If Modi is Communal , what about Rajiv Gandhi? Asks Tavleen Singh

· Date:June 25, 2012

Not ‘Secularism’ again
Tavleen Singh – Indian Express

Now that the Chief Minister of Bihar has dragged ‘succularism’ into the political discourse, it is time to deconstruct it so that we can end this pointless debate once and for all. I have deliberately misspelt the word because when said in Hindi that is how it is usually pronounced. It is a hard word to write in devnagri and the Hindi and Urdu equivalents do not quite mean what secularism has come to mean in the Indian political context. It is a foreign word that evolved in a European context when the powers of the church and the state were separated. In India, since none of our religions were led by pontiffs who controlled armies, or had vast temporal powers, we had no need to make this separation.

But, the word secularism is used in India more than almost any other country. Why?

Well, because when we entered our current era of coalition governments, political parties of leftist disposition found it convenient to keep the BJP out of power by saying they would only ally with ‘succular phorces’. The BJP became a pariah after the Babri Masjid came down and so whenever someone like Nitish Kumar wants to hurl abuse at the party he is in alliance with in Bihar, or one of its leaders, the ‘secularism’ debate gets revived.

Currently, he appears to be positioning himself for prime minister in 2014 and seems to believe that he will only be in the running for this job if he can eliminate Narendra Modi before the race begins. He is not alone in this endeavour. On my wanderings in Delhi’s corridors of power last week, I ran into journalists and politicians who went on and on about how Modi could never be prime minister because of the violence in Gujarat in 2002.

They said pretty much what the Chief Minister of Bihar, and his cohorts, have said which is that the prime minister must be a man who is ‘clean and secular’. So how do we explain Rajiv Gandhi? How should we understand why he was given the biggest mandate in Indian parliamentary history after justifying the pogroms that killed thousands more Sikhs in 1984 than Muslims were killed in Gujarat in 2002? Were Indian voters un-secular when they gave him more than 400 seats in the Lok Sabha?

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  1. Ganesh Reply

    June 26, 2012 at 1:37 am

    counter productive
    One of the live examples of how secularism consumed a person is that of Chandrababu naidu.After being in NDA till 2004 and sucking out maximum blood from it he was bitten by the sickular bug just before the general election in 2004.Broke away from NDA on the sicularism issue and is now cooling his heels in AP.There are too many fingers in the sickular pie in that state and it is unlikely that he will come back in that state.

  2. p k mohandas Reply

    June 26, 2012 at 4:28 am

    communalism and secularism
    it has become a fashion for some people to talk loudly about the so called *secularism* meaning of which is +appeasement+. if any body talks about Bharatheeyatha he/she becomes communal. political party in the name of religion which caused the partition of Bharath is not called communal but secular party and the very same party can be leading partner with national party for convenience. when a banian tree falls lots of birds/creatures get crushed under it =was the statement made by responsible person immediately after the sad assasination of Smt Indira Gandhiji great PM we had. We have to uphold the nationalism /Bharatheeyatha whether some people likes it or not.

  3. skg Reply

    June 26, 2012 at 8:26 am

    Khangress dogs and cohorts are running media.
    Khangress had perfected the art of running the Media and country through propaganda, black money, CBI misuse etc. Hindus should neglect them. Media is controlled by Khangress mafia. Hindus shouldn’t pay attention to news carried by Khangress and communist Mafia.

  4. proudestkafir Reply

    June 27, 2012 at 12:02 am

    is the iron rod that is used by the asinine hindus on their own leaders and on themselves on their back side to please the minorities.The reason is very simple.Asinine ,idiotic hindus are essentially slave minded.They would rathe be ruled by any out sider, including a slave dynasty, than rule on their own.It is a tragedy to be born amongst this lot of low lives.

  5. SUMESH Reply

    June 28, 2012 at 6:11 am

    BJP made big mistake by joining with this fake secular parties, if they stand with their own policy and programmers, now BJP will be number one party in India no doubt. At least now onwards they have to implement their own policy then only BJP have bright future.

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