"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
"World is coming to an end, so follow us to Bethlehem"
25/04/2011 01:21:54  Ram Parmar in Mumbai - BangaloreMirror.com


5 priests promise Palghar tribals protection from the 2012 ‘apocalypse’, saying only Christians living in Israel will survive

Five priests from Vasai converted hundreds of tribals from Devkhop village near Palghar to Christianity, saying the world will come to an end in 2012, and only those living in Bethlehem Jesus Christ’s birthplace will survive.

William Dias, Santa D’Souza, Alphonso Dabre, Simon John D’Souza and Solomon Shinde, all parish priests, were arrested on Thursday from Devkhop, around 11 km from Mumbai.

They told the tribals who had converged in the village that within a matter of minutes, they would vanish, only to reappear in Bethlehem, Israel.

Families of the tribals alerted the police, and the priests, along with their aide Hari Wadhan, were arrested.

Police said preliminary investiga-tions revealed the tribals were misled to ensure they convert to Christianity, and the priests didn’t take any money from them. However, many tribals sold their lands and cattle, thinking those would be of no use in Bethlehem.

Palghar resident Ashok Bhole, who along with activist Parag Gharat accompanied the tribals’ families to the police station, said the priests were “brainwashing” the tribals for the past 10 days.

“These are poor people, many of whom have not stepped out of their village in decades. They were promised trips to a foreign land (Bethlehem) and cash,” he said.

Inspector Popatrao Pawar from Palghar Police Station said, “The situation was tense as tribals’ families stoned the bus that the priests had sent for the converts. The priests, and Hari Wadhwan have been arrested.”

Gharat added, “A lot of tribals sold their land and cattle, which alerted their families. We suspect the priests hypnotised the tribals.”

Recently, the State government had ordered District Superintendent of Police (Thane Rural) Vishwas Nangre Patil to inquire into allegations of large-scale conversions of tribals to Christianity in Thane district.

There were complaints that tribals were lured by cash and gifts, and the Thane Rural Police had submitted a report to the State denying such conversions.

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Desert Fox
04/05/2011 09:45:07
World is coming
Any more proof needed that Christianity is a moronic religion and that its followers are all debased and perverted ? Hindu organisations should step out in full force and initiate reconversion measures. Make Devkhop village cross-free. We don't want any alien symbols in Hindusthan. Break the crosses and redeem the tribals. 5
30/04/2011 16:03:24
i am sick of this mayan bullshit !!!!!!! there is nothing true in it 5
26/04/2011 00:01:40
Mayan calender may be true as far as those parts of world and the religion which spreads it. It is not applicable to Bharat Varsha and Hindus. 5
25/04/2011 19:32:42
2012 world's end
Lets book billions to israel and see if they are able to get the Visas...Xian bigots have become bankrupt as their ideas are not selling...so then want some miracles, fear of worlds end etc...Desparation of second coming not happening is also a frustration for them so they are cheating innocent. Fools and utter nonsense appraoch. 5
Pramod Kushwaha
25/04/2011 18:47:43
According to Hinduism it is Kaliyuga that will last for 4,32,000 years and that too won't end the universe or world but lead to Satyuga!
The Mayans and Nostradamus have been given undue publicity for all the fictitious and misleading writting.
No body except Indians knew the art of time keeping through Panchang. The keepers of Mayan and Gregorian calender didn't know the basics of time keeping as is present in India for time immemorial. The calendar keeping by Mayan and Gregrian was nothing but copying of Indian almanac and modifying it to their purpose.
The greatest sages of India haven't made such foolish predictions like 2012 and Nostradamus, inspite of the fact that the Indian sages were almost omniscient, infact the Hinduism discourages prediction. The foolishness and lowliness is only to be expected from Christianity and Mayans! 5
K P Ganesh
25/04/2011 09:40:52
2012 in itself is a hoax!!!
Fantastic ploy by the Westerners to first spread a wildfire, psychologically affecting news like 2012- End of the world because it is said in a Mayan calendar and using this bit of news to convert people. Christianity has been converting people using 3 emotional aspects - sympathy creation, fear psychosis and greed through inducements. Where's the question of faith and belief in it. That these very Westerners have sent the Mayan Civilization to extinction using outright brute force, should make people realize at the fallacy of such nonsense been spread. Surprisingly, Indian astrologers seem to have joined this nonsensical bandwagon and trying to gain some publicity from it instead of bringing out logical explanations of what planetary activities is going to take place, than harping what the Westerners are drumming. End of the World. Oh please, for God's sake. Stop the hogwash!!! 5
GSK Menon
25/04/2011 09:51:35
world is coming
Christianity is the most degraded form of religion on this earth. Cheating, defrauding and hoodwinking is the mainstay of this fabrication that is wrongly called as "religion". The converters need to be given 100 lashes like the Taliban does. 5

"Balagokulam, through its different types of programmes and activities, tries to wake up the divine infant of Nandagokulam, who fills the hearts of the children of Bharath Mata. So, Balagokulam has got a historic mission to accomplish. Let HIM strengthen the children and workers of Balagokulam to march forward with the victory flags of Bharath Mata. Their leader is none other than Sri Krishna, HIMSELF"

Poojaniya H.V. Sheshadriji



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