Kerala prof hand chopped off for ‘vilifying’ Prophet
04/07/2010 15:06:52  Daily Pioneer | Kochi

In a gruesome incident, suspected religious extremists chopped off the right hand of a college professor, under suspension since March for allegedly preparing a question paper with derogatory references to Prophet Muhammad, at Muvattupuzha in Ernakulam district on Sunday morning. The police took into custody 15 persons, reportedly activists of Islamist resistance outfit NDF (presently Popular Front of India), for questioning.

TJ Joseph, a Malayalam professor at Newman’s College, Thodupuzha, Idukki, was attacked by a gang of about ten people when he was returning home with his mother and sister in a car after attending Sunday mass at a church in Muvattupuzha. The assailants, who attacked the professor after blocking his car with a Maruti Omni vehicle, chopped his hand at the wrist and threw it into a nearby compound. He was admitted to a Kochi hospital specialising in limb reconstruction.

State Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, a Politburo member of the CPI(M), said in Delhi that the Government would examine whether the attack was pre-planned and executed by religious extremists. But sources in the police said the attack looked like a well-planned one and that there were strong indications that NDF activists were behind it. The BJP demanded an NIA probe into the incident.

Joseph’s sister Stella, who was with him in the car, said that a ten-man gang had attacked them with weapons like axes and machetes and that he suffered hack injuries in several parts of his body. His aged mother also was injured in the attack. Stella said that the gang had intruded into their house at least three times in the past with threats, adding that complaints about this had been lodged with the police.

The attack took place at about 8.30 am and the police found the Omni used by the assailants by about 3 pm. Forensic scientists, who examined the vehicle, found blood marks in it. By 7 pm, they had taken into custody 12 persons. Intelligence officials said the Popular Front and its political wing Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) had gained strength in Thodupuzha recently.

Inspector General of Police (Central Zone) B Sandhya, heading the investigations, said they had got clear indications about the assailants but refused to divulge details. She said the investigation had been intensified and those behind the attack would be held soon. “A network of police in Idukki, Ernakulam and other districts would investigate the case,” she said.

Thodupuzha town, the commercial nerve-centre of Idukki district, had seen stiff protests by various Muslim organisations in March last when the question paper scandal had broken out. Several persons were injured in clashes with police and prohibitory orders were imposed around Newman’s College. Following this, Professor Joseph, who had prepared the question paper, was arrested and suspended from service.

Demanding an NIA probe into the attack on the college professor, Kerala BJP president V Muraleedharan asked the Home Ministry not to encourage Talibanism in the State. “The Thodupuzha incident proves that Islamic terrorism has strengthened in Kerala. We are not blaming any particular outfit for that. But a tendency to nurture Talibanism should not be there,” he said in Thiruvananthapuram.

Education Minister MA Baby, a CPI(M) central committee member, termed the attack on the teacher as an effort to polarise the society on communal lines. Kerala Congress chairman KM Mani said the incident proved the failure of the State Home department. He said the police had failed to provide security to the professor and his family even after receiving their complaints.

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06/07/2010 21:58:18
asinine and absurd christians and vile moslems
This was a crime committed by a violent mindless criminla moslem (a good man as per secular laws) against a virulent christian( again a very good man as per secular laws) and so a law abiding hindu( a bad man as per secular laws) should not get involved in this local matter.Let the two masters decide among themselves the right reward and punishment.The hindus should better stay away.This is just in case the hindus decide to support the vile christians, this is a lesson.Better behave yourself the stupid dihmmi,kafir, unclean hindus. 5
Anil Balakrishnan
06/07/2010 05:46:30
Dear Ashrafji, Happy to note your comment though not convinced about the character of Jama at e islami which has clearly taken anti-national stand in the past.I agree with you that all muslims are not supporting NDF.But hardly anybody dares to oppose them . If you do not oppose them now , they will turn Kerala into another Kashmir .The opposition to such extremist organisations should come from mainstream muslim organisations and sensible individuals like you.

