Mookambika Balika Sadanam – Invites you for the marriage between Reshma and Sreenath Namboothiri

· Date:October 16, 2011

Mookambika Balika Sadanam in Kannur district of Kerala is an Orphanage (though we would not like to call it as orphanage, rather we call it as Balika Sadanam”) running under Sarvamangala Charitable trust.

There are around 30+ girl inmates and 4 “mothers or Sevika’s ” to take care the needs of these girls. The age of the inmates varies from 4-20 and all of them studies in various levels. Trust has arranged for all of their shelter, healthcare, education and transports.

Currently the Balika Sadanam is running on a rented property and with the support from well wishers, a new own building is getting constructed in Kannur itself.  Running the orphanage and the educational expense demands a huge monthly expense, but the trust is able to manage with the support of many people who are its well wishers.

Recently some focused effort was done to publicize the activities of trust, and in such one occasion Sreenath Namboothiri who is a priest in a temple has got attracted to the noble activities of the trust. By his own, he thought he should support the orphanage and he was self motivated to give life to one of the girl inmate who was doing her Bachelors Degree. He kept the proposal across to the Trust, met the girl Reshma  in the presence of elders in the trust and they liked each other.

The marriage is fixed for 23rd October 2011 which will be a simple function at Talap Sundareswara temple  in Kannur.

To facilitate the marriage of Reshma and  then other girl inmates in the Balika Sadanam, a Mangalya Nidhi has been started . You may do your humble contributions through the following. There are various other ways as well to get associated with the trust activities.

Mangalyanidhi  of Sarvamangala Charitable Trust

A/C No: 67160877128

IFSC : SBTR0000531

Phone: 04972705260

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  1. Sidharth Menon Reply

    October 18, 2011 at 1:40 am

    Manavaseva = Madhavaseva
    A small case study I will like to put before our NRI – Hindu warrior brothers: The only news we hear about you in malayalam media is about your Onam / Vishu celebrations by NSS or similar organisation. At the same time I have seen NRI members among the Brotheren assemblies actively taking up humanitarian initiatives in Lakham Veedu/ AMbedkar colonies like building houses , giving micr credits , paying for professional educations etc (Of course you people will only rant at it as soul harvesting activity by church). At the end I could see many families winning paramedical Jobs in West and N.America, good homes , children studying in english medium schools etc

    I humbly request you to correct me
    if my perceptions are wrong

  2. Anil Balakrishnan Reply

    October 21, 2011 at 12:46 am

    Reply to Sidharth Menon
    Dear Menon , RSS supported Seva Bharathi is running several service projects .Even in Kerala both Seva Bharathi and VHP put together runs around 30 odd Balasharamas where hundreds of poor children live .Many Hindu monks / sects are also involved in service activities like Ramakrishna Mission .There are many rich hindus like PNC menon ( Sobha Group ) / Narayana Murthi of Infosys etc who are involved in service activities.
    There are thousands of RSS workers who are working among tribals in India associated with Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram.But none of these oranisations or the workers will get any credit in our mainstream meadia ( for obvious reasons ).RSS is considered as one of the largest NGOs operating in the world.

    Mr Menon you are welcome to be part of any such organisation if you are interested in such activities.

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