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Huge cache of explosives seized at Palakkad
28/04/2010 15:35:38  

PNS | Palakkad

A huge cache of explosives which included around 1,000 electric detonators, 5,000 ordinary detonators, 1,000 gelatin sticks and around 1,200 metres of fuse wires, was seized from a car at Mankara near Palakkad on Wednesday morning.

Muraleedharan, driver of the car, a native of Pattambi in Palakkad district, was arrested. The explosives were seized from the ambassador car near Mankada Panchayat, the police said. Preliminary report said that the car carrying the explosives bought from Olavankode were being transported to Pattambi

This was the third seizure of explosives in the State in less than a month. Explosives were earlier seized from Kadalundi and Manjeri in Malappuram district. In perhaps the biggest haul of explosives in the State, the Kerala Police had on April 21 recovered several quintals of explosives materials from a chemical fertilizer depot at Manjeri in the Muslim-majority Malappuram district.

The explosive materials seized from the fertilizer depot owned by Kunhikkoya of Thorrumukku, Melakkam,Manjeri included 2,925 kilos of ammonium nitrate, 195 detonators and 60 metres of fuse. Police officials said it was mysterious that such a huge quantity of explosives was stocked in the fertilizer shop and its warehouse.

A special investigation team, headed by K Radhakrishnan, DySP, Narcotics, had been constituted to investigate into the matter. The explosives were seized during a raid held as part of the investigations into the seizure of 71 gelatin sticks from Kadalundi on April 4.

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29/04/2010 01:03:19
Muslims, todays' Raakshasas
It's a very sorry thing that no Congress/SP/RJD/Communist leader is killed by bomb-explosions. If that would happen, then maybe these parties would stop protecting these Muslim/Communist gundas. 5
28/04/2010 10:51:07
Kerala on a Time bomb
Kerala is on a time bomb..its waiting to explode...jihadis are jus waiting for the oppurtunity to explode bombs inside Kerala to create maximum damage...the target is definitely going to be a Hindu dominated area or a temple...The Hindus are in a slumber only a bomb explosion will waken them up...people have woken up in many parts of the country...but mallus are yet to wake up... 5
28/04/2010 09:57:53
Jihadi training !!.
Jihadi training is a continuous process . Sonia and Congress don't see Jihadis. Communists are quite interested in Jihadis and getting their support. Hindus be alert on what is going on around you . By supporting Congress party , you are digging your own graves. Don't be stupid. Wakeup. Sense the danger and take corrective measures. 5



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