BJP delegation report on Assam communal riots

· Date:July 30, 2012

New Delhi: 27 July :2012: Friday. All India General Secretary of BJP Vijay Goel lead a high-level delegation consisting of All India General Secretary Smt. Kiran Maheshwari, Bijoy Chakrabarty National Vice President, Dilip Moran and Ranit Dass, Fanindra Dass MLAs from Assam, Ajit kumar Bhattacharya Organisation general secretary from Assam and Debashish Sur senior Advocate to Kokrajhar and Chirang districts along with their surrounding areas to find the facts on 24-25 July. The team visited the affected areas along with the relief camps in the concerned areas. The team on their return to Delhi gave their reports and first hand accounts of their visit to senior leadership.

The delegation in Assam met representatives from the Bodo Community, BATD office bearers, minority community representatives, All Assam Bodo Student Union, Koch Rajvanshi student union, Bengali student federation and displaced people living in the relief camps. Shri Goel has straight forwardly said that had the Assam Government and Tarun Gogoi in particular taken adequate and required preventive steps in time this carnage could very well been prevented.

Shri Goel reiterated the following main points;

– Two people from Muslim community were killed on 6 July and two more were injured on 19 July. Those guilty were never identified but was considered that Bodos were behind these killings. Atmosphere became tense due to these apprehensions by the minority community regarding the Bodos and as the tension prevailed, on 20 July 4 Bodos were killed. Bodos say that they had no hand in the incidents of 6 and 19 July and that situation had not gone out of hand had the culprits nabbed in time.

– Chief Minister of Assam and the Government of Assam never took any preventive steps due to their own indecisive ness. They were having Bodo Peoples Front on one hand as their coalition partner and on the other hand, illegal Muslim population from Bangladesh forms their core vote bank forcing Tarun Gogoi to maintain the silence.

– Tarun Gogoi has claimed that there is politics behind the carnage and one of them seemingly can be his deputies wanting his removal.

– Biggest politics seemingly is the statement of CM that Bangladesh or Bangladeshis have got nothing to do with this violent carnage.

– The people we met at the Kokrajhar relief camps said that these illegal migrants from Bangladesh are very well armed and that they have driven the indigenous people out of their homes. Mrinal Hazarika has claimed that three boats laden with arms have come from outside and that this claim should be looked into.

– Deputy Comissioner of Chirang District Dr. V.P Boker said that he is helpless.

– Bodo Peoples Front has also stated emphatically that timely action could have prevented the carnage.

– The complete issue has illegal Bangladeshi migrants at its core as an issue.

Shri Goel has stated that uptil now the atmosphere is tense and that violence is still continuing. More than three lakh people have been displaced, over 4000 villages have been affected, 75 relief camps are more than 50 have died so far with trains being stopped adding up the panic quotient.

Shri Goel demanded that.

– Number of Military and Para Military forces is not enough and should be increased.

– Army is patrolling only major roads but to build the confidence of people at large they should be moved to interiors in small groups.

– This being the season for rice and paddy sowing in the state and if this gets delayed both tillers and farmers will have to face dire consequences, as this is the only crop that is yielded here.

– It would have been better that he being the Prime Minister; Manmohan Singh should have gone to Assam with an all-party delegation.

– Relief camps are namesake only and that facilities such as medication, food, treatments, shelters are there only in name, and that these basics should be adequately arranged for.

– All arms must be immediately confiscated.

– Indo- Bangladesh border must be immediately sealed as reports are continuously pouring in that speedboats are bringing in supplies of arms from across the border. Vigil must be maintained on religious places so that arms are not kept there.

– Failure of intelligence gathering institutions should also be looked into.

– Adequate protection for Indigenous people of Assam should be provided.

– CM Tarun Gogoi should submit his resignation from the post of CM.

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  1. Sumesh Reply

    July 31, 2012 at 12:43 am

    Second Kashmir.

    Time and again, this are happening in India. Infiltrators together with religious converts attacks the real son of the soil and Challenging their existence. Who supported these illegal migrants to infiltrate, who rules this state with the votes of illegal migrants ?

    These Bngladeshi criminals are worse than Pakistanis, these are the born criminals.

    Bodo tribals, who has not even having their own proper houses cannot face these arms carrying Bngladeshi infiltrators. See those electrified houses of illegal Bangladeshi migrants. Who take all the advantageous of the Govt., with fake identity cards, fake ration cards, fake voters i.d and fake certificates. But those innocent Bodos, has no Proper House or identity cards and they are not eligible for any benefits.

    See those bare footed, half naked and literally crying innocent tribal. See the other side. This can not be an India. They made Kashmir as Pakistan and Assam as Bangladesh. The entire fertile lands are occupying by these illegal Bengladeshis. Most of them are “Oudh” and Sandal wood smugglers. They ruined the entire wild life and nature. Now they started of ruining the culture of those tribal, who are honest and sincere. How long are the questions ????????

  2. Guru Reply

    July 31, 2012 at 7:20 am

    This is the same problem in Myanmar with Rohingya
    Please study what is happening in Myanmar. The Rohingya are the Bangladeshi immigrants in Myanmar and pretty much a similar conflict between hosts and immigrants is happening there. A comparative study will draw out the parallels and lessons to be learnt. The sooner the better. Are any journalists or analysts worth their salt listening ? I hope. Research is not very hard: Please check Myanmar newspapers online for more details on the Rohingya/Rakhine states problem.

  3. gopal Reply

    July 31, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    ruling politicians digging their own grave
    While these ruling parties R playing dangerous political strategy like ignoring the Bangladeshi Muslims to infiltrate and settle down at the cost of native Indian nationals besides contributing to the violence,the politicians should realise this vote bank is only temporary. Once their population becomes majority,they elect their own religion leaders. Just think,if these politicians or their children caught in between Muslim mobs will they be spared without harming? Just think on those lines.For Muslim
    mobs, all Hindus r equal as infidels to be annihilated whether the Hindu is an ordinary ma,minister or VIP. If this
    Concept is kept in mind atleast the present dangerous trend of pampering the vote-bank should not endanger the future generations of these politicians besides endangering our beloved Nation.

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