Doubting Thomas and supporting Kalainjar:Implications of the “mythical Thomas movie”

· Date:July 8, 2008

“Before and after July 3” – the day of Feast of Thomas!

: Tamil people, our “Udan pirappugal” (brothers born with us) and “Rattathin rattam” (the blood of blood i.e, dearest of dearest) may not be knowing as to why our Kalainjar accepted to inaugurate the movie on July 3. But now news is coming that it was the day of Feast of Thomas which was liked by Karunanidhi, as he hates only panchangam and not almanac. That is why he changed the “New year” for Tamils, but he would adhere to their “panchangam”! So after prayer and speeches of others, Kalainjar was so moved to declare that “God has accepted him“! As Deccan Chronicle[1] reports:”Donning the believer”s mantle, the normally atheist chief minister said, “Whether I am accepted by God is more important than whether I accept God. I have to help humanity for being accepted by God. The audience applauded when he said this statement, which he had also made in the presence of Sai Baba last year.”

Really, the “miracle of


” works! He is above God, so Jesus has to accept him and he / He would recommend Jehovah to accept!

Kalanjar, the historian propounds new hypothesis

: He has not only become an official inagurator of the “mythical Thomas movie”, but also donned the role of “doubting Thomas historiographer”!”The chief minister said the martyrdom of

St. Thomas

had inspired him in many ways. Drawing a parallel to King Pari of the Sangam age, who was also killed by the conspiracy of several kings, he said, “History remembers those who were killed by conspirators.St. Thomas was also a victim of conspiracy.” Mr Karunanidhi launched the film by operating the movie camera.” The express reported of saying, “…history chose who to highlight, and

St. Thomas

was one such a noble soul. “We remember the man who was murdered.

St. Thomas

, but not the one who killed. History shows who is to be remembered”, he announced!

The confession that he was influenced by the “martyrdom” of “mythical Thomas” has been revealing! While “Pari Magalir” suffered a lot, the apocryphal Thomas too made many women suffer. Good historiography in deed, as he has shown the way to read Apocrypha to know more about the myths of Christianity, Christ, Mary, Mary Magdalene etc. The killer, conspiracy, martyr, etc., are interesting and Indians have to respond for such utterances. Particularly, the historians of all the so-called TNHC, SIHC, IHC etc., should come out.

Thus, Ishwar sharan[2] asks pertinently as follows:”The Roman Catholic bishops in


owe Hindus an abject apology and crores in reparations for the Church”s crimes in


over the centuries, not a mega movie of a fictitious Apostle of


. But if they insist on the Rs 30 crore movie, are they going to tell the public the following facts about Judas Didymus Thomas as recorded in the Acts of Thomas that:

* Thomas was the look-alike twin brother of Jesus; (i.e, one more son to Mary?)

* Jesus sold Thomas as a slave for thirty pieces of silver; (slavery practiced, therefore no humanity, equality etc) 

* Thomas deceived the kings of



” who gave him respect and hospitality; (mythical thomas was a deceit, cheat and fraud)

* Thomas was a thief; (no explanation is required, as Acts of Thomas says)

* Thomas abducted and locked-up women; (abductor of women, womanizer)

* Thomas engaged in various forms of black magic (sorcerer, exorcist competing with Jesus); and

* Thomas was executed by a Zoroastrian king who had initially shown him mercy and asked him to repent of his crimes and leave the country.

” (but created all nonsense)

As Kalainjar has donned the role of “Thomas historiographer” or “the super hagiographer”, he would suitably reply covering the points raised. Dr. Paulraj Lourdusamy and chief researcher and scriptwriter of the film may learn a lot from the Kalainjar! 

Dr. Paulraj Lourdusamy, “the Church researcher

: He is an ordained minister of the Catholic Church and is a priest of the archdiocese of




. He has doctoral degrees in the fields of Theology and Sociology and three doctorates earned from various foreign universities spending one year in libraries across the world to find the existing literature on

St. Thomas

. A Gold Medallist of the



, he has also conducted doctoral research in the Educational Sciences. He is the author of the trilogy: Meditations on the Forty Names of Jesus, The Forty Parables of Jesus and The Forty Miracles of Jesus [3]. As the director of the venture, he clearly pointed out that the movie is being sponsored by the


archdiocese, with


support, on a comparatively modest budget of $12 million. So Indians are fools to expect that such a with many multi-degree, multi-doctorate, multi-lingual genius should know the Arulappa-Acharya Paul, etc.

