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Bhagawat Gita Dhyanam and Mahatmyam
27/03/2013 00:44:19  Ramachander

Many of us  read Bhagawat Gita( The song of the lord) daily . Many of you
may not be aware  that , before you start, you have to  chant , the Bhagwad Gita
dhyanam , and after   we complete it , chant the BHagwad  Gita Mahatmyam.
Recently I have translated these . They are available at

1.Bhagawad Gita  Dhyanam
2.Bhagwad Gita Mahatmyam
http://stotrarathna.blogspot.in/2013/03/bhagawath-gita-mahathmyam.html (From
Varaha Purana)
Adhi Sankara's  Gita Mahathmya

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