"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
SUN TV news anchor's inflammatory speech in SDPI platform; Nationalists not to be put up with this nonsense
28/12/2013 02:38:52  VSK Chennai

The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) founded in 2009 is an offshoot of the highly suspect Islamist outfit, the Popular Front of India. At a November 25 seminar of the SDPI, a highly inflammatory speech was made. Muslims were exhorted to prevent a government under Modi from taking over; failing which the fate of Muslims will be sealed, the speaker went on. The speaker was one Veerapandian, an anchor with Sun TV, notorious for his separatist bias which he keeps on airing from the vantage position of moderator in televised debates. A group of usual TV debate participants from nationalist organizations met the Chief News Editor of Sun TV Umashankar on December 24 and submitted a petition seeking the removal of Veerapandian as anchor. They further announced that they would not participate in any debate anchored by Veerapandian. Pon Radhakrishnan, state BJP president, strongly condemned Veerapandian’s antics and stated that BJP functionaries would not participate in the debates anchored by him.  BJP has also called for a protest demo in Chennai against the venomous speech by Veerapandian.

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31/12/2013 02:43:54
This Anchor must be either an ATHEIST being of DMK or COMMUNIST; or a converted Christian who are only heroic to criticize Hindus and Hinduism while damn afraid of opening any criticizm against even terroist Muslims or Islam. This can happen only in Hindustan
30/12/2013 19:12:46
One or two weeks ago I was viewing a discussion on Reporter channel. The anchor was the great Nikesh Kumar. The topic was Modi.I heard him telling to a participant from muslim league that his effort is to prevent Modi from getting power. The ML representative thanked him promptly. After knowing his bias, I do not vie his channel. I have doubt about who funds his channel.
c muthukumar
30/12/2013 09:21:03
TV debate
Dear Kannan,Can you please give the details of the debate you are referring to? I have made same request to you in Tamilhindu.com also
28/12/2013 22:56:48
SUN TV should take firm action against Veerapandi
Normally, every Saturdday 9 p.m , he has been conducting political debate. Yesteday (28th Dec '13) he waas missing. Similar debate had conducted by another one person. Let us see. He always giving long introduction. Whenever our people talking, that Veerapandi, never allowed them to speak fully. At the same time, he has giving sufficient chance to Muslim, Christians & so called pseudo secularist. Further, he has also induce them to add more. I suggest, instead of boycotting his session, let our leader also participate his programme. Let, us also asking queztion to him, instead of always replying for their question. Are they GOD? or are we criminals. why should we always giving reply only.
10 days before, similar debate happening in a leading english news channel. That fellow also asking totally bias kind of question to one of our young & bright growing lady leader. She irritated & politely asked a counter question. That fellow not expected that question & totally collapsed. I read his face. After in that entire session, he was not even talk properly. My greate salute to that 'MATHA'!. I saw a GOD Dhurka matha there. We need such courage to face such pseudo meddia people. By asking counter question, torn their pro minority attitude.
Raj Puducode
28/12/2013 11:32:13
Be aware of dangers surrouding us in Hindustan
Islamic scholarship divides the world into two spheres of influence, the House of Islam (dar al-Islam) and the House of War (dar al-harb). Islam means submission, and so the House of Islam includes those nations that have submitted to Islamic rule, which is to say those nations ruled by Sharia law. The rest of the world, which has not accepted Sharia law and so is not in a state of submission, exists in a state of rebellion or war with the will of Allah. It is incumbent on dar al-Islam to make war upon dar al-harb until such time that all nations submit to the will of Allah and accept Sharia law. Islam's message to the non-Muslim world is the same now as it was in the time of Muhammad and throughout history: submit or be conquered. The only times since Muhammad when dar al-Islam was not actively at war with dar al-harb were when the Muslim world was too weak or divided to make war effectively.
28/12/2013 08:50:32
Veerapandian's rhetoric!
Spreading canards...and blatant lies. The SIT Report contradicts all what this ignorant but mischievous Veerapandian spoke about Jafri killing and removal of foetus from a pregnant lady. The BJP should boycott him and also the SUN TV as long he is employed with them. Muslims of Tamil Nadu should directly interact with Gujarat Muslims so that they can form their own opinion on Modi, instead of relying upon the half-truths and lies perpetrated by the likes of Veerapandian.
28/12/2013 08:26:32
Let us resolve to bring Modi to power. This creature is speaking for payment it seems. His TV's owner was NDA minister at the time of Gujarat incidents post Godhra.



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