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Abdulla Haji , Fake currency Kingpin from Kasargod under Interpol net
10/06/2013 23:46:43  

Fake currency racket busted by Interpol: Malayali arrested

A Dubai based Malayali has been arrested by the Interpol in connection with the busting of a racket fake currency racket. The arrested, Abdullah Haji, has been arrested from Dubai and has been accused of smuggling counterfeit Indian currency manufactured in Pakistan via Dubai channels.

The Interpol has sought more details about Abdullah Haji from Crime Branch, Kozhikode. Reports state that Abdullah Haji has been in the Kerala Crime Branch’s wanted list for over 6 years. Police also state that others arrested, in connection with the case have given statements pointing to Abdullah Haji as the racket kingpin. He is said to bring the notes to Kerala via containers.

Abdullah Haji, hailing from Kasargode has been wanted in many cases, including three cases that fall under Kozhikode Crime Branch for the seizure of fake currency worth Rs 12 lakhs.


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12/06/2013 03:55:45
Kerala's " haram jadah"
This traitor must be dissected until all his conduits and proxy benamis are exposed and seized. Kasargode's spurt of mansions and affluence are a testimony to these evil wealth. Infact a large number of property acquisitions made by these Syaitans is through counterfeit. Notes.

Raj Puducode
11/06/2013 11:19:40
Fight the Jihadi terrror
This jihadi & patron saint of Congress & Muslim League should be given Jihadi justice. Cut body parts one by one( Bleed to death by thousand cuts according to Koran)starting from the third leg. Collecting interest is haram but distributing fake cu rrency to destroy your motherlandis a noble act of Religion of Terror. Great logic & go figure..



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