Maradu Massacre – Who is afraid of CBI investigation?

· Date:March 24, 2012

Kozhikode: Under Hindu Aikya Vedi, Hundreds joined the collectorate March here demanding CBI investigation on Maradu massacre. CBI investigation to bring in light the real conspirators and financial sponsors of this heinous crime has been toppled by the vested interests behind it.Governmnent succumbed to the pressure tactics of Jidai terrorists, told Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan who lead the march.

Even after the recommendations of Judicial Enquiry Commission which investigated Maradu massacre to conduct CBI investagion to bring the real conspirators to light, Government is not willing to do so. Although Central Home Minister and Muslim League say they are not against CBI Investigation – Then Government should explain why are they delaying the process or whom are they afraid of.

Hindu organisations have demanded CBI enquiry from the begining , It was Congress , Muslim League and Communist parties which oppossed it vehmently then and now they all say they are not against it, If none are against it then why not Government is not showing the Political will to bring social justice to victims of this terrorist act.

RSS Pranth Karyavahak P Gopalankutty Master, Vibagh Karyavahak N K Balakrishnan Master, C Gangadharan, N P Radhakrishnan, C Srinivasan, HAV leaders P Jijendran, Chettoor Madhavan Master, K Shynu, Advocate A C Ambika, K V Valsakumar, ABVP leader M Aneeshkumar, BMS leaders K Gangadharan,  Sasidharan, OK Dharmaraj, K K Preman, VHP District secretary E Sreejith, BJP leaders P Reghunath, M C Saseendran, P Peethambaran and Sasi Kammateri lead the March. Memorandum to Chief Minister requesting CBI investgation has been given to ADM K P Remadevi

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  1. Satyan Reply

    March 24, 2012 at 5:02 am

    Anti Hindu stand by Political Parties
    The truth behind this massacre should be brought to light, and it;s the CBI who is the best for the job. All the obstacles should be cleared for them. A united force is very much needed from Hindus.
    Already a lot of time has been delayed. Lets not waste more.
    Let us make each and every Hindu come forward and join hands, each time everytime.
    As long as there is no Unity amongst us, Victory cannot be achieved.

  2. brijesh nair Reply

    March 24, 2012 at 5:50 am

    What Hindu Organisations can do?
    It is christal clear that Cong[ Ally of IUML] & Marxist Party[ CPI(M) leaders have unholy alliance with IUML especially Kunhally Kutty] will not support a CBI inquiry, so it is shame that Hindu Organisations again crying for a CBI inquiry, they will never ever support, even if they support they will even influence CBI … so stop crying. Instead RSS kerala should think how we can give a suitable reply to those who organised this massacre? RSS should think this idea.

  3. GSK Menon Reply

    March 24, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Maradu massacre
    Hindus have not learnt the art of how to become a nuisance for others. The organisers should have blocked the Highway and the railway track. In a matter of a few hours not only CBI but FBI probe would have also been sanctioned. Hindus lack a powerful leader.

  4. Praveen Kumar Reply

    March 25, 2012 at 8:39 am

    Will Justice Be Done to the Victims?
    Undoubtedly there has been a lot of hanky panky in the Maradu massacre probe. There is definitely involvement of political forces including the Muslim League, Congress(I), and others, who do not want the truth to come out.

    It has to be remembered that the Maradu massacre took place when A.K.Antony was the chief minister, and the UDF was in power. It also has to be remembered that the police team which was in charge of maintaining peace and law and order at Maradu conveniently disappeared when the murderous attack took place. Unless the truth is brought to light, the chance for similar incidents to repeat themselves in the future cannot be ruled out.

    Kozhikode is firmly in the clutches of Muslims. The majority of the businesses, hospitals, and other institutions are owned by Muslims. Of course, to attract Hindus to their institutions, they have a sprinkling of Hindu staff. The business associations such as the Malabar Chamber of Commerce and the like are firmly in Muslim control.

    Massive demonstrations are held by Muslim political parties and organizations frequently, with their hordes being brought in buses, cars and jeeps from the entire Kozhikode district, as well as the districts of Malappuram, Kannur and Kasaragod. Of course, a lot of this is due to the millions pouring in from Gulf countries.

    Muslim domination of Kozhikode has also resulted in huge amounts of non vegetarian food being consumed. Several Arab restaurants have opened up in recent times. The negative health impact that the consumption of Shawarma, Chicken Mandi, varieties of Beef preparations, and the like cannot be under estimated. Go to any prominent hospital in Malabar, and you will find them overflowing with Muslims. Of course, another reason for this is their higher purchasing power.

    It is upto the Hindu organizations to come together and ensure that a CBI probe is initiated into the Maradu incidents.

  5. sahya Reply

    March 25, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    Please dont blame Sangh for in action
    It will never be done Praveen, as both left and right opposes it. I want to raise attention to an important fact here , everyone takes the oppertunity to raise a hue -“What is the RSS & BJP doing?”. The answer is sangh is a marginal force in kerala. But what about the caste organisations who have a good following in kerala, why are the people not asking that question to their respective caste leadership? The basic essence of caste system is ‘Delegation’ .Everyone wants the work to be done by others. for Muslims and christians these problem does not exist which shows their consolidation.
    Besides when i ever spoke about this disease, I got names as ‘Crypto- Christian’leftist etc etc.
    These disease can be treated only once we admits that such a thing is there and the onus is on the youth . I believe HK team will lead the endeavour in that direction and that will be the greatest contribution to Hindu society

    Vande Mataram

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