Majority Hindus in Kerala - A Myth ; SC, ST and Ezhavas are not Hindus declares P C George
02/04/2012 00:06:24  

By George, Kerala Hindus aren’t a majority for Cong allies
VR JAYARAJ | KOCHI - Daily Pioneer

Hindus constitute 56 percent of Kerala population, but political parties of religious minorities in the State’s ruling front have found some strange methods of demography to project them as a minority with the devious objective of overtaking the majority community in all aspects of social life, starting with representation in the State Cabinet.

According to certain allies of the Congress party’s the ruling UDF coalition, Hindus in Kerala are no bigger force than the Muslims and Christians who together account for 44 percent of total Kerala population. Muslims constitute 25 percent of the Kerala population and Christians 19 percent.

The proponent of this strange idea is PC George, Kerala Government chief whip, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy’s personal trouble-shooter and vice-chairman of the Kerala Congress (M), a political party of the Christians based mainly in Kottayam, Kerala’s latex capital. George claimed the other day that the theory that Hindus are religious majority in Kerala was a myth.

Though the primary aim of George, a Catholic, is to justify the Muslim League’s claim for a fifth berth in the Chandy Cabinet and his own party’s demand for a Rajya Sabha seat, observers are apprehensive that his theory could lead to a situation where the minorities can upset the social harmony presently prevailing in God’s Own Country.

Once newly elected MLA Anoop Jacob of the Kerala Congress (J) takes oath (which has to happen soon), the minorities will have 11 Ministers (55 percent) in the 20-member Chandy Cabinet though their combined share in the population is 44 percent. If the Muslim League’s fifth Minister becomes a reality, the entire community balance would be upset.

Even presently, minorities have a clear upper hand in the Chandy Government. George was made the Chief Whip instead of Minister but he is enjoying the status of and all the privileges available to a Cabinet member. It is also a fact that important portfolios like Industries, Finance, Law, Education, Public Works and Water Resources are held by Ministers from the minorities.

Stating that the Muslim League deserved to get seven (“not five or six”) Cabinet berths if its vote-base seen in the last Assembly election was taken into account, George told the media the other day that the CPI(M) was opposing the minorities’ just rights in their efforts to play the “majority communalism card”.

“As per the latest census figures, Christians and Muslims constitute 44 percent of the total Kerala population. The scheduled castes and scheduled tribes form 12 percent and 27 percent (among the Hindus) of the population are Ezhavas. This shows that Hindus are not a majority in Kerala,” George said.

According to observers, George is being extra-clever by excluding Dalits and Adivasis from the Hindus. Equally strange is his exclusion of Ezhava, a backward Hindu caste, they say. Experts in population studies have no idea as to how George is going to justify his premises but they say that he could be trying to start some controversy.

“There has never been any doubt over the religion to which the Adivasi-Dalits and Ezhavas belong at any point of time in Kerala. George is perhaps trying to trigger such a dispute with the objective of establishing minority hegemony in Kerala. If that is so, it is going to be dangerous,” said an Alappuzha-based historian.

George’s claim for more representation for minorities has come at a time when the Chandy Government is already accused of bowing to their pressures in all aspects of governance. Even KR Gowri, leader of UDF constituent JSS, said on Sunday that Kerala was presently seeing the strongest combination of communal and community forces since 1957.

“Even now, the State is being ruled by the Muslim League,” said Opposition leader VS Achuthanandan, adding that a fifth Minister for that party would affect the community balance in the Government. He also said that he did not want to respond to the “nonsensical” statements of PC George.

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23/08/2012 12:24:40
Population split
Does anyone have the sensex information o any latest information of population percentage of different communities in Kerala?
Venugopal Kaikulath
12/04/2012 11:44:24
Caste system has become redundant except for the politics of secular politicians.
Dear Siddharth, It would not be only "caste" Hindus who would in future follow Hinduism. All sections of Hindu society would be proud of Hinduism and would benefit from its teachings, particularly its advaitic teachings. Hindu gurus have awoken Hindus to their great heritage and the caste system has become redundant except for the politics of secular politicians. In future caste system would be remembered only as an experiment which yielded positive results for a period of time till the system rotted from within due to the infusion of "holier-than-thou" attitudes. Therefore when pristine Hinduism is available today for all sections of Hindus, why should they think of Christianity or Islam, which are narrow minded creeds when compared to Hinduism? Buddhism is steeped in Hinduism and therefore it would only help to strengthen Hinduism - even though the enemies of Hinduism may try to separate both religions.
12/04/2012 06:24:35
another disguised casteist
I to would like to know the details of atleast 1000 dalits not millions ,who are practicing budhism in kerala
11/04/2012 05:46:29
only 2 ministers for muslims .......where was the community balance in LDFgovernment