Suppose what will happen the Xian youth decide to cut off the hands of NDF people who comitted this crime ? killing and counter killing will not take us anywhere . Hope all peace loving people join together and put an end to such activities. 5
06/07/2010 04:01:33
Kerala is Changing!!!
I will agree with one of the poster.Kerala is changing.This is exactly the face of terriosm.This is the time of Non Muslims to think hardly and be careful wile mingling with these peolple.Prof did is wrong, in the same way what these people are thinking all over the world, they are killing how many peopls, is that all is acceptable.
We did a mistake in the case of Hussaine, we should have killed him ,with our giving the respect like even a living thing in the earth.Some peoples told that is the freedom of a painter," Am asking is that freedom is not acceptable to prof and the Cartoonist" or any thing like muslims can do any thing???? 5
06/07/2010 02:11:28
All Muslim organizations are there strongly condemning the act.All Muslim leaders are very against the criminal act of SDPI\Popular Front.The criminal activity of the Professor who tried to create communal polarisation through a blasphemous question paper can not be corrected by another criminal activity of chopping his hands.The Professor was facing legal action.Still some foolish extremists tried to take the law in hands.SDPI\Popular Front is a very small minority among Muslims.Please dont blame whole community.Muslims do not blame whole Christian community for the bad activities of the professor.Mainstream Muslim organizations like Muslim League,Jamaate Islami,KNM,Sunni organizations are all coming publicly against Popular Front and SDPI. 5
05/07/2010 07:34:02
Kerala professor's hand chopped off....
The news is shocking and sickening! Would these brutes have approved it had Hindus chopped off the hand of the porno artist M.F.Husain who was in the habit of caricaturing Hindu deities in vulgar postures? Did any of the 'secular' worthies condemn the barbarous act? 5
05/07/2010 07:35:27
This far and no further.
That the professor framed an uncalled for question is idiotic and provocative. It was proper that he was suspended and a case has been charged against him. However, the reaction of some elements of the Muslim community in chopping-off a hand of the professor is definitely a more dangerous crime because it is about taking the law into one's own hands. If the population at large starts taking law into their hands, India will be in a state of anarchy. Therefore it is important that all the people involved in the dastardly attack on the professor be arrested and charged for nothing less than attempts to create anarchy in the society. If India is to be saved from turning into a terrorist bad land like Afghanistan, the tendency of taking law into one's hands, be it in the name of honour killings or religious slights, must be crushed. We must say, this far and no further. 5
05/07/2010 05:40:39
kerala professor
The kerala jan(Hi)dus, who consistantly vote for con-grass and kalla commies that are pampering jeehaidis would not escape from these kind of henious act. To con-grass and kalla commies, these act are part of secularism and they tolerate it for bagging ten more vote so that they can still sit in the power chair. Poor aravu madukal jandus does not realize until the knife end up in their throat; then it will be too late. 5
05/07/2010 01:38:09
Kerala is changing....
Kerala is slowly changing, and soon we may find ourselves a dilapidated state like Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan :). The typical nature of Islam and its followers have come out. That is the using of violence against people who speak against Islam. This is just like the incident in Netherlands when a movie director was killed because he made a movie making fun of Muslims. And this is when Netherlands had allowed these Muslims as immigrants.

