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Jihadi's goes beserk in villages of West Bengal , Media blacks out Jihadi riot once again
20/02/2013 12:05:06   Courtesy: Manish Manjul, General Secretary SAMARTH - An Organisation for Rastriya Abhyuday

Canning: Widespread rioting and looting by Jihadi's has been reported from South 24 Parganas. Large scale looting and arson of Hindu houses of Naliakhali village took place following the murder of a moulavi by robbers while he was coming back home after a religous meeting. Disturbances were spreading to other  areas like Basanti, Joynagar, Kultali and also to Sandeshkhali PS area of North 24 Parganas dist. Trains were also blocked by Jihadi's on Sealdah - Canning line.

Where the dead body of the Moulavi found, the nearest village 'Naliakhali' has been fully burnt down and looted – total about 200 houses. All articles including money, ornament, rice, paddy, cycle, motor bike, utensils have looted and taken away by motor van. Village temple has been damaged. Women are molested.

Severe molestation of 5 Hindu women including Lakshmi Naskar (38 year ) by Muslims took place at Kholakhali (under Joynagar PS, but bordering Kultali PS). At the same place, medicine shop of Sachin Sardar, saloon of Bimal Pramanik and grocery shop of Gopal Sardar have been attacked and damaged. Road blockade at many places like Natunhat, Priyor More (Joynagar PS), Bhangankhali, Hospital More (Basanti PS).Hindus have been beaten up at Natunhat (Joynagar PS).

In the village Kaorapara near Ghutiyari Shariff (Canning PS), many Hindus have been attacked and beaten up.  Dozens  and dozens of truckloads of Muslims from various areas of Kolkata were headed towards Canning all the day yesterday.

(Most of the media blacked out this riot and for those Journalists out there who specialize in secular reporting of a communal report , please refer to


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21/02/2013 03:44:59
The Secular riots
Only the Saffron/Hindu Communal riots should be reported and the hindus painted out as the most communal in this country. They allowed the partition of the country on the basis of religion and in what is remained as the abode of hindus has been declared as Secular country where the communal hindus are the second class citizens. Otherwise why nobody cares for the hindus whose houses are burned and they are attacked and hounded out in their own country. Gujarat riots specialists, the so called secularists, have no tears for the poor hindus. Even there is no cursory mention in the print or visual media. Think of an opposite situation. The secular hordes would be out abusing the poor "communal" hindus from all the available forums. There would be 24/7 discussion tarring the hindus with the blackest of colours. Even they won't leave their sacred colour "saffron" and for them this sacred colour represents terrorism. What a secular nation ?
van iyer
21/02/2013 00:41:06
Sickular Press
We have to prove to the world that we are sickular hence close your eyes whenever here is attack on hindus. Even if the maulavis murder is due to robbery, as is mentioned, hindus must be wiped and hindus won't come for other hindus help come what may becuase they think about their cast. English have started this divide and rule v r obliging. There will not be any noise from Shabanas, Mahesh butts, Arundati, Sheetal, Commus etc.

Vijayakumar A. P.
20/02/2013 20:42:06
TOI report link
Although not mentioned that the rioters were Muslims, and the affected were Hindus, the Times of India has reported the 'story' here...
(The report is not available in the link given above, along with the article).
Doesnt matter who
20/02/2013 19:32:15
Secular reporting
Here is the link



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