Minister Ministry
1 V. S. Achuthanandan Chief Minister
2 Kodiyeri Balakrishnan Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for tourism
3 Thomas Isaac Minister for Finance
4 Elamaram Kareem Minister for Industries & Commerce
5 K. P. Rajendran Minister for Revenue
6 Mullakkara Ratnakaran Minister for Agriculture
7 G. Sudhakaran Minister for Co-operation & Coir
8 Kadannapalli Ramachandran Minister for Devaswom
9 P. K. Gurudasan Minister for Labour and Employment, Excise
10 N. K. Premachandran Minister for Water Resources
11 Jose Thettayil Minister for Transport
12 C. Divakaran Minister for Food & Civil Supplies, Animal husbandry and Dairy development
13 A. K. Balan Minister for Welfare of Backward & Scheduled Communities, Electricity
14 Benoy Viswam Minister for Forests and Housing
15 M. A. Baby Minister for Education and Culture
16 Paloli Mohammed Kutty Minister for Local Self Government
17 M. Vijayakumar Minister for Law, Sports, Public works and Parliamentary affairs
18 S. Sarma Minister for Fisheries
19 P. K. Sreemathy Minister for Health and Family Welfare
20 V.Surendran Pillai Minister for Port & Youth welfare
11/04/2012 01:04:58
Sahya, How many times you speak the same?
Sahya, How many times will you keep barking the same, Ambedkar tried for decades and understood that Caste and Hinduism are inseperable. The upper caste Hindus are fully confident in the system too , so for the dalits and the backawards the best option is buddhism and million of Dalits in kerala have already started prcticing the same. The Ezhavas whose origins are rooted in Eelam are also following the suite too.
Its a fact that people like Vivakananda & Savarkar had spoken against caste , but what influence do they have on caste Hindus , So for future the options are the following the caste Hindus can follow Hinduism and rest their options which are Buddhism ,christianity or Islam. Its for you to take a call if you cant get along with the concept of caste come out and join the majority in kerala.Caste Hindus neither have the street power nor political clout in kerala , so they want to gangup people against christians & Muslims
10/04/2012 14:18:10
caste system
it is very sad to see people supporting the caste system. PC George is a loser. He will say anything he wants.
Venugopal Kaikulath
10/04/2012 11:20:20
Caste in new light.
Dear Dr.Rajesh, You must expand your thesis and write more on the subject. It would be an important input for understanding the caste system. I too believe that it is the "holier-than-thou" attitude which crept into the caste system that made it moribund. Caste can still play a useful role in Hindu society if each caste is considered simply as a unique community with its unique customs, art, culture etc., all of which would jointly constitute an integrated Hindu society, with nary a notion of high or low among the communities.
09/04/2012 05:54:41
secularist george
Mr PC George known as prominent secular leader.he has no religion.before filing nomination he visit temple & masjid.his son married a hindu girl .need any example for his secular credantial? but i dont know still she is hindu or non religion.god can clear my doubt
Dr Rajesh
08/04/2012 11:54:05
Hinduism and Caste System
I've been reading Sahya's conviction that caste is the deterrent in Hinduism. This is a false portrayal of Hindu society by the British to keep Indians disunited. Unfortunately, this is fervently taken up for conversion by skillfully exploiting the gullible English educated masses always willing to buy any story told by the British. In plain terms Caste is a system of social stratification – nothing more nothing less. In India the basis of stratification is profession but it can be anything (money, religion, class, etc.) Remember in Hinduism there is no concept of high and low caste. This is an aberration came into being during the British period, Caste system is neither a crime nor a shameful act. It exists in all the modern societies in both the developed and non-developed countries (be it Christian / Muslim societies). It existed in all the societies in the past and will continue so in the future. Crucification of Christ illustrates that caste system existed in his time. In India, there are many sects (read castes) within Christian and Muslims and they strictly adhere by not encouraging inter-marriages. Now, you may argue that Caste was based on birth. Find out the scientific benefits of a hereditary system of profession on the internet (Google for this topic). Caste was used as a stick to beat the Hindus but not henceforth. The developed societies are learning the benefits of the Caste system. Don’t just be a intellectual copy cat stay tuned to the latest scientific discoveries before expressing centuries old ideas.
Venugopal Kaikulath
07/04/2012 09:19:54
Hinduism - religion of the future.
One thing is sure - thanks to modern technology, the world is fast becoming a global village. In such a milieu, narrow thoughts will have less and less takers. The major casualties would be the two prominent Abrahamic religions of "My God only true God" vintage. The Hindu credo of "All the world is a family" and its non-dual teachings would catch the imagination of the world at large. Hence, the future belongs to Hinduism. Talking about the past sociological vices of Hinduism would be meaningless when the non-dualistic teachings of Hinduism come to the fore.
07/04/2012 02:31:58
Itha Nammude Prashnam
Nammal Malayali hindukkal oru prayojanamillatha karyangallku vendi tammithalikondu irikkum. Ente priya sahodara Suhurthukalle, Vaak tarkkam cheythu samayam paazhaakaadey, nammall islamikayum christava shaktiye engginey niyanthrikkaam, ennulla maargam chinthikka..
