"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Zakir Naik offends millions of Hindus on Ganesh Chathurthi
20/09/2012 00:09:28  Agniveer

It’s sad to give all of you the news of yet another terrorist attack in India. A terrorist named as Zakir Naik, who is well known Osama supporter and firm believer of death for apostasy, has again attacked the peaceful citizens of India. As seen in photo, he is openly hurting sentiments of Crores of devotees of Lord Ganesha all over the world by insulting Him. He chose the day of Ganesh Chaturthi for this cowardly act. He has done this before too when at many places, he was found to spread hatred against idolaters constituting majority of India and World calling them sinners and future hell dwellers.


We see a well planned conspiracy by fanatic quarters to disturb peace and harmony to incite religious and sectarian violence all across the country. Recent riots in Assam, Bareily, Bangalore, Ghaziabad, Mumbai and at various other places in India point to the same. Inflaming religious sentiments of others on their festival makes it crystal clear that Zakir Naik and his organization are primary culprits for causing turmoil we all witnessed in recent past and he has no plans to stop here. Such fanatics thrive on instigating fanatic elements within their own community and spewing venom on other communities. He wants to take more lives and he would not stop before the day when all Indians become slaves to his Wahabi Masters back home in Arabian deserts. It’s high time that peaceful Indians- all Hindus and Muslims stand up against this terrorist and file official complaint against him.

Say no to Terrorists. Bharat Mata Ki Jai..

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12/10/2013 04:18:06
Ask Zakir to first come to Hindu community live it and see if he can dismiss it.
Then let him be critical.
Prophet is God's messenger says Quaran and not anywhere else.
Hindus call him a cult. If we worship a form what do u do Mr.Zakir. Is namaz not a form? is ur allah oh akbar not a form?
Tell us. Proove it is not a form first. To u only alah is God.
To us all that is here is GOd encludes u and ur allah. Ok. Shut up and Stay quiet!!!
What is namaz. a Form. What is quaran a form. U speak of formless without knowing it really. How are u going to pray to Formless thing. A formless thing is absent and it dosent exist. so whom are u praying to? We atleast pray to some meaningful form. What do u pray to?
Talk to people like me. Come to tarditional schools and talk ur talk. U will have ur pant wet before u go . i ma sure..
23/05/2013 00:53:33
Overall view
Came across this page while looking up Naik. I am a christian and I also believe in Israel. He is just a barking dog, this Naik, Zakir. Let him say something or do something about the middle east: he will be dragged out like a dog and sent to Gitmo, where his types are having a comfy vacation in chains.

12/03/2013 03:40:09
well my comment is ;
19/12/2012 06:39:06
india ek secular country hai aur har vyakti ko apni baat kahne ka adhikar hai.dr. zakir ne kabhi kisi bhagvan ko bura nahi kah aur vo khud kahte hai ki hume kisi dharm ke bhagwan ko gaali nahi dena chahiya,aur jis statement ki aap baat kar rahe ho usme aisa kya galat hi jo itna halla machaya ja raha hai
27/11/2012 01:48:52
What the so clled secular Govt. is doing...?

WHY BJP is silent on this..?

Where are RSS,VHP & Other Hindu orgnizations...

Where are the So called Esteem News Channels ... what they are doing on this major issue ?
26/11/2012 04:20:51
Good question:
Hindus are out of mind that's why they worship hand made god ahahahah and they worship all the stupid things like cow,rat,sun,etc. how stupid they are
13/11/2012 13:25:01
Dr.Zakir Naik.
U are an idiot,u must not and should not comment on the other people*s
Belief. if u want to preach your religion u have to be patient and patience is the sign of good muslim
13/11/2012 13:25:01
Dr.Zakir Naik.
U are an idiot,u must not and should not comment on the other people*s
Belief. if u want to preach your religion u have to be patient and patience is the sign of good muslim
26/09/2012 21:22:25
slum dog zakir naik.
dear Hindu bakth koti ananth pranam.
the comments made by one who is not having any faith in any religion is not at all comment as he is like a mad man, the speaker in his speech do not know the value of belief as there is lot more than religion, a belief itself is a religion. subash chandrabose belived that he could swim across a sea so he did it. if anybody want to stop this man from offending Hindus one should file a case in criminal court by way of private complaint under section 153 a of Indian penal code- for intentionally promoting enmity between religions. can this man say that what was his forefather before the pro.mohammed. he and his religion are very small in order to understand the concept of Hindu Dharma its values, no body can harm the same even this silly creature even though he willfully try it.
26/09/2012 08:14:37
Good Logic
Dear Dr. Zakir Naik,

