Arjun Singh-Epitome of Hindu Hatred

· Date:July 24, 2006


Arjun Singh will find his name in the history books of coming years as one of the most Hindu hatred man in the history of India so far. A Master Of Pseudo Secularism who had taken the Indian Vote Bank Politics to new heights. His active involvements in the Indian politics lead nation in to a dangerous situation with his open support to Jihadi’s in the country. Presence of such anti nationals in Indian politics encouraged Jihadis to make the sacred soil of Bharat fertile for their Terrorist activities.    


Arjun Singh, the most Hindu hatred man in the country is notorious for:


1) Accused in Churhat Lottery corruption case when he was the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.


2) Bhopal Gas Tragedy when he was the Chief Minister of MP, victims of the tragedy are the living proof of his inaction.


3) Advocate to Denationalisation of Education. Puppet in the hand of Communist historians and Islamic fundamentalists. Their Discoveries include:


Ø     “Ram” and “Krishna” incites hatred against minorities.


Ø     Shivaji never faced open battles and won only by “treachery.”


Ø     Prithviraj Chauhan was “punished” by Muhummad Gori for “conspiracy,”


Ø     Muslim rulers were broad minded


Ø     Hindus are Beef eaters


Ø     Bhagath Singh & his team were Terrorists


Ø     Swami Dayananda was a hired preacher of Christians, anti-religious and atheist


4) He wants to introduce Reservation to Muslims against Constitutional warning.


5) 50% reservation for IIT & IIMs seats for the Muslims and Christians


6) 50% reservation for Muslims in Aligarh University


7) Outlaw Ekal Vidyalayas ran by Hindu organizations.



Arjun Singh : A disaster for the Nation 


The growing Islamic terror attack across the nation initiated a public debate how our nation can win this fight against Islamic terrorism? Most of the people do agree and have reached with a conclusion that vote bank politics and political interference on investigation agencies and armed forces encourage terrorists to intensify their attack across the country. But, did any of us think who is really behind this vote bank politics that leading our nation to a dangerous situation?. There are many, many in the list, headed by Union HRD Minister Arun Singh, a phony, cunning  illiberal politician whose sole aim is to eliminate Hindu society and appease Muslims and Christians.


When the entire nation was shocked over the Islamic terrorists attack in Mumbai, Arjun Singh was fully engaged with some Jihadi supporters to discuss reservations for Muslims!. When each and every leader across the nation condemned the blast, He was busy formulating “Fake Encounter theories” and phony root cause justifications for Islamic Terrorism!


Soon after taking over the post of HRD Minister, he said he would ‘de-saffronise’ the curriculam of CBSE. What is Arjun Singh’s definition of de-saffronisation? The whole world was shocked by the way how Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa  has been introduced in a textbook for children officially produced by Arjun Singh’s HRD Ministry through NCERT. It is mentioned in the textbook “Sri Ramakrishna was an illiterate and mentally unbalanced person”.  As per Arjun Singh’s, telling children to yell ‘D’ for ‘Daddy’ is a secular but ‘D’ for ‘Damayanti’ is a communal ! So much so for his De Saffronisation!


Arjun Singh is just following the footpath of Nehru who taught them the first lessons  on Minority Appeasement. Nehru laid the foundation for creating a mini Pakistan in Kerala in the late 1950s and his initiative of Minority Appeasement was cunningly made into practice by EMS Naboodiripad. The beginning of Islamisation of Kerala started  in 1969 when EMS Namboodripad gifted Malappuram district to the Moplahs or Malabar Muslims by splitting up the old Kozhikode and and Palghat districts, resulting in absolute Muslim majority in this district. Today Malappuram district is under the direct control of Islamic terrorists headed by NDF. Hundreds of Hindu families are fleeing from Malappuram due to severe pressure and threats by the Jihadis.


The process of Islamisation of India which began in the late 1950s is now getting its finishing touches in the consummate hands of Arjun Singh!


The HRD Ministry had allocated millions of funds to the welfare of Madrassas across the country, which is encouraging terrorism through brainwashing classes. But the same HRD ministry decided to stop funds to the Ekal Vidyalayas runs by Hindu organizations. Ekal Vidyalaya is a massive movement and a unique experiment to take cultural and value based education to tribal children living beyond the reach of the State / Central government.