Like S. Rajamanickam S.J, R. Daniel Jayakumar questions theology

: Though, Chinnappa has been trying to hush up the theological difference, Rev. Dr. R. Daniel Jayakumar of Kondu, Cuddalore, points out, “…….questions on certain gray areas like celibacy and vegetarianism still need convincing answers“, though Lurdusamy atnticipated that thomas’ encounter with the “reported animal and human sacrifice in the Chennai of first century” may create some controversy once the film is ready for release in 2010. Drawing reference to Deivanayagam, he notes that, “About three decades ago Dr M. Deivanayagam, a doctorate from



and an authority on Tamil and early Christianity in


raised the pertinent question whether Tiruvalluvar was a Christian or not. Based on his thorough analysis of the biblical truths and profound wisdom found in the Thirukkural he concluded that he was

.” Kamatchi Srinivasan [6] and Arunai Vaivelu Mudaliar[7] have already exposed the hollowness in such interpretation.  

Vegetarianism, Celibacy etc., do not bother Christians

: Christians like Buddhists have been eating flesh and they are not strict “vegetarians” and therefore, it is a myth that Christianity is against “animal sacrifice” and so on. Moreover, the fundamental “Eucharist” exposes such myth, as a true Christian believes that the bread and wine are turning into the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ that would cleanse his / her sins. Arnold Toyanbee, Will Durant and other world great historians have pointed out that this “Eucharist” belief has been remnants of “cannibalism” or tribes, later converted into ritualization. Biblical references have been plenty to prove how the Christian heroes and heroines or gods and goddesses eat meat of all varieties. As for as celibacy is concerned, again Christians have no proof to that effect. As here, they depend upon apocryphal bibles, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene lived together raised children (Grail legends may be referred to). The “Thomas myth” was developed only as a duplicate of “Jesus myth” as pointed out by many western historians and scholars (as pointed out by Ishwar Sharan above).  The International Institute for Tamil studies that published the book of Deivanayagam disowned and declared his work as “not based on research”.

“St. Thomas Apostle of 


Trust” produces “mythical Thomas” film

: The film is to be produced in the name of “St. Thomas Apostle of India Trust” which has Archbishop A. M. Chinnappa, Deputy Archbishop Lawrence Pius, Treasurer of the diocese Mr. Ernest Paul and Dr. Paulraj as office-bearers. Of course, the


would fund has been already accepted. Thus, it is clear that the


tries hi-tech extravagancy for harvesting, as they have found out how the Indians have been addicted to movies. The next attempt would be depicting all apostles playing cricket with Jesus Christ as an umpire and Mary, Mary Magdalene and others watching from the stadium!  The “Trust” formed shows to escape from all legal wrangles as happened in the case of Arulappa vs Acharya Paul and thus, the money given would not be subjected to any controversy!

“Kalainjar was blessed with success” film

: The Holy Spirit had descended on that day and blessed Kalanjar for victory in elections! Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi has asserted that the DMK-led alliance would sweep the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in the state. “Mr Peter Alphonse wished me success in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls. His wishes will come true“. So Kalainjar knows that elections are coming and Peter knows that his wish would be fulfilled! 

We”ll Sweep Polls: CM




3 July 2008

CHENNAI July 3: Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi has asserted that the DMK-led alliance would sweep the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in the state.  “Mr Peter Alphonse wished me success in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls. His wishes will come true,” he said while speaking at the launch of the film St.Thomas here on Thursday.  “I am proud of being referred to as the head of a `minority” government as my government has always toiled for the welfare and well-being of the minorities,” said Mr Karunanidhi.

It is pre-ordained and the chosen people would get what they want. He can only give what they want and in turn, they can only give what he wants! However, all may not tell always what they received every time!

Archbishop, Vatican, funds, script, studio etc., resemble the past events

: Archbishop Chinnappa, Vatican support for the project, the same research, the same theme, but only evidences differ, as times have changed.


Now, there are no manuscripts, though studios are there;  


script is there, but no writing letters;  


no photography of manuscripts manufactured in studio, as cameras would come out and shoot;  


instead of going to


, the


itself supports the project:


Indian Cardinal Ivan Dias, Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of the Propagation of Faith, supports the project along with the bishops in Tamil Nadu, media said quoting Archbishop Chinnappa; thus, there is no Retzinger, of course, now he is the Pope;  


now the inaugural or symbolic shooter has been “Kalainjar”. Thus, the whole events make one remember the past events. That is why Dr. R. Daniel Jayakumar of Kondu, Cuddalore subtly questioned the theology drawing attention to the work done by Deivanayagam three decades back.Yes, now we do not have any K. P. Sunil to bring out his account in “The Illustrated weekly of India”, as we do not know where K. P. Sunil is and the journal died already! Ironically, Arulappa and Acharya Paul – the main actors have also not with us. Now, they cannot pressurize through Fr. Mariadas of Sri Villiputhur, as “Dr. Paulraj Lourdusamy, “the Church researcheris there with many degrees and three doctorates! And he would take care of!!