U have once again proved urself to b a thinker. I'll say thts a good logic. One question for u sir, "If Your Prophet Married a 9 year old Girl by the name Aishah, How Am I To Trust Him With My Children & Sisters?" Pls b kind enough to enlighten us with this sir. Thank u.
25/09/2012 10:26:45
ganesha story
We hindus must also read and know the real meaning behind the symbolism of stories from puranas. Here is a good explanations of Ganesha's birth http://www.speakingtree.in/spiritual-blogs/masters/mysticism/lord-ganeshas-story-I
GSK Menon
24/09/2012 22:08:12
zakir naik offends millions
The fanatic scoundrel sports a Hindu name, NAIK is a Hindu term, why is this descendant of a convert sporting a Hindu name ? How will his desert god recognise him ? Why is the Police not registering a case against this terrorist ? Meteorite worshipping scum
Ishwar Das
24/09/2012 11:52:44
Lord Ganesh
Zakir Niak shows time and time again that this man is nothing but a liar with an agenda. The Puran are historic stories that all have deeper meaning when one spends the time to understand them more clearly. You need a guru to explain these things. This is why Vedas should not be open to all as they are complex and cannot be abused like the way Niak and his raksash followers are doing. Now about Lord Ganesh. This is a leela performed by God himself and the message is much deeper then Niak can understand. Here the leela is that every son should respect and obey his mother until death. His head is symbolic reminder of how each and every son should respect his mother. Using the head of the elephant also shows to have compassion for God creation and to show respect for animals. Mahadev Parvati Ganesh etc... are all God performing this leela. All the Puran are just leela performed by God so mankind understands the message. So to question why Bhagwan Shiva cut the head off etc... is not knowingly. He is only performing the leela with all knowing. He is all knowing. There is nothing he doesnt know. He is God himself. So to make sure statements like Niak does is absolutely idiotic. Those who follow him and continue to remain in darkness will only suffer in life. Vedic religion is the oldest and most scientific and all puran and scriptures all have much deeper meaning when one studies them. I welcome your comments or mail me directly sanatandharam01@gmail.com Here is a play list of videos I made exposing Niak


Pranam - Ishwar Das
24/09/2012 06:34:51
Foolish things in Islam
In the same way, did your Bhagawan put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and not recognize that Adam was not going to obey him. Why didn't he know that they would be lured by Satan? How come your god did not protect them from Satan?
There are too many foolish things to point out in Islam.
At least our God has the freedom to remember and forget. He has not one son but billions of sons. Your god does not have the freedom. He is stuck.
23/09/2012 18:51:05
Your etiquette shows what you are
Hindu god may not have recognized his own son..

but Muhammad can marry a 5 yr old.. can u shed some light on this aspect
23/09/2012 01:53:52
Religious scripts were written 1000s year ago
All religions have their own inconistancies and illogical stories. But somebody questions Islam, these idiots go on rampage destroying everything. Constrast that with well evolved regions of the world
22/09/2012 11:06:03
Madani and Zaki Naik
There rule to put Madani in Jail, there is nothing for the idiots like Zakir Naik
22/09/2012 10:01:33
Holy slam by .... ?
He is a holy I slam follower from his teachings !
22/09/2012 05:21:06
Who is Zakir Naik ?
22/09/2012 05:03:56
Targetting Hindus
When Muslims talk rubbish about Hindu Gods, No one is bothered. When Muslim beliefs are criticised, they are offended. WHY ? aren't Hindus supposed to react ? Its none other than our Muslim Ass licking Governing Powers to be blamed. All the Mess that has been created of Bharat and Hindus. We have no where to go and No place to Hide.
Get rid of Islam from India. This is the Only way for Hindu Existence in Bharat.
Gireesh Nambiar
21/09/2012 18:23:34
Relevance of stories
The stories in epics and puranas are used to explain the meaning of Vedas because Vedas are quite difficult to understand for the common man. Every such story is highly symbolic and should be learnt with the help of an expert. Mere reading will not suffice because literal meaning doesn't always make sense. I remember an expert asking me "Are you qualified to read (the stories of) puranas and epics?" The answer is an emphatic NO! Because we still do not know how to interpret them.

