Don’t convert! – A Rejoinder to “Don’t target converts”

· Date:October 12, 2008

[ A rejoinder (11 Oct. 2008) by Dr. Mrs. Hilda Raja to the article “Don’t target converts” by Michael Pinto in the ‘Times of India’ dated 8 October 2008. ] 




‘ Don’t target Converts ‘ by Michael Pinto

(TOI 8th OCT) – poses many questions than it answers. No amount of provocation can justify violence is easily said but humanly not easy to follow. All are not Gandhians or Jesus to show the left cheek when slapped on the right. Some countries follow a justice system which is based on ‘eye for an eye’.


Aggressive policy of conversion followed by some fundamentalist churches and fundamental Christians cannot justify taking law into one’s hand and no amount of provocation can justify violence is correct theoretically and logically. But if such logic rules the hearts and minds of men/women why is there so much of violence in the world? Why do countries violate the rights of other countries? Why do law makers turn into law breakers? Why do those in the Khaki who have to operate the law on the streets become violators of human rights? In the midst of such oppression, exploitation can we expect the people to meekly be submissive and subservient? Or is the author’s theory held good only in the provocation rising in the business of conversion?

When Indira Gandhi was assassinated why thousands of Sikhs were butchered in the capital? Was it not justified by the Congress party?When the Brahmin pundits were killed and chased away from their homes in the Valley and forced to become refugees in their own country under ethnic cleansing no voices were raised against such an abuse and violation?When a holy man held in great reverence was brutally murdered with his three disciples in his own ashram will the author’s theory be strong enough to hold back the emotional, social, and religious upheaval of the hurt psyche?

Every action has a reaction. When a nun is raped then all hell breaks loose-Daily children are sexually violated and raped and murdered, no protest voice is heard -no church rallies are held, no Archbishop/bishop rebukes Chief Ministers and express pain and anguish. And no EU raises the issue with the PM in a foreign land. So Christians have global brokers and Christian lives become sacred and the PM is accountable to foreign powers for their safety – the lives of others can be snuffed out without even a whimper.What is the root cause of this warped perception but religion? This is not to down play the rape of the nun but to point out that it is a harsh world we are living in and to high light the discrimination in our perception. Does a crime become more heinous because the victim belongs to a particular religion?

‘Terrorists do not belong to any one community knows no religion’, pontificates our political leaders. Is this again reserved only when it comes to the terrorists of the Minority community?  It must be said that violence is nurtured within religious ghettos, madrassas, and only religions/beliefs are strong enough to provoke and sanctify spilling of the blood of the innocents. It is in the name of religion that the world had witnessed violence, genocide, torture and oppression and a Talibanism justifying the imposition of religious domination and curtailment of the rights of humans.

It is a utopia that Michael Pinto is envisaging when he states that no amount of provocation can justify violence. This is armchair wistful thinking.When the Christians were oppressors this theory vanished. The tables are turned and when there is an assertion of the Hindus to retain their culture, their religion and their heritage then the drum beating of the Constitutional guarantees is heard. It is the right of the Hindus to protect the Hindu ethos of this country which they feel is threatened. Was Art 30 not enacted to ensure the Right of the Minorities to establish manage and administer institutions to safeguard their ethos?


It is shocking that politicians are equating the Bajrang Dal and the VHP with the SIMI.

The latter is a terror outfit with its branches now functioning in new names. The suspects belonging to these outfits are involved in serial blasts all over the country, they are trained in Pakistan and in POK .These are anti national outfits. What is the purpose/aim of these serial blasts-killing of innocent people who are about their daily business? The aim is to destabilize the country, create panic and insecurity and unrest within the country. Why was Parliament targeted? And who were behind it? But the same cannot be said of Bajrang Dal and the VHP. They are nationalists-they may be attacking a particular community for reasons of their own- the root cause being forced conversion and a reaction to the denigration of the Hindu gods and goddesses. Those involved in such violence and criminal activities must be apprehended and brought to justice. But where is the justification to demand a ban on such outfits? This is indulging in vote bank politics. Till date not a single terrorist has been brought to justice. The reality of wars, underworld dons killing, custodial deaths, political bosses unleashing terror against their opponents are all part of the harsh reality of today’s world.


Conversion from time immemorial has a concomitant – violence.

