"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
MMS Sex Scandal of Nun; Manorama silent again
17/06/2008 15:31:15  HK


: The spread of a Sex MMS scandal through mobile phones in the city involving a Nun has caused much embarrassment to Church
authorities when they are vehemently opposing the Women’s Commission
recommendation to restrict the age of Nuns joining Convents as 18.

The Nun belonging to CMCChurch
became Nun 21 years ago at the age of 17. The Nun was working in a Hospital in AluvaAsokapuramHospital of the Church.
The Video was secretly recorded by the driver of the same hospital in his Mobile while committing


As the scandal got exposed ,
Church was forced to expel this Nun who violated the divine pledge. This is the
second time a Nun is ousted from a Church in Kerala due to illicit relation
with a driver.


HK have no any special
concerns about this internal matters of Church and Nuns, But would like to request
Hindus who subscribe Christian Dailies like Manorama to compare their attitude
in blacking out reporting Church related scandals  and their enthusiasm to tarnish Hinduism whenever they get a chance .

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29/06/2008 20:30:08
Reply to the man who replied to Sabu
When you say if Jesus was born in India, he would not have been murdered" , please remember that Ghandhiji was murdered in India, and thousand muslims murdered in Gujarath. 5
26/06/2008 10:48:16
Shall we make this too a communal issue. All the religions teach good things. Every human being have the right to select the religion of his her wish.The organizations in the name religions do not exist for the betterment of mankind. They are just for the sake of some individuals promoting it. 5
26/06/2008 02:28:26
Expulsion of Kerala nun
The church authorities were cruel in kicking off that nun from the convent where her services were utilised without any remuneration for 20 long years on the complaint of having sex with a driver. They could have excused her as Lord Jesus did to Mary Magdalene, a whore. Who will support her now ? She could have been rehabilitated in another institution so that she can lead a decent married life. What the church authorities expect her to do ? To end up in red street or commit suicide ? Many preachers of morality will do much more than this type of act if they get a chance....!!The church leaders forgot to see the human side of this incident. The act of driver is treacherous as after having sex with mutual consent he betrayed his partner. I sympathise that lady. My advice to her is to take it up cool. Because of her action the sky is not going to fall down. Sex is a basic necessity of all human beings and nobody has any right to compel anybody to celebacy. I personally know several who preach celebacy but enjoy sex secretly and remain at the top of church leadership. Let's hate the sin, not the sinner. 5
25/06/2008 10:37:17
Scandal of Nun
We can not question the existence of consecrated life on the basis of a single incident. We don’t have the authority to criticize the relevancy of this precious way of life by this issue. I strongly believe that the society has a moral duty to pray for these dedicated souls and it is our support that makes them successful in their life. There are number of nuns who surrender their entire life only for the benefit of people in need. We do really appreciate it. 5
24/06/2008 20:39:18
Nun or thantri, the issue is sex not religion.
This news is not new. Whether a nun or a thantri, only sex is involved not religion. An action between a male and a female. We can not differentiate between hindu sex, Xian sex, muslim sex etc. Man and woman copulate that is all which is natural. Y to make such hue and cry. Sex is natural. It can not be prevented by religious teachings.The word 'morality' is hypocritic. Nothing moral as such.

The driver's action is deplorable. After having sex with mutual consent he betrayed his partner. 5
24/06/2008 20:39:18
Nun or thantri, the issue is sex not religion.
This news is not new. Whether a nun or a thantri, only sex is involved not religion. An action between a male and a female. We can not differentiate between hindu sex, Xian sex, muslim sex etc. Man and woman copulate that is all which is natural. Y to make such hue and cry. Sex is natural. It can not be prevented by religious teachings.The word 'morality' is hypocritic. Nothing moral as such.