Ee samayam nashippikkalley..
04/04/2012 08:06:18
First to mention that i am not a casteist hindu. Second as you mentioned the like of calicut rlway station incident is not an isolated incident.One of keralas famous dalit author and teacher Ayyappan talked about many of the painful incident he had to encounter in his life(courtesy-mathrubhumi weekly).In this he wrote that as a dalit he faced several hardships from the casteist hindus(so called upper cast and so called lower class) and christians ,even from the upper echelons of his own dalit casts.
Onday he went to the house of an ezhava with his friend.Once there the friend went inside and he followed him.The ezhava became angry and tried to beat him and abuse him,becuase ayyappan is an untouchable .These type of incidents haunted him for long and he developed hate for the ezhavas.
I am not trying to or highlight each and every incident.My point is the only people who suffred are dalits not other casts.These so called back ward tag is misleading as they kept casteism in inner and pseudo liberalism outer.
My point it was not the sole propriety of any particular group to harass dalits .All were gulity in this cruelty. They should abandon this. All casts including forward and back ward should adhere to the equality principle.
04/04/2012 00:06:36
@synop - 2
.....Besides many are closet casteists who know the reality that a caste is nothing in kerala's political arena , for them
the caste should remain intact and they mearly want an association of all castes under a platform directed at other faiths You can ascertain their affinity to Hindutva cause !!!!
If you are a Sangh idealogue you can read what is Sangh's stand on caste.I'm happy to discuss the issue pertaining to the current decadency of the Hindu society of kerala and not to the cherry picked arguments you have raised here.
Mind you all the big nations or societies withered 'not due to percieved outside enemies' but due to turbulations from inside. All of us have to work together to recover Hinduism from the critical disease of caste as fortold by Sree Narayana Guru , Ayyankali, Swami Vivekanada.
03/04/2012 23:56:23
@synop - 1
First of all I dont want take up case on behalf of any particular caste groups, If you mis-read my comments as against any particular caste I'm not responsible
If we take into consideration the isolated incidents such as the calicut railway station one you have written we may need atleast ten thousand pages, to get an overview of that
incident Mr synop can read the premises under which Dr Ambedkar made the following statement :"Ascending order of reverence and descending order of contempt". As a home work
you can try to under stand the following
What was the basis and inspiration reference for caste system /Varnashram?
How was great centres of worship out of bound for majority oh Hindus?Heard about Maru marakkal samaram(many more that cant be encapsulated here, if you go through half of them, you may understand why nearly half of kerala population adopted other faiths)
You are right , to come to the current state modern society of inclusivenes there were significant efforts from various quarters : Educated visionaries from upper caste community, the Missionaries both Anglican/catholic/Evangelist-brethren who introduced universal education which helped the Dalit and backward communities, Certain
policies of the British Adminstration and not the least the work taken up by luminaries such as Swami Vivekananda who challeneged the then Manuvian establishment.
My attempt is to throw light into the fundemental problem of Hindus withering apart ,my understanding is that the fundemental problem lies in caste, which prevents a corporate life . Whenever I raised this core issue here
there are half wits who came with argument such as I'm crypto christian ,Leftist, lacking proficiency in English grammer etc. All that those half wits does here are sterile rants directed at Christians , Muslims , Leftist and Dalits (most of the comments are of that category). they lack a basic understanding about Kerala's social mobility and gets some solace in doing so......
03/04/2012 08:09:45
In sahyas version all misdeeds are done and by so called casteist upper cast hindus.Sahya cleverly disguised the fact that its the government who give everything on caste basis to so called lower class hindus .Even if a utterly poor hindu who happens to be upper caste deprived of his essential needs .What sahya can say about this.
Sahya trying to propagate that all the misdeeds are done by upper cate hindus only.What about ezhava -kammala castes who suppreessed genuine rights of dalits?I can clearly deliver a lot of instances.What about the ezhava caste(thiyya) who opposed passage of dalits to calicut railway station through their neighbourhood in the british era.I am very much interested to hear from sahya about this .i will reply after reading sahyas reply
sreeraj r
03/04/2012 06:39:41
Being secular
In our country there is an assumption that to be secular we need to be against majority.Here every one is united and diatribe one who voice for majority( read hindu) i pay tax to get these people enjoy benefits.Education business take any field these people will be majority we can proudly say we will be in majority in the field of destitution.One day these guys will kick us from our land claiming shariyath.Either they must change and should study to live together or we should unite to teach them what is a democracy.
03/04/2012 01:01:34
Time for Hindus to Stand United
UDF is playing with fire by their total submission to the Christians and Muslims. Religious minorities (are they actually minorities today?) have hijacked UDF and are taking things for granted.

