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Anantnag to rename as Islamabad - What our Media failed to Highlight
17/03/2009 15:42:27  Courtesy:R Koul

Muslims in Kashmir are trying to remove all Hindu religious symbols and
rename ancient places. Also hundreds of temples have been either
encroached or destroyed.

We are deeply anguished to learn that a bill has been introduced in the
J&K assembly by the PDP, MLA Peerzada Manzoor Hussain proposing to
change the name of historic Anantnag town to Islamabad.

The mentality and intent behind the introduction of this bill is
clearly to Islamize the entire nomenclature of the valley which has
been a cradle of Hindu civilization for the last 5000 years.

This is part of the same process by which the names of 700 villages in
the valley have been changed. Even the names of the landmarks like the
Shankaracharya Hill has been changed to Takht-i-Sulaiman and the name
of historic Hari Parbat has been changed to Koh-i-Maran.

The officialdom seems to be colluding with these forces as we see the
same in the proposed name of the Srinagar airport as Shaikh-ul-Alam
airport. In the country we see a process of going back to the original
and historical names but here we see a process of destroying history
and historical names. Given a choice these forces would change the
names of their ancestors even.

PDP has all along followed an agenda of Islamic imperialism. It may be
recalled that it was the same party whose patron was responsible for
engineering the Anantnag riots against Kashmiri Pandits in 1986.

Even the late Chief Minister G.M.Shah in an interview had indicted
Mufti Sayed for fermenting Anantnag riots against Kashmiri Pandits to
destabilize his government than.

The process of genocide and exodus started with the Anantnag riots of
1986 and culminated in the complete exodus of Kashmiri Hindus in 1990.

This mindset is visible in the statement of Mehbooba Mufti who recently
said that the land from Panchtarni to amaranth belongs to Maliks, as if
Amarnath was their personal fiefdom.

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24/03/2009 05:54:52
More islamic name changes deliberately blacked-out by the christian media
From Rajeev Srinivasan's blog:

similarly, the river 'kishenganga' has been changed to 'neelum'. 5
A K Kaul
22/03/2009 02:39:26
Anantnag cannot be Islamabad!
Anant-nag is a synonym of Sheshanaga. It is the name of the spring in that place in Kashmir. Since Islam itself came into existence only after 600 AD, Islamabad cannot be the name of a place much older than that. If it is somehow rechristened, it will connote not "Islam-abad" but will lead to "Islam-barbad" actually. Trifling with the names of deities is bound to have disastrous consequences for anyone who attempts to do so. Vinasha kale vipreeta budhih!
A K Kaul 5
18/03/2009 18:10:48
Let us send this to all news papers
It is our duty to give out such news to so called "secular" news papers. Their news reporters will not see such news...We need to make sure that they see this news and publish an article in their news paper or channel..how will we do this..

Let us post every such news to our "secular" media's editors or feedback forums..we should bombard their mail box with the real news articles...they cannot avoid it one day..We need to start collecting all such mail id's and publish over here, so that every individual can pick up the id, and send such news.. 5
18/03/2009 12:29:30
Please Join
Brothers & Sisters..

Let us Act..Please join this group. An attempt to unite all Hindus and BJP supporters under one umbrealla..

http://supportbjp.ning.com/ 5
Sharadiya Mukherjee
18/03/2009 11:39:08
A Fervent Plea
Dear Brothers and sisters, Please let us unite together and throw all these facist , pseudo-secular forces out of the door. Let each one of us spread maximum awareness amongst our friends, relatives and all we know to bring a change, before it is too late. Hindustan is in grave danger and each one of us owes our life to her. Let us save our culture , our thousands of years of civilazation from being culled by foreign forces. Vande Mataram. 5
18/03/2009 06:24:24
UPA government lead by COngress is misleading every common citizen of INDIA through NDTV, CNNIBN and Timesofindia.com

If we want to fight this war on terror(ISLAM), first finish these christians and their media and their ring-masters from INDIA and abroad.

ONE DAY WILL COME WHEN PEOPLE WILL PETTLE STONES AT THEIR EDITORS where ever they find them, burn them alive. TIME is not far, common peoples are realizing this. 5
swayam sevak
18/03/2009 04:03:14
don't blame others
Hindus are sleeping .let them sleep for many years. once they lost everything then only they will start crying like kashmiri pandits .let them have a nice sleep. If hindu community is loosing something because hindus are not united they are divided based on politics,casts etc . so don't blame others .if hindus want to live in india then arise awake and not stop till the goal is reach us. 5
18/03/2009 02:51:34
Islam and name
Very soon Kerala will be named Madanistan. 5
Proud Hindu
17/03/2009 23:37:48
Why doesn't this surprise me?
What else can be expected from Jihadi culture backed by Cong goons? Their religion cannot tolerate anything that is not Islamic, so they destroy our beautiful temples, our culture (it needs a sane mind to appreciate things and a barbaric one to destroy). At any cost, this should not happen. Not only that, I wish there would come a Government strong enough to re-name our country as Bharath.
Jai Shri Ram! 5
17/03/2009 20:45:56
Protest agains this atrocity
Namaskaram sisters and brothers
Protest vehemently against this atrocity otherwise we will have to give answer to our coming generations about being silent on this grave matters.
Jai Bharat Mata. Jai Hind. 5
17/03/2009 19:54:01
That is Indian Secularism, hah, hah, hah,
It is perfectly secular to rename Anantnag as Islamabad. A feather in the cap of secularists.

But it becomes communal, fascist and what not when Ahmedabad is proposed to be renamed as Karnavati.

You cannot find such kind of secularism foisted on any other people on earth. 5
17/03/2009 16:55:27
anantanag to rename as islamabad
What is Omar Abdullah, close friend of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress doing in all this ? 5
17/03/2009 16:55:27
anantanag to rename as islamabad
What is Omar Abdullah, close friend of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress doing in all this ? 5



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