Would Ganesh Iyer alias John Ganesh alias Acharya Paul would get resurrected to question them on the Day of Judgement before 2010?

Next to Sivadhama[8] and Ganapathy Upadhyaya[9], Ganesh Iyer has been the most or worst oppressed, suppressed, harassed and exploited human-being by the Church. He was given the money to fabricate and manufacture evidences to prove the fraudulent research of “Arulappa ” Deivanayagam” research of bringing mythical Thomas beyond Mesopotamia, down south to Madras, making him to meet Tiruvalluvar, Tiruvalluvar getting knowledge from Thomas and started writing Tirukkural, later te Saiva Siddhatis were enlightened by the Holy Spirit and becoming Siddhatis and so on!So

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  1. Muthu Reply

    July 8, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    Compete with fraud
    The movie refereed is Thiruvilyadal. This film should made into 70 mm and digitised to be released on the same day with the film announced by Karunanidhi and company.

    They should announced the day of release first and this movie should be redigitised to 70 mm released on the same day. I am 100 % sure this will be great hit. It will be befitting reply to fraud.

    Excellent suggestion by Gajanan Mohite

    I lived in TN for some time , a few yrs. The politics of TN is unique compared to the rest of India. Only AP has shades of cinema cum politics interwined.

    I remember in the 60’s and 7o;s there were mythological claasics starring Sivaji Ganesh and others were superhits. I could not enjoy them then, but I used to take a Tamil friend who acted as an interpreter. Yes , even with the semblance of the Tamil being understood , I found these mythologicals very interesting and well presented. One film Danveer Karna was dubbed in Hindi and it ran very well in North India. One was always thinking why these films have not been expanded into 70 mm and redigitised for the whole Indian audience again. It can be dubbed into several languages. It has an all India appeal. This was discuused by many in our group several times.

    Now seeing this annoucement , which was made several days ago, there has been discussion about this in all the Tamil circles.

    The question is why does not somebody expand all the mythologicals of the 60’s and 70’s into 70 mm and digitise it and give a new look and rerelease it with this film sponsored by the Karunanidhi and company. One cannot remember the names , but the one in which Shivaji Ganesh acts as Lord Shiva would be the best competitor to be released on the same day with this film. No funding reqd . No external agencies required . Good luck and compete with this film to succeed. May the force be with redigitising. Many have like this idea.


  2. Muthu Reply

    July 8, 2008 at 7:48 pm

    Translate this novel into all Indian Langauges

    Richard Zimler’s novel

    Guardian of the Dawn

    Last question by Tara Sahgal to Richard Zimler below abstracted
    Read the whole interview in tehelka , a bit surprising from tehelka to publish this. Truth is indivisible says the Upanishads.

    What would you like Indian readers to take away from Guardian?

    I wrote this book as my vengeance against the power-hungry Catholic priests who tortured and murdered Indians under their rule, who almost succeeded in wiping out all traces of Hinduism from Goa. We should never forget that they made a fortune since they confiscated all the property belonging to the converted Hindu and Jewish prisoners. When I see the golden candlesticks in Catholic churches, I try to remember that all that wealth was made, in part, by murdering Indians in Goa. What I find horrible is that the Portuguese still speak of Goa as if it was the exotic, friendly capital of the spice trade. I also find it unforgivable that the Catholic missionary who petitioned the Pope and Portuguese king to impose the Inquistion on Goa, Francis Xavier, was later canonised. As far as I know, he’s still the patron saint of Catholic missionaries. Sainthood for a man who made it possible for the priests of Goa to torture and burn former Hindus up to 1812? Excuse me for being
    blunt, but I find it disgusting”

    and read this also , old interview 5

  3. AG Reply

    July 8, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    About the Thomas Canard

    As long as the BJP top brass in Tamilnadu only thinks of election aliances and popularity stunts, there is no chance for the goodness to survive in Tamilnadu.

    I would not be surprised if the BJP leaders of tamilnadu were to felicitate the movie.

    The hindutva movement has no clue of the plans and executions of abrahamic aggressions.

    They only protest when there is a chance for popular stunts, like Rama sethu. Protests such as this are important, but more important arena left out carelessly is that for fighting out the ground level conspiracies. 5

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