Hindus have been the most secular lot among the three, but if Christians and Muslim continue playing the CHEAP, DIRTY COMMUNAL politics, then Hindus might as well follow the trend.

Christians are more dangerous than Muslims when it comes causing rifts in the society. Behind their veiled mask of secularism they hide their actual agenda, DIVIDE and RULE.

The media is totally under the control syndicates with vested interests and they feed the society with half-baked news and twisted facts.

My appeal to Christians and Muslims, please respect the sentiments of everyone (not just of your folks) or else Hindus might be forced to compromise on Secularism.

Christians, Muslims and their media try to classify Left parties as anti-Hindu, anti-Muslims and anti-Christians. But its a fact that LDF government was far more successful in protecting the interests and rights of COMMON PEOPLE than the UDF 'scumbags' who wants to privatize the profit making PSUs, who wants to protect the interests of only a selected few rich people amongst themselves, amongst their religion and most importantly convert maximum number of Hindus.
03/04/2012 01:01:34
Time for Hindus to Stand United
UDF is playing with fire by their total submission to the Christians and Muslims. Religious minorities (are they actually minorities today?) have hijacked UDF and are taking things for granted.

Hindus have been the most secular lot among the three, but if Christians and Muslim continue playing the CHEAP, DIRTY COMMUNAL politics, then Hindus might as well follow the trend.

Christians are more dangerous than Muslims when it comes causing rifts in the society. Behind their veiled mask of secularism they hide their actual agenda, DIVIDE and RULE.

The media is totally under the control syndicates with vested interests and they feed the society with half-baked news and twisted facts.

My appeal to Christians and Muslims, please respect the sentiments of everyone (not just of your folks) or else Hindus might be forced to compromise on Secularism.

Christians, Muslims and their media try to classify Left parties as anti-Hindu, anti-Muslims and anti-Christians. But its a fact that LDF government was far more successful in protecting the interests and rights of COMMON PEOPLE than the UDF 'scumbags' who wants to privatize the profit making PSUs, who wants to protect the interests of only a selected few rich people amongst themselves, amongst their religion and most importantly convert maximum number of Hindus.
02/04/2012 23:27:38
Better late than never !!!! HK a platfrom for reconciliattion
A week ago ,there were reports that PC George was a key speaker at a function organised by a staunch anti-Hindu Dalit Group DHRM(neo-Buddhist), the overwhelming display of strength by DHRM might have given PC the confidence to make this statement.
(The most saddest fact is that many among the top leadership of DHRM are said to be former Sangh Bretheren disillusioned with caste-Hinduism !!)

