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· Date:February 28, 2010

There were no slogan shouting, no big line of leaders competing to address the crowd, no clappings/slogans in between the speeches, no fighting, abuses, – a show of strength with a difference. This is about RSS Pranth Sanghik held at kollam on Feb 24. This meeting should be a lesson to all political parties how to organize a meeting.

The spectators in Kollam Ashram Ground saw the discipline and the strict timelines enforced through out the program. The program started and finished as per plan with out a change.

Sharp at 4:57 PM SarSanghachalak of RSS Sri.Mohan Bhagawat came to the dias. When he entered the ground in an open jeep and travelled in between the lines of swayamsevaks standing in attention, pin drop silence prevailed in the ground where lakhs have gathered.It was a unique experience to all including journalists who have seen crowds shouting slogans or clapping hands when leaders walk in.

As per the timetable planned at 5:00 PM, two ordinary workers of the organisation or swayamsevaks raised the flag marking the symbolic start of the program. They stood guard at the flag pole as guardians of the sangh flag or bhagawat dhwaj.

Again as per time table after completing the drill (vyayam yog), band (ghosh), group song (ganageet), when the person responsible for introductory speech walked in , clock ticked exactly 5:15. He did the job entrusted on him to complete the invitation speech and walked out exactly after 15 min. As per plan, Sarsanghachalak started his address at 5:30 and completed his speech at 7. This included the translation of his speech to malayalam by Sri.Gopalakrishnan the prantheeya pracharak of Kerala. His speech time was reserved as one hour and 30 minutes and he exactly completed the same including the translation time on time, neither a second early nor a second late. The meeting concluded at 7:30 by officially taking down the flag hoisted on the pole or the ceremony named Dhwaj Avarohan.

Even the members of largest cader party of kerala might have felt surprised by the conduct of one lakh swayamsevaks at the Ashram ground. There was pin drop silence and the rss volunteers on the ground listened and adhered to the instructions coming from the dias. The volunteers taught the public what discipline means. The RSS volunteers ranged from 10 year old children to 90 years old veterans.

They worked hand in hand with police and co-ordinated the smooth flow of traffic in the city. The kollam city will be stuck in traffic snarls if a rally of 1000 people happen in the city..On contrast even after more than one lakh people assembled, there was no even one single block in the entire district.

The IT wing of the swayamsevaks also were actively involved in this program by arranging a live webcast of the entire event thorugh the web site http://rsskerala.com. The entire program was web casted live and sympathisers and workers all over the world watched it. More than a lakh hits were received on the site when the program was in progress. The program was also recorded and uploaded in their youtube channel http://youtube.com/rssowner which is a digital library of various RSS events conducted all over India.

After the Sanaghik was over the ground was cleaner than before even after more than two lakhs people have participated in the event and left. This is the uniqueness of RSS. The venue where programme are held are handed back to the owners more cleaner than it was.


  1. Ramamurhty.N Reply

    February 28, 2010 at 5:49 am

    RSS & Dicipline
    The article is not complete without mentioning the condition of the Ashram Ground after the Snaghik was over.The ground was cleaner than before even after more than two lac people have participated in the event and left.This is the uniqueness of RSS .The venue where programmes are held are handed back to the oweners more cleaner than it was. The owener will be willing to give permises for such function more voulentarily in future. 5

  2. K.Venugopal Reply

    February 28, 2010 at 6:58 am

    Shakha – the secret
    We, as swayamsevaks, are proud that Sangha could organize such an event with clock-work precision. We have now to ensure that each of our shakhas are run on model lines and the shakha becomes the heart-beat of the community where it is located. RSS was built up through the shakha and it shall flourish through the shakha. Shakha is the secret, the source and the strength of the RSS – we must never forget this. 5

  3. bjp Reply

    February 28, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    rss disclipline
    to those people outside rss this may be a surprise but to a sangh memeber this is nothing new.its is the proud legacy of sri guruji which we have inherited.and is these qualities 5

  4. satheesh Reply

    February 28, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    Where ever RSS conducts program Discipline will be maintained.They work with the chart.Great administration that’s RSS 5

  5. SANJAY Reply

    March 1, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Even the largest cadre party was groping in darkness many times to control the fuss and traffic,whenever they had conducted any such meetings.Not only that, these political parties attracted the people by giving around Rs.200+ food.THERE HAD NO SUCH UNWANTED THINGS IN SANGH’S PROGRAM..EVERYBODY ATTENDED AND WAS A PART OF THE GREAT GATHERINGS VOLUNTARILY..DAT IS RSS..THE PART OF GREAT SANGH PARIVAR..BE PROUD,BEING A PART OF THIS GREAT INDIAN CULTURE… 5

  6. Sunil Rajendran Reply

    August 6, 2010 at 8:22 am

    Gr8 work from the RSS
    Proud to be a Swayamsevak…!!!!hope these kind of functions take place more often and make the people know more about the sangh…
    Jai Hind.. 5

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