Being politically incorrect

· Date:January 6, 2009

In India it is very unusual and abnormal to write anything in support of Israel
because doing so is something portraying itself as politically
incorrect. In present circumstances when Israel has waged a war against
Hamas in Gaza
strip and analysts along with political commentators are busy in
writing big articles it is less important to be included in that list
but few aspects of this problem has not been addressed so far.


Being a secular and liberal democracy
India always has adopted a middle path in Arab-Israel struggle although
it always preferred to be seen in favor of Arab camp but for a long
time every effort were going on from out of government channels to keep
Israel in good humor also. But it is really paradox for Indian democracy to follow the principle of political correctness
and secularism in the context of every action of Israel against its
hostile neighbors. Since birth of Israel India adopted the policy of
condemnation of every act of self defense of this lone Jewish nation
along with other Arab nations and European countries. In last sixty years it would be very rare to get any instance when supreme body of international law United Nations
had not support of India in any resolutions against Israel. Since
independence India adopted the policy of condemnation of Israel on
every front to appease the Muslim constituency in India as well as
Islamic Umma in rest of the world. But since 1992 when Indian government
has officially opened diplomatic channel between two countries it could
be discussed why Policy of condemnation of cold war era is still being
followed even after facing new threats in the form of Islamist


In latest string of condemnation of action of Israel Indian government
come out openly with official statement to condemn the assault on Gaza
strip. However this statement was not very unusual or unpredicted but
in some way it could be called haste decision. Political correctness
along with pseudo liberal syndrome has infected the opinion makers and
intellectuals around the world and due to this infection they are
suffering with grave decease of myopic vision. Because of their myopic
vision they are not able to analyze the situation in objective way as
they boast to be. If intellectuals and academicians worldwide would not
have suffered with a pseudo liberal syndrome case of Israel have not
been dismissed every time even without giving a chance of hearing.


We have witnessed the same thing being repeated in the case of assault on Gaza strip. The whole media, intellectuals, academicians and politically correct nations started bombardment of condemnation on Israel.  The
whole debate of attack turned into some emotional appeals with cozy
pictures of innocent civilians and children who were injured or lost
their lives in attack on Gaza
but as it has been mentioned earlier that the whole debate on conflict
of Arab-Israel was always eclipsed with some one-sided and myopic
approach with presumption of aggression of Israel and innocence of the
opposite. It is paradox that conspiracy theorist and Islamist
apologists plead on a ground that Jews has some invisible hands which
control the whole world including media moguls but when the case of
Arab-Israel come on testing ground the reverse happens with Palestinian
organizations or Islamist groups gain  the
sympathy of the whole world. It was true with the recent attack as
well. For last few years Hamas was targeting civilians in Israel with
their rockets but no word of condemnation was coming out in favor of
Israel probably because it was not politically correct to support
Israel against Hamas.


Ideally it could be the issue of debate how much assault is technically correct and how much it has moral value
but it is not a justice for Israel to condemn the right of self defense
of this country. There is question of technical correctness and moral
correctness is involved in this case as according to Israel it is
following the norms of United Nations. Article 51 of charter of United Nations reserves
to every nation the right to engage in self defense against armed
attacks. The only limitation international law place on a democracy is
that its action must satisfy the principle of proportionality.   


of proportionality is very complex in this case because Hamas is an
organization which has not abandoned its goal of elimination of Israel
and to achieve this goal it is indulged in targeting innocent civilians
inside Israel as its legitimate operation. For last few years Israel
tolerated several rocket attacks and prevented its citizens from this
offensive with providing shelters and warning system against these
attacks to their civilians. These efforts prevented several casualties
from Israel side but only due to these efforts intention of Hamas to
kill innocent civilians in Israel could not be denied and this
intention should have been included in the principle of proportionality
particularly when causality from both sides has been counted.


this whole issue Israel has been criticized for targeting innocent
civilians including children. It is definitely a issue of judgment of
moral value in this attack but as Israel has clarified that their air
force operation was carefully crafted to avoid civilian causalities and
they have also complained that in some areas Hamas used civilians as human shields
to prevent Israel from attack. In Arab countries in general and
Palestine in particular there is a tradition of indoctrination of kids
and young children to lay down their lives in the name of Jihad
fighting against occupier Israel. Few Arab countries which are more
hostile to Israel and Palestine have several TV channels which are
indoctrinating their people of Sahada and Jihad. A film based on
radical Islamic movement titled obsession exposed the reality of Arab
televisions how they teach their young generation not to live the life
but to die in the name of faith and Jihad.
This culture of dyeing in the name of faith and Jihad has flourished in
Palestine for several years and strengthen the movement of intifada of
PLO and now Hamas to eliminate Israel. In this background it is very
difficult for Israel to live in this hostile situation without being
ready for self defense.


is very difficult to understand why most of the people in this world
condemn Israel without going into the facts because condemning Israel
is proportionate to denying this nation to right to exist and being a
member of United Nations this vibrant democracy has the every right to
exist as other countries have. It is time to become politically
incorrect and think who is aggressor one who is fighting for its
existence or one who is fighting   in the shadow of khilafat to deny the right of existence to Israel. 