Indian history is replete with it. The oppression, force, torture, massacre of the Indians to convert them to Islam, and Christianity is not a fable. The Inquisition and all that it wrought is world record. Again it is in the name of religion. What you sow you reap. Violence begets violence-this is nature’s order. In ‘don’t target converts’ the author finds it strange that converts are targeted in a country which constitutionally upholds the right to preach and propagate one’s religion. But then to preach and propagate one’s religion does not mean to force and use fraudulent means to pressurize people to change from one religion to another.I am shocked that in this context the author compares inducements like ‘buy one and get one free’ in the market of commodities, to faith changing.If the market goods can be sold with inducements why not it be extended to faith and belief changing is the author’s argument. Can faith and belief be brought to the market level of sales of commodities?By this analogy the author accepts that there is inducement.Money is flowing from foreign based churches and the gods of these churches need recruits-the greater the strength the greater the power of these gods and hence the brokers of these gods are all out targeting the poor. The inducement-a plate of rice, a loaf of bread to the hunger, shelter for the homeless, and also the promise of the green pastures in the next world.The strategy has first an entry point-first denigrate, abuse, degrade and demolished their gods and icons. Second instill in these victims the doubt that their gods are false and then promise to lead them to the true god. A vulnerable victim, with a vacuum inner self is then ready for the initiation into a “New Life”/to be “Born Again“. The false propaganda is vicious because of its attack on another religion. This kind of provocation is not easy to overlook because human nature is to refute and repel this atrocious slander/blasphemy.


What will the author say if one prints pamphlets that the mother of Jesus was a prostitute and Jesus’ birth was not a virgin birth?
That after her marriage Joseph found her pregnant and toyed with the idea of putting her away. Only the intervention of an angel restrained him from taking such a drastic action. This is what the bible narrates. Will the Catholic Church and other fund churches sit back and humbly submit to such provocation? When posters depicting Jayalalitha as a Virgin Mary appeared in Chennai there were massive rallies and protests. But if Madhuri Dixit is depicted as Durga and the goddess is painted nude it comes under the freedom of expression of a painter.Only difference is that the same painter will not dare to let his artistic acumen and constitutional right to freedom of expression to depict Allah even in the best form. This is how we perceive the operation of guarantees/Rights enshrined in our Constitution


If opting for a “New Life”/ “Born Again”, demands discarding of one’s culture, social practices, adapting a western life style and adapting western forms of worship  then the convert becomes an alien to the Indian/Hindu ‘ethos’, and is sucked into a process of  alienation. This has other ramifications. Why did East Timor break away from Indonesia when its Christian population swelled to 27percent just in a matter of ten years? Similarly in our own context the partition of India was based on the theory that two religions-Islam and Hinduism cannot co-exist as a nation-that was the contention of then Muslims leaders. World history and Indian history is replete with the experience that ‘peace cannot co-exist with conversion. The reason being conversion has an inbuilt violence: physical, psychological, social and cultural. It may even abet one to be anti-national.

At times church laws and rules are in variance with national rules and laws. The Christians and the Muslims have their own Personal laws. Whom will the Christians take orders from-their respective church leaders or the government of India when it comes to a national decision? When loyalties of a person are divided and clash then the likelihood of becoming a victim to schizophrenia. A leader from Kashmir proclaimed on the floor of the Parliament that he is a Muslim and an Indian. No Muslim/Christian will state, ‘I am first an Indian and then a Muslim/Christian’. One can change one’s religion but not one’s nationality into which one is born. Politicians too have abetted this by not addressing citizens but focusing on communal/caste/religious divide.


Another aspect to be noted in the business of conversion is that conversions are made even in proxy.

A few years ago in Trichy district of Tamilnadu a whole list of names were produced in paper and the bishop of that evangelical church baptized them in absentia! Would this qualify as conversion? I belong to the Catholic Church and my understanding of conversion is that it is a process-a life long search for truth.


Conversion is a private affair and not a street tamasha-neither is it an activity intended to swell numbers. It is not that conversion is from one religion to another the Fundamentalist churches poach on the grounds of other Christian sects. So the Jesus of one church is different from the Jesus of another. This creates also distrust and disharmony among the Christian community. Freedom is always accompanied by restrictions. Freedom is restricted when it encroaches the freedom of others and of a whole society. Rights are not hierarchically.

