"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Zakir Naik’s Peace TV Banned in India
18/12/2012 13:08:05  

Finally, the efforts of Agniveer to combat anti-national terror forces have yielded results. After detailed analyses of evil designs of promoter(s) of the threatening Peace TV made public by Agniveer, it has finally been banned by Intelligence Bureau, Government of India. To broadcast this channel now or support anti-India propaganda is a criminal offence.

It was exactly three years ago when Agniveer spearheaded the intellectual crusade against open terrorism by radical Islamist Zakir Naik. As liberal and secular Indians, it was impossible for us to even imagine that, in India, someone can threaten apostates (those who change their religion) of death penalty or abuse gods and deities of other faiths or insult Prophet whom billions of devotees consider messenger of God. But all this happened and kept happening for years. A man called Zakir Naik continued to enjoy the freedom of speech regardless of blasphemous acts he committed against all religions and their founders.

Some 3 years ago, Agniveer received a message. It was sent by an IRF (Islamic Research Foundation, Zakir Naik’s organization) official. The person gave reference to one of our articles on Vedas and mocked our efforts of reviving Vedic faith. He wrote-
Your religion of Vedas will die soon. We are converting Indians @ millions per month and your people will not even realize when they would become minority in this land. In next five years, India will be a Wahabi majority country. (He actually wrote Muslim Majority country but Islam as per them is Wahabism alone and they consider other Muslims like Sufis, Barelvis, Deobandis, Ahmadis and Shias as Kafirs/infidels/Non-Muslims. On their Peace TV, they often appeal to destroy these infidels).

This IRF official further wrote-
Agniveer! Convert to Islam soon or else you have no future. We invite you to the Peace Conference in which Dr Zakir Naik will welcome you to Islam and accept you all as his team members on stage and you will be his allies in his Dawah project (conversion). But if you refuse there is darkness ahead.

Till that date we never took this man called Zakir Naik and his works seriously. But that day we realized the gravity of the matter. A man was openly challenging us of converting this whole nation into slaves of Arabs on our own forum in our own country! This was alarming. And that was the time when Agniveer decided to fight this fanatic tooth and nail and destroy his evil designs against our motherland and its habitants he had planned with millions of petrodollars and support from Middle East.
We researched on this man and his work and were shocked completely. We found this man more dangerous than Osama Bin Laden and Taliban for society, country and world. His speeches, writings and ideology were so dangerous that no sensible person would ever agree to. We will discuss few of them here one by one so that readers could imagine how grievous it is to let this man preach in civilized world

Read Detailed Report here

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Zaheer Husain Khan
29/12/2012 12:59:02
Z.Naik a friend of Yazeed (Ravan in Hindu Mythology)
It seems Shree Agniveer over reacted . Who is this Naik anyway and what is his level . A hindu unless he knows history of Islam would not be able to understand Yazeed I explain .Just Like Lord Ram and Lanka's Ravan were apposit to each other ,the former all of rightous & Ravan evil personified
Husain vs yazeed and this Naik is
a great admirer of Yazeed , the Evil personified .Husain was the Holy Prophet's only daughters son who bas martyred by Yazeeds order
So can he be a muslim ? . If he is able to convert any one he iscoverting to wahabis which is a
off shoot of Jews . Islam has nothing to do with Naik , Wahabi , Al Qaedah or Talebaan , they are all anti muslim in the garb of Islam.Their greatest Leader was O
Laden .
19/12/2012 20:28:45
But tis Chaneel is still airing by Hathway
19/12/2012 09:01:33
We must spread the word to BAN their internet site www . irf . net
19/12/2012 06:23:24
Zakir Naik’s Peace TV Banned in India
Zakir Naik's links with Jihadis(terrorists) , underworld and other anti nationals needs to be probed. These criminals will have connection that are antinational.
19/12/2012 06:23:24
Zakir Naik’s Peace TV Banned in India
Zakir Naik's links with Jihadis(terrorists) , underworld and other anti national connection needs to be probed. These criminals will have connection that are antinational.
18/12/2012 21:43:44
'Piece' TV
Would there be any result. There are courts to give stay for anything done by anyone particularly government. This secessionist will hide behind minority rights and get a stay from courts. Then pro islam governments will not go for appeal. and it will continue to remain as it is today.
Raj Puducode
18/12/2012 21:27:38
Unite & fight to protect Hindustan & our lives
The terrorist master plan to convert India into another Terroristan. Over the years, several former militants have made it to top posts in Jammu & Kashmir government after qualifying for either Kashmir Administrative Service or police service exams, besides judicial exams held by state public service commission.

This came to light after the appointment of this year's topper in the higher judiciary exam was stopped until February, pending CID verification. The candidate is now demanding treatment at par with other officers who were appointed despite past affiliations to militant outfits.

When TOI asked a senior bureaucrat whether there were indeed such officers in service, he confirmed it on condition that he must not be named. He said a civil service officer of the 1996 batch, currently posted in north Kashmir, was a Hizbul Mujahideen militant trained in making improvised explosive devices. His left hand was damaged in a blast.

Likewise, this source added, a senior police officer of the 1999 batch, also in central Kashmir, was a Hizbul man. There are a number of former militants holding posts in subordinate judiciary in Kashmir, he said, and gave instances of engineers in Srinagar Municipal Corporation who were even jailed earlier for abducting their current officers for extortion, etc.

Astonishingly, one officer in the municipal corporation with links to militants was accused of abducting former chief minister and Union minister Ghulam Nabi Azad's brother-in-law. He is now working in the department with impunity and freedom, a corporation source said.

"All such individuals joined the services before their CID verifications reached the concerned departments," a senior police officer told TOI. In fact, a former Hizbul militant was arrested at the border trying to cross over to POK for arms training.

The candidate whose appointment opened this veritable pandora's box is said to be the former deputy chief of Al-Jehad, responsible for thi
18/12/2012 13:54:49
Excellent news! Made My DAY! SPREAD THE WORD ON YOUTUBE!



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