Religious Colonialism – Sponsored by Godless own Country

· Date:January 21, 2012

Civilizations all have their Deja vu moments.If one civilization that lacks collective memory and falls into group amnesia that would be India.Gods own country , Kerala has been instrumental in European invasion of India.The portugese came to India through Kerala and were welcomed with open arms and were provided the base to expand into India.When the Zamorin was fighting Vasco da Gama neighboring kings of Kochi and Kanoor were supporting Gama.The squables between Kochi and Zamorin looked reason enough for Kochi to support Portugese against Indians.In the name of trade and prosperity these encouragements looked great back then.We all know how India had to suffer centuries of European colonialism.Did the original goal of trade and prosperity realised after all this pain? No, we saw the Europeans plunder one by one the huge wealth of India.

Back to the future in 2011.Kerala is proving to be a fertile ground for Europeans,Americans and Arabs to launch their colonial aspirations again.Kerala is paving the way for India to be religiously , culturally colonised by west.Looking forward 20 years I see India being a Philipines or Indonesia , with no true identity , just souls and numbers harvested by the west or Arabs at will.99%of missionaries who get money from west and harvest souls in India are from Godless State of Kerala.99% of new convert muslims who spread Wahabi Islam are Gulf returnees from Saudi to the great state of Kerala.

Most of the short term motives of these spreaders are innocent and for practical purposes.If you get a job in USA or Saudi why wont you ditch your religion and join them.I have seen in Malayalee churches in USA they collect $200/family every week.The week that I was there in the church they were collecting money for harvesting souls in Nagpur.Most of the Malayalees there dont really know where Nagpur is. They just want to convert some people and increase their numbers. These NRI Malayalees had originally converted to secure their future in USA and they want to collectively wipe out that guilt by converting more Indians. In numbers they find comfort.

All the missionaries in Africa have converted 50% Africans.Did their life become any better.They are fighting with the other 50% Africans converted to Islam.In the meantime the only time their lot fared better was when Chinese and Indians actually started doing massive trade with them and building infrastructure there.

The reasons given by Xtians in Kerala to convert

1) Top reason – Caste system  and the Social depravity of lower caste Hindus.
    This is a very valid reason.Caste system dont exist  anymore or becoming meaningless in Hindusim in the 21st century.Also a Dalit Hindu converting to Xtianity is a Dalit Xtian.It proves that it is not Hinduism solely responsible for caste system but the social mindset of Indians in general.Lets all fight together to get rid of castes completely.

2) Financial help from Church –
    With the rise of economic India the financial help that the church can give is minimal.We  should call out the pointlessness of converting for Rs 1000 when it is the Hindu system of India that is meeting  the 99%  of their needs.Also we should stop the massive transfer of money from the west and Arabia to India for conversion.

3) Curing of disease
   Really.. People convert believing  this!!!!
Indians should call out this hypocracy by Keralites and shame them to stop this overzealous and mindless convertions that are dividing the country. The good Indian Christians should be made aware of what they are doing and change their ways. If they don’t we should shame them to do so.Or by the time we realise it is treason it would be too late. 


  1. Shaunak Reply

    January 21, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    Hindu weakness
    The reason why the Christians/Muslims can continue with these practices is that Hindus don’t have an effective voice in the media and in national/local politics.

    Unless this changes, the situation will not approve.

    The Lord Vishnu has Shankh and Chakra in his hands. Shankha is today’s massmedia and Chakra is political power. Hindus lack both today.

  2. Vinod Reply

    January 23, 2012 at 10:29 am

    Do something…be part of the SOLUTION
    Girish, we all know this. What are we doing to mitigate this? Lets support and open our wallets to Hindu organizaions that are helping Hindus to remain Hindus – through education , especally the youth. Support Ekal Vidyalaya Kerala Hindus of North America scholarships, numerous Balasharams that are supporting poor/orphan children and doing some great work. Go to for list. Educate our own children & your friends’ children and make them aware of these predatory tactics. Only a few Hindus are doing this, the rest are sleeping and still others complaining (but doing nothing about it). Lets change this first

  3. sahya Reply

    January 25, 2012 at 7:52 am


    Congratulations for spacing the issues.
    regarding the topic raised
    1) Top reason – Caste system and the Social depravity of lower caste Hindus.

    Actualy many people, even here in HK likes to side step the criticality of the topic and even eulogise the caste system. If you see look closely , you can come to the conclusion that the biggest contradiction before the Hindu society is the caste . The enemies of Hinduism are using this to their advantage. What else will explain the exclusive Holidays for Nairs and Ezhavas on Mannam’s and Sukumur Azhikodes obituary.
    Many here like frogs in the well keep ranting -“Hindus are asleep , they are asinine”, at the same time they like to keep silence on key issues
    Vande Mataram

  4. Girish Reply

    January 26, 2012 at 8:25 am

    You have to throw out caste system completely.Those who have nothing to contribute to life hide behind caste.You cant expect people to stay back in hinduism when u treat them as second class citizen.Krishna was raised by Yadavs and now they are low caste!!!

  5. Ravi Nair Reply

    January 28, 2012 at 1:57 am

    Conversion is against Secularism
    Christian Missionaries use different strategies and techniques at different time for mental direction and conversion. Differences exist in every country based on color, innate qqualities, income, educational,level etc. We should not allow missionaries to exploit these differences for conversion. Why don’t they work for the economic and social upliftment for the Black Christians in America, converted Christians in South America, Africa and Asia. Once they are converted, cultural roots are disconnected, they are abondoned for rot.

    Even the word Caste is introduced in Indias by Portughese butchers for dividing Hindus and for conversion. Hindus should not fall into this trap. One should ask the question: How many converted Blacks became the POPE? How many converted Christians from the lower class, socially deprived people became cardinals or Bishops? Why the nnotorious NUn Thresea was not interested in the social upliftment of poor converted Blacks in America or South America. Human rights and social service is a code word for Missionaries for conversion and political sabotage.
    Ravi Nair

  6. sahya Reply

    February 6, 2012 at 7:18 am

    Well articulated

    Nothing could be more perfect than the words.
    “Those who have nothing to contribute to life hide behind caste.You cant expect people to stay back in hinduism when u treat them as second class citizen” . Anyone with basic understnading of kerala history would come to these facts. Actualy what is happening behind is that the ardent casteists who dont feel the guts to take on the semitic faith from a caste platform (like Nair) are taking refuge behind Hindutva league ,there by muddying the water. Unless we keep them at bay the whole vision of bringing the sections of Hindus on a politial platform won’t take off !!!!.
    Dear Ravi Nair ,We have enough know-how about international history vis-a -vis christianity and racism, at the same time, may I request you to train yourself about the overview of kerala history such as the life of Sree Narayana Guru,kerala travalogue of Swami Vivekanada, temple entry proclamation, Education introduced by anglicans for dalits and ezhavas who were denied knowledge. Then you may correct yourself of the polomics you have written !!!!!(please dont come back saying Guru and Vivekanada were mislead by British)
    Vande Mataram

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