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  1. Raju Puducode Reply

    January 6, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Long live India & Israel
    Israelis & Indians have lots in commion. Both nations have hoary ancient and great history unlike other newer violent semitic religionists. Both are surrounded by terrorist Islamists who will kill & drink your blood if you close your eyes even for a few minutes. Israel has transformed the deserts into blooming gardens & cultivable lands by sheer hard work. Also I like Isreal because of their no-nonsense policy against enemies. They destroy two eyes for each eye & the whole jaw for a single tooth. That is the language to keep the Islamist animals in check. 5

  2. raj nair Reply

    January 6, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    Long live Israel
    Long Live Isreal, Long live Hinduism – Judaism. 5

  3. Nair Ravindran Reply

    January 7, 2009 at 12:33 am

    being politically incorrect
    I fully agree with the artcle being politically incorrect. one should condenm terrorism in whatsoever form and whomsoever does it either in Israel, US or India and why not Pakistan as they also suffered a lot in the year 2008. Israel has every right to defend their territory and its civilians. We also sincerely hope that India also should have every right to defend its territory and civilians from the crazy islamic terrorists sponsored by Pakis. it is known fact that when ever Isreal Palastine crisis flares up, media use to portray gory photographs of injured/dead photogrpahs of childred/women as it that only muslim children/women die in any conflict and childred / women / innocent civilian of other religions whomsoever concerend dont die. what a funny thing. pain and blood is same for every religion. media all over the world has a die hard habbit of playing to islamic tunes when it comes the matter of terrorism. in india take the case of malegaon where six people died in front of SIMI office and the extent of hue and cry made by media whereas in the year 2008 alone thousands of hindus died but press/media / news channels are holding stories / debate about hindu terrorism blown out of proportion, while they are silent on other incidents where SIMI is involved. strange thing. the same thing goes on in the case of Iareal where world media is painting Israel as monstar against islam. fact remains that Hamas is the real monstar and as the saying goes truth will prevail and demons will be eliminated, one should wish Isreael in its current war against terrorism a success and teach a befitting lesson to Hamas/ Islamic terrorists and fanatics. being an Indian I also wish that Indian government should learn a lot of lessons from Israel how to tacle terrorism and should act immediately ( not like the bombay 26/11 case ) and retaliate the enemy whomsoever it is.

  4. Leela Reply

    January 7, 2009 at 3:33 am

    Many comments are written about the poverty and hardship in palestine but they seem to have enough money and means to buy rockets and other sophisticated arms. perhaps they should spend that money to provide for food and medical aid for their people. but then muslims seem to enjoy living with murder and mayhem 5

  5. Manu Reply

    January 7, 2009 at 4:11 am

    How many actually know the REAL issue of Israeal
    Out policitician dont know their own history, how can anyone expect those jokers to understand the real issue of Isreal?

    Our politicians are not bothered about 10 terrorists taking the country to its knees and still are begging Pakistan to do something.

    What else or more can we expect from these jokers. 5

  6. Ganesh Reply

    January 7, 2009 at 9:50 am

    I remember a time when Rajiv Gandhi decided not to let India play a Davis cup tennis finals against Israel in those days when BJP did not exist.Covertly they get all kinds of aid for military purposes from Israel and still play drama to placate the islamists.If pakistan is a migraine for the world,palestine is a cancer for Israel and periodical chemotherapy or amputation is necessary to keep their nation alive.They dont sell out their country for votebanks. 5

  7. golu Reply

    January 8, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    I read article of Amitabh Tripathi not for the first time but i have read him before also on many websites . I believe that every human being has got right to exist . Hinduism also says that jio or jine do ( live and let live others ).But the whole world knows that Followers of Radical Islam donot believe in this theory .What Israel is facing today , the world may face in coming years . India faced it in previous centuries and the symbol of that is still alive in 21 st century in the form of BABRI MASZID .Islamists want all kafirs ( non believers of Islam )to be eliminated that is why the terrorists organisations are flourishing everyday …they know that the whole world will not be Islamised in a day or two …they know it may take years and centuries to do so . So they are on the home work .They are beginning well on the task , they may end well. Let not allow them begin well. Israel is a nation which is giving response to them …they are the leaders , lets follow Israel . Israel has faced 3700 missile attacks in last 7 yrs from Hamas ( GAZA), Now what does the whole world wants from Israel .I think 3700 missile attacks are enough to test the patience of any country. 5

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