Cash prize for Hindus to throw photos of Hindu Gods ; Extra money for wearing cross lockets

· Date:April 25, 2011

New methods of incentivising proselytization

IT is said that marketing is an art of making people ‘buy’ without knowing ‘why’ and Christian missionaries are proving it right. Christian missionaries have adopted the latest marketing strategy to hood wink the gullible, poor, uneducated Hindus in Bangalore by offering cash prize for those who dump the photos of Hindu gods and replace with photos of Jesus in their houses. This is not enough. A bonus cash prize will be offered to those Hindus who wears cross symbol secretly! These are the samples revealed in the recent case study conducted by Dr M Chidanandamurthy, noted thinker, Philosopher, researcher, columnist and a social activist from Bangalore.

Dr M Chidanandamurthy unmasked the new avatar of Christian missionaries in his new findings and shared a few points with the media on March 19, 2011 and requested the Hindu youths to protest against an uncivilised way of converting Hindus by allurement of cash prizes. Murthy has exposed immoral acts of Christian missionaries, conversion agents, pro-Christian lobby and evangelists working overtime in Bangalore on a conversion spree. Murthy, however, not specified the exact amount of money given as a cash prize for those who throw Hindu gods and wear Christian symbol. Murthy mentioned that he came to know about this cunning act from his friend Ramachandra Upadhya who lives at Wilson Garden, Bangalore. Both Murthy and Upadhya went to Manjunathanagar locality near Marathhalli, 3-km away from Bangalore HAL old airport on March 15, 2011 and witnessed a shock of their life.

According to Murthy, conversion agents identify Hindu families who are financially weak and promise to provide them with cash prizes for displaying ‘some’ photos. After capitalising on their weakness, evangelists carry a sweet box and an attractive framed photo of Jesus and go to homes belonging to lower strata of the society along with a local conversion agent. By offering money on the spot, agents manage to include Jesus photo in the middle of Hindu gods. After few weeks the round two operation starts by releasing another installment money and influencing them to place the photo of Jesus on the top most lane above Hindu gods in a more visible manner. Again after few weeks, the conversion agents lands there with huge money and convince them to discard photos of Hindu gods and goddesses. Fearing to throw photos and idols of Hindu gods into dustbin, poor gullible Hindus place them in the premises of Vasuki Subramanya Temple, which is situated on the national Highway.

Conversion agents offering huge sums of money and manage to get photos, idols, stickers, symbols of Hindu gods removed from the Hindu homes is just the beginning for yet another round of cheating. They give additional money for embracing Christianity and displaying Christian symbols in their house. “It is a bargain and if converted Christian willing to wear a cross around his neck, will be entitled to claim a bonus which will be happily given to him by agents and will also earn incentive from foreign funds used by Christian Missionaries” Murthy explained in his letter. He has charged the conversion agents with ‘agenda to misuse the situation’. According to him agents play a major role during ill-health of Hindus and offer a free prayer meeting to get rid of diseases only to get them converted to Christianity with a bogus healing power of Jesus.

Murthy has given his address, contact number and the telephone number of his friend Upadhya and requested general public to inform them about illegal conversions anywhere in Karnataka to take appropriate action against the immoral acts. Ramachandra Upadhya is available on his mobile number: 09902400072 and Murthy can be contacted at 1013 B, 4th Cross, 11th Main, Hampinagara, Bangalore – 560040. Landline 080-23300687. To prevent further attack on the Hindu society he urged the Karnataka Government to legislate Anti-conversion law with immediate effect.


  1. K P Ganesh Reply

    April 25, 2011 at 11:43 pm

    Christianity – A business than religion!!!
    Wonder what the so called pious christians have to say about this kind of activities. From the very inception of Jesus in Jerusalem in Israel, a country following Judaism for eons, to the kind of desperation with which the pastors, conversion agents et al are going on with their “Conversion through inducement” job only shows true nature of Christianity. More of politico-business tool than anything spiritual. No wonder even Nuns from far off Brazil, have come to see Sri Sathya Sai Baba and pay homage to Sri Sathya Sai Baba, stating that they felt a cosmic connection that has brought them to India and Puttaparthi. Which other religion gives human race such kind of amazing experience. Hindu’s need to start preaching true knowledge of Hinduism than dwelling in superstition, which is what Christianity are misusing for their conversion activities. And I’ve seen nuns come and visit the Lord Shiva temple in ThiruAnnamalai for they find no peace in their religion, which they claimed was suffocating them. The only reason they staye put was because of lack of other options to earn monetary benefits. 5

  2. Sunil Reply

    April 26, 2011 at 3:30 am

    Targets only Hindus Why ?
    We should think why they are targeting Hindus .. ? Because we are not responding like Muslims. Actually these missionaries can only understand Taliban style reaction. 5

  3. vedamgopal Reply

    April 26, 2011 at 6:46 am

    conversion is prostitution
    Conversion is prostitution – To overcome the sufferings and poverty in life if somebody from the alien religion gives money to tackle and due to pressure from the alien changing ones religion is worst than earning money by doing prostitution.