 When conversions are a threat to peace then it needs to be banned. Like the curfew order-the ban to strike etc. The million dollar question is why conversion? Is it a prerequisite for development work? Why are the foreign agencies funding conversion activities? It is strange that the fundamental Christians and the churches to which they belong do not turn their attention and energy in this salvation ensuring business to the Muslims.Development and upliftment of the poor is the camouflage of evangelization all the more why the need for the churches to work with the Muslims.Because according to Sachar report the Muslims are the lowest in India-both economically and educationally. Is it not strange that not a single Muslim has been converted? According to Michael Pinto the Christian population has fallen from 2.6 percent in 1971 to 2.3 percent in 2001.This does not mean that lakhs are not converted by the hundreds of fundamental churches that have mushroomed in the country. Today we are one billion so what does the 2.3 indicate in absolute numbers? When one reviews numbers a few other indicators must also be listed-Christians follow Family planning, the celibacy of nuns and priests, and the fact that most of the converts for the sake of reservation and other benefits retain the religion and the caste in which they were born on records.

Conversion has been commercialized by the Fundamentalistic churches. The number of converts is co-related to the quantum of funds that flow in. This must not be overlooked. Why not ban foreign funds and watch how evangelization evaporates?  All laws have their accompanying lacunae/loopholes and difficulties in implementation, do we on such grounds fight shy of enacting laws? Conversions must be banned to ensure peace and harmony. Let us give peace a chance-for peace and conversion cannot co-exist.


Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


(Former member of the National Advisory committee of the CBCI)


Editors Note: The authoris a Retired Professor of Social Science from “Stella Maris College”, Chennai. Apart from being a practicing Catholic Christian, she is a true
nationalist, who values the cultural heritage of this great country and
respects the Hindu tradition too.

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  1. Hary Nambiar Reply

    October 13, 2008 at 5:59 am

    The questions in my mind are several. Was the draft Constitution sabotaged? Did the flamboyant, but less scholarly Nehru, have anything to do with this serious omission? Why these foreign educated scholars seek to erase Indian philosophy? Could the fact be simple enough that the authors of the Indian Constitution did not have insight into that scholarship? Did they consider that scholarship to be inferior to that of western philosophy and jurisprudence? Do we need a constitutional authorization to remain what we have been for thousands of years? Do we need the approval of the Congress party to continue to practice our faith, culture and way of life? 5

  2. Hary Nambiar Reply

    October 13, 2008 at 6:02 am

    Western Jurisprudence and Indian Constitution
    This is a great article, the author of which is apparently gifted with the ability to free thinking. There are many sociology professors who practice various religions in India and abroad, but one rarely finds such free expression. Unfortunately, no one responds to uncomfortable questions. There is no dispute to the fact that the fundamental objective of all that is going on is to erase of the Indian philosophy, which was unsuccessfully tried by Max Mueller and his peers and the Arabian bandits. Destabilization of the Indian nation is the second. While the evangelical Christians are more concerned about their individual gains, the Muslims seek Talibanize the Indian subcontinent.

    This religion based “thamasha” is because of incompleteness in the Constitution. I don’t believe that this omission is accidental. If one examines the manner in which the Congress party has cultivated and nourished the loyalty of its rank and file towards the descendants of Jawaharlal Nehru, one would see answers to the questions raised in this article. Nehru and the founding fathers of the Indian Constitution are western educated lawyers who drew examples and inspirations from western jurisprudence of the 19th Century. I wonder how they did not see any practical value in the scholarship contained in the great Indian teachings! It can not be due to the lack of scholarship on their part.

  3. Ramesh Reply

    October 14, 2008 at 6:20 am

    Such writes are required by WEST
    Such Christian thinkeres are need in the USA and UK. In USA, the next generation kids are wasted and adicted to MTV, Facebook, and illegal activities. Many in Michigan, Texas, California, NY are converting to ISLAM. ISLAM is the fasting growing religion in USA and most of its converts are white american christian citizens!. In UK, the scene is still grim. 25% of the whites are converted to ISLAM and are against their own law of the UK!

    Supprisingly, these islamic converts get firm responses from HINDUS! Hindus in USA and UK have performed excellent in their jobs, eduaction, profession and families. 5

  4. Saj Reply

    October 15, 2008 at 8:09 am

    Shortly Christianity & Islam will perish.
    Find out how many ‘Dying and Resurrecting Gods’ were there before Jesus, all having December 25th as
    Birth Date, and all dying on a friday and resurrecting after three days!!!

