Communist leader faces Rape allegation

· Date:June 10, 2012

Neeleswaram: A police case has been registered against former District Secretary of CPM, Kannur following allegations of rape. The case has been registered by Neeleswaram under section 376 of IPC. The case has been filed under Hosdurg Judicial Magistrate (2) by editor of ‘Crime’ magazine editor TP Nandakumar as a private case. The charges leveled against Sasi include sexual overtures made towards the wife of a DYFI leader undergoing treatment in Yoga and Naturopathy Centre, Kannur.

Following this, the court directed Neeleswaram police to swing into action under CI CK Sunil Kumar. The police will now record a detail statement made by Nandakumar. The DYFI leader’s wife will also be interrogated.

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  1. Ravindran Reply

    June 10, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Rise and fall of P. Sasi (from bicycle to Air conditioned car).

    While he was studying in Kadachira high school, he was a bare footed goon of SFI.

    Even in Sree Narayana College, Thottada, Kannur he was a bare footed criminal carrying knife in hand.

    Since after his appointment as a political secretary of that time Chief Minister E. K. Nayanar, he was totally a changed man. The differences was instead of knife, he started of carrying American revolver, instead the poor female workers of the party he started roaming with female IPS officer and IAS officers, without shame he shared moments even in public with a well known female IPS officer. I remember, how he used to stand in front of his uncle’s shop (cycle Mukunadatten)at Chala, Kannur for his daily expenses.

    Thereafter, how he earned these much of wealth and fame. He is a proclaimed womaniser, who is worse than Mr. Kunhali Kutyy. So he tried his best to save Mr. Kunhali Kutty too.

    All these people are against a honest Marxist leader Mr. Achudanadan and calling great leaders.

  2. Hary Nambiar Reply

    June 10, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    For CPI (M), people like Sasi are expendable
    One may dislike this individual and or CPI (M) altogether. One may call him names and accuse him of various unsocial activities. However, I am not convinced that IAS and IPS officers need to sleep with petty political leaders to keep their job. Ravi, would you say NO if someone privately offers you something sweet? Is it anyone’s business if one had consensual sex with a willing adult in private? Some women may accuse a man of sexual harassment even if the man smiled at her. Women like Ajitha would do anything to have her name in the media. When Abdulla Kutti ran the last Assembly election on a Congress ticket, CPI (M) accused him of being a womanizer. If that allegation were true, how did they elect him to the Lok Sabha? I don’t know Sasi or Abdulla Kutti, but I think it is cheep to come up with a charge without proof. CPI (M) will never offend Muslim leaders. They bend backwards to keep Abdulla Kutti, but Kutty is an ambitious man. Sasi’s case is different. People like him are expendable.

  3. Ravindran Reply

    June 11, 2012 at 12:30 am

    Kannur & Criminal Politicians.

    Dear Mr. Hari,

    I really agree fully about the consensual sex. But, what Mr. Sasi had done was total abuse of power and used it as a bribe for transfers and promotions.

    Mr. P. Sasi ruined many in Kannur including many in his own party, who were smarter than Mr. P. Sasi, like Mr. Hari (Now Advocate Hari of Chakkarakkal). The way his associates killed Mr. Balettan of Dr. Mukku, Kadachira can not be easily forgetted by anyone.

    Mr. P. Sasi was the part and parcel of many killings in Kannur especially against CMP supporters & workers. With his approval only many ordinary workers of Congress & BJP were executed in Kadachira, Peralasseri, Moonuperiya, Mavilayi, Panoor, Thalasseri, Koothuparambu, Ancharakandy, Chakarakal, Kappad and Varam.

    He is not expendable as you mentioned. People like him ruined the foundation of the party for personal benefits. It was his policy of turning Schools, Colleges and universities to battle grounds of politicians. Not a single crime in Kannur was executed without his knowledge. He and his party terrorized the entire Kannur for many years. Not even a single police station could make an FIR against these goons. Wife of an assassinated scared of making complaints. They all together manipulated and managed the entire crime theory. Sorry, we can not call someone an expendable, who is nothing less than a criminal.

  4. Suresh Reply

    June 12, 2012 at 4:00 am

    Kannur & Criminal Politicians.
    Dear Sri. Hari,
    I think we have more serious social and political issue to discuss than the sexual matters. Besides, we are all human beings with a heart to love and be loved.
    Politically we may believe in different ideologies, but in that how can we forget that we are all human beings? Not to believe in killing humans on selfish political issues or ambitions ? We should all unite in condemning such heinous crimes earnestly. Human are social beings. He lives not just for himself, but for his dear, near and loved ones. Life of those loved ones of the killed can not be the same anymore.
    Can you imagine the vast social destruction due to few rotten heads like Mr. Sasi, who ruined our social fabrics of Kannur.
    The negative effects of these crimes are far reaching. In what words should we condemn the perpetrators of those violences.
    Marxists never used to celebrate our independence or Republic day. It is only after the emergency they started, a great contribution of Smt. Indira Gandhi, but Marxists never practiced in their own majority areas. They eliminated who comes against their ideology. The law of Kannur is that you can kill anyone if you are a Marxist. The killing of Jayakrishnan Master in day light in front of 100s of people is a case well in point. In Kannur no witness can come forward, the security agencies, who are supposed to protect those witness support goons. Nobody can ensure security for the witness in our criminal justice system. These political thugs have made Kerala and our democracy a hell. Where are we leading to ? What would be the future of our coming generations ????

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