Hindus’ fateful hour : Act before it is too late

· Date:August 13, 2009

Hindus in India, especially in Kerala, Kashmir, Assam, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh are heading for disaster. Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, economic deprivation, cultural pollution, phony secularism and powerlessness and a feeling of hopelessness—these are only few in the complex web of problems confronting Hindus. In Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and West Bengal the anti Hindu governments are extorting billions of rupees-worth of Hindu wealth. Because its total onslaught on Hindus, these anti-Hindu governments wrought complete havoc on Hindu culture and halted/or retrogressed the onward march of Hindu civilization.

For several years, western intelligence agencies and missionaries have been financing, directing and managing the Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu. Their goal is to destroy Hindu culture and the Indian political-economic-social-spiritual and educational values and to erase the memory of Hindu culture from the annals of Indian history. Western subversive agents in the guise of academicians and religious leaders as well as psychological warfare experts use planned communication techniques to influence Tamil people’s attitude and behavior-to create target groups behavior, emotions and attitudes that support the attainment of devious objective-the creation of a separate Tamil Elam. The form of communication they use to spread disinformation covertly and overtly by word of mouth or through any means of multimedia is against Hindus and to balkanize India.   

In Tamil Nadu, under the anti Hindu DMK government, missionaries with foreign support disseminate anti-Hindu information by face-to-face communication, audio-visual means (TV) audio-media (Radio), visual media (leaflets) and/or posters. The weapon is not how it is sent, but the message it carries and how the message affects the minds of Tamil Hindus. The ultimate objective is to convert Hindus and force them to take actions against Hindu value system and to establish a separate Tamil nation favorable to Christians.  

In Andhra Pradesh, the Seventh Day Adventist Missionary leader Samuel R. Reddy, the Chief Minister is heading A-team for intellectual/political/cultural subversion in the state. Their hidden and ulterior goal is to reduce the moral efficiency within Hindu organizations, promote confusion, chaos and create social crisis among Hindus. The Seventh Day Adventist movement is closely associated with foreign intelligence agencies to destabilize India and to convert Hindus. The Seventh Day Adventist leader and Chief Minister Samuel R. Reddy is promoting mass dissension and defections in Hindu Temple society and intimidate its leaders in order to loot temple wealth including precious jewelry worth billions of rupees from the Thirumala  Thirupathy Sri Venkateswara Temple, the richest in the world.                                                     

What is going on? We know converted Muslims and Christians, the Marxist party, and the bogus secular anti Hindu Congress party headed by the Italian Catholic Sonia is betraying Hindus and India. They behave like a social virus in the body of Hindus. They infect collective consciousness and mutate producing complex illnessess and social decay. When measured by the standard of present political realities, general Hindu attitude and amused indifference seems suicidal.

Hindus are paying heavily for the failure to perceive and deal with these life threatening problems. The severity and interrelatedness of these problems that singly and in combination threaten Hindu existence, culture, spiritual tradition and the future. Compounding the difficulty is that certain problems are such magnitude and that they are no longer solvable unless Hindus are united, become politically active and assertive using all available means including positive violence. Indeed, the Hindu tendency towards indifference and apathy-a propensity most clearly in evidence in their refusal to react vehemently against Jihadi terrorism, deceptive religious conversion, Hajj subsidy for Muslims to visit Saudi Arabia and to participate in animal slaughter and the takeover of Hindu temples.  This deadly indifference is due to obsequious sycophancy.

Hindus have defined themselves as pacifists and secularists.  How we interpret our history of brutal Islamic invasion, Christian colonialism, oppression, subjugation, Jihadi terrorism, Christian conversion and political exploitation by the bogus secularists-deeply affects how we understand modern conflicts and social crisis created by the dark hands. If we accept passivism, and practice tolerance of intolerance, when there is no reason to be believed it is beneficial, it is just credulous.  And if Hindus will not reject something when there is no reason to believe in it, we are escaping from freedom to slavery. This way of thinking is completely deadly, or put it another way, don’t be so open-minded that we may fall into a deep it. A quote from Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s (noble prize winner for literature) acceptance speech in 1970 amplifies the deadly danger of passivity. “There are many people in today’s world elect passivity and retreat, just so as their accustomed life might drag on a bit longer, just so as not to step over the threshold of hardship today and tomorrow, you ‘all see, it will be all right. (But it will never be alright). The price of cowardice will only be evil; we shall reap courage and victory only when we dare to make sacrifices”.

Hindus are unaware of the ulterior motives of missionaries and the workings of Muslim and Christian politics as well as the evil designs and criminal thinking of phony secular politicians. They simply do not know that in the national and international arena, decisions are influenced by the forcefulness with which demands are made. For Hindus, weakness is psychological. What is needed is strengthen the will, free them from submissiveness and march ahead with a fighting spirit. Inspiring slogans must be impressed on the national consciousness so as to rouse the people to the bold deeds that would make history.

The best hope for Hindus for the future is a radical social revolution from which Hindus can gain a fresh understanding of our past, present and future and their role in the scheme of things. If Hindus can free themselves from the psychological and political chain created by bogus secularists, Muslim mafia and the missionary mischief mongers—and unite, they can contribute-no matter, to the good of Hindus and for our motherland in these troubled times.