It is now time for every non-Muslim to watch out for these folks. Kerala is going for a major change. 5
S Balasundar
04/07/2010 21:27:07
Dastardly attack by Fundamentalist Muslim! Condemn it.
As it is,the fundamentaist muslim members have come into the open.They had tried to attack Hindus on one hand and oppose Christian community by keeping at bay in their areas of domain,all these years..They have produced icons like Madani,who is hiding under some cloak by name PDP or any other ,then Muslim league lobbies in and around Malappuram,where no other community will have their say and now Peoples front volunteers who are carrying fidayeen attacks ,like the one you see at Thodupuzha, where a Chritian lectures got his palm chopped off ,for demeaning 'Prophet,thru' a Question paper reportedly set by him. THE PROTESTED FANATICS HAVE DONE MAXIMUM DAMEGE NOT ONLY TO THE VICTIM BUT MORE TO THEIR COMMUNITY . CONDEMN THIS inhumanly and DASTARDLY ATTTACK. ! 5
04/07/2010 21:47:23
This is terrorism
This is terrorism. This is how they converted entire middle east. Obviously, T.J.Joseph has ridiculed Mohammed. But, what you will do if your neighbour comes, claims that God is speaking to him and asks you to accept him as a prophet and submit to his authority? The whole basis of Islam is unscientific and illogical. But, you can never argue with them as they terrorise, if you raise questions. 5
S Balasundar
04/07/2010 21:27:07
Dastardly attack by Fundamentalist Muslim! Condemn it.
As it is,the fundamentaist muslim members have come into the open.They had tried to attack Hindus on one hand and oppose Christian community by keeping at bay in their areas of domain,all these years..They have produced icons like Madani,who is hiding under some cloak by name PDP or any other ,then Muslim league lobbies in and around Malappuram,where no other community will have their say and now Peoples front volunteers who are carrying fidayeen attacks ,like the one you see at Thodupuzha, where a Chritian lectures got his palm chopped off ,for demeaning 'Prophet,thru' a Question paper reportedly set by him. THE PROTESTED FANATICS HAVE DONE MAXIMUM DAMEGE NOT ONLY TO THE VICTIM BUT MORE TO THEIR COMMUNITY . CONDEMN THIS inhumanly and DASTARDLY ATTTACK. ! 5
Jerry Verghese
04/07/2010 21:40:21
Centre must intervene
These mad people should be dealt with in the sternest manner by the police. Centre must immediately intervene as these tendencies will lead Kerala into middle ages. 5
04/07/2010 17:53:53
Nightmarish face
There are thousands of good Muslims in Kerala.They radiate love.They are our brothers.But who brought Satanic verses and placed it deep in their heart?
Nobody else.
It is SATAN.
Satan and his Demon sidekicks.Blood- thirsty Vampires of a destructive culture called Talibanism.
They have practiced blood-drinking to save their culture throughtout history without knowing that the victims of Vampires become Vampires themselves!
Are they going to empty the Indian occean using a tea-spoon ? With the tea-spoon of their religious ignorance..? It makes the real god laugh.
Kerala is no more God's own country,Now it is satans own country.Satan and his demon side kicks are walking freely down Kerala sreets.
But Beware,you Taliban,you are a misfit in Kerala.Millions of others are all around.It is impossible for you to show your nightmarish face in Kerala.You may be monstrous blood sucker Vampires.So what.? We will cut your claws and paws. 5
S C Mitra
04/07/2010 18:30:06
Jai baba secularism 5
04/07/2010 17:48:33
Serves them right
The media and the politicians made an unwarranted hue and cry about the Question paper. It was as if the heavens had fallen. The poor Professor's family was harassed and his son tortured into lunacy by the NDF elements in the Police. The NDF cops [who became cops through the CPM] handcuffed the Professor and paraded him before the media. They might not handcuff his attackers now, though.

The loudly blared condemnation of Prof. Joseph by the politicians and the media led to the ISI's getting interested in the case. They spotted an excellent opportunity to frighten any critic of Islam. They then ordered that the 'guilty' be murdered.

Weak-headed politicians like Chennithala and Kodiyeri and their simple utterances led to the ISI interference. The climax serves these morons right. The murderers would now be protected by both Fronts covertly. Money and blackmail would ensure it.

The Professor's being handcuffed and paraded, the son's being tortured to a breakdown, the sister [a nun] carrying the chopped hand of her brother in a plastic bag - these are scenes that should remain in our memories for ever. La Ila Illallah. Inquilab Zindabad. 5
Unless India stands up to the world, no one will respect us. In this world, fear has no place. Only strength respects strength.

Abdul Kalam
President of India

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