A Fitting Response to ‘SECULAR’ TOI

· Date:January 9, 2010

Letter to Times of India
Ref Article – Zero Tolerance by Jug Suraiya
Article Link – http://preview.tinyurl.com/ygm2uyu

Hi Jug,
Voltaire also said – Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too. So you enjoyed conversions and it’s our time to enjoy the reconversion.
The report you are referring to doesn’t even hold the value of a toilet paper. Something like Osama Bin Laden setting up a human rights commission with Mulla Omar and the commander of Taliban in Afghanistan to assess the religious tolerance of western countries and coming up with a report where in America is termed as the least tolerant country becos the majority there are Christians. Will the Washington’s Pew Research buy this logic?
Jug, India was, is and will be a secular country because 85% of the population believes in Sanatana Dharma. Go to Kerala a state where Hindus are in majority and the majority of MLAs and MPs are minorities. A state like Andhra where an evangelist Christian ruled the state for more than 10 years and appointed Christians as temple staff in Tirupati and they had the freedom to distribute evangelical materials to the devotees waiting for the Darshan. Still no bloodshed happened there. In Assam flush out of Hindu tribals by Christian terrorists are happening, something what the kashimiri pundits faced long back .
In Kerala during the recent by election the Bishop sent out a public note asking all the political parties to field only a Latin Christian as the candidate as Christians are in Majority in EKM assembly seat. According to him minority rights only apply as long as they are in minority and the moment they achieve majority status, minorities has no rights. This also happened in one of the intolerant hindu state (according to you). Still none got killed in kerala and all the hindus voted for both the Christians. Isn’t this TOLERENCE or do you expect more. What if the Hindus think like that bishop thought in India………….
Jug your Pew report is basically a response to what happened in Orissa and some minor incidents in Mangalore out of which half of them turned out to be orchestrated by the Christians itself. See what the Marthoma Bishop had to say about the Orissa violence.
Orissa riot – Result of ‘Hit-and-run evangelism’ says Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church

Following are the words of Dr Joseph Marthoma, the Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church after visting Orissa from the Article titled Western evangelists damaging established Churchby Shevlin Sebastian in www.expressbuzz.com

“The situation has improved a lot,” he says. “The churches are being reconstructed. However, the old wounds are still there.” Dr Joseph Marthoma puts the blame on the vitiated atmosphere on western evangelism. “The drawback is that they denounce other faiths and cultures,” he says. “Theirs is a hit-and-run evangelism. They have no long-standing presence. They do great damage and the sufferers are the local, established churches, as well as the poor people.” The Metropolitan says that these groups should change. “They have the attitude that they are bringing the torch of light to the dark continents of Asia and Africa,” he says.

