Asianet’s contribution towards ‘Communal Harmony’!

· Date:December 13, 2011

After the court verdict of Ayodhya, Asianet News, a leading news channel in Kerala said “We have decided not to discuss / debate anymore about Ayothya issue / verdict in our news bulletin today to keep ‘communal harmony’. After few months, this week, the same channel highlighted once again about Ayodhya with complete close-up videos of demolishing a disputed structure in Ayodhya. As usual Prasanth Raghuvamsan (A dedicated CPI (M) supporter) did not forget to attack Sangh Parivar on his own style.

The question here is why a responsible channel like Asianet allowed Prasanth to highlight this old story to please his party bosses? So you can forget ‘communal harmony’ on your own convenience! Prasanth even linked the Ayodhya issue with Gujarat riots and as usual no mention about  65 innocent Hindus who were burnt alive in a train near Godhra stati

Now one question to Prasanth, being a strong CPI(M) believer, why you always forgets to make a story on the day of Indira Gandhi assassination regarding the mass murder of thousands of innocent Sikhs by Congress party goons?

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  1. Om Reply

    December 13, 2011 at 2:51 am

    I have posted this elsewhere also..but still for readers who would like to know a bit more abt history..

  2. Ram Reply

    December 13, 2011 at 8:07 am

    These sh*ts have no spine. Better not talk about them. If you through some peanuts they leek your feet also

  3. Sunil Reply

    December 13, 2011 at 9:42 am

    I am least bothered about what Asianet did for promoting communal harmony, neither I am interested on their contribution towards journalistic excellence. But I did expect HK to have at least one article paying homage to those who sacrificed their lives while trying to prevent the brazen attack on our parliament. 10 years ago, this day our temple of democracy was attacked by the Islamic terrorists. It is a pity that our sickular media who were keen on remembering the 10th anniversary of 9/11 did not care to air any program of remembrance on our fellow countrymen who died this day 10 years ago. None of our “national” dailies had any report on this.

  4. sahya Reply

    December 14, 2011 at 5:56 am

    Check print media
    Most of the media have given it in their Print addition. In malayalam I saw atleast in Mathrubhoomi’s front page

  5. Vijayalakshmi Reply

    December 15, 2011 at 2:24 am

    Offensive Asianet
    Most of the so-called comedy shows on Asianet,like Vodafone comedy show are meant to ridicule hindus and denigrate Hinduism. Christians are taking maximum advantage of this forum,using this licence to malign hindus.The writers of such skits are invariably christians. I happened to watch one where our Bhagwan Sri Krishna was denigrated.In another skit, one fellow says that his mother sent him to Sabarimala after he got married, and by the time he returned after his pilgrimage to Kashi,Rameswaram etc.,his wife ran away with another man!Isn’t this preposterous? Lakhs of devoted hindus go to Sabarimala every year, after observing the stipulated austerities, but they are not required to visit Kashi and Rameswaram also. Moreover, we have not heard of any pilgrim’s wife of having eloped with anyone in his absence.Infact, our hindu wives themselves observe certain austerities along with their husbands. That particular skit was written by a crosstian called John or Joseph or some such name. What particularly made me indignant was the lack of condemnation by any of the ‘judges'(Tom, Maniam Pilla and Jagadeesh). As for the compere/anchor Sruti, the insensitive fool said that the team put up a ‘very good performance’.The audience were like cattle,equally dumb.There was a scroll during the show,which stated that if viewers find the contents offensive, they can report to a particular authority.By the time I could note it down,it disappeared.Let us be on our guard this time.Lot of us should protest by writing to them that if christian and muslim religious sentiments cannot be hurt, hindu religious sentiments also cannot be hurt, and will not be tolerated by hindus anymore. Once when some actor imitated a cranky pentecost, Tom was aghast, and said we should avoid such topics. In this case he did not object because the shameless/thick-skinned hindus on the show themselves did not object.But it is essential that some guidelines are issued to the producers,script-writers etc.

  6. Om Reply

    December 16, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Reg. lakshmi’s comment on asianet
    @ vijayalakshmi:

    we need more iron ladies like you.While the concept of finding offence in each and every thing is unnecessary and can even be at times detrimental, we have to understand that asserting our hindu identity is a must in the present scenario. The hindus of kerela need a jolt to awaken.I would have loved to see the reaction that would have taken place in kerela had the protagonist been a devout muslim who had gone for hajj pilgrimage,finding his wife to have eloped on his return. News channels would have screamed insensitivity and the issue would have snowballed into a controversy, ultiamtely resulting in Asianet’s apology.
    Once the general mass comes to understand that there are actually hindus left in kerela who are proud of the fact that they are hindus, we need not bother about the antics of comedy stars and such.

    However, the minute any hindu takes up the issue, the same saga of “growing hindu extremism” , “where is the hindu tolerance” etc will come up as was with the ramanjuan essay controversy in delhi university. The secular worms who dont have a clue as to what is going on will indeed make some noise, but will think twice before doing anything of the sort again.

  7. GSK Menon Reply

    December 18, 2011 at 1:28 am

    Asianets contribution towards
    Asianet knows that the so called relihious minorities are cash rich. Christians get money from West, Muslims from West Asia. All businesses whether gold, textiles, liquor, hospitals, schools etc. What have the Hindus got, they are still happy to be slave-employees. Asianet which is run by greedy men prefer the cash rich minorities, so they need to be kept in good humour otherwise advertisement revenue will come down. Who cares if slave-employees are indignant ? They are neither united, nor have money to throw around like dirt, so why bother for the Hindus. Ridicule them and have a hearty laugh.My sympathies for the asinine Hindus

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