Arjun Singh who had lost elections three times in his own constituency now decided not to contest any more election as the chances of winning election in any constituency is absolutely zero. This indicates his ground support even in his hometown where he born and brought-up.


His Unholy War against Sangh Parivar organizations is going on for the last three decades. But unlike him, his elder brother Rana Bahadur was an active RSS worker and was holding responsibilities in District level. RSS second Sarsanghchalak Gurjji Golwalkar had stayed at his residence on two occasions. According to his family members, Arjun Singh’s educational carrier with a Christian Convent School leads to change his mindset against our culture and he never tried to change it in his whole life.


The armed forces and investigation agencies engaged in the mission to capture the terrorists behind Mumbai attack should first eliminate these vote bank politicians who are the real disaster for our nation. Dangerous, anti national person like Arjun Singh is always a liability for our country. Without Arjun Singh our nation would be more safe with less one enemy!


It is urgent time for nationalist Hindus to understand the extend of the threat posed by Islamo-fascist political leaders like Arjun Singh and the impact that may have on the political landscape of Bharat. It is time for Hindus to unite and to carefully consider the political agenda and salient characteristics of anti national political leaders and Islamic fascists organizations that support them. Hindus must overcome their persistent refusal to use power against such anti Hindu Islamist political leaders. Hindus need vigilance, intelligence, legal mechanisms that realistically recognize the threats. Hindus should realize that tolerance does not imply wimpish subservience to abuse or evil.

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  1. H.Balakrishnan Reply

    July 24, 2006 at 9:41 pm

    Re: Arjun Singh-Epitome of Hindu Hatred
    If the likes of ‘MAULANA’ Arjun Singh are flourishing today in our country,we ought to remeber that ‘NEHRUVIAN SECULARISM’ is the root cause.If one were to read (late) Shri Sita Ram Goel’s “PERVERSION OF INDIA’S POLITICAL PARLANCE” (VOICE OF INDIA) and SHRI ARUN SHOURIE’S “EMINENT HISTORIANS-THEIR TECHNOLOGY-THEIR LINE-THEIR FRAUD” (RUPA&CO) and “THE ONLY FATHERLAND”(ASA Publications),one will understand the likes of Arjun Singh in a historical perspective.
    I would say that the ‘wholesale’ falsification of our History and Heritage by the Communists has played a major role in instilling a ‘denationalised’ spirit in our youth.And ‘two’ such ‘EMINENT HISTORIANS’ are rewarded by the ‘perverted secular’ UPA, with Padma Bhushan awards,for this falsification!! THIS CAN HAPPEN ONLY IN INDIA.


    H.Balakrishnan 5

  2. krishna Reply

    July 25, 2006 at 2:01 pm

    Re: Arjun Singh-Epitome of Hindu Hatred

    I totally agree. he should be stoned in public for his comments. It is unfortunate that Indian public conmsiders him a leader. He is only interested dirty politics and vote bank. India should come out with a screening process for electoral candidates (starting from local bodies). It is better that the current breed of (nearing death) politicians die before a younger generation can steer the coutry in the right direction. India should impose AGE limits for politicians. Something like below 50 years! 5

  3. SK Reply

    July 25, 2006 at 6:26 pm

    Re: Arjun Singh-Epitome of Hindu Hatred
    Dear brothers and sisters,

    We,the citizens of India have a right to inform our elected representatives our opinions,anger at their misdoings once they get power.

    This moron named Arjun Singh needs to know the views majority Hindus.I found his email address from the Govt of India website.Hope he is literate enough to read and understand written word.

    The article has to be forwarded to this Hindu-hater asking him to stop his moves to destroy Hinduism.Not just him,Shivraj Patil,the madrassa man is another Hindu hater. 5

  4. Venkat Reply

    August 4, 2006 at 10:38 pm

    Re: Arjun Singh-Epitome of Hindu Hatred
    Jishnu, your anger is understandable, but please take care about the words you are using. The govt. might use this as an excuse, brand HK a terrorist organisation and shut down the site. 5

  5. Jishnu Reply

    August 19, 2006 at 10:33 pm

    Re: Arjun Singh-Epitome of Hindu Hatred
    I take back those comments, i didn’t really meant that way.
    Please delete my message if possible. 5