    Husband is a drunker, irresponsible fellow, torches wife by beating and abusing. The lady is struggling to lift the family and brought up the children and she was totally upset and dejected and do not find any escape rout. The adjacent neighbor knew this very well and pretended that he is honest and wanted to support her. Help her with money and other possible way. In due course one day he asked her to share the bed with him. In what category this man comes. He exploited his poverty and weakness wanted to make a gain from her by sharing the bed. He is not punishable by law since the rape is voluntary.

    So exploiting poor mans poverty and induce them with money to change the faith is as worst as prostitution. The people should understand that changing the faith one will get money for one time only but doing prostitution will yield many every time. Are they ready to do prostitution?

    Selling the soul is prostitution and selling the inner soul (Athma) is change of religion is still worst than the prostitution. Only mentally sick people will attempt this way to over come poverty.

  4. manoj Reply

    April 26, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    A disturbing expose of West’s plot to divide India
    Organiser Article

    A disturbing expose of West’s plot to divide India 5


    April 26, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Appreciate mr. murthy and his friend Upadhyas efforts to protect our religion.Every Hindu must be a soilder and preacher to tackle the falsehood of christianity and convert back the poor hindus who are on the way to xtinaity for the sake of monetary benefits. Let us all join with mr. murthy in fighting the hawks of missionaries. i am not in karnataka but i have taken the efforts to educate the hindus against christianity. 5


    April 26, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Appreciate mr. murthy and his friend Upadhyas efforts to protect our religion.Every Hindu must be a soilder and preacher to tackle the falsehood of christianity and convert back the poor hindus who are on the way to xtinaity for the sake of monetary benefits. Let us all join with mr. murthy in fighting the hawks of missionaries. i am not in karnataka but i have taken the efforts to educate the hindus against christianity. 5

  7. Vidhya Reply

    April 27, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    I have been to several churches in US and have talked to people who work there.Churches here are huge and very very organised.They openly talk about their agenda – conversion in Asia and Africa.All these churches have missionaries in India or Indians working for them.It is disheartening to see their money and organisational strength being used to exploit our religion and culture in the name of charity.I so wish Indian hindu youth can see this in person.Our ignorant hindu brothers & sisters will realize how tactful and destructive christanity really is. 5

  8. proudestkafir Reply

    April 28, 2011 at 5:20 am

    Asinine hindus
    The neo converts are always a bit anxious and deep down the conscience pricks them.They are aware that for a monetary gain they have changed their ancestral religion.So when these neo converts are in trouble, why not brain wash them( just like the followers of dead jew on stick would do) and tell them that not only thye have to undergo purification, but as a punishment they should get a few more converts back to Hindu fold1 Give them back in their own coin. Why not? 5

  9. GSK Menon Reply

    April 28, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    Cash prize for Hindus
    Why keep blaming the attackers ? Hindus are themselves to be blamed for their woes. Why can’t we learn from the Muslims, repel the proselytisers with all force and power. Attack the attackers. We are several crores in strength, no force can stop or prevent us. March in thousands to every conversion office, be it a church, NGO or Bishops House and drive them away. Make the enemy to run and flee, this is our country, it is our birth right to protect our Hindu religion, culture, heritage, and every Hindu brother and sister. Those who want to convert to any alien faith can do so and go to USA or Jerusalem and settle down there peacefully. 5

  10. Bala Reply

    July 11, 2011 at 1:35 am

    Anti National Missionary Wolves
    The anti national christian missionaries are behaving like Wolves in a frenzy. Their objectives is neither religious not spiritual (because Jesus expressly preaches AGAINST dividing man against another). So these missionaries have reserved the choicest seats for themselves in Everlasting Hell. In several developed countries, Insurance agents are forbidden from selling insurance to certain ‘vulnerable’ groups of the population (eg children, senior citizens, socially or educationally backward sections of the population). A similar clause needs to be introduced in India to forbid these anti-national christian missionaries from ‘selling’ their religion to the vulnerable sections.
    The Maria Niketan School in DaCosta Layout, Cooke Town, Bangalore is a school that gives admissions to poor children in their school but on the condition that they convert to christianity. Additionally, they’re given Rs 5000 for the conversion. This is happening even today.
    Slowly, they start asking their parents to convert also for money. But after the DMK debacle (where the people took money from DMK but still voted for AIADMD), they realised that these people will convert for money but will not come to Church regularly; they figured that they’ve not let go of their Gods. So now they put pictures of Hindu Gods on the floor of the Church so when you enter the Church, you have to walk over the Gods. Converts are also given photographs of the Hindu Gods to burn before they’re given money for conversion.
    Nobody reports this because the Church organisations systematically promote elevation of Christian journalists (or pro Christian ones) to senior positions in various news organisations around the world.
    We need to videograph these everywhere and show it in court. Please look at this video: 5

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