The driver's action is deplorable. After having sex with mutual consent he betrayed his partner. 5
Ujib Bocaj
23/06/2008 02:33:13
MMS Sex Scandal of Nun; Manorama silent again
Dear Friends,
I don't understand the need for publicity of the above incident and the way in which it was compared with other cases like Thantri and Santosh Madhavan.
Unlike the other two cases, no criminal activity has taken place and this is a matter of consensual sex between two adult individuals, out of which one of the individual captured the act in his camera. I am not justifying the act of the nun, but the driver has committed a more serious offence of recording the act and passing it. Moreover, for the nun, the case should be considered as an indiciplinary act committed by a person working in an institution. The institution has already taken a disciplinary action against the nun and there ends the case.
I don't understand your call for pubilicity of the incident, since except the offenders, there is no other victims, which is not the case with the other two.
I think, your website should act in a much more responsible manner and should not try to communalise the incident.
My question to you is : would you demand a similar publicity, if one of the persons involved is your relative? 5
A member of "Majority"
20/06/2008 19:35:23
Reply to Adv.Sabu
If Jesus was born in India, he would not have been crucified. Our traditions, culture and ethics do not allow such crimes. Though Hinduism is ideoligically much stronger,it respect all other religious faiths equally. At this site we are attacking PERVERT brand of ideoligies including unethical conversion, terrrorism, anti national activities etc. Hindus are gradually facing extinction due to the onslaught of organised religions and their unethical propaganda machineries. Please consider the write ups in this site as an SOS from concerned Hindus. Hinduism is the religion of Humanity. The death of Hinduism will be the end of humanity.Demographic statistics offer panic signals to Hindus.Unorganised Hindus are losing in all fronts. Their economic and social status are on the decline. This site is the only solace to hapless, turbulent Hindu minds, who just want to ensure the survival of our great traditions, culture and our beloved nation Bharath Matha . Jai Sri Ram , Jai Bharath Matha . 5
Adv Sabu M
19/06/2008 00:50:04
Unethical propaganda
regarding news on MMS scandals the site should have keep their digninity and culture. respecting the religious belief and individuality of other religions is the culture of us in india. Before making blind and aggressive attacks in a cheap way pls remember the old traditions and valuable hindu culture truly. We recognize a pervert "hindu" ideology behind this publication and accusations. Please try to propagate our Upanishads and Vedandas to enlighten our India and people. 5
18/06/2008 23:44:14
Christian Demons
Not only manorama but even the so called, self styled "sickular" media is stuffed with Xtian Demons. This is, due to operation Falcon mounted by CIA to capture world wide media PIMPS AND WHORES.Till 2004 however due to a nationalist Govt these sold out whores were only in English Filthy media, mainly because they could whorise their sisters and mothers to White skins on privately and not openly. However, once the White Xtian Tallibani Italian was manuvered into power, the hidden Whores and mother sellers, the unread, uneducated scums and Xtians (after all there is no sin in Xtianity even Motherf..), as per operation Falcon, started showing their anti-national, society breaking, family breaking fangs. These SOBs only have one trait in common, (in addition to wearing TIES, even in sweltering heat because out of sympathy pet dogs of their White masters, whose pet dogs also wear ties, and speaking in Amerikkaaaan Language, maybe so that some BHEEKH maybe thrown on their bastardly faces)that of being so low born, lowly swines, who can sell their daughters for 2 pegs of imported liquor.
In fact, these tie wearing lowly pigs really showed their unknown birth on the day of Muslim attack on Hindu pilgrims, by blacking out the news and instead showing again and again some innocous firing done by Hindus on the day of Shivaji's victory, and INCITING people about the non bailable nature of this crime. While the same Lunatic, demented, mother selling pigs, specially from CIA controlled Live India and IBN never bothered to inform about the NON BAILABLE (maybe bailable IN MAINO MAFIAS RULE) NATURE OF TERRORIST ATTACK, OR NON BAILABLE NATURE OF SIMI CARRYING ARMS, OR ALL STUFF
Raju Puducode
18/06/2008 11:40:51
Proud moment for Christian converts !
See the following link & you will be amazed at the frolicking of priests & nuns at the nearby orphanages. This is a disgrace for all converts & you will think that churches are established for only one purpose-sexual exploitation. Thank God they did not kill that poor girl like the Abhaya story. Still the church leadership will refuse to climb down from the moral high horse. They & their supporters like Malayala Manorama should be boycotted by Hindus.

http://www.rickross.com/groups/clergy.html 5
Shankar, NY
18/06/2008 07:03:08
Kaumudi reports are reliable
Menon is right. Keralakaumudi is the only main stream news paper reporting news without a preconceived notion. There was news about attacking a Keralakaumudi reporter by BJP activists. BJP should not encourage these sorts of actions from any of their followers. 5
18/06/2008 06:50:39
True Face of Christian Clergy Will Shock the World.
This Nun issue is only the tip of an iceberg . Everyone knows what happens in the Seminaries . The Media is not interested in such "Sensations" when it is related to Christian religion .

On the other hand , had it inolved a Hindu priest ( even a fake one) , the "Hell" would have cut lose . Shame on you "MANORAMA"and "DEEPIKA" . Where is youe media ethics??? . In reality , you are also part and parcel of such "Enjoyment First" life style . 5
prem pravasi
18/06/2008 06:49:29
Nun is none
N-udity U-ltimately N-oticed ...when you practice 100 days ...one day is enough to get the result. When they do anti hindu activities around the nation, they forgot that Bharat is created with the help of many rishis,historians,patriotes and the strong followers of sanadhana dharma. The soil of India cannot be wiped out with such illicit errosions. Truth will come out .. 5
17/06/2008 23:29:39
positive sign
The positive sign we see from media world is only Keralakaumudi. They reported this in the front page. A very good sign. May be as Dr. Gopalakrishnan says, we should get them inside our fold. Keralakaumudi can be of help.