    They were ‘Osiris’ , ‘Adonis’, ‘Mithras’ and ‘Dionysus’.

    And also find out how Bible was compiled by ‘Constantin’ including just 4 gospels, which proclaimed Jesus as
    God, and eliminating 6 dozen other gospels which said he was just human, all this, just to save Roman Empire from division.

    Find out, how Jesus’s divinity was decided on a vote in ‘Council of Nicea’, four centuries
    after his death!!

    Find out, how even the custom of going to Church on Sunday is copied from Pre Christianic Roman religions, the day they used to worship the ‘Sun God’ !!

    Find out, how a small group of people always knew the truth, including the great renaissance genious, ‘Leanardo Davinci’
    who exposed this greatest coverup on human history, in almost all of his greatest works.

    See how some of history’s renowned names like ‘Victor Hugo’, ‘Isac Newton’ and ‘BottiCelli’ also knew the true story, and lot more… 5

  5. Manish Reply

    October 16, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    videos on youtube by

    This guy is sitting in USA and posting misleading videos on

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  6. Vaisakhan Reply

    October 18, 2008 at 1:03 am

    Importance of Print & Visual Media
    An excellent article! This and other such essays should be published in the mainstream English and vernacular newspapers for perusal of general public.

    Yesterday (17 Oct) while I was scanning TV channels, I suddenly switched to Jeevan TV where a group of about 50 well-dressed ladies were engaged in a discussion on a program called ‘sthree mudra’ regarding conversion. One of them said “Even though Hindus are indulging in destroying cross and St. Mary’s statues in churches the Christians are not attacking the hindus or their temples in the same way” I was astonished that none of the other ladies present there denied this allegation; they seemed to agree with this statement. Suddenly I remembered the article I read in HK a few weeks ago “this happened not in Kashmir but in Kerala” with the images of broken idols.

    God! How ignorant are our people as to what is really happening around us that the mainstream anti-hindu print & visual media will never highlight. I am writing this to emphasis on the need for us Hindus to have a print & visual media to enlighten hindus real things happening around them. WIHTOUT PRINT & VISUAL MEDIA HINDUTVA WILL NOT MOVE FORWARD.

  7. swamy nathan Reply

    October 31, 2008 at 1:23 am

    christianity and carnatic music
    one could be surprised to see what
    is the connection of carnatic music and christianity-this is similar to the connection between
    Amavasai and abdhul could not be surprised to see the news in ‘The Hindu’dtd 24th oct 08
    ”carnatic ragas set in tune of christians songs”- smt aruna sairam released CDs in the presence of archbishops,father gasper raj,kanimozhi all of tamil
    maiyam, the songs set in carnatic music ragas glorying the praise of
    jesus was rendered by O.S.Arun,
    Nithayshree mahadeven,sriram partha sarathy in ragas of songs
    ‘kanakan kodivendum’and Smt aruna
    sairam appreciated the efforts of Tamil maiyam ”
    who runs Tamil maiyam- its active
    members are Akila srinivasan,
    consulate rep of netherland govt
    which gave highest award to sonia
    antonia by its king,who supports
    missionaries,which is represented
    by father gasper raj,whose link
    with srilankan tamil movement is well known and who is closely connected with kanimozhi,T N c m daughter.
    One can not find any monkeys in mosque or in churches.we can see the monkeys only in temples or in places or nearby to temples.this
    is becouse monkeys knows the roots
    of soil,its culture and heritage.
    but our carnatic musicans who sang
    songs for desert god just for money are worst parasites of earth who exchanged their souls for the sake of money.theres all
    brahmins musicians think they can not be questioned or no one would
    bother.carnatic music was set to the tunes to bring out divinity of
    soil which gave avatar of krishna
    and Rama,many sages and saints.
    many musicians,azhwars refused to sing praise of kings for money but
    sang only for paramatha who gave
    divinity to the music.
    All music lovers must strongly protest against these Brahmin musicians who have done great injustice to hinduism and trying to assassinate the culture and heritage of music of saints/sages
    of sanatana dharma.last year Bombay jashree,another brahmin musican did the same mistake of prasing desert god.let us protest

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