and his predecessor, has lamented over and over again about the DECLINE in Catholic population, and called for catholics to start breeding again, so as to gain majority again.

    Ironically, the overwhelming majority of these christian pro-lifers seem to be very much pro-death sentences, and pro-extermination of non-catholics by war and genocide.

    Please read European and western history THOROUGHLY before commenting on catholism’s so-called pro-life attitudes. Catholicism is a ‘religion’ steeped so much in hypocrisy, and tainted so in the blood of non-catholics and non-christians, that no amount of repentance can make up for the extent of damage done by the church over hundreds of years.

    Please stop sounding like an catholic apologist for the church, and start owning up responsibility for your (catholic church) actions. Otherwise, you come across no differently from church, which despite conducting itself abominably throughout history, denied responsibility. THAT is hypocrisy! 5

  13. Sharadiya Ajith Mukherjee Reply

    March 4, 2009 at 6:09 am

    Decline Of Faith In The West
    Sir, I have been travelling extensively over UK and Western Europe for some time now. I have distinctly noticed how the Churches are absolutely empty on any day of the year and specially on Sundays. Apart from a few marriages ocassionally,churches are virtually empty. Some of them have been converted into card and gift galleries.A handful of men (African origin) are spotted on the streets of UK giving sermons of how Jesus is going to take rebirth to save the world. The common people pass them taking no notice or giving harsh comments ‘f*** off’ etc. This shows that the West has been disillusioned of the credibility of Church and Christ. The major Christian festivals- Christmas,Easter etc have been reduced to mere Commercial gimmicks(give and take of gifts, going to restaurants only). Ironically in Kerala and North-East Sundays are full of Converted Devotees Looking for miracles. I fully agree to pvas for stating that the decline of faith in West has led to the Christian missionaries looking for greener pastures in poor countries where it is easy to convert by hook and crook. And what better than to install an Italian Madame in the top postion of our country for that purpose. Dear brothers and sisters when will we awake ? 5

  14. makku Reply

    March 4, 2009 at 6:42 am

    Catholic Church are stooges of whites
    The Catholic Church is anti-Indian.

    Research shows Jesus was a bastard.He was hated by his step father.Neglected,stigmatised,ostracised and traumatised he became an upstart.

    The poor guy was turned out.He was illiterate and ignorant.He couldn’t make sense of the world.He hated the romans.A roman soldier was his father.

    He yearned for fatherly love.He didnt get any.He was mocked by his community.He hated society for that.Poor guy.With his half baked knowledge,he rebelled.

    The Jews crucified him.

    This is the story of Jesus.

    But Iswara willed that a mix of Jewish and Gnostic beliefs should give succour to the Middle East.

    With their limited knowledge the Christists built a superficial theology.

    The Christist barbarians destroyed the indigenous cultures of America and Asia and Africa.

    These barbarians are now waging a WAR against us.

    Its US or the barbarians.

    This bastardised faith,the worship of a bastard is throwing a gauntlet.We will expose this dirty and evil cult.We will expose these dirty christists. 5

  15. Robin Reply

    March 4, 2009 at 9:10 am

    Christ save you all..Bye
    I feel sorry only seeing the remark “bastardised faith” by one person. So you conclude that all Christians follow bastardised faith and they are totally ignorant. What you can offer to the world except the love of Christ, who is the creator of the world and he was with father eternally.
    There is no issue in declining the headcount of Catholics if that happens because ‘preaching good news’ is higher priority. Acceptance or rejection of Christ is individual choice and if anybody has involved in massacre for the sake faith in history, that is no way related with Christian spirituality and is purely aberration and may be political also. My faith is totally driven by personal experience and relationship with Christ who lives in you and me as our body is the temple of Holy Spirit and on the day you accept and identify that Christ will start to work in your soul.

    Bye to all …my last post 5

  16. Muthu Reply

    March 4, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    Post the novel to SDM producers
    Post this novel ” Autobiography of a nun” to Slumdog millionaire producers and see what level their morals is? Rich and well to do guys should do this esp the English translation. Post as much as you can esp to that Danny Boyle , who changed the script of Q & A. One should blame Vikas Swarup for allowing his novel to be mutated so cunningly by the British. There is only the idea , but all other incidents are made up by the script writer and Danny Boyle. Shavandi Kothan’s this British. 5

  17. Omkar Reply

    March 5, 2009 at 2:15 am

    Preaching Satyam and Practicing Asatyam!
    The church is a corporate giant like “Satyam”.They cover up truth and display something different to fool the public.This is a religion propped up by money power , marketing strategies coupled with overt and covert support from political mentors. They are driven by materialistic pleasures and have nothing to offer for spiritual upliftment of mankind.Like peddlers and Feriwallas, their SPIRITUAL Coolies resort to marketing of alien Duplicate Spirituality.Once the financial sources dry up, this COOLY Pattalam cease to act.Christ could not save himself. How can he save others? 5

  18. makku Reply

    March 5, 2009 at 10:55 am


    yeshus pain was real.In every society,there is an underclass.Even in the idealised indian society there is a proletariat.