“But times have changed. They must understand that the only way forward is mutual respect. Because of their aggressiveness, the riots took place in Orissa.” He says the Mar Thoma Church has a mission at Khariar Road, in Nuapada district, just 150 km from Kandhamal. “We had no problems during the riots,” he says. “The local people, comprising mostly Hindus, were the protectors of our mission.” He proudly asserts that the 10-lakh strong Mar Thoma Church is an independent entity. “We do not take funds from foreign agencies for our maintenance and programmes,” he says.
Will the hate mongering pastors take a cue from the wisdom imparted by Dr Joseph Marthoma?
Finally it is relevant for the US commission on International Religious Affairs to note that no harassed community, no intimidated community will go a church building spree. Why not make a survey of the number of churches built in the last ten years throughout India?  It is a myopic perception to see what you want to see simply because it suits your vested interest.
Its quite evident that Jug’s pain is not because of the report but the news appeared in TOI on the same day where in some saved souls reconverted back to their original culture (Ghar Vapasi). First of all please set your knowledge right about Mahabarata. It was not Karna who was a tribal but was Ekalavya. And the Bhramin, tribal interpretation you gave to that story is nothing but the evangelical way of interpreting stories. We hindus teach our kids about the great Guru Bakti what Ekalavya showed and not the humanly selfishness of Drona. That is the difference between the Semitic evangelical way of thinking vis a vis Bharateeya Darshan. Jug if I look at the other sacred books with the same ugly thought then Jesus could not have been born to a VIRGIN. Because Joseph was married to Mary for years and do you want me to believe that they never had sex in life. If they had sex, then how could you call Mary a VIRGIN? But we don’t do that, we are taught from our childhood not to disrespect any other faiths because we believe that there are different ways to achieve Moksha or the ultimate aim in life. We are taught to feed a hungry with food not religion. We don’t believe in printing blasphemous leaflets ridiculing other faiths and buy ignorant people. We don’t believe in killing people just because they said something which is contrary to what is written in one of our books (I hope you still remember the story of Galilio who was killed because he scientifically proved that sun is the center of universe which was contrary to what was mentioned in your sacred book). We respect non believers too. So don’t teach us tolerance.
Jug, I am so touched by your love for the Dalits but tell me one thing why even after conversion they are still called as Dalit Christians? Why don’t you give them the same status of the RC, Latin or Marthoma since Christianity doesn’t believe in any cast systems? Why there is no Dalit bishop or methrapolitha. Mr. Jug, I am not surprised with this because you could not even give the same rights to the opposite sex in your own religion.
As per the recent report I read in one of the news papers, around 100,000 converts reconverted back to Original culture in one year and the course is continuing. What is that the missionaries Carrot couldn’t impress them much or majorities stick is much more impressive than the carrot? YES IT’S A MATTER OF CONCERN FOR YOU AND ORGANISATIONS LIKE PEW RESEARCH…………….PHEEW
Hindus unlike others has no problem in accepting any suggestions from others if it makes sense and logic. We have done it before and we will do it in future too. We completely agree that there was some ill treatment towards the dalits due to lack of knowledge and corrective measures were taken within the Hinduism and the result is evident now………….
If you see the concept of Ekal Vidyalava (did u notice that this project is ironically similar to the name of Ekalavya and not Dhrona) which is the worlds largest NGO working in the tribal area educating them free of cost. They are providing them with food, education and medical facilities. Still they are happily living their life as original tribals and not as any X, Y or Z thinking that we will get 72 virgins in heaven to fuck around or when the judgment day comes will get a free ticket to board the boat.
Jug, you and PEW guys should worry more about the closing down of churches in the western world and the drifting of faith among the fellow colleagues. Bharat knows how to handle her issues and we have proved it en number of times.
Let me make it very clear to you……….if you believe that the meaning of TOLERANCE is keeping quite when you are getting abused then…………my dear friend, you are totally mistaken even a 100 PAGE note book will not be enough to print what will happen to you. There is a total change in Hindus attitude towards aggression.
India is a land of diverse faiths. A cradle which nurtured all faiths-a land of refuge which welcomed all peoples of other faiths when persecuted in other countries made India their home. Hence it would be unjust and far from truth to target the Hindus and make them perpetrators of intolerance and tag them as Hindu extremists. Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world and it has an inbuilt tolerance and a precept that other religions are the different paths which lead to the Paramatha. Hence they will not bulldoze other paths to create ‘One Way’, ‘One Path’. The sooner the evangelists and the jihadis accept this basic truth the sooner will the communal divide fall?
I pity TOI for publishing such a totally biased and rubbish article just becos its anti Hindu…………..


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  1. Vijaya Reply

    January 9, 2010 at 4:49 am

    Good reply to Mr.Jug !

    The writer has neatly presented his rebuttal of the by now familiar ‘secular’ rubbish. 5

  2. mohan Reply

    January 9, 2010 at 5:33 am

    Sir, this is simple fantastic, owesome, marvolus and I have no words , how to express my feelings?Thanks a lot for this reply sir.But one thing very clear, these vulture will not understand the language of peace.They will only understand the language they use against other sect for force and fake conversion.With minimum wastage of time, we should drive away form our nation, that would be beter. But on thing I would like stil impotent hindus subscribing this useless news paper.Same ….same……same.My hats up to you sir. We shoud boycott all anti hindu things in toto. bande mataram 5

  3. Indian Reply

    January 9, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    TOI-Toilet Paper
    Washington based Pew Research Centre must be on the pay roll of missionaries.Jug Suraiya may be their Indian agent. There are people in this country , to print anything for 30 silver coins. Our Secularism is nothing but promoting Christianity. TOI is acting like agents of missionaries. Let us boycot TOI. Their Marathi arm is now solidly supporting Raj Thackeray only to divide nationalist forces. The intefrity of this news paper group seems to be doubtful. Congradulations to Redhish for this befitting reply. 5