Adequate Hindu response to the threats and challenges at this decisive turn in our history must not be delayed much longer. The danger that current crisis may become much graver is very real. It is absolutely unjustifiable to neglect any longer the immense opportunities Hindus have as a consequence of Hindu awareness created by organizations such as RSS, VHP and Bjarang Dal. Hindu leaders and laymen must prompt that awakening to do more before it is too late.                                                              

Hindus need a bold will. A bold will can shatter the fetters of circumstances and overcome all obstacles. The strength of collective will can overcome all obstacles. Proud Hindus with self-esteem can rebel against current crisis and determine their own destiny. We need to act before it is too late.



    August 13, 2009 at 10:30 am

    Hindutva or Hinduism as a spiritual thought is very strong but it has been always very week when it comes to having a political grounding. This is evidenced by the fact that Hindus came to be dominated by Buddhists for almost 800 yrs, than came to be independent for about 200 yrs and than gradually fell under Muslim rule for another 800 yrs or so only to come under the british rule. Hindus have never had a political establishment lasting any meaningful length of time. This would have happened after the British left but within 50 yrs of gaining independence due to the serious divisions within the Hindu community, they are gradually falling under the Christian rule. A look at the Govt in the sate of Andhra pradesh, and Northeast India would amply demonstrate this rising Christian tide. The land of Shankara, Kerala, is firmly in the grip of Non Hindus ( communists) and christians and muslims. Minorities are already playing a bigger and bigger role in the general elections. Look at what successive governments are doing to please the minorities. Among those who vote in any election the minorities make up a much larger share of the votes cast. In any given election minorities make up 40 – 50% of the votes cast due to general indifference among Hindu voters. This makes minority vote a deciding factor. That is why Lalu thanks Muslims for the current outcome of the elctions. The proportion of christian voters has increased so much especially in states like Andhra that you could be assured of YSR ruling that stae forever. He calls his govt ” govt of minorities”. The most powerful politician in the country is an Italian born Christian. Her inner circle is made up of Christians, many of them go by Hindu names.
    christian population is over 12 -15% (not 2%) and if the current trend continues soon they along with muslim portion will command a decisive majority of voters. This would lead to FOREVER rule of the hindus by non hindus. HINDUS AND HINDU SAINTS NEED TO WAKE UP 5

  2. Omkar Reply

    August 14, 2009 at 2:07 am

    Har Har Mahadeva
    Defenitely Hindus neeed to be more assertive and they badly needs a political forum to air their views.Secularism is being misused to silence Hindus. Organised religions are using politics and vote bank to flourish and dominate Hindus.The constitution is frmed in 1947 and the conditions are now totally different. In kerala minorities are threatening Hindus politically, economically, socially and using their international connections to brow beat Hindus. The US concern about religious freedom in India a latest example. Who is prompting US to issue such statements? We should stop this political atrocity on Hindus.The count down has started. Alarm bells are ringning. Hindus cannot sleep no more and sit mute spectators to coercive conversion and terrorism. They should unite and become a vote bank. Time is running out. If we do not act now …………. 5

  3. K K NAIR Reply

    August 14, 2009 at 5:44 am

    All Indian Muslims move to Pakistan

    We (Hindu) need peace in our country

    All Hindu would work for RSS.

    Do not delay. Otherwise we will lose our, temples,
    Family, culture, society and more more

  4. KRVN Reply

    August 15, 2009 at 4:49 am

    Stand up against the evil
    Thanks to the author for this very informative and thought provoking article. We, Hindus, need authors like you to give voice to our thoughts and concerns. Hindus have become very passive when it comes to standing up for their culture and religious belief. There must be many historical factors contributing to this state of affairs. One of the most important things that we should do is to break the false idols that Hindus carry in their hearts in the name of freedom struggle. “If you are hit in the left cheek, show your right cheek!” said one of our idols. What a shame!! Bhagavan Krishna did not ask Arjuna to surrender in the battlefield. He asked Arjuna to stand up against the evil, to take arms against the evil. How did our freedom struggle deviate from this fundamental aspect of Hindu philosophy? Majority of Hindus are unaware of the deep conspiracies that surround them. Creating awareness shall be the duty of every Hindu who is aware of the threat to our culture and our way of living.
    Each one of us can do one simple thing: donate money to Hindu organisations like RSS and VHP. Whatever small amount we can collect, let us donate to these and other similar organisations regularly. I have found that many Hindu organisations in India are very poor in fund raising activities. In this era of money power, we should strengthen the Hindu organisations by donations. Liberating Hindu temple funds from the control of state governments is extremely important in this regard.

  5. Dr. R. L. Banerjee Reply

    August 19, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    Hindus’ fateful hour
    Follow Bankim CH. Chatterjee’s “Ananada Math” create Santans, take up arms, take care of the hindu traitors first then the Muslims and Christians. That’s the only way out of the problem. God help those who help themselve. Har Har Mahadev! 5

  6. Vasudevan Reply

    August 20, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Hindu (Dis)Unity and the danger to Hindus in India
    Yes, those of us who care for these issues are acutely aware of these issues. But there is a huge majority out there who think it is a taboo to even think along these lines. How do we take this message to those people? In politics, it requires a majority to settle issues. I think the majority of the people in India do not consider themselves to be Hindus. Or perhaps, we have already become a minority and we do not know it.

    Just because someone carries a Hindu name and being born in a Hindu family does not make one a Hindu. One should think and feel like a Hindu and follow Hindu values. 5

  7. ramesh chengappa Reply

    September 13, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    2 things to do
    Two things to do right now:
    1) Someone take a loudspeaker and yell at our swamijis gurus and babas ear’s to come to the streets and do mass awakening
    2) Have one national level TV channel with a respectable size and investment. 5

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