Bring them in. 5
17/06/2008 22:12:39
Missionary Frolics
Men in frock defrocking nuns or even choir boys is not unheard of. But media's bias towards selective exposure should be exposed and condemned.You guys allowed this re-canned version of the sanaathana dharma to germinate in your soil.Now it is trying to suffocate the 'lost souls' 5
17/06/2008 22:11:10
Janma Bhumi, Punya Bhumi
As we go through the history, we can see these type of similar cases of adltery and scandals in Christian community. This happens as the Pastors and the nuns are not mature enough to handle the so called sacred positions as per x'tian rules. Since they are forced to become nuns and pastors they are likely to violate the rules. And as far as Malayala manorama daily is concerned, we Hindus have to be balmed ourselves for reading such dailies even though we know that they are fully into christian support. Why don't we support our own dailies like Janmabhoomi and Punyabhoomi news papers? Now we have to decide and make sure that ourselves as well as other Hindu brothers subscribe these Sanathan Dailies. So, please work for it. 5
Raju Puducode
17/06/2008 20:43:09
Convert all Christians back to Hinduism & save the world
Residents of Parmanpur village in Bihars Buxar district have alleged that aggressive Christian missionaries lure them to convert and threaten them with violence if they don’t obey.

Anjoriya Devis husband died death eight years ago and she alleges he was beaten to death by goons hired by missionaries. "They beat up my husband when he refused to convert to Christianity. They have threatened me too," alleges Anjoriya.

Mithilesh Kumar, another resident of the village, alleges the missionaries tried to lure him by offering him a job. They said if I remain a Hindu, I will remain unemployed and poor for life. They said I would have money and a job if I converted to Christianity, he said.

Police in the village say they have arrested two persons after investigating complaints. Investigations confirm there have been instances of conversion by intimidation. We have arrested two persons, said Koran Sahay, officer in charge of the local Kuran Sarai police station.

Missionaries in the village reject the allegations and claim they are doing this for cash & other benefits. We have done no such thing. We are victims of a conspiracy,said Shyamshun Dayal Ishai, a missionary accused of intimidation.

The villagers allegation could snowball into major controversy, as it will give excuse Hindu outfits to renew their demand for an anti-conversion Bill.
17/06/2008 19:55:49
Preaching Hypocrisy!
This religion preach one thing and do the just opposite.They talk about evangelical activities, but always eyes for conversion by expoliting helplessness of poor. They commit all type of crimes with out fear, because there is special provision to wipe off all sins and come out clean , once target is achieved.The sinners and criminals can get way with the help of nepotism from government offcials.The officers at key positions always facilitate to make back door entry for them. Their network is powerful and benefits of government programmes reach them faster.They subscribe to manorama only.During elections, they can tilt the equations without making any noise. Karunakran's fall owe to this underground network.Their nepotism is even in the election of local arts and sports club president.
They love their neighbour, subject to the condition that he is a KUNJADU. 5
Hary Nambiar
17/06/2008 17:51:33
My respects and greetings to the lady concerned
Hey! This is wrong in so many ways. (1) Entice a lady who is bound by a holy oath to remain a celibate (2) Seduce her in violation of her personal trust (3) Take advantage of her physical needs and cohabitate with her (4) Secretly videotape the activity without her knowledge (5) publish the videotape to her employers and to the general public (6) black mail whoever is concerned. In stead of blaming the lady and the church, I would find the man and have him beaten up in the street.

A lady bestows a sacred trust on the man, when she accepts his love and returns hers. That is, he would protect her honor and her physical person during and after their relationship. One should not forget the fact that she accepted him as her husband, even though that relation might have lasted for a few minutes. A man is a worthless skunk when he stoops that low. Women who read this kind of articles would never trust a man. They would not even look at them. 5
17/06/2008 16:25:17
The last statement make sense. Remember the Thanthri case, even though the Thanthri is left alone by the court and there is no restrictions on Thanthri on sex from Hindu side, still Thanthri got into the scandal and all the medias without any mercy brutally convicted this guy their own way.

And people still make scripts out fo this man everyday. Same with the Santhosh madhavan like cases.

But we had several incidents where nuns involved in these kind of situations and over 60 pastors in Kerala are in the crimnal list of police etc etc .....

Media is not interested.

What Hindus is in need today is strong Hindu minded people slowly getting into the major dailies of today.

And we look forward to having our own strong news media.

Amritha TV is doing very well today exposing several things. But we need more stronger ones. 5



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