  4. srinivas rao Reply

    January 10, 2010 at 12:10 am

    nostrodamus on india
    namaste all hindu brothers and sisters please go to this URL , its very intrestig
    dhanyavad 5

  5. narendran Reply

    January 10, 2010 at 8:49 am

    times of india
    It appears Jug Surya is a brain damaged Christian fanatic because only such of that kind will assume to write on matters relating to religious tolerance based on a report put out by those in the US administration who stink from their Christianity.
    It is a nation pressured by fanatic Christian senators and congressmen to act as the main shepherd of Christen sheep in the entire world and which allots a substantial sum of tax payers money to Christian evangelical organizations to spread Christianity, who amended their original constitution to make non believers in the Christian god second class citizens by introducing god into it , where in many states it is compulsory for children to study bible which prohibits to follow other gods so that they could enjoy religious freedom or where its military distribute bible to the devastated Iraqis and afghans for salvation and where their military training institutions systematically thrust Christianity through the gullet of the unwilling cadets .
    Instances of Christian fanaticism of the US administration are legion. And think of it, those who carry truckloads of religious indolence earwax in their own ears are in the lookout for traces of that substance in others’ ears!
    These are the same Christian fundies who were first granted permission by the Indian government to personally look into the Indian ears for intolerance earwax and that infamous scheme failed because their arrival time coincided with the attack on Hindus in Australia which made the Indian government to develop cold feet. Those tragic incidents prevented the fundies in India making a celebration on that report. Since the government failed them they are trying the ever obliging Times of India to celebrate it.
    Why the devil, the so called biblical rupture someone mentions in this place is being delayed trough which this world will be cleaned of all fundies and will make it a better place to live in their absence. 5

  6. Dilawar Reply

    January 22, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Christians trying conversion
    Please watch this on youtube:Inside Story – US military proselytising – 5 May 09 5

  7. S Reply

    January 25, 2010 at 12:27 am

    What a name. And what writing.
    Just look at his name – Jug. This is short for “Jughead”, one of the characters of Archie comics. I am sure he kept it hoping to come across as something Western, but even in America, “Jughead” means, well, “Jughead”. 5

  8. Aron Reply

    March 21, 2010 at 2:25 am

    TOI is a classic sophist
    TOI has taken itself the white man’s burden.

    Today’s -21/3/2010 issue page 9 carries 3 Stories.

    Amusingly, there are 3 different parameters and language to describe them.

    1 Pope apologies to Sex abuse victims-
    the writing is apologetic and the only critical section is the current head of Amnesty International Colm O Gorman from Victim group One in Four-
    ” Clearly the Pope is trying to restrict it (his apology) to the Irish Churc and they are speaking only to the irish church.
    I find that decietful because we know that this is a systemic problem in the global church. Its all aboput protecting the instituition and above all, its wealth” he said in a telephone interview.

    Summary= Christian church is sorry so excusable

    2 Indian Tantric tries killing sceptic live on TV, but fails

    A sceptic challanged an Indian tantric to kill him live on television after the guru proclaimed that he could kill another man using his mystic powers…
    The episode was banned in television, but can be viewd on Youtube…..?

    Sanal edamaruku,self appointed sceptic in chief of Indian Rationalists Association told pandit sharma to kill him.
    Both men were invited to the talk show for the challenge.

    Sharma was reluctant to start with….an hour later Edamaruku was alive and amiling.

    He added ‘the immediate goal I have is to stop these fradulent babas and gurus. I want people to make their own decisions. They should not be guided by ignorance,but knowledge.
    I’d like to see a post-religious society-that would be an ideal dream,but i dont know how long it would take”

    summary = Hinduiusm is ‘fake and fradulent and must go.

    3. War-ravaged Kufa mosque gets back its glory,thanks to Bohras

    Dawoodi Bohras, with gold pillbox skull caps…but hardly anybody among the faithful knows that the small trading community from mumbai has single handedly rebuilt..the structure at the paek of strife in the belagured Arab country.

    Summary = Islam? is glorious


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