  6. S Balaundar Reply

    September 7, 2006 at 6:21 am

    Re: Arjun Singh-Epitome of Hindu Hatred

    In the TIMES NOW TV channel, during the course of an inerface on the night of 6 the Sept 06,with three personalities including the ex MP .BP Singhal, Mr.Chhatwal, afreedom fighter and historian and the Muslim Personal law Board
    member, the MPLB representative, told the anchor confidentally that Vande Mataram circular released by the HRD ministry was a mistake and he had made amends to make the singing voluntary
    on Sept.7..which means the muslims cannot be forced to sing.In the context,Mr B P.Singhal, only made a pointed query,as to what the muslims ,after the partition of the country had contribted to the nation’s unity !? Had,the muslims not made this debate controversial by saying that they are not bound to sing the Vandemataram, they would not have been hauled!!
    Yes, the muslims ,most of them have no love for India or regard the majority Hindus as their brethren. Instead they have only sectarian and separatist view ,which the UPA or any anti Hindus should take cognisance of. Particualrly,the HRD minister Arjun Singh, the most unfit minister politician of the day should take the sanyas and save this nation, which is otherwise is going for a civil war and disentegration.. truly yours, S BALASUNDAR,Mumbai /7th Sept.06 5

  7. gancal Reply

    July 29, 2007 at 9:38 am

    Re: Arjun Singh-Epitome of Hindu Hatred
    IF you wan to find the real culprit, normally we should zoom in on the real person from whom orders flow to subordinate person whose mission is to simply execute orders.
    we will identify and name the person behind the screen as the real cumprit.
    Here, Arjun Singh is just a nominee but shose intitiatives are in accordance with the main objective: Harm the Hindus but Arm the Muslims and Christians against the Hindus. His patron is a white lady of vatican extraction.
    Let us review the hierarchy or organigramme of this criminal anti-national organisation in the guise of political party:
    1) The white american and chrisitan Italian are the primary patrons of Sonia and all other American-supported financial organisations (world Bank, United Nations, European commision etc)or private multi-national or public defence industrial companies are secondary masters of this white lady.They lend you money and bind you and make you their agent or they sell your country nuclear reactors dumping their radio-active waste on Indian soil to be burried under the earth with dangerous consequences to poor Indians and mortgage Indian budget for years to come in payment of debts)
    2) In turn, this vatican-loving lady is the master of Indian traitors choosen for their excellece in their capacity to harm the Hindus by hook or by crook.


  8. Achuth Reply

    October 16, 2008 at 7:08 pm

    Everything should be reversed
    Once BJP come to power the whole history books have to be rewritten. No ruler in Indian history has done so much evil for Hindus. I think he is sick now and wish won’t come back for anti-hindu politics. 5

  9. Gopal Reply

    August 22, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    Western education
    Our total education system is i the hands of selfish and ignorant polyticians. They will decide what our children should study. that is the most unfortunate thing. We also waste our 25 years of human form for studying subjects and theories taught by cow killers. Unfortunately we feel that there is no substition for this. Because they created paper money with which every nonsense actvity is possible. You can purchase life of a cow, sanity of a woman etc. Using paper money they spoil the nature and blinded by our sense gratification tendency we keep our mouths shut. Everybody is happy because of theirsinful and selfish way of life. Sometimes they conduct meetings for global warming inside AC rooms and they travel in AC cars. These automobiles are the worst enemies for the nature. But, one fool comes with a car with lesser paper money and everybody is happy. And also one fool starts a slogan “save tiger”, all the meat eaters and cow killers will join the hands and go for a rally. So called intelligentia follows them as if they are doing greater service to humanity. Nobody understands what iss happening to this world. Everywhere draught. God is not happy. Draught means they will sanction some 100crores paper money. What will you do with paper money when God does’nt give rain. Daily read news paper people are complaining about drinking water everywhere. They constructed cities without any brain using so called paper money. If Govt cannot provide water what will you do in that house. Drinking water is mixed with dainage water. In vedic days they were not mixing stool with water. Ultimately you have to drink the same water. I went to my native after 5 years. I felt sad to see our small river water became so dirty and i found that all the drainage water of nearest colony is being mixed with water. Till the last tree is cut and till the last drop of water is poisoned, these foolish people cannot understand that they cannot eat and drink paper money. Thank you. 5

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