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Yagnavalkya Jayanti
02/02/2011 08:16:01  V.N. Gopalakrishnan

Yagnavalkya Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Sage Yagnavalkya, one of the great sages of Vedic India and is celebrated on March 9 this year. He is well-known for his teachings of the Upanishads. According to some historians, Sage Yagnavalkya was born in 3230 BC. Some Hindu communities celebrate Yagnavalkya Jayanti in the month of Kartik (October/November) whereas in North India, it is observed in the month of Phalgun. Yagnavalkya Jayanthi is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm by the Brahmin communities in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. It is also celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

The celebrated ascetic Yagnavalkya was born in Mithila as the son of Brahmrath and Sunanda. Brahmrath was a scholar of Vedas and Sastras and was also known as Vajasani as he used to donate food daily. He was also known as Devrath as he was blessed with a son. After the birth of Yagnavalkya, the couple got a daughter by name Kamsari. He was the pupil of Vaisampayana. He was also a master in performing Yagnas and hence was called Yagnavalkya. It was Yagnavalkya who officiated as one of the Hortis at the great Rajasuya of Yudhishtira.

Yagnavalkya had two wives - Maitreyi and Katyayani. When Yagnavalkya desired to divide his property between the two before taking up Sanyas, Maitreyi asked whether she could become immortal through wealth. Yagnavalkya replied that it is not possible and she requested him to teach her what he considered the best. Accordingly, Yagnavalkya imparted her true and infinite knowledge. The conversation between Yagnavalkya and Maitreyi is recorded in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. The philosophical teachings of Yagnavalkya are given in the third and fourth chapters of this Upanishad. Yajnavalkya’s other wife Katyayani was the daughter of Bharadwaj and had only common intelligence compared to Mitreyi.

Once King Janaka wanted to learn Brahma Vidya. For this, he conducted a debate to find out who possessed the highest knowledge.  He also offered one thousand cows with their horns decked with gold coins along with their calves. Yagnavalkya asked his disciples to take away the cows. However, other participants questioned this and a heated debate took place. Yagnavalkya answered all the questions properly and won the debate. On another occasion, Yagnavalkya visited King Janaka and the latter asked whether he has come to get the cows or to ask difficult questions. For this, he replied that he has come for both. A debate commenced and at the end a satisfied King surrendered himself and kingdom to him.

Sage Yagnavalkya said: “The senses are in the nature of hindrance only as long as they are not directed inward, towards the Atman. The eye cannot choose but see and the ear cannot choose but hear. Make the senses calm and make the mind almost blank; do not think of anything in particular, and then you will hear in your heart the voice of the infinite”. Besides Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, Yajnavalkya wrote the famous Yajnavalkya Smriti, Yajnavalkya Samhita, Pratijna Sutra, Yoga Yagnavalkya and Satapatha Brahmana. Finally, Yajnavalkya  took up Sanyas and renounced the word.

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Satyanarayan Mujumdar
29/04/2014 01:33:43
Yajnavalkya Ashram Sthan
I had visited Kerekattiganur and Aladahalli after reading the article SUTTA MUTTA and contacted Sri Channarangayya Gouda of Kerekattiganur.It is learnt that the area covering these two villages was Ashram area of Sri Yajnavalkya Maharshi.Further he informed that Yajnavalkya Maharshi had visited and stayed at Doddamaluru ( Ramanagar District )with his disciple Maharshi Kanva.You can refer the book SRI JNANAMANTAPA KSHETRA MAHATMYA written by Sri Vruttaratnam Embar Jatavallabha Aprameya Iyangar
Satyanarayan Mujumdar
28/04/2014 22:48:40
Sri Yajnavalkya Ashram Sthan---JAGWAN (Bihar )
Sri Yogeeshwara Yajnavalkya was in Mithilanchal(North Bihar and Tarai area of Nepal)His Ashram was at JAGWAN ,Bisfi Block,Madhubani District, Bihar .I had visited this place. This place is called as Yajnavalkya Sthan .This tapobhumi measuring about one acre is having 35-40 banyan trees.
Satyanarayan Mujumdar
28/04/2014 15:34:50
Birth Particulars of Sri Yajnavalkya Maharshi
Sri yajnavalkya Maharshi was born on a sunlit Sunday,which happened to be the twelfth day of the bright fort night i.e .shukla paksha, in the month of Karthika Suddha Dwadashi Tithi,Sathaya Nakshatra ,Dhanur Lagna .( Ref-Yogeeshara Yajnavalkya--By E.R .Krishnamurti )
Satyanarayan Mujumdar
17/10/2013 05:09:12
Sri Yajnavalkya Jayanti and birth place of Yajnavalkya
Yajnavalkya Jayanti --Kartik shudh Dashami,Yajnavalkya"s birth place-- VADNAGAR (Gujarat). My Cell No--09449066878
Satyanarayan Mujumdar
17/10/2013 05:09:12
Sri Yajnavalkya Jayanti and birth place of Yajnavalkya
Yajnavalkya Jayanti --Kartik shudh Dashami,Yajnavalkya"s birth place-- VADNAGAR (Gujarat). My Cell No--09449066878
Pramod Ram Mishra
27/11/2011 21:47:01
Dear Readers, If you have any information about the birth aniversary, including the horroscope, janma, lagna, nakshtra, and others of great sage Yajnavalkya, Please send me. This will help me to develop imginary image of Sage. I am writing life history of Yajnavalkya, so your vakue, help matter.
07/02/2011 18:35:26
Yagnavalkya received the blessings of Surya bhagwan by continuously chanting Gayatri Mantra and performing Yagnas and Yagas.It was his father who gave the gayatri Mantra to him for the very first time.When we bow down to Yagnavalkya,let us remember Ashtavakra also.He was also a great Rishi.And don't forget king Janak because he was a great MUMUKSHU-a seeker of truth.Mumukshu is the endless desire for Moksha.
05/02/2011 03:04:12
Simple owesome. I have no words for this. Just feel how great we hindus and our culture.No body can equal with even trid for billon years. its hard fct.Keep going HK. bande Mataram 5
GSK Menon
03/02/2011 02:48:53
Yajnavalkya Jayanthi
This type of invaluable information, should be put up in every temple notice board, as well as in every Hindu run schools and colleges. 5
02/02/2011 22:30:56
Greatest Sage of Bharathavarsha
Yagnavalkya shines as one of the greatest authorities on Vedanta and Brhadaranyaka Upanishad carries his masterly explanations on Athma Swarupa, Janma rahasya, moksha prapthi etc.,apart from detailing what happens after death. He highlights attainment of Jivanmukthi through attainment of Brahma Gnana much before death gives Videhamukthi. Unfortunately, how many Hindu children will ever get to learn these greatest of teachings! Only this is true knowledge in this Maya-laden prapancha and we crave only for secular education and enter inferior and infinite punarjanma cycle voluntarily. I thank Haindavakeralam for reminding us of this Greatest Sage's Jayanthi Mahotsavam. 5



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