Moulavis convert 13 year old Hindu girl after kidnap

· Date:September 11, 2010

Karachi: 13 year old Hindu girl  Poonam was kidnapped by Jihadi Maulavis in Lyari Town of Pakistan. The girl- Poonam- was kidnapped from the neighbourhood in Lyari Town on Wednesday, and the neighbours informed her family of her presence at a Madrassa in the town, the Daily Times quoted the girl’s uncle, Bhanwroo, as saying.

He said that when the family went to the Madrassa, they found out that “she was very scared and under the influence of maulvis. She told us they will not let her go, so she will stay with them as a Muslim.” The family tried to lodge an FIR of kidnapping at Chakiwara Police Station, but the policemen refused to register the case.


  1. skg Reply

    September 11, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    Stupid Indian government doesn’t want Pak Hindus !!
    It is quite well known that dubious secularism practised by Congi politicians have no place for Hindu refugees from Pakistan. Hindus from Pakistan have no place unfortunately. Congi politicians are worried about their vote bank politics and they don’t have place for Hindu refugees from Pakistan. It is sad that Hindus continue to stay in Pakistan even after their life is made miserable by Islamists etc. 5

  2. Bharatheeyan Reply

    September 12, 2010 at 7:27 am

    Discuss Pakisthani Hindus
    India people would like to know the reaction from Lalu Yadav, Maulana Mulayam, Ram vilas paswan,Sonia and other secualr brigades in this regard.Every day our news papers are flooded with Kashmir problem. Nobody discuss the plight of Pakisthani Hindus.Are they happy in Pakisthan? Are they enjoying freedom as Muslims in India?Are they getting minority scholarships? Is there a commission like Sachar and Paloli?Is there a parallel for Waqf board in India to manage minority religious palces?Are they free to establish engineering colleges and medical colleges as MES do in Kerala? 5

  3. Napa Swamy Reply

    September 12, 2010 at 10:33 am

    Tolerance? Respect for women? Freedom of Religion?
    What should one call this kind of activity? Some ignorants might say it is an isolated incident. But I can just put up at least about 10 such incidents and these have been reported.

    This kind of kidnapping of infidel women/girls is not restricted to Pakistan and Bangladesh; it takes place in Egypt too.

    The worst way to humiliate infidels is targeting of their women. Considering, Islam is misogynistic, it should come as no surprise at all. In Islam woman is not an independent. Whether she is a daughter or wife, she is property of men.

    (Men are guardians of women; verse 4:34)

    This is feudal mentality which Muslims can not get rid of.

    Why do they act like this? The Mohammad, so called prophet of peace, himself started this kind. He raped and married infidel (Jewish) women on the same day he killed her husbands, parents and relatives.

    Wait, it is not his fault, he was doing what is in Koran. But Koran was his creation.

    The verses 4:24 and 23:6 and 70:29-30 gives permission to Muslim men to have sex with captured women and slaves. Can this be called rape? Rape is having sex with a woman with out her consent. So Allah literally saying Muslim men can have sex with captured women is sanctioning rape.

    Islamic history is full of such incidents. Position of women in Islam can not be reformed as it is misogynistic. A woman is mere birth machine.

    What could be more horrible than denying a Muslim womans from their natural right of pleasure in sex by genital mutilation?

    It reduces them to level of animals. 5

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