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Smt. K.P. Sasikala Teacher re-elected as HAV state President
04/04/2010 11:07:50  HK

KOLLAM: Smt. K.P Sasikala Teacher re-elected as Hindu Aikiya Vedi state President. The HAV state meet elected Shri. Kummanam Rajasekharan, Shri. E.S. Biju, Shri. Marad Suresh and Shri. V.R. Sathyavan as General Secretaries.

Following persons elected in various positions:

Shri. K.N. Ravindranath - Working President

Adv. K.R. Nair - Vice Presidents
Shri. P.K. Bhaskaran
Shri. P.R. Sivarajan

Shri. V.R. Babu - Secretaries
Shri. V. Susikumar
Adv. K. Haridas
Shri. R.S. Ajith Kumar
Shri. S.P. Shaji
P.V. Muralidharan
Adv. P. Rajesh

Shri. K.P. Haridas - Organization Secretary

Shri. M. Radhakrishnan - Depy. Organization secretaries
Shri. K.R. Kannan

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23/04/2010 01:13:20
welcomes to all aikyavedi leaders
07/04/2010 11:02:11
Hindu Aikya Vedi
Pranams to HAV leaders 5
Edathatta Valsaraj (Babu)
05/04/2010 19:46:28
Sasikala teacher
Best wishes to OUR Sister, Sasikala teacher.

"HINDUNEWS teaminte AbhiVadyangal"

sms to
567678 5
05/04/2010 07:30:56
Smt K.P.Sasikala teacher
My Best wishes to respected Sasikala teacher, and the other office-bearers of HAV!May Bhagawan Guruvayurappan Bless all of them and help them in unifying the Hindu Samaj! 5
raj nair
04/04/2010 18:02:24
KP Sasikala Teacher
Pranamam teacher...let the fight go on for each and every Hindu cause against the kommies and kongreeees and pseudo secularists and Bharatha Drohis....who are against us. I want to live and die in my country as a Hindu...and I want my coming generations to be so.... 5



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