Dear Mr Venugopal,
There is no use of beating around the bush, its a fact that majority of Dalits are far away from the Hindu fold . (what else explains the strength of DHRM in southern districts)The 'branthalaya' that existed till 70 years ago marginalised them. Most of our centres of worship were out of bounds for majority of the people, this made them move towards anti-vedic philosephies such as christianity , neo-buddhism ,Islam and communism.

The only way forward is to liquidate caste through inter- caste marriages , theological denominations among semitic faith is no parellel to castes as anyone come and go from there. All these scenarios were predicted in advance by Swami Vivekanada who once told that Malabar is going to be Muslim majority and travancore a christian majority in the next 100 years. the same concerns were echoes by Veer Savarkar too.
But caste is the most dearest for our people , they take Hindu jersey when tals of other faith come into picture. To add to the injury a lack of corporate life makes each caste ignorant of the other's concerns. May the new generation bury the caste , else caste will bury Hinduism for SURE.
Bye the bye it became a habit of casteists in name calling every one who attacks caste as crypto christian etc-:)

Vande Mataram
02/04/2012 17:12:59
pc george is 100% right
p c george is absolutely right... in my recent visit to kerala I saw more churches and masjid than people.......hindus are lacking behind in every sphere of life in kerala. kudos to christians and muslims....
02/04/2012 11:24:22
hindu is minority
It means that hindu is minority in kerala, sc st has to be given as per there population and ezhava (according to PC is another religion) shall be represented as per % of there populaton and hindus also and all all benifits which musleem and christian getting in statewise shall be stopped
02/04/2012 10:34:02
Christian Population
No body knows the exact Christain population in Kerala because of the crookedness of Christians.a considerable section of those who are legally Hindus are in fact Christians.
Venugopal Kaikulath
02/04/2012 10:21:26
The great Dalit conspiracy.
This is the grand design Missionaries and Mullahs have been working towards for over a century now - to consolidate a community called Dalit, identify them as non-Hindu and put them under the leadership of Christianity and Islam so that they can be conveniently converted. This plan has got a boost since Sonia Gandhi assumed powers and her Communal Violence Bill and Reservations for minorities are all part of this plan. Dalits may bite the bait if we consider that even though Samajwadi Party is willing to reduce reservations for them and give it to Muslims, they rallied behind the party and brought it to power. In Kerala of course SNDP and NSS delight in supporting either of the anti-Hindu fronts and SNDP leader Vellappalli is always left crying from the sidelines when he may well have been Chief Minister with BJP and NSS support.
02/04/2012 04:42:26
Hindukkalkku Sthaanam illey ?
A very BIG thanks to all the Hindus that voted the UDF to Power. Any Party that aims to Push down Hindus, should not be tolerated anymore. Njangall Malayali Hinukkalkku iniyum Unnaraaraayille ?
Wake Up yourself and Wake up the others too.. Before its too late !!
02/04/2012 04:38:44
George is correct
Most non core Hindus are communists or atheists. Why count them? when many of their leaders are harming Hindu as a religion and propagating theories to harm many core beliefs of sacred Hindu pujas. Many non core Hindus are waiting to be converted, George has the numbers here when he says Hindus are a minority in Kerala, or even India.
GSK Menon
02/04/2012 04:12:43
Majority Hindus in Kerala
Who is this asinine moron P.C.George to tell that ? Soppose Hinus state that Born Again Christians are a different class of christians and have to be treated separately ? What about Shia Muslims, why there is no representation for them ? Should they not be treated separately as a distinct community ? Let NSS and SNDP take cudgels on behalf of Born Again & Shia categories of believers.
Patriotic Indian
02/04/2012 03:01:52
Love Jihad is still active
Love Jihad is still active..
02/04/2012 02:15:41
thailand bombings
why hk not publishing about thailand bombings.latest contribution from "the religion of peace" which killed 14 people.
devilish muslims is a curse to mankind
02/04/2012 00:34:26
Blame the Casteist Hindus
Its casteists :who are proud of their identity to blame for all these. Caste exists in one's life and Hindu comes to picture only when one talks of other faiths .

So the conclusion is that as I have tried to say upteen times , its the caste system to blame , and not someone who mentioned that "King is naked"
Vande Mataram
If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions, I should point to India

Max Mueller

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