    Yeshus pain was real.But so was his ignorance.Christism was a package that drew elements from many cultures.The heterogenous elite built up this concoction to build social cohesion after the collapse of Roman Empire.

    Being a hindu,i cant deny him altogether.He is an alien import.

    Catholic Christism (and other christisms)is a dangerous cancer promoted by west in india.It has no roots in india.It is anti-national.Many christists are fifth columnists. 5

  19. Roger Bannister Reply

    March 5, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    Sex Predators of Christian Clergy
    Robin is attempting to support his slave masters. People like Robin who are forcefully liberated from their rich traditional culture and enslaved in Christin dogma are working as agents of their slave masters. These converted Christians are not allowed critical thinking, logical reasoning or investigation of atrocities committed by their Christian slave masters. They are indoctrinated with selective passages of the Bible. The real barbarian and war mongering passages are deliberately ignored by Christian slave masters from the converted people. Since they are kept under Christian slavery for a number of years, they tend to love slavery. They escape from freedom and find comfort in living under Christian slavery. The Christian slave masters use these brainwashed people to be part of the cover-up of sex deviance and brutal practices of the Church. Converted Christians like Robin need to study the brutal history of Christianity including Christian participation in slavery, destruction of traditional culture, oppression of women, world wars, burning of the witches, mass murder of the Jews, crusades and coercive religious conversion. 5

  20. pvas Reply

    March 6, 2009 at 11:39 am

    News Flash !
    While apologists like Robin continue to make excuses for the misdeeds of catholic church, here’s a news flash making the headlines in many western world, and drawing outrage from many non-catholics & ex-catholics around the world against the response of the church.


    A 9-year-old girl who was carrying twins, and whose stepfather is suspected of raping her, underwent an abortion on Wednesday despite complaints from Brazil’s Roman Catholic Church. The stepfather has been jailed since last week, the police said. Abortion is illegal in Brazil, the country with the most Roman Catholics, but judges can make exceptions if the mother’s life is in danger or the fetus has no chance of survival. Fatima Maia, director of the public university hospital where the abortion was performed, said the pregnancy, which was in its 15th week, posed a serious risk to the girl, who weighs 80 pounds.

    But Marcio Miranda, a lawyer for the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife in northeastern Brazil, said the girl should have carried the twins to term and had a Caesarean section. “It’s the law of God: Do not kill,” he said in comments reported by the newspaper O Globo.


    Mind you, this is a 9 year old CHILD who was carrying twins, because she was RAPED, & that too,by her own STEPFATHER. And what does this inhumane, idiot Catholic Archdiocese say: “IT IS THE LAW OF GOD!”

    In australia, the public response to the church’s attitude was understandably one of rage & in support of child’s family’s decision to abort. Says one scathing response from a reader:

    “I say continue with the procedure and abort the catholic faith and the stepfather as well !!”

    Says another: “Wow, the logic of the Right To Lifers…The Catholic Church is a pathetic institution..”,27574,25141510-401,00.html

  21. pvas Reply

    March 6, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Catholic church in Brazil condemns family of rape victim
    In continuation of the news (posted below) related to the abortion performed on the 9 year od child, after she became pregnant as a result of rape by her own stepfather: the Brazilian catholic church is now challenging the court’s decision to award the child abortion. They have condemned the child’s family of the child for making this decision, and are now hell-bent on making their lives miserable for disobeying “God’s (Church’s) dictum.”

    Can anything be so perverse nd sick than the response and actions of the church towards this CHILD (a 9 year old) who was RAPED by a GROWN man, and impregnated.

    I am every bit sure that similar stories can also be found in the catholic church in India, where young nuns and girls from catholic/christian families have been raped by the priests and male workers from the church, become pregnant, and then forced to deliver in christian-run orphanages and convents. The plight of these young victims (some of them may be children themselves) is never known to the outside world, and their stories forever silenced by the catholic church.

    Yet, you will have catholic apologists like Robin (below), who will insist that it is all trivial, or small, aberrations on the church – nothing more.

    How many more such cases do there have to be before the catholics begin to consider the catholic church as ‘diseased, terribly sick & and beyond redemption?’

    Will it take the children of all catholics to be raped and impregnated, and for the response from the church towards the plight of their children cold and unyeilding, before all the catholics accept that the catholic church is greviously ill.

    I fervently hope to God that it doesn’t have to come to that for good sense to prevail! 5

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