The mode of progress in this field is like the steps of a ladder. Therefore, one should start with stories and progress to hardcore subjects.
21/09/2012 12:15:45
Desired Publicity
Please condemn this picture and write up at once; they are benefited by free publicity at your expense!
21/09/2012 09:13:10
Why blame others?
Why do these type of things happen?

The answer is because most of the so called Hindu organisations pay only lip service to the Hindus.

If a Hindu leader had said such things about any other God of any other religion he would be in jail by now.There would be so many cases filed by the members of the "hurt" community.And of course the so called Secularists too would be there to uphold secularism!

See any secular condemnation or outrage when this happened ? No.Why?

The reason is the Hindu community itself!

Of course we should not take to violence.But there are legal options available.

Are there no Hindu lawyers in this country who feel hurt by such comments?Are there no secularists around now? Forget the so called secularists.What about the Hindu organisations?
Can't they hire good lawyers to take people who make such remarks to the court?

Have the Hindu organisations tried to file cases and take it to the logical conclusion in such cases in the past? Most probably, no!

What will they do now? Probably nothing to bring to book such people who insult Hinduism.

If this is the attitude of the Hindu organisations towards their Gods being insulted what can you expect?

21/09/2012 03:31:03
Zaikir Naik
What does this uncivilized, barbarian animal eater know about the Hinduism and the concept of GOD?
21/09/2012 02:38:25
Don't abuse
See, there is no point in abusing Zakir Naik or dragging in, the Holy books of other communities into this matter.

Ask why Zakir Naik and people like him from the other communities are able to say such things while any Hindu leader who makes hate speeches against other communities are dragged to courts or sentenced to imprisonment,even if for a few days?

What do the Hindus or Hindu organisations do when such things happen? Nothing much really. Abusing other religions does not do any good.Then what is the difference Zakir Naik and Hindus?

Resorting to violence also does not make sense.

Everytime something like this happens, Hindus abuse the persons who says such things or the community to which he belongs to,post abusive or angry comments on blogs or internet social networking sites and then go to sleep!!Job done!!!

Are there no Hindu lawyers in this country who feel hurt when such things happen? Are there no Hindu organisations who can hire a good lawyer and file a case against those who hurt Hindu sentiments?

When there are legal options available to bring to book people who hurt religious sentiments,why is it that no Hindu lawyer or organisation has not made use of it?

How many will have the determination to take the case to its logical conclusion?

Merely boasting about Hindu culture and Hindu unity is not enough.Nor does abusing other communities or their holy books help.

21/09/2012 01:24:08
Zakir Naik,the islamist pig!
Kudos to Mustafa Kamal for his excellent rebuttal to the islamist pig,Zakir Naik.When Naik cannot tolerate denigration of his religion or religious icons by other religionists,how dare he wound Hindu sentiments?I think VHP should take up this kind of denigrations seriously and do the needful.
20/09/2012 10:04:33
Zakir Nalaik
Nalaik A to Z Fakkir can't recognise his own son by his first nikkahed wife because he has produced dozens from his second and third apart from the dozen from his first wife.

Solution/(s) :

1. Since he will have difficulty in recognizing his own son , he will ask his neighbour whether that is his son; if the answer is no, then he will accept his son as his son.

2. He will wait for his son to face some difficulty because of his misdeeds and then recognize him through the word of his Allah.

Foolish misinformed bearded goat does not even know that others see God in everything and everywhere, while the goat and kids do not even know where god is.

If assuming for a moment that only the readers of the B and K BooK (s) get recognized by " GOD" and if " GOD" is creator of all, why would " GOD" create some creatures who recognize " God" even without reading B and K and some who can only recognize " God" by reading the B and K .

For that matter is their " GOD" so partisan that he cannot recognize his own creations, then how is their "God" God at all!!! Masallah stuff.

20/09/2012 06:01:21
Zakir Naik
if the messenger of God cannot recognize his own son zayed's wife zynab due to lust how can he recognize his faithfuls in times of difficulty ?
Senthil Kumar
20/09/2012 02:47:41
foolish teachings
He thinks all gods are just imaginary characters just like his imaginary god.

Some times people will like to use the 'B' word or the 'MF' word for this cunning idiot
Biju Krishnan
20/09/2012 02:36:47
Total misfit
Why is he wearing a coat and tie when he does not subscribe to English culture. His appearance itself says he is insane.



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